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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Dom Irrera - IN STUDIO - 8:15
Tommy Conwell - IN STUDIO - Performance - 9AM

Here's what on the Show this morning:

Time 6:17-6:30
It's going to be a nice week. Traffic. News. Police searching for a suspect in a sexual assault and robbery. Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system is figuring prominently in the unfolding aerial conflict with Hamas' military wing in Gaza. New Orleans- Coast Guard calls off search for missing workers after platform fire. Sports. Redskins beat Eagles 31-6 in Foles' first start. Lesean McCoy got a concussion. 76ers center Andrew Bynum has knee injuries- it has become worse after bowling. Preston's car pressure tire light came on. Steve says nothing is easier than using a tire pressure gauge. Cecily Tynan, Billy Gardell, & Steve-O will be on today. MM Army will be out and about at Casey's. A 3 letter word of the week this week.

Time 6:38-7:07
Thanksgiving, Preston's favorite holiday. Traffic. Stupid Q: Birthdays: Matt Sorum, 52. Jody Foster, 50. Meg Ryan, 51. Calvin Klein, 70. Larry King,79. He has kids who should be his grand-kids. Most of the money from the Star Wars sale is going to charity. Dick Cavett, 76. Stupid A. Entertainment News. Box Office: Twilight, they could have made the wolves look cooler. Skyfall, Lincoln. TMZ reported Kevin Clash paid his accuser 125K to try and get the story out of the headlines. Freddie Prinze Jr. & Sarah Michelle Gellar named their child Rocky. Kim Kardashian Tweeted about wanting peace in Israel, has some people pissed off. Jennifer Esposito came back to work after a medical leave of absence only to find out that her character has been written off. She has celic disease. Kathy's been sick a lot because of her parasitic twin Debby that lives on her shoulder. Jay Leno doesn't have many friends in the late night show crowd. Lindsay Lohan's movie is creating more drama. People accused her of lying about her half sister.  Nicollette Sheridan's wrongful termination suit thrown out. Jimmy Falon, “Lets play with your look.” Chris Christy appeared on SNL. Clips: Josh Peck stars in “Red Dawn.” Everyone really liked the original movie. “Rise of the Guardians” Alec Baldwin is Santa who looks like a bad-ass lumberjack with tattoos. Ceclily Tynan will be covering Thanksgiving Day Parade, Billy Gardell of Mike and Molly, & Steve-O has a new show called Killer Karaoke will be on today.

Time 7:18-7:56
Campout coming up. Traffic. Thanks to George who offered to work the fork lift. Bowling may be dangerous.  Preston & Steve have gotten hurt bowling. Preston had tendonitis so he used his opposite hand. If Nick bowls 3 games he pulls his left quad muscle. Steve got 2 black eyes because he likes to put his head in the ball return. Preston's taking a new supplement due to the pain he's in. He's not going to bowl any more. Michelle on phone, she was previously in a contest for world series tickets where they dropped bowling balls on her car for every wrong answer. She still has the ball. Andrew Bynum's left knee is hurt from bowling. The pope is getting a Twitter account.The pope sent Steve a linked in request. Bellybutton Bacteria Researchers  took swabs from 66 people’s navels- found 2368 different bacteria species. Nick's son calls a vagina a “perganger.” He associates his outtie belly button with his genitals. Casey says if you stick your finger in your belly button it smells. Preston picked something out of his belly button that hurt. “Jersey Black Rock!” “Were you black as a child?” Steve cleans his button. Caller had a weird belly button seed. Bellybutton seeds are an epidemic! Caller gets turned on with bellybutton stimulation. Caller's dad doesn't have a bellybutton.

Stupid Q: If you have preformed eructation what have you done?

Stupid A: Burped

Time 8:07-8:16
Word of the week, short week. Traffic. Bizarre File. Nonstop hiccups a man to puke. He's been in the hospital and lost 14lbs. A foul smell caused neighbors to find dismembered 74 year old woman inside her house. 6 months ago she was walking around the neighborhood with a butcher knife and taking off her clothes. Her husband would often wear women's clothes. A DA admitted he acted in adult movies. Teenager has sleeping beauty syndrome. Slept 64 days and usually 18-19 hours a day. Better than Bambi syndrome. Blue Cross River Rink. Guest's coming soon.

Time 8:27-8:51
Camp-out. Traffic. Casey's. They have cheese burger soup. Cecily Tynan On Phone will be hosting the Thanksgiving Day Parade. She's ready to go and it's going to be fun. Bigger & better every year. Oldest parade in the nation. Scooby doo, Cookie monster and many other new balloons and celebrities will be there. She remembers staring at Alex Trebek icicles on his mustache. It's going to be really good weather this year. Hoping everyone gets a chance to watch the parade. She found one of her best baby sitters there. Steve said maybe she'll find a house cleaner. She just ran a marathon at a 5:57 pace. She's now more excited to see her kids play soccer rather than run 3 hours on the weekend. Marisa wants to know how her arms stay so toned. She boxes once a week. She also does “boot camp challenge.” Inducted into the Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame. Used to have to dumb down things like smiley faces for good weather. Casey is trying to get Jim Gardner to the camp-out for hunger. The Calendar Release Party was a huge success. Chickies-n-Pete's did a great job. Traffic was a bad getting there. The pituation signed calendars. All the photos looked really great. Lots of previous calendar girls showed up. There will be calendar raids coming up. Casey is going to Leesport.  Some hot moms were there. The seed doesn't fall from the navel. Steve-O & Billy Gardel coming up.

Time 9:01- 9:30
We have a guest standing by. Traffic. Our next guest is on Mike and Molly. Billy Gardell on phone. Thought the Eagles were going to win yesterday. At some point you have to make the decision to emotionally disconnect. Preston thought the jersey's were ugly. Billy is just going to wear those socks in the meat isle of the grocery store.  He only has a few friends he lets watch the Steelers' with him. There will be a Thanksgiving theme on Mike and Molly. Steve loves the show. Crazy families relate to the crazy family situations on the show. Casey's. Steve-O on the phone. Killer Karaoke will be on TrueTV. He's in LA now. It's about people singing Karaoke when really horrible things happen. He'd hate to be a person on that show. It's fear factor type stuff times ten all the while they can't stop singing. We're watching a clip of a guy getting shocked while trying to serve Steve-O food. The concept of Steve-O hosting a show would not have been thought of a while ago. Friday @ 9pm Killer Karaoke will be on. Scotland fan got a shart-Cher out. The American Music awards were on. Linkin Park won an award and Justin Beiber is trying to bring back MC Hammer pants. MC Hammer and the Gangam style guy also both wore Hammer pants. He tried to make nice with Selena Gomez but she stormed off. Preston's daughter got a Beiber stocking. Preston has no ill will, just hates that stupid hat. Christina Aguilera sounded horrible. Pink did a great job.

Time 9:42-9:51
Weather looks good. Traffic. Nick is watching a video of a composite of the Calendar Release party. Some of the Sixers were at the release party. Joesph Anthony Spa, Bud, and Chickies.  Bizarre File. Repeat public self pleasure offender outside of a pub. Refused to stop because he was almost finished. DC Bar Urges Customers to  “Drink like an Indian.” Missouri man arrested for Attempted Twilight Theater Shooting Plot. 10 ponies were found in a white van. The drivers were on their way to Romania and they claimed they didn't know they were there.

Time 10:03-10:15
3 Letter word this week. Charity hockey game on Saturday @ Penn Area 7pm for Officer Fox. Lesson Q: Hollywood Trash. Beiber and Gomez didn't work out because she had Hibachi Shrimp in her mouth,Hibachi Shrimp was the name of the driver. Katie Holmes did a security measure and moved her and changed her name to Tom Skippington. Lesson A. Music News. Dave Grohl Confirmed as SXSW 2013 Keynote Speaker. Tim Burton Reunites With Winona Ryder To Film A Music Video For The Killers. Celebrity Guitar Auction to Raise Money for Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund. Over 100 signed guitars from various artists. Report in NY Post, Aerosmith members are barely speaking to each other. Tyler's engagement is on the rocks. Record sales just don't make money any more. Free Music Monday.

Time 10:23-10:30
Nice weather today. Thanks to all the volunteers for the Campout. Cecily Tynan 6ABC running machine will be hosting the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Also Billy Bardell who you can see on Mike and Molly. Also Steve-O and his new show Killer Karaoke. Pierre is late because he's saving children from a burning building.  Letter of the Day: J. Casey's.  Word of the week. Tomorrow on the show, Dom Irrera.

Lesson Q: What is the name of the dead parasitic twin in Kathy's shoulder?

Lesson A: Debby.

Letter of the Day: J

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