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D'yer M'aker from Led Zeppelin Steve calls it the Oh Oh song. Traffic News Owner of pizza parlor has released surveillance video that shows man with a shotgun saying he was going to blow the owner's brains out police are searching for the bandit responsible for this. The maker of Twinkies says that they failed to reach an agreement with their second biggest union, they'll decide today if they can keep it open 18k jobs are on the line. Sports Sixers beat Raptors, play tonight against Cavaliers. Danika Patrick divorcing after 7 years of marriage. Former boxing champion Champ Camacho shot in the face, in critical condition. We'll talk to Marlo Delsordo from Philabundance, Charlie McDermott from The Middle.

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On the cusp of Thanksgiving Camp Out for Hunger right around the corner. Traffic Stupid QBirthdays Bjork 46, Nicolette Sheridan 49, Goldie Hawn 67, Harold Ramis 68, Marlo Thomas 75 Stupid AEntertainment News Kardashian sisters awarded the keys to south miami from the mayor, ceremony started an hour late because they weren't on time. Sandra Bullock's ex-husband Jesse James is engaged. Man coming forward saying he was sexually abused by Kevin Clash the voice of Elmo causing him to resign from Sesame Street. Brandy Cochran model from The Price is right wins 775K after she claims producers would say “wide load coming through” as she passed through while pregnant. Bill and Guiliana Rancic not sure if they want their child as part of their show. Donald Trump wants to be buried at his NJ golf course and has applied to build a 3 acre cemetery for space for his family. Clips Life of Pii Helen Mirren Hitchcock. On Sat a hockey game is being played at UPenn 2 officers from Plymouth Township Police are in Studio. Team name the Blueliners played with fallen officer Bradley Fox go to

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Black Keys slight chance next Tues but rain or shine Camp Out is happening. Traffic Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Casey wants to know how big Preston's bird is. He's got a 14lb bird. He wants to do a brine one year, an Ecquadorian stable boy. Those who have to make an impression on the family by cooking the bird should practice weeks in advance. Traditional Thanksgiving Day Foods Nick's mom puts bacon on top of the turkey jso the fat drips off and goes into the bird. Whats the traditional dish that has nothing to do with Thanksgiving. Steve hates ambrosia. Preston hates Watergate salad, illegally obtained documents I just ate 18 min of tape. Marisa is making manicotti but she pronounces mangut...Preston want to make up a dish and just say it in made-up Italian. On the list of the original Thanksgiving they had goose or duck wild turkey, deer, flint corn, its Indian corn fish, eels. Craig Liggeons mom makes corn pudding. Caller would have crab legs or Chinese food, never had turkey until he got married for Christmas they do pizza. Marisa always makes too much cranberry sauce and nobody eats it. We're here to tell you we don't like your cranberry sauce now eat your one ravioli and shut up. There are always people that dread Thanksgiving and pretend to be nice in the beginning then ends up with a police scene. Why even bother getting together then? Nick's uncle is coming over for the first time and he has horrible eating habits worse than Nick. Casey never uses the fine china that they registered for at their wedding. Marisa's mom stacks up the plate and does them the next day. The next day they'll make turkey noodle soup, Casey says its made for turkey sandwichesss

Thanksgiving song. This is 40 Screening



Stupid Q: What is the amino acid in turkey that theoretically makes you tired?


Stupid A: Tryptophan


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Traffic Trying to get Live on Fox up and running Calendar Raid coming up this Sat with Casey Camp Out for Hunger is next week at the Plymouth Mtg Metroplex. Technical issues with Fox. They're waving at the camera, but can't hear them send gauze and medical supplies he blames Roger Hodgson from Supertramp. Since Kathy isn't here they're blaming her. Bizarre File father of student upset with teacher for telling her to leave the room for smelling like curry and spices. Man tossed out of local watering hole for being too drunk headed to crocodile park to ride a crocodile. Robber knocked off a bank while officers had it under surveillances. Monday starts Camp Out Marlo Delsordo in Studio. They're grateful its a week earlier because the increase in need is up 29% from last year. A lot of locations had to shut down. Its not just about numers its the families.

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Traffic Charlie McDermott in Studio Preston starts the Thanksgiving day parade in a convertible. Charlie is on float in the parade, but he might walk beside it and sing what the world needs now. His cousin is walking with him he's on an ACME float. He doesn't know what to do when he's the float because he's too far from people and it gets awkward. Preston noticed a series of doctored pictures of his costar Eden Sher on muscled women. His new movie were so over budget. They recently had an Axl focused episode with a really hot red headed tutor. iPuss with Charlie McDermott. Starting w/ Preston's iPod. First song Moody Blues next is Bridge Over Troubled Water everyone votes its a puss song. Dave Matthews Typical Situation, Blink 182, Modest Mouse caller loses. Frank Sinatra this is called Smack the Bitch Up its titled Track 1, Sting, Rolling Stones caller Joe loses. Going to Steve's ipod now Counting Crows, Killers, Ben Folds Brick is a puss song. Broken Bells, Phish. Preston's ipod plays Little River Band its a puss song Kevin wins This is 40 Screening Passes Charlie's ipod Jay Z, Johnny Cash, Coldplay Blue Cross River Rink at Penn's Landing Nicks' ipod U2, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds everyone agrees its a puss song. Blue Cross River Rink Tickets Steve's ipod its something he must have downloaded for the show sounds like the greatest hit of the Revolutionary War. Monsters of Men, Beatles, Steely Dan. Blue Cross River Rink Passes Casey's ipod Coldplay, next song is a puss song. Expendables 2 DVD They're all deciding to find their most pussy like song and decide whose is the worst. Casey is pretty confident about it. Preston has Ricky Martin's Livin' La Vida Loca, Backstreet Boys, Steve has the Monkees which isn't really a puss-like song. Preston likes chick party music he's got Pink on his ipod. Casey has Hello to the Girls a kid song. Steel Panther tickets


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Giving away Word of the Week Prize since its a short week. Preston will be at the Steel Panther show Fri night. Camp Out starts Monday. Traffic Joe Matarese in Studio hes playing at P.J. Ryan's Sat in Phoenixville he got in town last night. He's drinking more and gambling more. He's one of those guys that will fix up an apartment that he's renting. He sold his house can't find one that he likes so he moved in with his wife's sister along with 7 other people. You can find an American girl that will do anything but she'll complain about everything. Steve gets along great with his wife. Casey's sister in law is Brazilian. Joe notices that he makes less than his wife. His wife is a shrink, his brother sent him a text saying stop bringing up your wife and other comedians. His brother is so negative. He's been medicated on solexa it makes really bad gigs seem like they're going well. He'll be here for Thanksgiving he'll get his own room with his wife this year staying with his parents. He does it with his kids in the room. With the medication he's dead inside. He was watching Rocky II the other day and making fun of lines that he hasn't noticed before. He's doing 2 shows this Sat.

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Its beautiful out might be a little chilly during Camp Out next week Traffic Shart Out and Cher Out Requests Happy 1st birthday to Casey's niece Julia. Bizarre File west african report strange muppet like beast shot dead. Preston saw photos of it Regis says he looks like Sean Lennon. Woman arrested for facebook comments for promoting emnity between classes. Conservation experts and agents looking into violent deaths in the northern gulf coast of bottle neck dolphins. One had its jaw cut off. 44 year old man facing charges after creating a scene with a taser at the bar held a taser as if it was his penis and discharged it at passers by. Lesson Q what type of dinner is chinchorca? Hollywood Trash Christina Aguliera's rotund butt ripped her pants, elmo puppetteer resigned, Flaming lips singer shut down OK city aiport because of a grenade in his pocket. Lesson A: Chinchilla and a killer whale Music News Linkin Park teaming up with United Nations to give the gift of clean energy next Tues. Coldplay promises their next album will have one thing that it will have a title thats easier to pronounce. Chad Kroeger says success comes down to one thing, numbers. Alice and Chains releasing new album in April they started working on it earlier this year. Secret Text Word


Heading into the holidays then Camp Out. There will be a calendar raid at Camp Out Thank you to Charlie McDermott and Joe Matarese Wrap Up Thank you to the officers of the Plymouth Mtg Township Police Dept. LOTD: M WOW Jam This is 40 Screening


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