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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:13-6:25
Blues Traveler on WMMR! Good Morning! Traffic. News. A 4 year old boy & his father are both hospitalized when they were in a shooting in Philadelphia. New Jersey bridge had rail alignment problems due to a derailment last week &The news reporter covering the story is attractive. A federal appeals court adhered to a scandal on “Who wants to be a millionaire” after Disney was accused of stealing money.     Sports. Redskins pulled ahead of one game for leading the NFC East. Nick Foles will be the new starter for the rest of the season. Sixers will be at home tonight against the Timberwolves. Mr. Skin will be on the show today & Ukrainian Strong Men from Cirque Dreams Holidaze & Meet n Eat & it's Tattoosday also we have a Rolling Stones Giveaway today! 

Time 6:36-7:13
Blink 182 on WMMR! Traffic.  Stupid Question. Birthdays. Jay-Z is 43. Marisa Tomei is 48. Jeff Bridges is 63. Tyra Banks is 39. Stupid Answer. Entertainment News. Jaden Smith went crazy on Instagram this weekend. Jaden wrote to fans completely blowing up on their comments. Jaden says there is no way he would do that.  The family of Johan Belcher released a statement saying why he killed himself & his girlfriend & they just want their privacy now.  Nava Shury will be getting an award for Octomom. Kate Middleton is expecting. Tonight on Buckingham show she is pregnant & the bed pans are made out of chinchilla. Johnny Depp joined Alice Cooper on stage at his show & performed with him, Depp joined Marilyn Manson & Kesha recently. Doug Gotterba is suing John Travolta & saying about the relationship because he didn't sign a waver. Steve impersonates Travolta's lawyer. Christina Applegate started a new blog about life being a new mom. Steve is buying Nick a DVD right now on one click amazon! Celebrities gathered for Trevor Live 2012 to sponsor LGBTQ suicide awareness. The Giving Awards is new, People are literally buying awards for being charitable. Now accepting for Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina. Caller Becky says You have to go online & vote for the best organization. Caller Ell says that the awards show will be this Saturday. Clips. Parenthood with Dax Shepard. Deadfall with Olivia Wilde. Huge Rolling Stones Giveaway today! 

Time 7:26-7:47
Soundgarden on WMMR! Rolling Stones Giveaway today. Traffic. Morning Sickness. Kate Middleton has an acute sickness that's just a little worse that morning sickness. It happens out of nowhere. Preston's Wife had ad morning sickness & she hugged him then yacked when he came home from the campout one year & she couldn't eat chicken during the pregnancy. Caller Grace says she had morning sickness through her whole pregnancy & they gave her medication they give cancer patients which made her constipated.  Caller Horace says his wife was puking profusely which led to low blood pressure so she needed a prick line. Note for all men don't read the books, men actually pack on a few pounds during the wives pregnancy. Caller Bill comments on the sickness saying his mom had it worse & worse by the child. Nick's wife was on bed rest twice. Caller Betty takes care of people with the disease, & the baby's end up fine. Caller Christy says she didn't start throwing up until 22 weeks into the pregnancy, lost 40 pounds & had the prick line during her 3rd baby. Preston's daughter was born looking up at the ceiling which is rare. The royal family is expecting an heir to the throne! We will be back!

Stupid Q.
What did Alfred Hitchcock use for the stabbing in Psycho?

Stupid A.
Casaba Melon

Time 7:57-8:10
The Gaslight Anthem on WMMR. Steve impersonates Brian Fallon. Traffic. Christmas cage match is underway! Bill was shocked when Bruce lost to the chipmunks, Casey hated last Christmas by George Michael but loves the glee version. Bizarre Files.  An Oregon man was who was released from jail was arrested an hour after  for robbing a bank. A 92 year old with altimeters had 57 maggots in her ears in a nursing home when a fly flew in & laid eggs, her family is suing. Steve impersonates the maggot in court.  A man was killed when his son shot an arrow into his head in class after the son chopped up the step mom. Police were called to a home when a couple was headed over trivial pursuit when one was threatened with a hatchet.  

Time 8:17-8:54
We are back! Weather. Traffic. Mr. Skin On the Phone. He has the top 10 nude scenes of 2012. it's almost impossible to narrow it down to 10. Michelle Williams & Sarah Silverman's shower scene is number 2, Mr. Skin knew that would be on there. Number10 was Kristen Stewart from I'm the road coming out this month. Number 9 is Sara Power from Californication, there will be a new season coming out soon. Number 8 is Jessica Marais from Magic City. Number 7 is Ali Cobrin in American Reunion. Number 6 is Chamilia from Californication. Number 5 is Olivia Mun. Number 4 is Helen Hunt in the sessions, she looks good for 49. Number 3 is Sophie Randell from Episodes. Number 1 is Ashley Hinshaw in Something about Cherry, she is flattered that her scene got chosen. He never officially gave out an award. Julie Dreyfus appears in Troll but there was a rumor of a nip slip in Seinfeld. It's all on his website. He does the lifetime Skinchevment award with the anatomy awards. This is 40 topless scene is apparently CGI, the same thing happened in The Change up. The Top Nude Scenes of 2012 list is on his website! Rolling Stones giveaway today.  Christmas cage continues today, DMX does a version of Rudolph. Birds talking. A parrot sings Bodies. It's amazing how much info they can take in. Caller Wendy said her cockateal learned to talk from the parrot, the parrot sings. Caller Anthony says his African Grey that shuts up the dog when it speaks. Caller Jimmy says his brothers parrot committed suicide after listening to music. Remember when you accidentally baked those Kittens. Caller Debbie had a bird that cleaned her teeth. Steven Star Giveaway.  We will be back.

Time 9:07-9:24
The Rolling Stones on WMMR! Steven Starr Giveaway. Traffic. Romanian Strong Men in Studio. They have a Cirque Dreams Holidaze to the Tower theater on December 14th  & 15th . Kat & Val are here. Cirque Dreams has been in business for over 20 years but holidaze is still new. They do some amazing things & they appeared on Americas got talent. It's jaw dropping how they do what they do, The promoter actually did 2 super bowl halftime events. You deal with over 100 performers, the Holidaze show is over 30 people & the Tower is the perfect spot for it, Kat is 26 & Val is 35. They are brothers with both starting as gymnasts. In Romania this would be considered a sport & a art form. They both love doing it & they love looking forward to doing new tricks. They are doing demonstrations right now in the studio! They did a mini show at love park today. The can do a handstand by just holding onto each other hands & head. It's very impressive to see people do this! Rolling Stones giveaway now! We will be back!

Time 9:35-9:50 
Tonic on WMMR! Traffic. Rolling Stones Giveaway, Caller Anthony is caller 50 & is our winner! 3 shows in the area, 1 is in Brooklyn, 2 in Newark. Hells Angels did security once at their show, killed a person and almost killed crossfire hurricane Jumpin Jack Black. Delaware Governor was mentioned in Delaware from the campout. Randell mispronounced Markell, by saying Marcle. Layover . Anthony Bordain on Travel Guide in Philly. Preston took his sister through Philly once  & almost. Brothels, back in Colonial times woman would be bald if a prostitute or underage. Philly Cheesteaks. Oh Oh me so horny song. Oops we messed up. Now Cheesteak clip, he thinks we don't eat if local. Steven Starr Giveaway. 

Time 10:03-10:27
Led Zeppelin on WMMR! Running of the Santas, Marisa will be there. Bizarre Files. Honolulu man arrested for stealing Christmas decorations. An Arizona woman has confessed to having an affair with dogs. Cirque de no way, wow you taste life my dogs ass. Since she was 13 she was committing these sick acts. Music teacher shot his wife during a church service then came back & shot her again just to make sure she was dead. Max Broadcast group has a radio station in Denver changed their name to Pot 107.1 Steve impersonates their DJ. A 53 year old man is charged when a 9 year old fought him off after he tried to put a poisonous cloth on her face. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Kristen Chenoweth is dating Jake Pavelka & she forgets he is standing behind his penis, Lady Gaga bought Michael Jackson memorabilia & the best is used diapers, Kate Middleton is pregnant and they are registered at babies are us.  Lesson Answer. Music News. Dave Grohl's documentary on Sun city will make a debut at the Sundance Film Festival. David Draiman said that fans can expect a ton of guest artists on his new bands album. Kid Rock told CNN that he got to meet Obama the other day & they settled their differences. Led Zeppelin was on Letterman last night. Lamb of God has officially been indited about his charges in Prague. 30 years after the release of Thriller Eddie Van Halen redid his solo to beat it, 2 kids thought he was trying to cover EVH & he turned them around & said it was him. Jon Bon Jovi says his daughter is doing better. Steven Starr Giveaway. 

Time 10:38-10:47
The Black Keys on WMMR! Tattoosday today, Listener Earl got a tattoo of his wife as a pin-up girl. Thanks to Mr. Skin, & The Romanian Strong Man from Cirque Dreams. Pierre is here, he has some fun stuff planned today , he will be continuing the Christmas song cage match today. LOTD. Thanks to Steve Starr meet n eat. Thanks to our sponsors. Tomorrow on the show is Gene & Bill Barretta & we go live on Fox good day! Rage On!

Lesson Q.
What kind of animal applied Hemroid cream on Steve?

Lesson A.
His Pony


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