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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show
Hal Sparks - 8:15AM
Spencer Hawes - 9AM
Kelly Ripa - Phone Interview - 8:30
Sheena Parveen - NBC 10 Weather - 9:30
House Band - Burnt Sienna

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:14-6:29
Rowdy Wednesday crowd. Traffic. News Powerball jackpot, $500M. Powerball tickets, $2 each. Jackpot may still rise. Won't win, just buying dreams. Casey's fantasy... Philly police investigating shooting of young women. FDA halted production at Sunland, NM peanut-butter plant, salmonella safety hazards. Steve loves buttered nuts, was turning some nut-butter last night. Sense of accomplishment all-over your hand. Sports Even Turner & Thad Young lead Sixers over Mavericks. Carlos Ruiz suspended 25 games for failed drug test. Eagles released Jason Babin. Day 3 of Camp Out. Michael Millville donated over 300 pounds of food. Hampton Inn best Seat winner: Mike McHugh. Incentive, Best Buy, Sixers suite, Philadelphia Wings, Marmot. Maglio's.

Time 6:41-7:05
Philly Bloco live. Traffic. Philly Bloco playing NYE, World Cafe Live. Stupid Question, Lawless. Birthdays. Matt Cameron, 50. If you like rock documentaries, you'll love this one. Jon Stewart, 50. Ryan Kwanten, 36. Judd Nelson, 53. Preston's watching lighter TV. Casey's batting 1,000 today. Ed Harris, 62. He walked in the room & pissed on Preston. Paul Shaffer, 63. Gary Hart, 76. Lawless. Entertainment News. Halle Berry's ex, Gabriel Aubry, beat up badly by Oliver Martinez. Anna Nicole Smith's 6 year old daughter, Danny Lynn Burkett, modeling for Guess Kids. NBC Exec., Steve Capus, sticks up for Matt Lauer after Lauer mispronounced song name. Lisa Robin Kelly arrested again, assault charges. Shia Lebeouf breaks up w/ girlfriend. Brian Singer, X-Men: First Class sequel bringing back McKellen & Stewart. Lindsay Lohan wants to prove she can act, reality show. Melissa Rycroft & Tony Dovolani win Dancing WT Stars. Clips: Modern Family, child genius. This is 40, Judd Apatow. Scott Hartnell & Judd Apatow will be here together. Bernie Parent is here. Jay Wright & Robert Irvine are also coming today. 

Time 7:15-7:45
Philly Bloco! Traffic. After show, we meet w/ fans. Bernie Parent in Tent. Kathy is beautiful. Bernie is bow-hunts 25 year old women. Bernie: be grateful. When life hands you lemons, make 25 year old women. Bernie, giving books for donations. Bernie thinks NHL will return soon. Bernie should dress as Santa. Princeton VW Campout for Hunger Games, Bernie shoots 3 bulls-eyes. Lottery jackpots: Spain, mucho millions. Billion dollar jackpot someday? This Powerball is 2nd highest jackpot ever. Might as well try, high hopes. Buy guilt away, hookers & charity. Odds: 1/175M. Steve has only won McDonald's coloring contest. Million Dollar Homes. Kathy's rich friends, price quote. Helicopter Pad. Who played in audience? Casey, movie, Dogs Playing Cats. Septa winners, one person sat out. How much will show members share? After taxes, P&S group gets $5M. Steve didn't play, but bought Casey a Blu-ray player, so he'll get cash. What about Chuck? Nick Murphy? Pancake's having a baby! Preston's out, they keep adding people. Preston asks crowd if he's being chintzy, no response. Mike IMS, put message on screen, he wants money. Larry Mendte hit lottery after scandal. Live shart-out. Casey's trying to squeeze one out. Molly, Philly Charter students.

Stupid Question: Who is the oldest actress to win an Oscar for leading role?
Stupid Answer: Jessica Tandy

Time 7:58-8:19
Philly Bloco, playing live! Traffic. Web-cam apps are up & running. Bernie Parent's still here. Robert Irvine in Tent. We were going to have police dogs attack you, but the police can't get it cleared. Now we'll dress you as a blonde & stand you next to Bernie Parent. Restaurant: Impossible, bad reactions piss off Steve. Robert, big fan of Philabundance. Robert Irvine Live Show,  just donated $10,000. Good thing we called off the dogs. We can have Marisa hump his leg or something. Robert: Have you seen my wife? She'd rip her head off! Marc Summers is in town, just filmed a pilot. Robert, Camp Out for Hunger Games, Princeton VW. Missed 1st shot, 2nd hit yellow, 3rd shot hit red. 60 total. Robert, shout-out to Ellen Watson. Bizarre Files. Misplaced sex toys ends in ironing-board-assault charges. Britain is seeing a winter-vomiting outbreak. China's online newspaper believes Onion article, stating Kim Jong Un “Sexiest Man Alive.” Hidden Brazilian camera show, elevator ghost prank. Power goes out, creepy girl enters through secret door.

Time 8:31-9:13
Philly Bloco, on air soon. Traffic. Bernie's still signing books. Jay Wright & Matt Cord in Tent. Jay: This is the best crowd ever. Everybody is sports is back there. Jay's assistant, Heleen, big fan of show. Steve, lose your weight so you look good in open coffin. Villanova's 3-3, young guys, you have to earn it. Jay feels for Andy Reid as a coach. Lots of injuries, he's in a tough spot. They have to stick together. Kathy hates shart outs. Instead of kiss-cam at Nova games, have shart out. Do you ever out-think yourself when playing other Philly schools? Everybody knows everybody so well in Philly college hoops scene. The record breaking player w/ 138, team plays no defense. Nova product Maalik Wayns playing for Sixers. Princeton VW Camp Out for Hunger Games. Jay Wright's final: 55 points. Philly Bloco, Mike. 15 people playing on stage now, only half of the actual show/band. Live Performance. Will be at World Cafe Life on NYE. Scott Hartnell & Judd Apatow in Tent. We had our Q&A screening of This is 40 last night. Casey is a natural Ricki Lake. Steve loved movie, but it gave away men's secrets. iPad in the bathroom. Paul, Leslie, & kids play roles from Knocked Up. Judd uses real-life stories in his movies. Kids are 15 & 10 now, tough to watch them fight in real life. Paul's character, can't sell records, business is struggling. How did Scott & the rest of the guys get in film? Leslie got hit on at the bar by a hockey team. Scott, not used to filming techniques. Scene where Paul & Leslie don't talk, they shoot each other looks. Very accurate. Judd & Steve both did cold-call interviews. Steve went to SNL & pretended to be recording for school. Judd showed up at Seinfeld's house, pretended to be reporting, was his own high school radio show. Judd showed up at Steve Martin's house when he was young, asking for autograph. Judd's inspirations. Casey likes Judd's writing style & pop-culture references. 
***NO TRACK 3***

Disc: 3                                                                   Date: 11-28-2012

Time 9:25-9:51
Philly Bloco. Traffic. Scotty is still hanging around, signing authographs. Panera. Special Announcement: Judd Apatow wanted to one-up Irvine, donated $10,001.  At&t, Brandi in Tent. Check for $7,600 + $5,000 worth of food. Jose the Former Maintenance Guy. INS must be at his work today. Jose's working the crowd. “Hello Everybody.” He is working, employer did not let him come today, will stop by tomorrow. Jose has huge camera w/ him. He almost got into a fight over french fries, “Okay thank you!” I'll be back, tomorrow. Terminator, sent from future to kill your mother. Are we going outside? Live K9 Demonstration. This is Plymouth police department, Kathy's police. Office Bradley Fox was a member of this K9 unit. Kathy: let's hurry up, this dog looks ready to go. Kathy was deuching with A1 Sauce today. Police are acting out a mock search & altercation. The dog has the mock-perpetrator. Kathy: that's disgusting look at the saliva. Dog name, K9 Major. Dog likes Kathy's terd cutter. Preston wants a word or two from the dog. The Bizarre Files. Man married for 9 years just discovered wife was once a man. Even during sex, had no idea. A cougar entered a home through a dog-door in Oregan. A former Pope-Mobile could be used as a party vehicle in Ireland. Harrisburgh police arrested woman for pulling catheter out of boyfriend's chest. Secret text reminder. Sunoco A-Plus, Panera, & Maglio's. Pierre will be here live today!

Time 10:03-10:15
Day 2 of the Camp Out, Pierre will be here today. Traffic. Casey's shart out. 51st birthday shart out to Mary. Nick's trainer, shart out to Nick & Retro Fitness. Philadoptables. Mid Atlantic Packaging, IMS Audio/Visual,, Philabundance, Coors Light & Origlio Beverage, Precision Solutions, PODS Moving & Storage, Aggreko Incorporated, Bauder Audio Systems, Verizon FiOs, National Construction Rentals, Indre Recording and Production.  Lesson Question, Madden NFL 13. Hollywood Trash. Angus T Jones & Two and a Half Men. Kim Kardashian & spanking it at work. Madden NFL 13. Secret Text, Caller #5. Music News. Dave Grohl & Eddie Vedder scheduled for 12.12.12. concert event. Tickets go on sale Monday at noon. Black Keys have settled copyright suit w/ Pizza Hut ad. Perry Farrell: 5th Jane's Addicition studio album will be special, different. Secret Text: Finger Blast. 

Time 10:25-10:38
Beautiful day, awesome group. Wrap Up. Sunoco A-Plus, Panera, McDonald's, Maglio Sausage. Robert Irvine donated $10,000 & Judd Apatow, $10,001. At&t, Panera, Acme. Bernie Parent, Jay Wright, Plymouth Township Police, Philly Bloco. Shart out to Matt Rovine for driving to Panera for smoothies. Thanks to Jose for coming out. Incentives: Best Buy, Sixers, Wings, Marmot. Tomorrow: Hal Sparks, Spencer Hawes, Kelly Ripa, Sheena Parveen, & a special Pitchuation stunt. Pierre's running to tent! We're off the air. Pierre: “Oh F***!” Just kidding, we're on. Let's get this F'ing show going! Come to the Camp Out, no matter how much you can bring- it all adds up.

Lesson Question: When in the RV, what kind of butter does steve like to make right before bed time?
Lesson Answer: Nut butter.

Daily Letter: M

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