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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Gary Gullman - Comedian - Phone Interview - 9AM
JVR - Phone INterview - 9:10AM

Here's what happened on the show the show this morning:

Time 6:11-6:24
Foo Fighters! Good Morning! Preston is back! Traffic. News. Police say a driver slammed a Bentley into an apartment building. That really hurt. ow!  The open house for an un evacuated city from the train de-railment  a line around a middle school an hour & a half before doors opened. Philadelphia Police are looking for 2 people posing as cops with badges. Sports. The NHL players association made proposals to end the lock-out, let's hope it works. Kobe Bryant was the youngest player to score 30,000 career points at age 34. Preston still has a migraine, he can't sneeze, cough or have a bowel movement without it hurting. It runs in his family. But if you rub hemorrhoid cream is a good cure.   Marc Summers, Marc Maron, Dave Coulier Scotty Hartnell & JVR twitter war all on show today.  

Time 6:38-7:02
Ozzy on WMMR! Tons of guests on the show today! Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Peter Buck is 56. Steven Wright is 57. Tom Hulce is 59. Jo Beth Williams is 64. Don King is 79. Judd Apatow is 45. Stupid Answer. Entertainment News. George Decay had a scheduled lunch with his apprentice boss Donald Trump. Decay posted on facebook he was hoping to change his mind. I call this Decay Tempora. Brandi Glanville hates LeAnne Rimes for trying to claim her kids. Brandi feels like LeAnne is unstable.  She can't go to court because she can't afford it. Steve impersonates Marty Singer. Michael Richards scored a co-starring role in T.V. Lands “Giant Baby”. NBC's the biggest looser will debut it's 14 seasons, but now focusing on childhood obesity with teenage contestants.  3 contestants have been announced so far. It's like Fat Gun, or Top Gunt. Sasha Baren Cohen's wife is not a fan of his films calling him embarrassing. Brittany Murphy died after Something Wicked was filmed, which is finally being released. Snooki has learned a lot about being a mom over the past year, her advice to the dutchess, Shart sound, is  to enjoy her time in the castle with the baby & to use a boppy pillow. Clips. Deadfall with Eric Bana. Hyde Park on Hudson with Laura Linney.  We will be back! 

Time 7:14-7:48
Alterbridge on WMMR! Weather. Traffic. Marc Summers in Studio. He's Alive! There was a little mix-up with the last time he was suppost to come in. They were worried that something post accident happened. Marc doesn't drive, so Erin picked him up. Marc met his wife at the Mary Tyler Moore show, the first date was a double date but it worked, now 38 years later he still is happily married. He was working on Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Burnett, & good times, plus tons of game shows. His job was to answer phones & run errands. So he started comedy. Steve had a friend that did warm-ups for Rosie O'Donnell. Mary Tyler Moore's husband thought Marc did an excellent job. Marc was the entertainment on many sick days for Steve. He has no recollection for awhile after the accident. He has surgery planned soon. It happened when his cab driver was on the phone, speeding, & hydroplane & crashed. He ran to Europe when it happened to avoid the media. He is afraid to get back into a cab now. He has a card for A shuttle that will come pick you up & take you to your location safely. Mark is the spokesman for Fanny May's candy, he will have to come back in with some samples. Marc can't cook so when his daughter asked to cook hot dogs he spent so much money on cooking materials. We are playing Fun factory theme for old time sake! Always good to see Marc glad he is ok. We will be back! 

Stupid Q.
What are male honeybees called?

Stupid A. 

Time 8:00-8:11
Linkin Park on WMMR. Running of the Santas. Traffic. Preston is on the back end of migraine & won't be able to cheer loud for this. Christmas Miracle Broadcast.   Bizarre Files. 4 months doctors believed a runny nose was allergies when they found out it was brain fluid leaking out of her nose. An elderly man open fired when a woman's car came close to his mobile wheelchair. Guards at the Samson Correctional institute are being charged with rubbing hot sauce on their genitals & throw bunnies into traffic for rewards of cigarettes, beer & extra food . A man is accused of slipping meth into his wife's cigarette so she can join him in an addiction. Marc Maron is up next so stay tuned! 

Time 8:23-8:53
Lit on WMMR! We have a lot of activity on in the studio right now. Traffic. Calendar raids Nick & Marisa. Marc Maron In Studio. He usually likes keeping beautiful woman laughing but he only got distracted once when he was in New York doing a bit. He is in a series with Judd Hursch. He needed the intensity & they got the evil out of Judd, there's a great buzz about him but he finds joy threatening. Fans always mention his small role in Almost Famous. During his scene with the bus in Almost Famous the whole crew left & he was stuck with the second hand crew half way through shooting. When Robin Williams said he had an alcohol problem Marc was shocked especially when Robin called him he was nervous to call him back so he traveled to his house for the interview. We recommend that you follow him on twitter & keep up with his podcast. He goes right at it when trolls push his buttons on twitter all the time. Especially when he saw someone making a campaign against him, he found the guy & confronted him. Most of his jokes revolve on stage the only thing he ever wrote down was “Autoerotic Exfixiation?” & tried to find the source of that. Dunkin Donuts. Anywhere he goes on the road he asks what food do they have at certain places. He's been sober for 13 years.. He starts his podcast by apologizing to people so the book is clean right when it starts. There are crossroads in life where you hate everyone or you take the hit. Marc will be at Helium Comedy Club this weekend. 

Time 9:01-9:20
We are back! Busy day today! Traffic. Dave Coulier on the phone! New show on Adult Swim called “ China, IL”. There are small shows on like adult swim that are going on Comedy Central now. There's a lot of awesome shows on Adult Swim. Adult swim picked up his show & made the title “China, IL” This year he is doing Matthew McConaughey doing the voice of God. Other than the show he's working on “You've Got” on AOL where he does voice overs The show airs tonight. He will be doing a clean guys of comedy tour. Scotty Hartnell on the phone! Talking about the twitter war with JVR about who can raise more money for Hurricane Sandy. Scotty had a great time last week at the Campout, Scotty is in “This is 40” which he does a great job in. Judd was saying everyone did a great job! He got to meet Paul Rudd, & Judd's wife was excellent to them, the looser has to walk around the mall in full hockey gear & get  the other a gift. Scotty is disappointed that Marisa donated to JVR. Right now Scotty is behind by about $2,000 dollars so follow him on twitter & help him out. If he wins he wants the new Call of Duty video game & JVR wants a Louis Vuitton bag. People should call him Yukon Cornelius for the Christmas season. In the end everyone wins which is great! Let's go Flyers! We will be back! 

Time 9:34-9:47
Guns N Roses on WMMR! Preston's eyeball feels like it's being crushed by a vice. Traffic. Running with the Santa's. Christmas Miracle Broadcast. Preston shooed away Intern Sara because he was coughing. Light is a bad issue when you have migraines. Bizarre Files. A Woman was able to raise $12,000 for a fake wedding with a cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen in Vegas. A man in Florida for child neglect when he left a baby in the care of a dog so he could go drink. Research shows a new pineapple with coconut taste in Australia, it took over a decade but they did it except it won't be planted for two years. Spectators who came to watch horses got a surprise when 3 deer got on the race track. A woman accused of a bank robbery made a youtube video bragging about it before her arrest. Killing Them Softly giveaway. 
Time 10:00-10:26
Dave Matthews Band on WMMR! Weather. Men's Shopping day at KOP next week starting at Rock Bottom, Alicia Vitterelli will be there Bob Kelly of the Flyers Calendar girls. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Jessica Alba is pregnant again it will be a  boy which they decided to name him Kaiser Sosa Home improvment Geddy Leroy Jones. John Travolta & Olivia Newton John released a song about a mesoose who will touch your balls, Chris Evans brother was arrested by a cop naming the super hero captain Central America.  Lesson Answer. Music News, Dave Brubeck died yesterday, he would have been 90 today, Nick has it on his Ipod.  Now we throw it over to Nick's Ipod on the chat show. Jack White took a few shots of Lady GaGa the other night questioning her authenticity. He doesn't think she has it for her style. Metallica's James Hetfield & Adam Yocker from Beastie Boys launch custom made skateboards. The Sandy relief concert will be broadcasted live on TV from Madison Square Garden also in movie theaters & there's a chance we might air it here. Christmas cage match continues today, A lot of good matches today. Grammy nominee's are in, Hot lips & Renegade Taylor Swift vs. Lorenzo Lamas. Dan Arabach, F.U.N., Jay z, Kanye, & Mumford & Sons all have 6 nominations. Black Keys is one of the nominees for best album & record of the year. Alabama Shakes & Pittsburgh Squirts up for best new artists. Song of the year is another one, live pop performance is one, pop duo group, traditional pop vocal album, best rock performance, best metal performance, rock song, rock album. Running of the Santa's. 

Time 10:37-10:49
Van Halen on WMMR! Ryan & Matt, creators of Running of the Santa's which they are very excited about this year, they have sold 6,000 tickets for the event this year, they are so close to reaching their goal this year, go to the website for tickets now! Thanks to our Hottie Cam girls, Marc Summers, Marc Maron, Dave Coulier, & Scotty Hartnell. Pierre is here! Preston is glad Pierre has such a soothing voice.  He has a bunch of fun stuff planned today. LOTD. Next Star Trek movie is coming out soon, focusing on Khan, Steve impersonates Khan. Thanks to our Sponsors! Tomorrow on our show Gary Goldman, & James Van Riemsdyk. Rage On!

Lesson Q.
After his accident what present did we send Marc Summers?

Lesson A.
A Rolex 


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