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Mr. Skin and  Cirque Dreams Holidaze

Here's what happened on today's show.

Time 6:13-6:20
A new week with new things. News. 70 people went to hospital after train derailment. There was another derailment on the same bridge in 2009. Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher killed himself in front of general manager Scott Pioli and coach Romeo Crennel today at the National Football League team’s Arrowhead Stadium after fatally shooting his girlfriend. 2 teenagers shot on porch in West Philly. Sports. Eagles lose 8th in a row, fall to Cowboys 38-33. Alabama beat Georgia. Back at home after the Camp Out. Best Camp Out ever. Peter Billingsley will be on the show today. Borgata Babes will be on the Hottie Cam. 

Time 6:30-6:57
Totals from the camp-out later today. Traffic. Stupid Q. Birthdays. Ozzy Osbourne, 64. Brendan Fraser 44. Julianne Moore 52. Daryl Hannah 52. Holly Marie Combs 39.Katarina Witt 47. Stupid A. Box Office: Twilight, Skyfall, Lincoln, Rise of the Guardians. Entertainment News. A DC reporter asked his Twitter followers if he they should ban all Lindsay Lohan stories. Women jail is no joke. Hayden Panettiere involved in car crash. Mario Lopez got married. Two and a Half Men are trying to find a replacement for the half man, Angus T Jones. Hugh Hefner reunited with his run away bride, Crystal Harris. Do the grils have sex with him? They will get married on NYE. Halle Berry's boyfriend Gabe dropped lawsuit and restraining order against her ex. Marissa Winokur lost 60 pounds. Clips. High Park on Hudson- Love affair between FDR and his secretary.  Gerard Butler talks about relationships in movies. Peter Billingsley will be on later.

Time 7:10-7:46
Beautiful day today tomorrow will be even better. Traffic. We have the video of the Pituation getting shot with the nacho cannon. NJ Train Derailment. Paulsboro, NJ-1873 bridge was built which allows boat traffic to pass though. Due to the train derailment, test showed elevated levels of a toxic chemical, right near the wreck. Some residents found out only thanks to the news which made them mad. There should be more train rides available. Reading needs a railroad. Kathy is jingling her bells to let us know she has something today say. It's her vaginal piercings. You can't get to the shore by train. There is a hotel made completely of Cabooses. Everyone watches freight trains trying to count how many cars there are. Caller is an engineer, he said that bridge is scary going across that bridge because all you see is water. Burlington Bristol Bridge is also scary. Alaska has many original trains from the gold mining days. Caller stayed at the Caboose Hotel. What purpose does the caboose serve? Steve's seen a train that looked like a transformer. Caller says caboose has been replaced by what is called a “Fred”. They used to use lanterns as signals. Amtrak. Preston wants to go to the caboose hotel. Amtrak worker on phone, fatality's often happen due to track changes. There was a kid who once threw a 2x4 at a train and it shot it back at him and killed him. In the movie “Into the Wild” they get around by hopping trains. Caller says the caboose hotel is the worst thing ever. Mold, cats, cold, and nothing. Kids love it. Trip adviser says “Be advised Epic Fail.” Caller has been train-hopping for years. People might be out of town until Saturday due to the train derailment. B-file coming up. The Pituation's video is up. 

Stupid Q. What year was the first Dunkin Donuts store open?

Stupid A. 1950.

Time 7:56-8:07
Going to be 68 degrees today. Traffic. Diarrhea, Clap clap. Borgata Babes are here with their calendar. Bizarre File. Snake lunch was hard to swallow. An anaconda threw up an entire cow. Woman jailed because she stabbed him in the back while they were having sex, it was a one night stand. Dolphin bit an 8yr old girl at Sea World. Georgia woman found a nose ring in her daughters McDonalds breakfast. Camp Out totals coming up. Killing them Softly. 

Time 8:17-8:59
Happy to be back in the studio. Hottie Cam girls are here. Traffic. We nearly killed the Pituation at the Camp Out. Preston was concerned that the camp out wasn't going to be as good as last year due to the hurricane & economy. Camp Out Totals. It was a record year. 263 tons last year... 313 tons of food this year! Everyone did a wonderful job. Cash totals- $88,993 with still more to be added. Largest contribution- Subaru America more 70,000 more pounds than last year. Largest contribution by group- Second Street Irish society. Over 5k lbs. Thanks to so many people for coming by and helping. Preston wants to reach a million pounds. Nick is proud of what's been accomplished. Preston was the Grand Marshall in the Souderton parade. His driver was so nice and 90years old. His sign fell off the car halfway though but there are a lot of fans out there. Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays. There was a survey done 68% of Americans prefer to hear “Merry Christmas” instead of “happy holidays.” Intern Rush says she really doesn't care if someone says merry Christmas even though she's Jewish and her parents are extremely religious. Steve puts the “Stma” back in Christmas. Jesus signed his checks with an X. X-mas takes the Christ out of Christmas. Nick's son compared Jesus to the Hulk and Iron man. The Avengers, Jesus Christ, and Christmas are now all tied together in his house. Caller said happy holidays to someone and she got yelled at by a Christian saying it's like people like her taking the Christ out of Christmas. Steve's still saying, “Happy post Halloween.” Bless you has turned into a common curtsey. Nick was mad he saw someone post on Facebook that she was sad all these trees were being chopped down.  Steve has fake trees outside and real trees inside. Listener Krista wrote an e-mail about how much Casey doesn't suck. Carpenter sliced his finger open when listening to the Pituation get taken out by the nacho cannon. Borgata babes are on the Hottie Cam. 

Time 9:14-9:37
So good to be back at home. Traffic. Update on Comp Out Total. Borgata babes are here. Borgata. Benefit for West Norton officer who suffered from a brain aneurism. Camp out update- $106,491. Last year was actually 288 tons of food. Bazooka bubble gum is being changed. It will no longer be red white and blue, and will no longer feature the comic. It will be “funtivities.” Steve likes nativities. Kathy wanted to know what the gum was that had a tattoo in it. Steve said, slut gum. Swallowing gum is okay. Preston's wife gets mad when their kids swallow gum. Bazooka gum was hard disgusting gum. Preston's favorite gum is super bubble. Super bubble in a handy to use 3lb bag. Razzles were a hybrid candy. Fruit Stripe still has a tattoo inside. Preston could eat a whole role of bubble tape but he doesn't want to. Confucius saying was on one Bazooka Joe comic. Breaking news: elevated levels of toxic fumes in Paulsboro NJ due to the train derailment. Even officials have been evacuated. 

Time 9:45-9:54
Peter Billingsley will be coming on in about 15 minutes. Traffic. Listener Sean works at Illadelph and made a Gadzooks bong. Bizarre File. Indiana man stabbed his mom's boyfriend after he had discovered he ate his Thanksgiving leftovers. Chesapeake man bowls 300 from wheelchair. Police sent out an alert to residents after an accident was being reported although it was fake. Sibling rivalry starts before kids are born. Twins can be seen fighting inside the womb. Whiskey saved a mans sight. Doctors thought he may have had been poisoned- they put Johnny Walker Black Label into his stomach and 5 days later and he could see again. Peter Billingsley “Ralphie” is coming up. 

Time 10:01-10:31
It's hard to believe it's December. Preston has a leg lamp in his front window. Peter Billingsly on Phone. They go into a leg lamp kick line in the Broadway play. The kids have enormous talent because they preform for two hours every day. Broadway productions are very expensive. There was a sequel that came out that wasn't any good. The original has slow burned into American culture. It wasn't until cable and video when “A Christmas Story” became big. Now every year it plays 24 hours a day around Christmas. Was uncredited in the movie Elf. Preston thinks he'll take his family up to see the play. Caller says he's watched the play and the whole family enjoyed it. Christmas at the Caboose Hotel. Why doesn't the DMV give out Turkey legs? It's that time of year to get pictures with Santa. Nick tried getting some but Santa went on a smoke break. They've removed the smoking Santa from The Night Before Christmas. In the beginning of Pinocchio all the little boys are smoking. There is a warning before the movie starts about smoking. Lesson Q.  Hollywood Trash. Hugh Hefner will wed at the Playboy Mansion, she's the one he wants to spend the rest of his minute with. Mario Lopez got married, “Tortilla, burrito, quesadilla.” Denis Quaid filed for divorce. Lesson A. Music News. Metallica- taken ownership of all the bands master recordings. This means they can now do whatever they want with them. Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin said they've already started working on a new record. Muse forced to cancel 3 tour dates due to a members broken foot. He should get a wheel around, or scooter. Cooter Scooter. Vespa. 25 highest paid musicians of 2012. Foo Fighters are 14. Chili peppers are 19. Highest paid artist is Dr. Dre. Surviving members of Led Zeppelin will be on Letterman tonight. Christmas song cage match starts today. Pierre noises. Free music Monday. Happy Holidays song Marisa put together.

Time 10:42-10:53
A warm beautiful day. Wrap Up. Video of the Pituation is up. He went to the hospital as a precaution. He's fine, share the video online. They used 24 trailers for all the Camp Out food. Over $106,000 raised. Even with all the possibilities of set-backs, everyone really helped out. Thank you to Peter Billingsley and the Borgata babes. Letter of the Day. Pierre didn't know the nut rocker was a song. At 1:00 Bruce Springsteen vs. the Chipmunks. At 2:00 U2 vs Winter Wonderland. Tomorrow:Mr. Skin and Cirque Dreams Holidaze. 

Lesson Q. What do they guys in the caboose look out for?

Lesson A. Monsters.


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