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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Judd Apatow w/ Scott Hartnell - 8:40 AM
Jay Wright w/ Nova Players - 8AM
Robert Irvine - 8:15
K-9 Demonstration
Bernie Parent - ALL MORNING
Philly Bloco - House Band

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:14-6:25
Dave Matthews Band on WMMR! Campout for Hunger! Tons of guests today! Traffic. News. The wintery mix of snow & rain is suppose to hit with weather warnings posted for all of pa except for Delaware & Philadelphia counties. A man is arrested for leading  police of a chase through Philly was reported for burglary in Philly. Investigators are questioning a mans wife after a ring was stolen. The powerball jackpot has increased, 2 tickets worth a million dollars were sold the other night in New Jersey. Sports. Panthers beat the eagles last night. NHL and union confirmed to ESPN to meet with the big bosses. Sixers are playing tonight against the Mavs. A lot of stuff going on today. Ed Randell, Buddy Valastro, the Phanatic, Governor Corbet. Gaslight Anthem singer, Bam Margera, & Chico's vibe will be playing! It's Black Listna' day!  Philabundence. 
Time 6:38-7:04
Slash with Myles Kennedy on WMMR! Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Robin Gibbons is 48. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg is 55. Michael Vartan is 44. Jaleel White is 36. Victoria Gotti is 50 & Jimmy Rollins is 34   Stupid Answer. Entertainment News. Halle Berry's ex was granted the restraining order even though he was the one who started everything & got arrested. Lindsey Lohan's movie of Elizabeth Taylor isn't breaking records, with tweets saying Honey Boo Boo & Gilbert Godfrey would do better at Elizabeth Taylor. Angus T. Jones calls 2 in a half men filth & no longer wants people to watch it. Kristen Stewart is pregnant & hopes that Robert will marry her soon. Steve impersonates Robert. 34 year old in Denver claiming to be Tim Allen's adopted son was arrested after stealing Tim's car. Amanda Bynes has been absent from Social Media for awhile but now has an instagram account. She captions what up doe! It's a Detroit thing. She is showing her butt & legs. Look at my snatch! What up doe! Oprah just had a breast cancer scare last week. She didn't even tell her best friend Gail about it. Tom Cruise shut down a square in England to shoot an action scene. Donald Trump's children held an intervention for him to stop bashing Obama. Clips. Red Dawn with Chris Hemsworth. Hitchcock with Jessica Beil. JVR will be here at 3 signing autographs & taking pictures. We will be back! 
Time 7:15-7:47
Everclear on WMMR! Plymouth Meeting MetroPlex. Giant. Traffic. Jeremy from hike to help donated $3,000. Ed Rendell on Site, the Governor for life! Call him what you want just call him. People use “Ex” no when they speak to him. Someone actually asked him if he used to be Ed Rendell, the toughest thing to do is the post game show when he knows there is no hope for the team. Ed has built a friendship with Andy Reid over the years. If he leaves he can easily walk into maybe San Diego. Ed will give 3 autograph copies of his book to the next 3 donations over $100. He mentions about sports especially the time Mariah Carey threw the opening pitch in tight clothing & could only throw it 6-8 inches. Ed is going to be playing the Campout for Hunger games Princeton Volkswagon .Ed says it's like throwing out the first pitch. got 10 points on the third. Fire Hose Race Preston & Casey are in the parking lot. It's a firetruck race! Jon Bolaris is down here with them. Jon & Casey are on roller chairs & they will be racing by getting splashed with a fire hose. Jon Bolaris is our Winner! There will be a rematch! Casey won the rematch! We will be back! 

Stupid Q. 
The Lion King is a rebute of what Shakespeare play?

Stupid A.
Time 7:58-8:14
Soundgarden on WMMR! Traffic. John Gebbard, the keyboardist in Chico's vibe has a great voice, Preston will be jamming with them today. Donations. Panera Marketing director Theresa is here. Big thanks to them for feeding us lunch all week, after all the collection, the food is 1,500 pounds & over $5,000. The food is amazing there, you still have until the end of the month to donate. Mike Richmond is here from wells fargo, they teamed up for the Sandy relief as well as this & people have been so generous with donations. Comcast will donate $1,000 to philabundence. Java Joe is feeding us breakfast. Bizarre Files. The results of an autopsy show that a 32 man died after eating a bunch of roaches chocked to death. Sacramento home owners ended up striking gold while digging for heat vents. U.S. officials debated to detonate a bomb on the moon to send a message to the Soviets, but stopped due to risk of harming humans. The Black Friday shopping weekend died after being caught by employees. An alleged drunk driver struck a man and continued driving with his dead body on the windshield for 2 miles. So much more to get to today! Stay Tuned!
Time 8:25-8:44
Black Crows on WMMR! Traffic. The Phillie Phanatic on site. has made his way in to the Tent!! The Phillies have made a luncheon with the G.M. Of the The Phillies, we will give it to whoever donates 1,000 pounds of food. Jon Bolaris  is with the Phanatic, he thinks it's great that we do this every year. He thought the water was relieving because it was warm, he has our weather update, there is an inch of show in Chester County, roads will be wet nothing serious. We love Jon here. Craig & Wanda , the Black Listna' leaders on site they have a big donation of over 500 pounds of food this year, Craig is glad to be apart of it this year, he even made a video for the campout for hunger games. Glenn in Glennside made the shirts for the Black Listna' shirts. Craig is so thankful for all we do. Rosenblatt Memorial Fund donated $5,000. Chico's vibe is performing now, they did amazing last year and over the years check them out on their appearances and book them for events! They sound amazing! Preston will be jamming later. Stay tuned!
Time 8:55-9:15
The Black Keys on WMMR! Traffic. Calender girls will be here signing calenders tonight. Governor Corbett on site. The traffic is great out there he says, 5 miles west of KOP is the snow line. Governor Tom gladly accept the invite to the campout this year when we had him on air not to long ago. He had 28 people at the table for thanksgiving, he doesn't cook but he helps with the cleanup, he did buffet style this year. For Halloween he did an open haunted house, now it's Christmas time he will have 5 live trees, they had a girl who lost her job last year and came down to donate last night it felt amazing. That's the American dream to Governor Corbett. It always feels great to stop by and donate. We are having tough times right now but with the Sandy Relief & campout really help. He has a ton of meetings today but we are so glad he stopped by today. Gary Hoey on site, he has a new album called “Deja Blues”, he is dressed all in black like the great Johnny Cash for all the hungry. He will be playing the Sellersville theater this week. He is performing the Grinch song right now! He makes it look so easy & effortless. He has a Christmas album called “ Ho Ho Hoey”. Thanks to Plymouth Meeting Metroplex, McDonald's Coffee, hampton inn, Shapiro Fire Protection, Giant, Guitar center, Loes, & Inde Recording. We will be back!
Time 9:27-9:49
Tom Petty on WMMR! Traffic. Thanks to Java Joe & McDonalds. Now thanks to Bill Weston we have a new App that we can look at the Hottie Cam on your phone. John Folom is on site, he's the big boss of all greater media stations, he is the man, he thinks it all is great, Every year the numbers go up in sponsors & listeners. JVR will be here at 3. Jennifer Fredrick is here from fox, she is in leather pants & is ready to go live. She is live right now on Fox. Vulgar website part 1. When Preston found a seed in his belly button, someone sent him the website, it's the most vulgar website he has ever seen. They have it playing live & it is disgusting., yuck! Jennifer Fredrick is on site and we are live on Fox news. Jen's hugs are weird because she does the butt grab, but we are live, we will be accepting donations up until Friday so get out there & donate today. Vulgar Website part 2.  The crowd was unanimous with the decision to continue watching, Ice-T has a zit reaction video. Bizarre Files.  A sickly obese Bronx woman was left to starve after getting kicked off 3 jets & died of Kidney failure, she was over 400 pounds. A Sacramento senior citizen held someone at bay with a bow & arrow until the cops came. St. Petersburg woman was charged for riding a manatee. Magical confetti turned into confidential police department horizontally so they were easily readable like social security numbers. We will be back! 
Time 10:06-10:39
The Offspring on WMMR!  Brian Fallon on site. The lead singer of The Gaslight Anthem, playing a sold out show tonight at the Electric Factory, they are local guys right out of New Jersey. Brian got to play with Bruce Springsteen after he showed up to one of their gigs in London. Brian is performing 45 right now! People say he sounds like a young Bruce. April Margera is on site.  April runs the show at the house. People always comment on it, Phil couldn't make it he had to go to an appointment. April owns a big furniture place now. She brought gift cards to hand out. April brought $1,000 to donate.  Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. 2 in a half men star Angus T Jones calls it filth , it's been nothing but embarrassment & a big bank account. Justin Beiber fans say he shouldn't be wearing suspenders when he won an award in Canada calling haters from hati, Jessica Simpson lost 60 pounds saying she never felt better even though she crapped a walrus.  Lesson Answer. Music News. Red Cross donation. Stone Sour/Slipknot singer Corey Taylor wants to release a dance album. Kid Rock plans to re record “Devil without a cause”. Wes Scantlon from Puddle of Mudd was arrested for public intoxication on a plane. Ozzfest will be in Japan next year. Steve impersonates an Asian at ozzfest.  Guns N Roses finished up it's Vegas tour with Izzy Stradlin on stage. We will be back! 
        Time 10:51-11:07
The Counting Crows on WMMR! Nice big crowd today & the snow is coming down. Panera has lunch. Todd Herramans is on site. Suffering from a injury so he is on a leg scooter. Rough season so far, he constantly is changing his look. He will be in a walking boot for awhile. He hopes that Andy stays with the team. Todd has a blood drive coming up on December 1st & everyone that comes gets a shirt. Prizes include Hampton inn, Xfinity live. Wendy's is dinner tonight. Thanks to all our guests & our sponsors. Pierre is back he had a blast at the show. LOTD. Rage On!  

Lesson Q.
What was the original name of Sweet Caroline?

Lesson A.
Sweet  Schlossberg

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