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Time 6:14-6:24

Traffic. News Philadelphia police officer collapses. Rushed to Temple university. Snapshot in NYC Time Square of police officer giving new boots to a barefoot homeless man. Was an online sensation. Secret Service arrests man after incident with Romney's motorcade. Sports Atlanta intercepted Drew Brees now are 11-1. There could be no NHL season. Sixers play Charlotte Bobcats tonight. Final day of Campout. People wearing shirts Preston's vasectomy. Giant/ McDonalds. Jim Gardner stopped by last night.

Time: 6:36-7:05

Traffic. Sirens from police and fire companies. Gwynedd Mercy college is here. They were able to raise 1405 pounds. Cheltenham high school librarian Mrs. Wall. The school collected 499 pounds. Birthdays Ben Stiller 47, Alicia Comfort 30, Rodger Glover 67, Billy Idol 57, Ridley Scott 75, Robert Guillaume 85, G Gordon Lidey 82. Entertainment News Lindsey Lohan in handcuffs for punching a girl in the face. 3rd degree misdemeanor assault. Have her do some jail time. She yelled a racial slur after getting called a gypsy. She is going to spend 6 months in rehab. Dena and Micheal Lohan spoke out. Mathew McConaughey broke out about his weight loss. Told a website that his 40 lbs weight loss is healthy and well thought out. Hes eating fresh fish. It is much of a special journey than physical. The movie is about a man with Aids. Evoka Trump stage intervention because of their fathers Anti Obama rants. She totally respects his options. Halie Barry and her ex have reached an agreement in court over the thanksgiving brawl. Her home is on sale for 15 million dollars. She received a 10 million dollar offer. James Franco's professor says that he made inaccurate public statements. Went to 2 out of the 14 classes. Joe Jackson had a stroke. Expected to be sent home today. The new season of the bachelor premieres in January. The new bachelor is a born again Christian. Jude Law embraces his age. In his younger years wanted to be taken seriously as an actor. Clips Brad Pitt, Dolf Lungran, Is mongo here?

Time: 7:16-7:43

Traffic. The last day of the Campout a lot of thank you's. Nick thinks there's going to be no NHL season. Lou Nolan was at the Brad Fox hockey game. Nick and Steve were there. A player got a game misconduct and an injection at a charity game. All Flyers fans or any other fans come out and donate. Lou Nolan is going to do the starting lineup of the Preston and Steve show. Has been doing announcing for 41 years. Jack Murray of Great Valley Abstract dropped off a donation of 1,000 dollars. Took a picture with his dad naked. Jack brought a chopper right outside the tent. They are having a drawing to give away the motorcycle. Tix are $10. All proceeds go to Philabundance. Popular baby names of 2012 my name would have been finger blasted squirt stain. Top 10 girl names.There are four Caroline's in Preston's neighborhood. Top 10 boys names. Women more attracted to thin men. There are more men seeking breast reduction surgery because of man boobs. Angela just got breast augmentation. More people are arriving and more donations are coming in. Jacky Bam Bam is in the tent

Stupid Question:

What is the largest flying bird in North America?

Stupid Answer:

The California Condor


Time: 7:56-8:13

Traffic. Were here donating food. Bill Clark President of Philabundance some food that came in Monday is already going out. It is really amazing seeing all the food come in. it is a huge problem. Princeton Volkswagen. Campout for hunger games Car salesman stopped by and presented a check worth 2,500 dollars. Bizarre File Zebra and Pony walking around Manhattan. They were later returned to the property. Middle eastern men are getting mustaches. 7,000 to get the procedure. Scottish prisoner had phone and charger up his butt. Missing corn-dog lead to stabbing. Alabama man T-Bags guy while passed out. The drummer just fell off the stage. One person already went to the hospital.

Time: 8:24-8:53

Campout for hunger day 5. Traffic. Giant. The metroplex, White Horse RV. Angela P&S Girl Dr. Genter did the work. Philadelphia Passion with a donation. Narberth ambulance they made a donation of 875 dollars to Philabundance. This has been the the most fun Campout Preston ever did. James Brown has the most impressive mullet is sitting in the front row. It is a beautiful silver mullet. His picture is up on the website. Next year he is going to donate his mullet to locks of love. Mullets of mending. Intern Pitchuation nacho cannonAll the ingredients became frozen and came out as a cheese cannonball. Hit him and knocked him down. Video of the impact soon to come. Didn't realize that it was going to harden in cold weather. Wow nacho's really hurt. Nick wanted someone to call 911. Preston got a transcript from the call. Pichuation was at the hospital and the staff knew what happened and some didn't believe it. Going to make an official list of people they injured. Bill Weston getting nervous. A lot of bad things happened. Never want our employees or interns to get hurt. Goggles did nothing. No X rays has little red mark on chest. Left hospital smelling like nachos.

Time: 9:05-9:24

Traffic. Giant sold out of the pre-made food boxes. Dave Magrogan posted a picture that he would be at the campout. Here for U.S. Foods and Kildare's dropped off 5,000 pounds of food. Jacky Bam Bam Back from the Rolling Stones concert. He woke Pierre up every morning. Jacky has a picture with Mic Jagger. Tries to talk to Casey in the morning when Casey is trying to get work done. WMMR is one of the rare station that actually has a live person on air. The stations motto is “live and local”. Sometimes work with no shirt. Is strutting with the Golden Sunrise during mummers parade. Campout Memories Steve thinks having Jim Gardner at the Campout is memorable. Nick is blown away to see how many people actually come out to support. Kathy thinks having the same people every year coming out. Preston thinks the best memory is when Robert Irvine donates 10,000 dollars than Judd Apatow topped it with 10,001 dollars.

Time: 9:36-9:56

Having a great time on a Friday morning. Traffic. Just had another donation of 1,000 dollars. Dave from White Horse RV been with them for 7 years. It had two big bedroom in it. Had a sign saying sell pending P and S. Preston said it felt homey. It had a fireplace! He dropped off 832 pounds of food. Matt from Subaru of America this is their fifth year of the share the love event. The food drop off amount they gave was 320,000 pounds that equals 160 tons. They are proud to be partners. You raised the bar so much. This is what it is all about. Subaru brought free shirts. Bizarre File professional wrestler got a tattoo of Mitt Romney's face. It could take up to 15 sessions to remove. Florida man poses as a dentist was arrested for kissing butt's. Is an unlicensed dentist. A women's breast implants saved her life. In Canada a man entered a drunk hall of fame. Appeared in court with a viking hat. Rescue crews save a climber who was stuck on Mt Hood used his cell phone to stay in contact with the rescuers and family. In the home stretch for the Campout for hunger.

Time: 10:08-10:26

Santa Claus owns a Farrari? Preston is the Grand Marshall of the Souderton/ Telford parade. He is in the very first vehicle on Main Street in Souderton. Preston has a letter saying the even though this person is facing hard times. The last 20 dollars in this person's wallet was donated to the Campout of Hunger. Garry is a crazy MMR fan brought Casey baby wipes when he was at Ulta. Lesson QHollywood Trash Km Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Brittany Spears. Lesson AMusic News man shows up on popular reality show. Got his hands on Slash's ID. Used it until he was 21. Gotye Mumford and sons and Coldplay was some of the biggest songs of the year. ACDC made album available on Itunes. Biggest selling album was Back In Black. Aerosmith basest clams that he is cancer free. Passed the good new onto his fans. I go to a dentist that kisses my ass. We are almost done. We have almost made it.


We are at the end of stuff here. Wrap Up Eric Simon steps it up every year. Thanks to the intern staff. Thanks to the video department. Thanks to the volunteers and the people that donated. Pierre has arrived! He is so proud of everyone for the amazing job. Everyone who listens and were inspired to help others. They have raised the level of the Campout, the best one yet. Thank you to Pierre and Jaxon for doing their and motivating people to get up and come out. Started the Campout in a tiny trailer and look how far they come. You can not do anything more cool than feeding your fellow man or women. Philabundance collects all year around. Link is on the Preston and Steve website. Please donate. Have a great weekend!

Lesson Q:

If Steve's dad would have had his way what would his name be?


Lesson A:

Finger blasted squirt stain”.


WoW Camp.




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