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Time 6:14-6:30

Day four of Campout! Traffic. Newswinning power ball tickets were sold in Missouri and Arizona, but there was one sold in Pennsylvania and New Jersey that one won million. Two dozen people face charges in a crystal meth chain. PA attorney said in a statement that they used surveillance and phone taps in order to find the convicted people. A 41 year old man was arrested for secretly video taping students and teachers at a high school.Sports Michael Vick went under another impact test and was not cleared to play. The Sixers have the night off and will be playing the Bobcats tomorrow night. Washington Wizards finally win a game after a losing streak of twelve losses. Preston is checking up random bush shots and found a c-string bikini. 

Track: 2 Time 6:44-7:08

Burnt Sienna is here.  Traffic.We can't find Marisa, but she is back at the studio. Steve has some anti-diarrhea pills and is amazed at how powerful one pills is.I won't defecate until March.Birthdays Anna Faris;31 Don Cheadle; 48 Andrew McCarthy; 58 Kim Delaney;51 Howie Mendel; 57 Gary Shandling;62 Gena Lee Nolan; 41 Cathy Moriarty; 52 Tom Sizemore; 51 Stupid question Entertainment News Charlie Sheen spoke to TMZ about the Angus Jones video that bashed Two and a Half Men. Sheen stated that it did not remind him of the Angus. Demi Moore is ready to move on from Aston Kutcher and is dating a 26 year old art dealer, Vito Schnabel. A Shanbel is oral pleasures to a hobo while wearing a c-pack mask.Elle MacPherson and Liv Tyler have both dated Vito Shanbel. Halle Berry's Ex, Gabriel Aubrey, will be able to continue to spend time with their daughter Nahla. Danny Devito and Rita Perlman were caught walking in the airport together, they might be back together. Mark Hamil and Carrie Fisher are thinking about starring in the new Star Wars films. Joseph Gordon Levitt's role in the Dark Night has set him up to possibly take over Christian Bale's role as Batman. There are no plans for him to take over the role. Time magazine has send out a list that are possible people that will be their person of the year. Clips Christina Applegate talks about the improv on her show Up All Night. Aubrey Plaza talks about Parks and Recreation being a revolving door for SNL cast members. Sheena Parveen, Spencer Hawes, Hal Sparks and Kelly Ripa will on the show today. 

Time: 7:19-7:47

Gadzooks! Shaggy from Potsgrove Middle school has donated 250 dollars with 912 pounds of food. Jose the Janitor is at Campout and tells everyone to say thank you.Brian Rest Preston friend's brought their daughters by who both received concussions are on “brain rest.” Brain rest is when you are prevented from watching television, reading books, and even talking on the phone. They were not allowed to focus on anything that requires thought. Brain squats! In Hockey, they have a dark room called the “concussion room.”.Grapefruit juice can be deadly to a person depending on a certain drugs you take. Kathy's mom has a remedy for sinus infections. Take grapefruit seed extract in the netty pot, Kathy doesn't have a nose anymore. The main ingredient in Fresca is grapefruit. Granny Pod is a pop-up shelter that can hold in your grandmother, formal name is the med cottage. The shelter can filter air, check vitals, and even allows inhabitants to communicate withthe outside world

Q:What year did the video game Pong first arrive in arcades?

A: 1972

Time: 7:57-8:13

Good Morning! Neil Young is going to be in concert soon, Pierre will be interviewing him. Giant Food Store's Mike Burns donated 900 boxes of food. At the Giant in Metroplex has 10 dollar boxes of food that are perfect to donate. Preston saw two different tractor trailers full of food drive away. Grant and Mike from Origlio Beverages, the next group who gives 300 pounds or more of food will win three hundred beers. Bizarre FilesWoman called police at 4:25 in the morning saying that she was able to trap a burglar in a cardboard box. When the police got there, the man was not in the box anymore. Woman accused of driving drunk with a dead man stuck on a windshield was a substance abuse counselor. Bacon shaving cream in now out in stores, they will only be selling 250 bottles. Scramble egg Douche. Not a single person was shot, stabbed, or slashed on Monday in NYC, murders are down by 25%. A man could not stop his truck and attempted to stop it by putting his leg outside of the driver side door.

Track: 2 Time:8:24-8:46

Campout! Nacho cannon is outside for the Pitchuation.Hal Sparks is at Campout!  In the show Hal is in an interracial marriage and it is the first lead interracial couple on television. Hal Sparks is a huge Star Wars geek. Kelly Ripa called into Campout and is amazed at how much Preston and Steve fans do for this event. Kelly finds it heartbreaking that soup kitchens are closing and encourages people to give whatever they can to people in need. Kelly loves working with Michael Strahan. Kelly and her husband are giving the gift of not giving gifts to each other, while Hal is giving the gift of experience. Nick says that Hal should be a co-host and he remembers his days on Talk Soup. Hal's band, 01, will be playing in the Viper Room and recently played with Steel Panther. He was named after the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey because his mom thought it was a smart name. Hal's house is completely computerized, whenever his assistants enter his house his door says “Open the Pod bay doors.” He will playing at Helium comedy club tonight, Friday, and Saturday.

Track: 3 Time:9:00-9:27

WMMR. Preston and Steve created the “Nacho Cannon.” The cannon is 8 feet long and fires compressed air. The first year they fired off bread, then chili, and now nachos! Nick is outside in the parking lot with the Pitchuation and Hal Sparks. There is nachos and salsa loaded in the cannon. First attempt: the salsa shot right between his legs in a congealed mess. They are fixing the cannon level for a second take.Spencer Hawesis in the tent! Spencer used to shoot potato guns. He has a mustache for Movember and looks just like John Holmes. There is an extra focus on the Sixers this year, he says it is really fun. Philadelphia is a tough town to have a down year in. He has the same routine before every game and likes criticizing sport stars. He really digs the new Call of Duty game. Many sport stars go out and spend most of their money on stupid things, plus they take most of their money out on taxes. Spencer enjoys shooting from a 3 point range. Second attempt at the Chili Cannon: they added a bottle of Coorslight into the mix. The cannon reminds them of a revolutionary war musket. The nachos knocked the wind out of the Pitchuation.

Time 9:38-9:55

Pitchuation is okay! This was definitely the very last year for the cannon. Hal Sparks thinks that this video is definitely going viral. The Pitchuation is now on dietary rest since he was hit by nachos. Hopefully, this doesn't end Hal Sparks career with kid shows. John from the Philadelphia Police is in the tent and dropped off a check for 2,500 dollars. The DA of Montgomery county was the main witness for the nacho crime. Sheena Parveen is at the tent now! She thought that Preston and Steve were going to get hypothermia. It's what they said about the Kennedy assassination. She brought 7 big bags of cat and dog food. She believes that every bit of food people bring in helps! It has been abnormally cold this week, especially at night. Sheena loves Pierre's hair!

Track: 2 Time: 10:06-10:33

Tomorrow is the last day for Camp Out! The tent is open until 10 o'clock tonight. Pitchuation is on the way to the hospital just to make sure he is okay. Hal Sparks will be playing live with Burnt Sienna. Carole and Ellen from the  are here and have a check for 2,500 dollars. Kelly Ripa talked about the Preston and Steve show on her show, Live with Kelly and Michael.  Brett Manney from the Philadelphia wings is at Campout. There is a lot going on a Lacrosse games! The largest contribution from a Group will get 250 tickets to the Philadelphia Wings Home Opener. Bizarre Files blood dripping from a back of an SUV held a deer that was shot. The deer cam back to life and two men continued to stab the deer. Russell Rodgers was arrested for alleged assaulting a man in a Burger King's bathroom. He slammed him in the face with a bathroom door and said to the man “this is what I do to old people.” NYU Sophomore received an e-mail from the bursars office, he tried to forward the message to his mom, but realized he clicked reply all to 40,000 college students. Colorado police officers found a man passed out behind his steering wheel passed out due to a pot brownie. Hollywood trash Christina Aguilera might have had fat ejections into her butt. Jessica Simpson is reportedly pregnant again. Demi Moore is dating an art dealer named Vito Shanbel. Music News Queen of the Stone age bassist is going to help with vocals on the next album. He was thrown out of the band earlier this year for being accused that he was beating his girlfriend. Ozzy Osbourne talked with the New Zealand Harold about the new Black Sabbath CD, it is out early next year. The Beastie boys are under legal troubles from Tough America possibly stealing their work. Tough America supposedly stole some of the sounds from their License to Ill album. Stephen Tyler has apologized to Nicki Minaj for her judging abilities on American Idol. Nicki said that the comment from Tyler was racist since he commented that she was not able to properly judge music from Bob Dylan.

Time: 10:47-10:58

Thank you all to our awesome guests that stopped by and donated today! The Pitchuation is on the phone. He is at the hospital and just got a breathing treatment, but he feels much better. He is the unofficial hero of the Camp Out. Preston and Steve will be putting the video of Pitchuation getting hit by the Nacho Cannon later today. Pierre Robert is going to be broadcasting from the Metroplex. Tomorrow is the final day for Campout!

Lesson Question: When is the next time Steve will defecate

A: March

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