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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Matisyahu - IN STUDIO - 9AM

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:18-6:28
AC/DC on WMMR! Good Morning! Traffic. News. A fire marshal had began an investigation for multiple fire calls at a mummers string band warehouse, but they will be ready for New Years. Students in Gloucester county will return to school after the train wreck. Radnor police charged a man with having sex with a 13 year old girl. Sports.  Sixers beat Pistons, Holiday had a 12 streak in the end to beat them. Patriots beat Texans, L.A. Dodgers signed Zach Grenkey. Howie Mendel will be on the show & it's Tattoosday, Men's Shopping night.  Rock Bottom Giveaway.  

Time 6:40-7:04
The Rolling Stones on WMMR. Big Sandy relief concert tomorrow in NY.  Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Nikki Sixx is 54. Teri Garr is 68. John Kerry is 69. Donna Mills is 72. Rita Moreno is 81.  Stupid Answer. Entertainment News. Robert F. Kennedy is ready to propose to his girlfriend Cheryl Hines. Steve Impersonates JFK. Mel Grieg & Michael Christian the DJ's who led the nurse kill herself after an interview made statements, there's not a minute that goes by where they don't think about the family. Beyonce became partners with Pepsi for a new deal, Beyonce is playing the halftime show this year at Super bowl. Abigail Breslin, sent a crew member to a medic after accidentally punching him on set. 4th man came forward & sued Elmo Kevin Clash, stating Clash would be a father figure to the victim if he would go have sex with him. Hard to believe this guy put his hand in Elmo. Steve impersonates Travolta's lawyer. Charlie Sheen told Entertainment tonight that Lindsey Lohan didn't thank him for the money he gave her. Steve Impersonates drunk Lindsey. The Light saber used by Luke Skywalkwer in Return of a Jedi is being auctioned off for $50,000 along with other merchandise from the series, that's the one he made in the movie. Busy Philips is pregnant again. Demi Moore's weird behavior has caused many to speculate on her well being/post rehab especially her daughters. Clips. Don't Trust the Bee with Kristen Ritter. In The Hive with director Robert Townsend. Men's Shopping night. 

Time 7:15-7:45
The Gaslight Anthem on WMMR! We now have a live version of 45! Traffic. Casey has something for Kathy. A friend of Casey gave Kathy a gift of an ornament that sings “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”. Kathy also got a big bag of Chunky's at Campout with a card with $500 dollars. Men's Shopping night. Woman are always better at shopping so it should be fun. Christmas Catalog Shopping. Preston turned into a kid again & circled items in a catalog & gave it to his wife, Nick's family got the Toys R Us catalog. Catalogs are so much better than online. Check out “Dude I want”. Caller Rich gets amazed when his high school kid made him go on “Why I am” you can find anything on there. Steve wants a see through Kayak. Caller Matt remembers Best & when you used they're ordering system in the store and shipped it from the back to the front of the store. Caller Rob remembers when he wanted roller blades, he weighed the UPS box to see if it was the roller blades when it came in. That will be rendered useless just like the boom box wrist watch. Kathy still uses Red Envelope Preston needs help & suggestions. 10 stupid Holiday gifts. Redneck wine glass, Santa's farting butt travel pillow, Tattoos for babies, Ugly sweaters, Mullet on the go, Emergency underwear pants, WTF button, Santa's drinking cap, Kamapootra, Kilt bath towel. Caller Fran says not to buy the mall copters, they're no good. Men's Shopping night. We will be back!    

Stupid Q.
To Make predictions using the I ching one must?

Stupid A. 
Toss a coin. 

Time 7:56-8:11
Incubus on WMMR! Traffic. American Red Cross is here with food for us. Christmas Miracle call now.  Christmas Miracle.   Bizarre Files. The Feds arrested a bartender after he sent his ex-wife alimony checks smeared with feces. An unaccompanied monkey surprised an Ontario Ikea parking lot dressed up. Steve impersonates the monkey. A 7 & 11 year old pulled a gun on a woman attempted a car jack outside a church parking lot. The Boston Celtics Chris Wilcox was on the kiss cam the other night in Philly & flipped off the camera & was find $25,000. Christmas Miracle Callers. Christmas Miracle Giveaway. 
Christmas Song: Rocky Robot 

Time 8:22-8:48
Beck on WMMR! Weather. Traffic. Thanks to The American Red Cross, they brought us eagles tickets. Christmas Decorations. Our studio & green room is completely decorated for Christmas & we are not anywhere close to be done. Pierre got all of our decorations thanks to Dambly's. Santa Calls Casey called “Santa” the other day & Bill Weston played Santa. Casey played the audio from the call, & with our sales man Rovine. I have many kids & I don't wear condoms & Mrs. Clause real name is “Mrs. Clause”. Rovine was with a client at the time. Mrs. Clause real name is Layla Mary Clause. Ugly Sweaters. Sweaters are being sold as a joke in department stores. Casey wants his to be authentic, not just from a store. Preston knows of a place called the barn attic. The ugly sweaters are also expensive in some stores. Christmas Pajama parties are taking over ugly sweater parties. Steve will wear them during the Christmas Miracle. 90% of Casey's pajamas are Christmas themed. Steve wants the Rodriguez family shirts, he didn't know someone dropped them off at the Campout. Men's Shopping night. Red Cross Eagles Tickets giveaway.        

Time 9:00-9:28
Goo Goo Dolls on WMMR! Traffic. Mummers Fire. Having a fire at anytime sucks, but this close to the holiday's & the fact there was floats in there when it occurred the and couldn't save anything. The string band have had 8 straight wins. Our very own Jacky Bam Bam is a mummer & competes in the fancy division, The mummers work all year long on it. Caller Eric says his uncle was the mummer in the Fralinger String Band that dressed up as Yosemite Sam. Howie Mendel on Phone. He has a new show called “Take it All” airing this week. He's feeling ok. It's the gift exchange game on steroids. He is amazed on how brilliant he is. He originally didn't want to host deal or no deal because he hates game shows & trivia. Take it all has those moments like when your waiting to open the case., the big tense moment is when 2 players decide Keep mine or take it all. Last night a woman left with over $400,000 in prizes. The operator hung up on us, we were just getting started to. Back to the Mummers. There are female mummers. Caller Rob is in Riverfront mummers, he lives in Georgia & starts marching now. Some clubs allow woman, Preston jammed with Fralinger String Band. We are watching a video of Jacky now. Steve's name is Sasha farts. Caller Bob is a member of Fralinger, says they still need to asses the damage. The theme this year is “haunted house”. There is a Fralinger Fire Fund. Caller Rachel is a mummer, when she was in it there was a handful of women in her group. Red Cross Eagles Tickets giveaway. We will be back!

Time 9:38-9:52
The Smashing Pumpkins on WMMR! They just played this weekend. Men's Shopping Night. Tattoosday. Phil got a tattoo today. He works for veteran affairs, His tattoo was in memory of his ghost rider team from the army. It's his 4th tattoo. He says hi to our troops & his wife. He baked tasty muffins this morning. Thanks to Bob Dodge. Bizarre Files. Three 13 year old boys are facing armed robbery with a connection of knife point of condoms & candy in a Walgreen's. The death of a Delaware county woman has been ruled a suicide due to helium inhalation. Over 13,000 people signed a petition fro the government to build a Death Star by 2016. It was two different sizes in the movies, because it had a pool in the one film. A Dutchman launched a full scale replica of Noah's ark. Steve impersonates him. This is 40 giveaway.   

Time 10:03-10:17
The White Stripes on WMMR. Men's Shopping Night. Traffic. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Demi Moore and her 25 year old bf have ended their relationship, she sobbed perfusley when he drove away on his big wheel, Taylor swift can't last in a relationship, so she went on to add that she loves guys with huge balls, Brooke Muler admits she abused prescription drugs, she then in her defense said these drugs were prescribed but not to her & not by her doctor.   Lesson Answer. Music News. Jack White continues to make news following his controversial comments to Lady GaGa. Blink 182 releases Boxing day the new single of the new album. Trent Reznor reveals 3 new songs on a greatest hits compilation for 9 inch nails. Eddie Van Halen stopped by City Walk this weekend seeing his Frankenstein guitar at Orlando hard rock. Gwen Stefani joined her husband Gavin Rosdale on stage doing Glycerine. Christmas Miracle call now. Christmas Miracle. Christmas Miracle Callers. We will be back.

Time 10:27-10:32 
Dave Matthews Band on WMMR! New Years is coming soon! Casey wants Bill to let him host a New Years Show. Everyone has there own little gatherings on New Years! Thanks to Howie Mandel for calling in, & to Phil for Tattoosday, & the American Red Cross. LOTD. Thanks to our Sponsors! Tomorrow on the Show Matisyahu will be performing & going on live with Fox Good Day! Rage On!  
Lesson Q.
What is the new skiing term we were introduced to

Lesson A.


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