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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
NEWS COVERAGE BY: Jillian Mealy NBC 10 - 
Jen Fredrick FOX GOOD DAY
7:00 – Ed Rendell

7:45 - Theresa Clark- Panera Check Donation 

8:00 – Phillie Phanatic

8:30 – Governor Corbett

9:00 – Gary Hoey – Performing at the Sellersville  Theater

9:30 – Brian Fallon – Lead Singer of GASLIGHT ANTHEM – Performing at the Electric Factory TONIGHT

10:00 – Phil and April Margera



Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:12 – 6:26
Live at the first day of the Campout, already a good crowd. Traffic. News. Cyber Monday is estimated to be the biggest online shopping day of the year for the third straight year. Fast moving fire broke out in New Castle apartments. 3 Swathmore students, who were studying abroad in Rome, where injured when a fight broke out in a bar before a soccer match. Sports. The Sixers are not sure when Andrew Bynum will return. Jrue Holiday scored a career high 33 points last night. The Eagles face the Carolina Panthers tonight. Notre Dame finished the season undefeated. Hector Camacho was shot and killed at the age of 50. We have a big list of guests on the show today. Come by throughout the week and donate.
Time 6:39 – 7:04
We have live music all day long here at the Campout. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays. Tina Turner, 73; Peter Facinelli, 39. Entertainment News. Halle Berry's ex, Gabriel Aubry, was arrested for getting into a fight with Berry's fiance, Olivier Martinez. Lindsay Lohan went to Charlie Sheen for $100,000 for a tax bill. Chevy Chase is leaving the show Community. Larry Hagman passed away at the age of 81 from a battle with cancer. Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart are back together. Bradley Cooper admits he almost bared it all for a travel show in college. Buck from Real World San Francisco is now serving time in prison for a stalking case. The Discovery Channel canceled Dirty Jobs. Judd Apatow wrote an episode for “The Simpsons”, 22 years ago, is going to be produced next year. Kendall Jenner's request to 'X Factor' finalists Emblem 3 to play at her birthday party was refused because they were too busy. Clips. Nathan Fillion talks about “Castle.” Lindsay Lohan talks about changing for “Liz and Dick.” Shorty Long is playing live music for everyone at the Campout for Hunger.
Time 7:16 – 7:50
Great crowd this morning for the Campout. Traffic. Acme President Keith Wyche. So far Acme has collected 16 tons of food for the Campout for Hunger already. Wyche loves the partnership with us because it does so much good for the community. We got donations from all across the nation for Campout. Thank you so much to Keith and Acme markets for all the help. Preston Gets Kicked Out of Bar Preston went to the Steel Panther show and played another song with them. Micheal Starr gave a shout out to the lone black guy there and did an impromptu hip-hop mix. When Preston was on stage he realized the lone black guy was our technician Rodney. Preston got kicked out of the bar for the first time ever because he was too sober at the Waterford. Preston and his other friend ordered a water and coke. The bartender told him that it was a bar and they serve alcohol and if they do not drink booze they had to leave. The bartender calls over the bouncer and kicks Preston and friends out, even though some of Preston's friends were ordering alcohol. Preston thought about great things he should have said to the bartender. Preston did a search on the Waterford and found they described it as a friendly place. The bouncer at the Tower told Preston he has never seen a sober get kicked out of the bar. There is a review on Yelp saying someone got kicked out for ordering water. Caller Lauren went to the same bar that night and ordered water without getting kicked out. Caller Lenny has been kicked out several times because he does not drink. Steve wants to go there because he does not drink. Shorty Long plays.
SQ: In the movie Almost famous, Kate Hudson's character went under the name Penny Lane, what did she reveal that her actual name is?
SA: Phone Problem did not get answer.
Time 8:02 – 8:22
Shorty Long is jamming for the crowd. Traffic. Our RV has a fireplace and two full bedrooms. Preston broke the rule of the bathroom and took a dump in the RV already. Bizarre Files. Police say a woman was arrested for attacking a man with a serving fork in the neck during Thanksgiving dinner. A 67 year old man dressed as a clown went into cardiac arrested during the Macy's Day Parade. A civil servant also suffered a heart attack during the parade. In San Diego on Black Friday at Sears a man pulled a gun on a line cutter and is not being charged. Tom the turkey, one family's pet. was stolen, killed with a bow and arrow and was planned on eating it. A naked man straddled the Prince George statue in London. The Pennstar helicopter is making its landing as Preston provides landing clearance.
Time 8:30 – 8:51
We are here at the Campout. Traffic. Pat Croce In-Tent. He has been the man who has been at the Campout since we first started it. He says this is our only redeeming grace of the year. Mr. Croce has donated $1,000 to the Campout for Hunger. He now has 6 grandchildren, who think the skull and crossbones are his family symbol. The last time we talked to him he was looking for Francis Drake's ship. He is not allowed to return to Panama for awhile because of his exploration of the ship. He opened a smokehouse in Key West. He had a charity event in Key West to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief. We need Pat to put the call out to come and donate to the Campout. Pat is our inaugural contestant in the Campout Games. He shot a bow and arrow at a target to raise money for charity and scored 55 points. Marlo DelSordo In-Tent from Philabundance. This year Philabundance is hurting because there have been less donations and a higher demand. Pennstar Pilot Kevin Thomas In-Tent. Nick's uncle was saved by Pennstar. It is a 5 minute flight from Plymouth Meeting Metroplex to University of Penn Hospital. Pennstar donated $500 to the Campout for Hunger. Kevin is our second contestant in the Campout Games and scored 75 points on three bulls-eyes.
Time 9:04 – 9:32
Great turn out today, keep it coming. Traffic. We will be accepting donations until the show ends on Friday. We wrap up every night at 9pm. You can checkout our list of guest on the Preston and Steve Website. We will have the calendar girls here 6pm tomorrow night. Matt O'Donnell In-Tent. Matt changed his schedule to come to the Campout. While Matt was on his way here he saw the Pennstar helicopter flying around on its way here. Matt tried a helicopter simulator and could barely get off the ground. We are trying to get Matt to convince Jim Gardner to come to Campout. Matt send Tamala is coming back to 6abc next week. Last time Matt and David Murphy came to Campout, they got on stage and jammed with Shorty Long. When they played, they unplugged Murphy's bass. Alicia Vitarrelli In-Tent.  Preston admits his crush on Alicia, even Kathy has a crush on her. Kathy and Alicia want to do a photoshoot with no makeup on to raise money for charity. Matt and Alicia have separate rooms for their makeup. Preston likes watching Alicia because she handles all the social networking for 6abc. They both went to those being helped by Philabundance. Matt tries out the Campout Games. First shot he completely missed. Matt's total score was 20. Alicia tried using the bow backwards. Alicia missed twice and scored 15 points.
Time 9:39 – 10:01
Shorty Long and the Jersey Horns playing for us. Traffic. Peter Laviolette In-Tent.  He is glad the Flyers can be a part of the Campout. Preston thinks that the NHL is the most charitable of the sports. Last year, Scotty and Claude got a helicopter ride to the Campout, while Peter had to sit in traffic while driving here this year. Peter was not able to attend Operation Hat Trick, but said it was a tremendous event. At the charity hockey event for Officer Fox, Peter helped train the two teams in a practice before the match. Nick thinks his helped the game because a player actually got ejected from the game. Peter says there is nothing better than pond hockey. Peter scores 35 in the Campout Games. David Murphy In-Tent. David still has the shirt he got from playing with Shorty Long last year. David loved being next to Coach Peter. David dislocated his shoulder catching a line drive during a charity event at Citizens Bank Park, now he can say he has a sports injury. The winter storm will hit late tonight, there should only be snow on the grass, but the rest of the week looks great. Preston asks David for parade advice. David tells him to smile a lot and not wave like the queen. David on the bass, Matt O'Donnell on the drums, and Alicia Vitarelli on the tambourine, are playing Sweet Home Alabama with Shorty Long.
Time 10:14 – 10:30
Good crowd for the first day of the Campout. Our friend Dale from “Two Men and a Truck” dropped off a check for a $1,000 dollars. Bizarre Files. The body of a 43 year old man was found with a bag of full of rocks and a gun shot wound in Germany, it was originally thought to have been a mafia hit, but it turns out it was a suicide. Tim Schmidt claims that his ex tried to smother him with her breasts out of jealousy. A tiny island that appears on a range of maps appears to have disappeared. It appears on many maps, but when a boat came to investigate, they found nothing. A woman was pummeled by a pumpkin in a drive-by attack. LQ. Hollywood Trash. Lindsay Lohan got a $100,000 check from Charlie Sheen. Taylor Swift is taking her time with her new relationship with Harry Styles. Suri Cruise spent Thanksgiving in London with Tom Cruise while he is filming a movie. LA. Music News. Dave Grohl spoke about getting back on the drums for Queens of the Stone Age. Coldplay might be taking 3 years off after they end their current tour. Green Day has announced “Quatro” will be released documenting the production of the trilogy of albums they are releasing. Scott Wieland wants to get Velvet Revolver back together. Perry Farrell has written 60 potential songs for Jane's Addiction's next album. AC/DC's Back in Black album has been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.
Time 10:42 – 10:48
Preston got to jam with Shorty Long. Wrap Up. Rachel from our Totally Office Calendar 2011 just won the title of Miss Delaware USA. Rachel will swing by with the stash and all at some point this week. We will have the Calender Girls at the Campout tomorrow night. LOTD. We will be popping on throughout the course of the day with Campout updates. Tons of guest tomorrow and all week long.
LQ: When speaking with Pennstar. what was Preston's call sign?
LA: Water Trigger 1

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