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Next Week on the Preston and Steve Show:
Howie Mandel - Phoner - Tuesday
Matisyahu - IN STUDIO PERFORMANCE - Wednesday
Dave Attell - Phoner - Friday

Here's what happened on the Show this morning:

Time 6:16 – 6:26
Steve doesn't know the titles of Led Zeppelin songs. That song is called “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!” Preston is feeling much better. Traffic. News Update Driver lost control of tractor trailer last night on I-95. The tractor trailer was carrying iPods and iPads and had 50-100 gallons of diesel fuel. We used to do a Campout For Diesel. A 7.3 Magnitude earthquake in Japan caused a tsunami. PA Lottery officials says a winning $50 million Powerball ticket was sold in Bucks County. Doesn't Intern Pancake live there? He's our favorite intern! Sports Phillies acquired Ben Revere from the Twins for pitchers Vance Worley & Trevor May. NHL talks has again broken down. Nick's note: The season is F'ed! Denver improved to 10-3 by defeating Oakland, 26-13, last night. Gary Gulman & James Van Riemsdyk will be on the show. Maglio Sausage will be here too.

Time 6:40 – 7:03
Dave Grohl guest hosted Chelsea Lately. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays 71st anniversary of Pearl Harbor; Jennifer Carpenter, 33; Ellen Burstyn, 79; Eli Wallach, 97; Jeffrey Wright, 47; Tom Waits, 63; Larry Bird, 56; Johnny Bench, 65; Nicholas Hoult, 23. SA. Entertainment News Demi Moore is in Miami for Art Basil Week. How could Steve missed this?! He was at the Toni Basil Week, she only does the one song and leaves. Nick reads ad for “Art Basil Week.” Jennifer Aniston & Angelina Jolie do not have a wedding feud going. Roger Ebert broke his hip. Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi have marital problems. Jack Nicholson involved? Jack gets off on dykes. Emile Hirsch was shown outside of nightclub urinating in a potted plant. Robert Pattison offered $100,000 to host Girls Gone Wild. Moviegoers feel sick and report having migraines after seeing The Hobbit. Guess Preston's not seeing this movie. Kristen Wiig is involved in The Anchorman sequel. “Stars in Danger: The High Dive” teaches celebrities Olympic-style diving. Steve will only watch it if it's not on at the same time as Whisker Wars. Stephen Baldwin arrested for failure to file tax returns. Nick tries to tell interns to pick up his phone to meet Maglio Sausages. Where are the sausages?! Clips “Playing For Keeps” & “Hyde Park on Hudson.” It's like the Hobbit, but with taller people and presidents. 

Time 7:14 – 7:47
Weather. P&S will host the Running of the Santas! Traffic. Nick & Casey park outside together. Nick was admiring Casey's new Ford Focus car. Nick gave the double bird to a white car that he thought was Kathy, but it was an elderly couple. Why is Kathy an old man? Mistaking Strangers For Friends Casey thought he saw his friend drive down his street and did a cheerleader jump for him, but it wasn't his friend. Preston thought he saw his friend, Tom, at a Wawa; gave the man a bear hug and simply said “You're not Tom.” Isn't that sexual assault?! Caller says her husband mooned a cop who he thought was a friend. Caller John slapped someone in the back of the head, thought it was his co-worker. Caller grabbed someone's else cigarette on his ear, thought it was his friend; stranger almost punched him. Caller Ken called someone the N-word that he thought was his friend. Wait, I actually have a black friend! Caller Kathy says husband farted on someone in the supermarket that he thought was her. Caller Mindy sat on some dude's lap in a Wawa because they both had the same vans. You Wawa Hooker! Chuck Damico says his friend showed his used toilet paper to his friend in the next stall, but it was a stranger. Caller picked up a stranger who she thought was her friend. Caller Dave says his brother punched a random kid who he thought was him. Why You Punch Ricardo?!  Nick wants to apologize to that elderly couple.

Stupid Question:
In Literature, who was Jacob Marley?

Stupid Answer:
Scrooge's Business Partner. He's dead 7 years when the story begins and warns Scrooge of the Christmas ghosts that will visit him.

Time 7:59 – 8:16
Maglio Sausage is awesome; they were at Campout this year. Traffic. P&S Events! P&S Shopping Night. Steve is so good with women's gift ideas. P&S Christmas Miracle broadcast will be on December 21st. Secret Santa Time! Time for the show's Pollyanna! Nick Murphy and Chuck Damico need to be involved. Let's pick names! Is Kathy cheating at Pollyanna? Kathy is unhappy, she wanted Marisa. Bizarre File Man went to the hospital after cops found he was driving with a portion of a traffic sign impaled in his head. Two people arrested for holding a handyman hostage and forcing him to do house repairs. Brazilian prisoner's escape was foiled when his plump belly got stuck in a hole in the wall. Hey guys, free ass in Cell #7! Senior student at Mother Teresa High School snuck his testicles into a picture in the students' yearbook. Man was arrested after being accused of poisoning his boss's oatmeal. Maglio Sausage giveaway!

Time 8:30 – 8:58
Maglio Sausages Remix with Queen's “Bohemian Rhapsody!” Traffic. Shart-Outs Christina, movie prop girl, is supporting a service dog fundraiser. Casey's shart-out to Jeff who actually sharted for the first time. We hope he was surrounded by friends and family when it happened. Fantasy Land Expansion Disneyworld is doubling the size of Fantasy Land with its new expansion. Preston loves Disney. Engineer Rodney loves Disneyworld, has a timeshare there. Casey's relatives made it on to Orlando news for going to see a new Disney attraction; their Philly accent was noticeable. Why are the lines so long at Disneyworld? If you want to take advantage of the rides, show up in a wheelchair. Someone needs to get shot in the leg, it'll be a much better vacation. Tinkerbell flies when Disneyworld ends the night with its fireworks. There is now a Star Wars Disney dance video online. Caller Kathy says the Star Wars weekend is the only time Chewbacca dances. Starbucks Expansion Starbucks will open 1500 new outlets and bought Teavana. Preston is drinking McDonald's coffee right now. Stores in US: 11,000 Starbucks VS 12,000 McDonald's. Pizza Hut Perfume Pizza Hut has debuted a limited edition perfume. Car Parts VS Body Parts British study shows men can identify their car parts better than their own body parts. 90% of men could locate where their oil stick is, but only half know where the vas deferens is. Happy Tomatoes Japanese study shows that people who eat tomatoes have a lower risk of depression. Steve drinks tomato juice everyday. Maglio Sausage giveaway!

Time 9:05 – 9:33
Weather. Running of the Santas this Saturday. Traffic. Calendar Raids! Gary Gulman Has a new Comedy Central special on Saturday. Thinks everyone uses “In This Economy?!” as an excuse for everything. Hates it when people record him having a meltdown in line at Kinko's. Legality of saving seats and tables with your jacket. Gary watched “A Christmas Carol”... Why does the doctor have poison? Under what circumstances would a doctor prescribe poison to his patient? Gary loves Chris Elliott's work, but no chance he could date his daughter, Abby. Bill Weston in Studio He was at a Ratings Convention. Did you get syphilis again? P&S gave away a lot of free endorsements. Nick wants free stuff. Intern Bling's Last Day He's gotten close to Casey and Preston gave him his name. Steve and Kathy got no love. What have interns done after the show? Is Intern Joe an EMT or a paramedic? Marisa's charades from across the studio. Caller explains the difference. Maglio Sausage giveaway! Their Sausages are gigantic!

Time 9:42 – 9:52
Running of the Santas is tomorrow! Calendar Raids! Traffic. Bizarre File Woman arrested for stealing backpack full of tampons while she wore a house monitor who committed the same crime previously. A chance meeting between a father and his teenage son at a bar led to the son pulling a gun and him firing at his own father. Illinois man admitted that he planned to abduct a wealthy man and make it look like he was killed by his own cat. A Florida Mother and Daughter have created a porn website called the “Sextons” and do porn videos together. They do not touch each other during scenes, so it's not incest. Yeah, because that's too gross. During a drive, a man was injured when a saw wheel came through his windshield. His passenger was arrested under a different charge he was sought in question for. Killing Them Softly giveaway!


Time 10:03 – 10:20

P&S Christmas Miracle on December 21st! LQ. Hollywood Trash Ashley Simpson; Jessica Biel; Emile Hirsch. LA. Music News Halestorm found out that they were nominated for best Hard Rock Performance for “Love Bites (So Do I)” during a concert. Godsmack will take 2013 off. Papa Roach is on the road in Europe, this is their first extensive schedule of tour performances since September. Dave Grohl was the guest host for Chelsea Lately on Thursday night. Metallica has made all nine studio albums available on Spotify. List of today's Christmas Song Cage Match-ups! James Van Riemsdyk Woke up late this morning. Used to play hockey with his brother. All the players are trying to make good use during this time when they're not playing. JVR wants a Louis Vuitton bag if he defeats Scott Hartnell. The loser between JVR and Hartnell will have to shop for the winner at the Mall of America in full hockey gear. Thanks to JVR for coming out to the Campout for Hunger last week!  Kathy has found out that Intern Joe is a paramedic, not just a EMT.


Time 10:31 – 10:44
What a strange week. Preston's migraine took him out of WMMR on Wednesday. Running of the Santas is tomorrow; Preston, Steve, and Marisa will be there! Weather. Calendar Raids tonight: Nick will be at Brickhouse tonight from 7-9pm and Marisa will be at the Trappe Tavern tonight too. What the hell is up with Intern Julie? Pierre has no idea what's going on. Pierre was at Neil Young last night, he made $250,000 for the Red Cross. Everest was the opening band for the event, Neil Young played for two and a half hours. Intern Julie will not be getting close to the microphone. Letter of the Day. We have new Pierre sound clips. Special thanks to Gary Gulman and James Van Riemsdyk and to Maglio Sausage. Word of the Week. Thanks to our sponsors! Pierre will take over and will do the next matches in the Christmas Cage Match tournament! Howie Mandel, Matisyahu, and Dave Attell will be on the show next week! Have a good weekend!

Lesson Question:
What cell is the free ass in?

Lesson Answer:
Cell #7

Letter of the Day:

Word of the Week:

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