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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Marlon Wayans - IN STUDIO - 9:10AM
Mike Tyson - Phone Interview - 9AM

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:15-6:25
That was Rush, they just got inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Traffic. News. Man shot by police in Chester. 3 dead after shooting inside Oregon mall. The teenaged shooter shot two shoppers then killed himself. Mayor Nutter: Philly's NYE will be bigger & better than ever. Steve just saw the South Street Bridge animations. Sports. James Bell hit winning 3 pointer to help Villanova over St. Joe's. Sixers are back home to play the Bulls. Bloomington South girls team beat opponent 107-2. Men's Shopping Night. Matisyahu's performing in studio today. Rock Bottom Brewery. Secret Text: MTV. Delilah's Hottie Cam.

Time 6:36-7:05
Weezer. Traffic. Stupid Question Hair of the Dog. Birthdays. Jennifer Connelly. Tom Wilkinson. Cathy Rigby. Dionnne Warwick. Sheila E, her father is Peter Escovedo from Santana. Bill Nighy. Bob Barker. Ed Koch. Moby Dick, coffee on the ship. Stupid Question Hair of the Dog. It's Casey's daughter's 7th birthday. Shroom cupcakes. Entertainment News. Pictures of Anne Hathaway's vagina. Steve's taking a vacation to Cooterville. Last Train to Cooterville singalong. Sir Ian McKellen, has prostate cancer. Sesame Workshop's working on divorce storyline. They hired Michael & Dina Lohan to endorse it. AskMen's “Most Desirable Woman in the World,” Jennifer  Lawrence. Lindsay News: Missing court appearance today, attending The Wanted concert in England. Lawyer: She's a fan of the wanted, they're bad boys. 1 Direction is more approachable. Australian radio station involved in Kate Middleton prank will donate $500,000 to victim's family. Olivia Wilde's getting serious w/ Jason Sudekis. Lena Dunham spotted kissing boyfriend. New Harry Potter mini-movie. Hogwarts Bursar's Office. Clips. Guys with Kids, Jimmy Fallon. Casey would leave P&S for Fallon. The Hobbit, Cate Blanchett. Casey & Nick saw The Hobbit in 48 fps. Rock Bottom/Men's Shopping. Alicia Vitarelli will be there, loves shopping. 

Weather. Matisyahu's stopping by. Traffic. Shart Out: Rachel to husband & unborn baby. Rabbi's kid might be born today. 12-12-12. Preston's son had 8th birthday on 8-8-08. Rush, R&R Hall of Fame, along w/ Heart & others. Music that Changed Lives. Beatles & Rush, very important to Preston, opened up new worlds to him. Music wasn't as accessible then. Parents guide musical taste, children rebel. Parents today listen to same music as children. Music brings you back to certain point in life. Steve recalls “Dark Side of the Moon” experience. Pearl Jam opened new doors. Nick recalls “Ten” experience. Caller: 28 yr old, Allman Bros. Band. Sharon: Beatles. Dad forced Sinatra, hated it. Years later, she loves Sinatra. Steve's neighbors thought they were rednecks or nazis. Casey got into Phish & Steely Dan his sophomore year of college. Casey liked Boyz II Men & R&B. Preston was embarrassed to admit he liked Beatles as a kid. Caller Dave: Listened to Spice Girls then discovered Pantera. MMR is mix of newer & old rock. Nick's friend loved NWA. Casey, looking back, Snoop was terrible. Caller Tobiyas: Bob Dylan & Nirvana. Pearl Jam vs Nirvana argument. Beatles vs Stones. Preston: Police wowed him. Casey: Billy Joel. Steve: The Killers. Caller: 3 yr old's favorite is Queen. Guitar Hero influence? Casey: Mariah Carey Unplugged. Casey lip-syncing to Mariah on Youtube. Men's Shopping & Christmas Miracle. 

Stupid Question: From what novel did Starbucks get its name?

Stupid Answer: Moby Dick.

Time 7:54-8:06
2 minutes until Fox Good Day. Traffic. Christmas Miracle. Nick, Barb's Harley Davidson ticket raid. Fox Good Day. Nurse who killed herself left note. She didn't tell family she was the one to put call through. Rock Bottom/Men's Shopping. Bizarre File. Jet fuel delivered to 3 NJ gas stations, pumped into 3 cars. Jennifer Herring called 911 during high speed chase, told dispatcher she'll pull over for $300,000. Man arrested in Lancaster, 4 children climbed out of his trunk. They were listening to Pink Floyd in trunk. PA man broke into ex girlfriend's apartment & glued refrigerator shut. Sticky situation. Swedish diplomat insulted Iranian leader, crossed legs & showed shoe soles.  

Time 8:21-8:56
Delilah's Hottie Cam is on. Traffic. Christmas Miracle Miracle Giveaways. Caller 1, Chris: Listening since Survive Survivor. Caller 2, Mike: 12 years listener. Caller 3, Patrick: 6 year listener. Too quiet, needs to bring excitement. Stuck in the house for 6 years. Christmas Miracle Sponsors. Barb's Harley Davidson. Secret Text, MTV products. Kathy's Fingerprints Kathy needs fingerprints for legal documents. Poor circulation, can't get a proper print. One finger out of 10 worked. Electronic, not ink. Caller Laura: has same issue. Had too many cracks in hands, too much hand sanitizer. Construction worker text: hands are too dry for prints. Fake fingerprint technology. When born, footprints were used. More apt to touch things with hands than bare feet. Caller Jason: police officer, uses electronic system. 1% of population can't be fingerprinted. Come here lady, I want to make your fingers moist. Do you use the little piggy method? How fast do prints go through system? Casey, can you make that noise for 5 minutes without stopping? Caller Louis: Biometrics. Willing to submit a vagina print? Caller Heath is an evidence tech. “Fingerprints are cool” posters. Retina scanners, too expensive. Print & Roll! Preston always wanted to be fingerprinted. New Smells. Scientists have discovered new smell. Farts from Casey's phone. New smell is “white noise of smells.” Some very pleasant scents are on the verge of unpleasant. Mystery scent in Preston's garage. 6 jarred fart for mixed martial arts. We could play “Moist Kathy's Fingers. Sheena just texted in, she's laughing at fart sounds. Delilah's.

Time 9:08-9:32
Weather. Live music coming up. Traffic. We fell in love with him last time he was here, Matisyahu in Studio. Your look has changed, completely different w/ no beard. How does is feel? Really good. Didn't shave for 10 years. Got emotional during the beard-cut. Matisyahu enjoys the West Coast, weather here sucks. Festival of Lights Tour. Philly's representing Hanukkah big time. Hanukkah needs better music. Most Christmas sons were written by Jews. Jewish songs are in Eastern scale. Dave Holmes of Dub Trio playing guitar. Live Performance. He sang a Hanukkah song, a real toe tapper. Matisyahu's been to Israel. It's beautiful, but 40,000 missiles pointed at it. Any more acting options? He's taking lessons. During acoustic sets, he has Q&A. Doesn't like speaking between songs. Fan-base is growing, younger crowd. Tries to change set list. Crossroads Live. Electric Factory show is tonight. Lights manorah on stage & has disco-ball dradle. Rock Bottom/Men's Shopping. 

Time 9:43-9:55
That was the Police. Men's Shopping Night is tonight. Traffic. Delilah's Hottie Cam. The DJ says she has ambidextrous butt cheeks. Steve: Check out trailer for M. Night  Shyamalan's “After Earth” & the new Superman trailer. Rock Bottom/ Men's Shopping. Alicia Vitarelli will be there, she's very excited. Joe Watson of the Broadstreet Bullies will be there. His handshake will rip your hand off. Rock Bottom gift card. Two Marines are here, collecting for Toys for Tots. Put your donations in by end of week. Bizarre File. Man arrested for driving 100mph, he was late for his wedding. He was just released from jail. 14 year old children charged with murder of woman after she told them to get a job. Bathrooms in Polish train were covered in inches of ice, the car was -3 degrees. Lunch supervisor assaulted students during lunch break. She's charged w/ 5 counts of assault, details about motive not yet released.

Time 10:05-10:22
The Doors on MMR. Rock Bottom/Men's Shopping Night. Intern Melissa. Her last day here. She's quiet, we didn't hear from her much. Most memorable moment? Nothing. Marisa is great at choosing interns, & Kathy is great at choosing scarfs. She looks like a gay WWI pilot. Lesson Question. Xfinity Live. Hollywood Trash. Anne Hathaway's vagina. Naomi Watts & Princess Dianna. Tom Cruise & Scientology Christmas. Xfinity Live. Creator of “Night Court” just died. Music News. Casey's friend's fart. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees: Rush, Heart, Randy Newman, Quincy Jones... Who will host the ceremony? Heart lead singer understands why Heart was overlooked for so long. Deep Purple & Joan Jett didn't make it. Ravi Shankar, who played the sitar w/ the Beatles, died at 92. His daughter is Norah Jones. Linkin Park will play only 2013 N. American concert in February at Planet Hollywood. Columbia Records will release tracks from 12.12.12. Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert on iTunes. Roger Waters & Eddie Vedder closing with Comfortably Numb. Secret Text Winner, caller 5. A 

Time 10:32-10:38
That was “I Miss the Misery”. Secret Text winner: Mike. Secret Text, MTV Products. Matisyahu played in studio, he's performing at the Electric Factory tonight. Delilah's. Rock Bottom/ Men's Shopping Night. Shovel Hook will be there tonight, they're in our studio now. Word of the Week, Xfinity Live. Marlon Wayans will be on our show tomorrow, & we will also talk to Mike Tyson. 

Lesson Question: What's the sexiest town in the South, right next to Hooterville?

Lesson Answer: Cooterville.

Secret Text Word: Wubba Wubba

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