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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Charlie McDermott - IN STUDIO - 8AM
Joe Matarese - IN STUDIO - 9AM

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:12-6:22
Stone Temple Pilots on WMMR! Traffic. News. Firefighters put out a fire that damaged 5 businesses with a nail salon as a possible source. The white house has announced that President Obama is sending Hillary Clinton to the middle east. The house exploding that killed 2 is being considered a homicide investigation. Twinkies will live to see another day! The parties have solved their differences & Twinkies will still be on the market. The mediation talks are scheduled to continue today, they will play twister to solve their problems like in the middle east. Sports. 49ers beat Chicago bears last night. the 76ers are back in action tonight. David Beckam will leave the Galaxy soon & end his career. Tommy Conwell, Dom Irrera, & Jillian Mele all on the show today , also it's Tattoosday. 
Time 6:34-7:00
The Rolling Stones on WMMR. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Richard Dawson is 80. Joe Biden is 70. Jared Followill is 36. Mike D is 47. Sean Young is 53. Bo Derek is 56  Stupid Answer. Entertainment News. Jessica Hay did an interview to new idea magazine where the royal couple have big news coming up soon, I have a dinglberry. Kevin Clash's lawyer is trying to prove it was not a underage kid and that Kevin paid him to lie. The discovery channel has canceled American Chopper. Rocky heard no bell. I got the no bell peace prize. There is a musical about Rocky in Germany. Steve impersonates Stallone and sings Rocky theme & eye of the tiger.  Don King is a Renaissance man. Pita is in an uproar because a bunch of animals died in the filming of The Hobbit. Jennifer Anistons wedding rumor of Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie are going to be there. Sherman Hemsley will finally be buried. Barbra Walters revealed her picks for the top 20 celebrity list. Demi Moore was gallivanting in Los Angeles with some friends. Clips. New Girl with Zoe Deschanel. Rise of the Guardians with Hugh Jackman. This just in! Bam Margera is on his way to the studio! 
Time 7:10-7:38
Oasis on WMMR. Traffic. Bam Margera in Studio. He missed his plane, he was suppost to go to an arms dealer's big house, so he wanted to stop by because he usually is never up this early, he met the mansion owner in Madrid Spain. He probably just wants some real chill people to hang with so he called Bam. Deffinatly the most James Bond like person he has ever met. Bam has a stalker! he got woken up one night thinking it was his girlfriend but he saw her asleep and found a girl kissing him, & the stalker said “The owls from Jupiter sent me.” She has been staying in Bam's tree fort, for 3 months. Right away he calls 911 & she sprints into woods naked, the cops couldn't find her for 7 hours. The stalker told the police her parents invented goats & trailers, she took a greyhound from Florida & knocked on the mothers door saying she was going to move in.  When she was in the room Nikki was trying to get her out, The stalker told Nikki she was here for the compound because she was a skater. She has potential of being attractive but she's crazy. Apparently her parents are wealthy. Bam was legit scared because he didn't know if she was dangerous. He sings in a band now. Bam ditched his girl to go to a bar & she towed his rental car & is still paying it off. The same thing happened in Budapest, he never said he was going everywhere but he never returned it so they called it in stolen, the outside was dented & the inside was covered in oil paints. Bam & Nikki met at a CKY show. Always good to see Bam! We will be back!

Stupid Q.
What is Shaggy's last name in Scooby Doo?

Stupid A. 

Time 7:48-8:00 
Linkin Park on WMMR! Traffic. Bam is getting a tattoo! He's getting lyrics to a song from his band on his ankle.  Bizarre Files. Police in Chicago said a woman robbed her mother for a diamond ring. A woman who crashed into a police car blames it on a sneeze. 3 men in New Hampshire were arrested for advertising stolen material on Craigs list, they would post it then go to that house and steal it. Police are investigating an incident that happened when a hunter shot an animatronic animal rather than the actual animal. 3 deer entered a Kohls in Iowa when they entered through the front door. A bizarre brawl between a clown & a cop in Milwaukee when the clown would chase cars with a squirt gun the cop tazed him for resisting. This is 40 giveaway. 
Time 8:11-8:44
The Offspring on WMMR. Meet n Eat. Traffic. Dom Irrera in Studio. He will be at Helium tomorrow, Friday & Saturday! He briefly attended Community College. He goes back to visit sometimes. He's still not smart enough to teach fractions. He got laid off because there was less kids back in the day. He got 2 episodes on Saturday Night Live, & the best part about being a comedian is he cant get fired. He was suppost to be in Israel right now but had to cancel, the promoter thinks he got a better gig but really he didn't  want to go because of the war. It's not as easy to get out of Israel once you get in there.  Dom had one guy come on stage complaining about his girlfriend & almost clocked a guy with the mic stand when he threw a piece of popcorn at him. Dom is immediately liked when he goes on stage. He tries not to send food back at restaurants because when people do there's a big old loogie looking like butter in there. His favorite job was when he did valet because you got to drive the fancy cars. Never piss off a valet because someone gave him attitude & he floored the car to the spot & got fired. Dom is friends with Tosh but apparently he is impossible to talk to. Dom used to call Tosh his “slow” son. On Letterman, he was given the wrong intro & they started going at it on the set, Steve agrees Letterman has changed. He owns 3 cell phones, with his goddaughter with him, he knows how to text now. We will be back!
Time 8:58-9:18
Guns N' Roses on WMMR. Traffic. Jillian Mele in Studio. She is here to talk about Operation Hat Trick. This year features Philadelphia vs. New York. Jillian & Sheena  will be signing autographs at the game. Finally we get to see some hockey. All our favorite flyers will be playing in the game. Marisa will also be there with our calendar girls! Tommy Conwell In Studio. He is playing on Black Friday at the electric factory. Third year reunion with the young rumblers, he is very excited for playing the factory. It's a love fest between the band & the audience. The energy is pure adrenaline because it's only once a year. Tommy ran into Preston earlier this year, & Preston forgot who he was at first. Brickland will be opening for Tommy. He used to be a teacher at Springfield Middle School. Tommy is going to perform right now in our studio! He performed “I'm not your man.” Awesome song & very popular on WMMR in recent years! Matt Cord is in our studio to! At the American Music Awards he went into the crowd with his guitar & Matt was mesmerized by that. They were right next to Guns N Roses dressing room and his deodorant was in their dressing room!. We will be back!

Time 9:27-9:49
Bob Marley on WMMR! Traffic. Text of the Day winner Blue cross river rink. Dangerous Cities. We just found out that Philadelphia is ranked 52 & Norristown is 59. Preston used to live in blue bell, he accidentally crossed into Norristown, some of then area is nice but near the heart of it, it looks pretty disheveled. Harrisburg is on there & Chester is 2. Preston's wife went through Chester once and they said for someone to pick her up and walk next to her in the mid day. Caller Nick says there are certain places he wouldn't be caught dead in during the day. Caller Brendan has a sister  that goes to Widner & the security there is like the national guard & escort students from their cars to campus. East St. Louis is the most dangerous city in America. Caller Chris got approached by a prostitute in Norristown before going into a wedding rehearsal. Steve found a living in Philadelphia but he got lost looking for 95. Atlantic City is number 9. Bertucci's giveaway. 
Time 10:03-10:24
Coldplay on WMMR! Campout Acme, AT&T, Panera. Preston is going to be the grand marshal in the Souderton holiday parade! Bizarre Files. Airline officials hit strong turbulence and plunged 10,000 feet in 10 seconds Steve impersonates pilot. A man was stabbed at a baptism party. Firefighters said a girl's bellybutton ring got tangled into a water drain. Walmart has a wide variety of cameras 2 men were stealing the cameras and used their girth to hide the $1,000 in stolen merchandise. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Selena Gomez was in the ER to be tested for strep throat and doctors told them to stop doing random tests. Jessica Hay is interested in Ben Affleck and the author of 50 shades of Grey but she is more interested with her garage door.    Mike “the Situation” accidentally tweeted his number & not a single person called because they moved on to Honey Boo Boo. Lesson Answer. Music News. Halestorm is closing a tour with a big holiday show. Disturbed lead singer David Draiman has a new side project. Tool frontman Maynard Keenan's side project Pusifer will release the new album Donkey Punch the Night in February. Slipknot/Stone Sour front man Corey Taylor wants to make music with Justin Beiber. Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland is engaged to his photographer Jamie Watchtil. Celebration day by Led Zeppelin is available now! This is 40 giveaway.
Time 10:34-10:43
Jimi Hendrix on WMMR! Congratulations to John Debella for 30 years in the business. Pierre is here, he was on Johns show in honor of his anniversary. Everyone remembers John. Thanks to our guests Dom Irrera, Jillian Mele, Bam Margera, & Tommy Conwell. Tattoosday today, Bam got a tattoo, & thanks to Meet n Eat Bertucci's. LOTD.  Thanks to our sponsors. Pierre has a lot of fun things planned for today. Tomorrow on the show, Charlie McDermott & Joe Matarese, Rage on! 

Lesson Q.
What is the song for the vice president?

Lesson A.
Who let the dogs out


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