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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:15 – 6:28
Totally Office Calendar Release Party is tonight! Traffic. News Update Possible case of road rage on Roosevelt Boulevard between two drivers led to one of them firing gunshots early this morning. A school cafeteria fight might lead to a possible sex scandal inside Radnor High School. This is wrong, these kids should be having sex with their teachers! Standoff between the Hostess company and its workers could lead to Hostess' bankruptcy and the end of the dessert company. Is this the end of the Twinkies? Only Twinkies and cockroaches will survive in a post-apocalypse world. Sports 76ers will host the Jazz tonight. The Eagles have not ruled Vick out, even though he suffered a concussion. Bills defeat Dolphins on Thursday Night Football, 19-14. Jacky Bam Bam wants Kathy to buy him some crab fries at Chickie's & Pete's at the Totally Office Calendar Party tonight! John O'Hurley and Dr. Mike will be in the studio today!

Time 6:36 – 7:12
Traffic. John O'Hurley in studio Why do we have a photo of John in the studio? This is an audio medium, guys. The picture of John is scratch and sniff. Some colognes are so potent, they're designed to know when your dad is coming 60 yards away. He was on the first Dancing With the Stars. Charlotta was his dancing partner. Does John ever not get what he asked for dinner? John does voice work on SpongeBob Squarepants and Phineas & Ferb. John will host The National Dog Show at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. This event falls under NBC Sports? In U.S., there's 73 million pet dogs, it's a good business. 2000 dogs will be at the Expo Center, yet no dog fights occur. Casey wanted to be Seinfeld's Peterman at co-worker's wedding. John gives us the SQ! Birthdays Maggie Gyllenhaal, 35; Lisa Monet, 45; Dwight Goodman, 48; Marg Helgenberger, 54. SA. Entertainment News Lucille Bliss, the voice of Smurfette and Elroy on The Jetsons, died at 96 years old. “Kourtney and Kim take Miami” will show engagement drama between Kourtney and Scott Disick. The man who has accused the voice of Elmo with sexual relations has been identified. He plays the different “Tickle-Me-Down-There Elmo!” Judge has denied Hulk Hogan from trying to take down sex video of him on Gawker. Off Camera Regis comments! Stephanie Bongiovi will not be criminally charged after her heroin overdose. Selena Gomez blocked ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber on her cell. The Bieber Blocker! Man puked on audience from a balcony during a Broadway show featuring Paul Rudd. Clips Jude Law ...what the hell is a reusable condom?! Kristin Stewart. The Totally Office Calendar Party is tonight!

Time 7:23 – 7:52
Totally Office Calendar Party is tonight and we got a hottie cam! Traffic. End of the Twinkie Hostess did not agree to a deal with its workers and will probably announce that they will go out of business. Kathy never had a Twinkie, her mom forbade it. Kathy eats her first Twinkie, not as tasty as she expected. How can you not like the Twinkie, it's made with 20 essential chemicals! Casey has some Tasty Claires. They're like little pies. Kathy might throw up from the Hostess food she's eating. Caller Jay, who works at Hostess for 25 years, hopes that someone will buy Hostess. What's the most iconic American dessert snack? Tastykakes had sooner expiration dates than Hostess. Steve is getting upset at all the snacks we could lose. Caller Mike says we need to burn the city down if Hostess shuts down. The terrorists have won. Tastykakes has a new line featuring Hershey's chocolate. Steve's into dark chocolate, that's why he gets big booty magazines.  Tastykake might offer to buy Hostess. They'll be ”Moderately-Tasty-kakes.”

Stupid Question:
On Seinfeld, Elaine replaced Peterman's priceless piece of wedding cake with what?

Stupid Answer:
A $2.19 piece of Entenmann's cake.

Time 8:04 – 8:24
Weather. Totally Office Calendar Party is tonight! Traffic. Totally Office Calendar Reveal! Thanks to all those who helped out in the creating this year's calendar. December 2012: Lauren Harris. January: Melanie. February: Megan. March: Angela. April: Tina. May: Moranda. June: Britney July: Montana. August: Chelsea. September: Irene. October: Roxanne. November: Mariel. December: Rachel. Cover: Britney! Britney on the Phone She was bar-tending in NYC last night, she just got home an hour ago... she's also a sniper. Take a good long nap for tonight's party! Bizarre File Man who dresses up as a giraffe and does random acts of kindness says he just does it because “it feels good.” Man who was invited to stay over at a home was arrested after attacking the homeowner's pet rabbit with a sword. A store-owner who was about to be held at gunpoint by a robber threw spicy ground pepper at the would-be thief, which foiled his robbery attempt. A man cut most of his girlfriend's nose off after saying she wouldn't have sex with him.

Time 8:38 – 9:01
Legendary hottie cam showing bits of the new calendar! Traffic. There will be a Christmas Packing Party at La Salle College High School tomorrow morning to ship gifts to those wounded in the military. Know Your Junk! A report that Preston read on the air says when men can't see their penis because of a big belly, that's when they'll believe they are overweight. Dr. Mike in Studio Embarrassing penis stories. Big bellies increases chance of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and other diseases. Dr. Mike's rule: If you can't see your pee-pee, you've got a weight problem. We took three overweight guys who can't see their member because of their belly and Casey, took pictures of their junk, and see if they can identify their own junk! Listener Tom knew his junk! Dr. Mike measures his waist, most men should lose weight if you have more than a 40 inch waist. Listener Tim knew his junk! Each of the listeners had a moment where they weren't sure which junk was theirs. Listener Taz did not know his own junk! It's been that long! He picked Tim's picture. Casey used a “stunt johnson” for his picture. Don't let your belly get that big. Otherwise, your junk is going to leave you a note: “I've left you for another crotch.” The Farmhouse Tavern is here with a giveaway!

Time 9:12 – 9:32
Preston's drum-off with Mike Portnoy has reached 200,000 views! Text of the day about the “Know Your Junk” contest: “It took balls and guts.” He wins Temple tix! Traffic. The Farmhouse Tavern is here, the MMaRmy will be there Saturday night. Women Checking Other Women Out Women spend more time checking out the appearances of other women more than they would for men. Kathy says: “Women dress up for women, not for men.” Marisa admits she checks out Kathy every morning. Casey knows his wife knows ahead who Casey will check out when. Casey likes to see other guys' T-shirts. Preston's a little bit of a shoe snob. Casey likes to take notice more of bad fashion than decent fashion, especially Bill Weston's clothes. And he wears bear slippers. Casey ran out of clothing stores for men... Guy Shirt City! Jacky Bam Bam's hilarious with his fashion, he could infiltrate a gypsy camp undetected. Caller Shawn says he can't pick out clothes for his wife. Steve can dress his wife but not himself. Is getting a gift card for your spouse reasonable? Caller Shannon threw away a bad gift from her boyfriend. If you're confused on clothes combination, use mannequins and online models to see what they're wearing. The Farmhouse Tavern giveaway!

Time 9:43 – 9:52
It's a Fine Friday! Weather. Totally Office Calendar Party tonight and it's free! Traffic. Campout For Hunger will be the week after Thanksgiving! Bizarre File Stig Severson held his breath for 22 minutes, the length of an average half-hour TV show. Utah paperboy says a goat named Voldemort knocked him to the ground and made him run up a tree. It's goat rape! Mom in New York has been accused of hiring strippers for her son's 16-year-old birthday party. ...and what's the problem? 105-year-old woman who was born in 1907, received a letter to go to preschool for a girl born in 2007. Harrisburg church pleaded not guilty after allegedly holding a mock kidnapping of a youth ministry group of teens to show them “religious persecution.” The Farmhouse Tavern giveaway!

Time 10:03 – 10:18
No, Preston did not drop the F-bomb. Casey will be at Revel in Atlantic City on Sunday! Kathy, Steve, and Nick will be at the Officer Brad Fox memorial hockey game. Somehow Nick is here. LQ. Hollywood Trash Mariah Carey's twins; Chris Brown's modeling; Lil' Scrappy bankrupt. LA. Preston loves Casey's winning song today. Bill Weston corrects Steve's answer to who sang it. Music News Steve can't get his instant replay machine working. He's got to jiggle the handle on the toilet. Stephanie Bongiovi will not be criminally charged after her heroin overdose. Is it because she's Jon Bon Jovi's daughter and she has money? Nonsense, Steve has overdosed on heroin 30 times and hasn't spent a day in jail. The Black Keys, The Strokes, Johnny Depp, Ke$ha, and other celebrities paid tribute to Tom Petty in a charity event for Hurricane Sandy. Mormon Bible was sent to Muse in hopes of collaborating with The Killers, whose lead singer is a Mormon. Three original members of Black Sabbath want to record a new album. Joseph Gordon-Levitt HitRECord tickets!

Time 10:28 – 10:41
Rolling Stones of course! Wrap-Up Thanks to all the ladies from our calendar that came in. Come see the calendar girls and us at Chickie's & Pete's tonight! Irene looks like she has two children hanging off of her. Thanks to John O'Hurley, Mr. Early O'Hurley, and Dr. Mike for coming into the studio. Also thanks to our “Know Your Junk” participants. Thanks to the Farmhouse Tavern for feeding us this morning. Letter of the Day. Marisa announces that Flyers' Coach Peter Laviolette is coaching both of the teams in the Brad Fox Memorial Hockey Game and that locked out NHL players will play an independent exhibition game in Atlantic City. Word of the Week. Shat-out, the voice of William Shatner, to Preston & Steve for the Campout for Hunger. Pierre is in, and will be at the Totally Office Calendar Release Party tonight. Special thanks to our sponsors. Next week, we'll be in Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and we'll have Cecily Tynan, Steve-O, Dom Irrera, and Joe Matarese! Have a great weekend!

Lesson Question:
What is the newest Hostess cake covered in hair?

Lesson Answer:
The Hostess's Snatches

Letter of the Day:

Word of the Week:

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