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On tomorrow's show: Howie Mandel

Here's what happened on today's show:

Time 6:13-6:24
It's Monday, we have a W.O.W prize that could be yours. Traffic. News: Body of woman found in Ridley Creek. Foul play doesn't appear likely but her car is still missing too. 19-year-old Cameron was killed in a one car crash in Bucks County. The driver was stuck inside and the 3 passengers in the backseat escaped alive but bloody. Man taken into custody for DUI, collided with parked car. Sports. Eagles finally won a game after 2 months of losing. Michael young accepted trade to the Phillies. Sixers back in action tonight with a home game.

Time 6:36-7:03
Today is going to be 64 degrees. Traffic. Stupid Q. Birthdays. Raymond Symone 27. Meg White 38. Bobby Flay 48. Kenneth Branagh 52. Susan Dey 60. When was the nutter butter cookie first introduced? Stupid A. Entertainment News. Skyfall at #1 then Rise of the Guardians & Twilight. Megan Fox bikini photo shoots might be over. She's a new mother and doesn't want to be overly sexual. Katherine Zeta Jones wants to keep focus away from her health issues, she has Bipolar 2 disorder. Jennie Garth's marriage may have ended. Lindsay Lohan's financial situation is in dire need. She's scrapping together money to pay her $8,000 rent. Zsa Zsa gabor has infection around her feeding tube. John Travolta 6-Figure victory over 'Bathhouse Sex' Book Author. John Travolta looks like he has GI Joe hair. South Korean Psy has apologized for making Anti-American statements. Kat Williams has been arrested in California after police chase. Notorious B.I.G autopsy records were released without telling the family first. A single bullet was the cause of his death. Joe Mansion asks to cancel the show “Buck Wild” which is like Jersey Shore of West Virginia. The show plays to stereotypes. Swimming pool in the back of a dump truck looks fun. Clips. Carson Daily, The Voice has found success and an Emmy win. Elijah Wood talks about what is was like to play Frodo. This is 40. Lots still to come.
Chewbacca Christmas song

Time 7:15-7:42
Not Christmas without Chewwy. Traffic. Josh Brent of Dallas Cowboys, has single car accident killing his friend & teammate Jerry Brown in DUI car crash. NFL union has a 1800 number to call in case you cannot drive for whatever reason. Being Drunk/ DD's .Casey's parents told him they'd pick him up no questions asked if he was ever in a bad situation. Marisa called her dad a long time ago when she was at a party and escaped the cops as they arrived. Better to go with the company transportation rather than risk getting in an accident. Uber car service uses GPS to show you where you are and when the cab is coming. Each team has a local service that has a no questions asked policy. It's a rule that they have to provide this transportation service. Preston's most expensive cab ride = $120. Nick spent about $65 on a cab ride. Caller: service offers that they bring you and your car home. Steve says because of those people who can't handle themselves feels it's unfair for others to have to be their baby sitters. Guy had a folding mo-ped, so he could pick up drunk people and drive them home in their own car and then just take his mo-ped home. Caller's friend's dad picked up his son after he ate mushrooms. Dr. Mike on phone. His dad was killed by a drunk driver. Sober Casey knows that he's not smart when he's drunk. Caller said her son went to MMR event and she picked him up. Nick's high school made sure they a DD.

Stupid Q. When was the nut butter (nutter butter) cookie first introduced?

Stupid A. 1969.

Time 7:56-8:03
Dave Grohl set release date. Traffic. Bizarre File. Big rig driver was hit by a deer that was thrown off of a bridge. It crashed through the windshield. Rope was tied around the deers neck. Driver got shards of glass in his eyes. Man in jail for leaving his infant and 2yr-old while he was in Buffalo Wild Wings. Someone else must have put these kids in the car. A Santa insulted a 3 yr-old, told him the Toronto leafs suck. A lobster man caught a 4 clawed lobster. He's going to keep it and feed it. He will probably donate it to the Maine department of Marine Resources.

Time 8:14-8:59
Extremely foggy. Traffic. Fox29- Australian Radio Prank Australian Radio hosts reach out to nurse's family after she committed suicide after a radio host prank call. They radio host's weren't doing anything wrong, they were just trying to talk to Kate Middleton. This is the danger of airing someone without their knowledge. Law says now that they have to tell a person that they're going to be on the air at least in PA. Nick says you can smell a fake. Linda Trip got in trouble because she recorded without knowledge. If callers call in, they're calling in with the knowledge that they will be going on the air. Steve says you can sue if it's a lame call. Every once in a while someone will call the I love you hate you line and then call later saying please don't play that. Nick's dad left long voicemail of chainsaw noises. Steve has a snow blower. Let's carve a turkey with a chain saw. Club Risque girls are here with their calendar. Maxim 16 Biggest A-holes of 2012. Tan mom. Costa Concordia captain who left the ship and 28 died. Gotye. Vladimir Putin. Jerry Sandusky. Chris Brown. Celia Gimenez who painted over The fresco, titled "Ecce Homo.” E.L James. Robert F Kennedy Jr. Gianni from Jersey Shore. Lance Armstrong. People terrified of Breaking Bad spoiler alerts. Innocence of Muslims 15 minute YouTube video. Michael Leon Ward arrested for impaired driving, smuggled revolver into jail by his rectum. Surprised Lindsay Lohan wasn't on the list. Gary Bettman and that guy who blew up the movie theater. Most popular pet names of 2012. Female: Maggie. Casey had a Maggie. CoCo, Cloey, Sadie, Sophie, Lola, Molly, Lucy, Daisy. One of Steve's cats name was Linda, she pissed in the dogs water bowl. #1 name, Bella. Male names: Toby, Jack, watch while I lick my own crotch; Duke. Nick was dog sitting and the dog pooped in his shoe. #7 Bentley, Bear, Cooper, Rocky I just took a dump in your slipper. Charlie, Buddy, #1 Max. D.O.G caller says is a good name. Steve's cat names: Mack, Meea, Cupcake, Dutch, Punkie, Tingles, Foster, and his dog is Chelsea. Caller's dog name is Boner. Caller had a 31 year old Chiwawa. Do you know what the average life of dog is? Caller: Chiwawa. We're going over to Grandma's to celebrate her Chiwawa birthday.

Time 9:11-9:37
Super foggy. Traffic. Hottie Cam. Sebastien Le Toux in Studio. He loves Philadelphia and the fans. Nicer for a family to go to a game in America compared to Europe. Soccer hooligans can be a bit scary. It's weird for him to call soccer football. Soccer used to be a name for more snooty people. Football was a name that common people called it. Can here the drumming from the locker room. Nick is speaking French. It's easier to learn a language when you are forced to. He's not very good at the game FIFA. Training camp starts in January. Marisa has season tickets and loves PPL park. Christmas Miracle. Running with the Santa's Recap. Marisa almost got ran over by the running with the Santa's. It's awesome when a lot of people show up at events. Wells Fargo. Club Risque. Running with the Santa's.

Time 9:48-9:56
Club Risque girls are here. Traffic. Bizarre File. Drug Currier called police when he lost $20,000 in drug money so he wouldn't be killed by the drug cartel. At a McDonalds a suspect knocked over a trash can and threw a height chair when she was given a cheese burger instead of a hamburger. German artist created a slow motion helmet. Woman was given a receipt that said “fat girls” on it. Their dialogue abused the word, “like” using it like between like every other like word. Man used PBR beer cans to express his holiday feelings. Ted.

Time 10:07-10:22
Club Risque girls look fabulous. Lesson Q. Hollywood Trash. Kristen Stewart going to star with Ben Affleck, going to have two brothers in the film... her first three-some. Psy is sorry about his anti American statements, “Me no likey what me say many year go.” Katherine Zeta Jones upset about being Bi Polar, she said she has it under control and then ripped her ears off. Lesson A. Shannen Doherty called 911 because a fan was threatening to shoot herself. Music News. Alice in Chains new song “Hollow” coming out. Dave Grohl announced world wide release 'Sound City' Documentary. Black Keys singer spoke with Rolling Stone about their 5 Grammy nominations. They almost didn't get into the country due to being drunk. Jack White opened up about a show he cut short with no explanation. He said, an unenthusiastic audience is why he left. Says, “The crowd is part of the show.” He doesn't make a set list. White was unhappy with the energy level. Joe Berry says new Aerosmith CD may be its last. Tensions between band members are becoming intense. Free Music Monday.

Time 10:32-10:43
Thought for sure the fog would leave. Military operation has open up a dimensional portal which is why there is fog. Wrap Up. Pierre is here. Thanks to Sebastian coming by. Preston digs the scarf they wear. He brought in a Philadelphia union scarf. It's almost Harry Potter Slytherin looking.” Pierre had an amazing weekend. His friend came by, they actually went to see “The Who” together back in the 70's and then again just recently. Pierre Tweeted Who pictures and the Rockefeller center. LOTD – P. Thanks to the Club Risque girls.

Lesson Q. John Travolta's hair looks like whose mustache?

Lesson A. Steve Harvey.


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