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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Marc Maron - IN STUDIO - 8AM
Scott Hartnell - Phoner - 9:10AM
Dave Coulier - Phoner - 9AM

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Tom Petty. Preston's out today. Traffic. News. Radnor police say a 13 year old girl who went missing ended up in Washington & was found w/ a 20 year old man. He's facing a corruption of minor charge. I'm not sure what this guy does for a living, but my guess is he's a beaver. The pair met online, not considered an abduction. Police in Bluebell are searching for a man who robbed a store of $100 using bomb threat. Parents outraged in Cleveland after discovering man posing as Santa is a registered sex offender. Sports. Timberwolves' Josh Howard had first double double in years during 105-88 win over Sixers. Shane Victorino signed w/ Boston Red Socks. Temple football coach Steve Addazio has signed 6 year deal w/ Boston College. Preston's out, he's been dealing w/ this illness since the last few days of the Camp Out. We're taking “Best of” segment requests, not song requests. We're going to do Secret Word. Tarantino XX:8 Collection.

Blind Mellon, No Rain. Preston's out w/ a raging migraine. Traffic. We're executing the Stupid Question in a different manner today: prize to the 13th caller. Red Envelope Gift Card. Best of Clip: “Top 50 Robots of All Time...” 

Time 7:16-7:44
Preston's getting his ass kicked by a heavy duty migraine. That last segment was from 3 years ago. Traffic. The sunrise is pretty wild out there. Weather. Steve loves the responses, many are asking for the Jim Gardner bit. It never aired proper, we aired it before the show during a best of spot. Best of Clip: “Judgment Day Confessions...”

Stupid Question:

13th caller.

7:55- 8:06
That was Alanis Morrisette. Just kidding. Preston's out. Traffic. Special Announcement: Men's Shopping Night at KOP Mall. Men's shopping Night. Rock Bottom Restaurant. The  Calendar girls will be there, helping the guys shop. Flyers ice girls & Tito's Vodka girls will be there. You'll also have a chance to meet Bernie Parent. Camp Out Photo gallery on P&S website. Pictures & videos of all of our guests are up, check them out. Bizarre File. **Best of (w/ Frank Caliendo)** Kid stabs friend over 22 times over Xbox game. Kansas pair steal KY Jelly from Walmart & try to use it in store. US Airways investigating near mid-air collision between 3 jets. Meat lover in London is only eating offal (animal insides).

8:18- 8:43
Rusted Root. Lots of requests to get to still. Secret Text Word Tarantino XX:8 Collection 8:18. Traffic. Preston's had runs where he's missed a few days w/ these migraines. We're getting complaints that we're not saying Preston has the squirts. So, Preston's o-ring blew out, he's more dangerous to be around than the train derailment. We're taking requests from phone, texts, & social media. @ScottyFox9 asked for the Jim Gardner interview along with a lot of others. From Camp Out 2012, Best of Clip: “Jim Gardner Interview...”

8:56- 9:21
Foo Fighters, Preston's out. Weather. Traffic. Secret Text Word. Tarantino XX:8 Collection. We're taking suggestions for which clips to play today. Best of Clip: “Casey or Fakie?..”

9:33- 9:43
That was the Police, specifically for Preston. His migraine lead to the squirts. Dynamics of today's show: Jim Gardner to a fart contest. Traffic. Secret Text winner will be caller number 5. Tarantino XX. Bizarre File. **Best of Clip** Starts with Florida man who reseals used enemas & sells them back. Ends w/ French woman charged with Quadrillion dollar phone bill.

Preston's out, wasn't feeling well towards end of Camp Out. Secret Text winners: Dustin Hunter & Tom Walsh. Tarantino XX:8. Traffic. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Anderson Cooper went blind for 36 hours after his eyeballs were sunburned. Sewing resort, they didn't provide tiny beach umbrellas for his eyes. Taylor Swift & Harry Styles confirm romance rumors. Harry is everything I want in a breakup song. 
Frankie Muniz suffered light stroke, touched by support of fans of Malmom Min Mibble. WWE Monday Night RAW. Music News. Christmas Cage Match, Tuesday's results. Ronettes over Bruce. Cheech & Chong over Singing Dogs. Alan Mann over Beach Boys. Billy Squier over Spinal Tap. Trans-Siberian Orchestra over John Cougar. Bowie over R.E.M. & Petty beat Weezer. If you're a fan of rock & roll, then you're going to love what's coming up next.

We just got word that Preston is heading to the doctor's. Wrap Up. Today was great, letting the audience decide what they want to hear. Tomorrow, Marc Maron & Scott Hartnell. Mens Shopping Night, Bob Kelly not Bernie Parent. Another big announcement coming as soon as Preston returns. Pierre in studio. Pierre was here at 4:30am, down the hall in the gym, doing his physics paper. He was ready to step in for Preston, but the team decided that wasn't necessary. Pierre has Rolling Stones tickets coming up on his show, along with the Christmas Cage Match. Letter of the Day. Send your best wishes to Preston, hopefully he'll be back tomorrow. 

Lesson Question: Who were the two people with Jim Gardner at the Camp Out last week?

Lesson Answer:
Cecily Tynan & Ducis Rogers.

Daily Letter: U

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