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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:15-6:28
Good Morning! Alice in Chains on WMMR! Traffic. News. Metro Detroit bass company say 5 hour energy caused death, hospitalization & spontaneous abortion. . A Philadelphia officer is brought on charges for striking a women at a street party. Police have arrested a Florida man for an abduction attempt in Radnor by posing as a flower delivery man and tried tazing the victim. Sports. Greg Monroe had a great game last night with the Pistons who can't be defeated. CY young awards went to Mets player R.A. Dickie. Flyers fans can't stand Sydney Crosby but we all agree what he say about the lockout. Calender Release party. Today Dawn Stensland will be in the studio today. Pitchuation is getting a new hairstyle today by Angela, & Lara Jay Miller will be on the program today! 
Time 6:42-7:08
The Wallflowers on WMMR. Traffic. Nick was at panera yesterday thanks to bob for the $100 donation. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Chad Kroeger is 38, Beverly D'Angelo is 61, Sam Waterson is 72, Ed Asner is 83, Judge Joseph Wapner is 93.  Stupid Answer. Entertainment News. Stephanie Bon Jovi was arrested with Drug possession after she O.D. Jon hasn't released a statement yet. Bradley Cooper has to pass the torch to Channing Tatum for worlds sexiest man. Michael Lohan has fathered a illegitimate child behind Linda's back. The daughter is disgusted by him.  Steve impersonates Michael. He was a personal hero of Steve's. Now he must pay child support. Bruce Jenner has been meeting with a divorce lawyer about leaving Kris.  An unidentified source made a statement that the Today show will not get followers back until Matt Lower leaves. Emma Stone has been chosen to dress Vogue's top ten best dressed. Clips. The Office with Kate Flannery. Anna Karenina with Kira Knightly. Pitchuation's hair will be styled today everyone hated it when they first saw it.  This is 40 giveaway. 
Time 7:20-7:50
Audioslave on WMMR. Calender Release Party. Traffic. Preston forgot his glasses, he just got them yesterday. Pitchuation is having a new hair style. It pissed everyone off when they first met him. Angela is here. Preston wants a Fo-Hawk for him, Steve wants a Fonzie look. He has a reseeding hairline so he will be bald soon. She's a beautician not a magician. Preston thinks that he should stop wearing his high school ring.  Decade of Genatora injuries. These are injuries to your genitalia both male & female. Since 2002 the number of injuries is 16,000 a year. On the top list of injuries, Zippers was 3, Razors, Scissors & clippers was number 2, Bicycles are number 1. Nick has a recent injury story, his parents dog Risky nailed his dad in the balls. It's inherently funny after the pain goes away. Steve Karate chopped his dad in the sack once when they played hide and seek. Shaving grace shaved Kathy's legs. Hey hows the phills? She has a heated pad on her crotch.  Preston feels like a 10 year old when he shaves it all off. Steve impersonates the 10 year old.  Sports injuries are up there on the list. Bathroom fall mishaps. Steve railed his junk on the sink the other day.  Skiing & snowboarding is also on list. Caller John got his junk tangled in a bathing suit. Sounds like a Bob Dylan song.  Steve impersonates Bob Dylan. Caller Ron his friend got it caught in the hinge of a mailbox. Caller Becky agrees that wearing a cup is best for sports for men. Caller Steve knew a guy who eviscerated his sack in a vehicle in Iraq while it was rolling, Ouch!  We will be right back! 

Stupid Q.
What 5 breakfast cereals originally made up the monster cereals by general mills?

Stupid A. 
Franken Berry, Fruity Yummy Mummy, Boo Berry, Fruit Brute, & Count Chocula. 

Time 8:01-8:14
Better Than Ezra on WMMR. Traffic. Pitchuation update 1, Angela is doing work on the Pitchuation, she just saw the calender she loves it. Phase one of his hair is done. He needs product for his hair. We are going to leave it up to the listeners to see what styles they like. Bizarre Files. Henry Hamilton was found dead with the words “F Obama” in his will & two empty pill bottles. South African police arrested a man who swallowed 220 polished diamonds. Police are looking for a woman who beat her boyfriend with a bong. A man is accused of shooting neighborhood cows in the face. Uganda's leader is passing a anti-gay rights law for Christmas & will be offering the death penalty to gays. A 50 year old man was hospitalized because his genitalia was swollen to the size of a coconut because of a cut on his penis. He pissed salad dressing. Doctors had to cut off his penis. Dawn Stensland is up next!
Time 8:27-8:53
Red Hot Chili Peppers on WMMR. Traffic. Pitchuation update 2. It's looking better, it pisses Preston off though because he constantly looks at Preston. This haircut will help his game. His hair can look tighter though. Preston is having fun making fun of him. It's almost the same length as Preston's but Preston's is better. Our listeners will decide what looks best.  Dawn Stensland In Studio. She has a new show called “ A New Dawn” she did the BBG, Dr. Genter. Now she's a size 4 & is a journalistic milf. She does go to the gym. Her new show is on WMCN 44. It's a talk show so she doesn't have to do any form of news. She did a great job on FOX so it's going to be a little more different with the talk show. She jokes with people about being gracious. When you find your “it” you get to choose whether to move forward with it. She really found out who her real friends are throughout the past few years. She got to interview the Elmo guy. She might or might now use her show as a platform to tell what happened 5 years ago. She will be having Jerry Blavat on her show the next episode, there was a rumor of a hit being out on him, but he thinks that's crazy. Dawn works out with him. She got Blavated. Her show airs tonight.  We will be back!
Time 9:05-9:28 
Cracker on WMMR. Traffic. Pitchuation update 3. Preston is finally happy. A big thanks to Angela for the transformation. It looks great. Sometimes you just got to move out of your comfort zone. Angela styles Nick's hair for the calender shoot. Profeticus is her new holiday.  F.B.I. Report on Jon Bolaris. Someone came forth to testify on Jon's case saying he legit “S*** himself” but he was drugged of course his bowels will be crazy. This is what happens when Jon didn't shut his mouth, people need to remember he was drugged & couldn't help himself. Jon is one of the 88 witnesses in this case, not sure on how many victims but there was 88 witnesses, Caller Eric said that he has followed this since the beginning, he was pissed when got fired & now he is infuriated on this article, his advice to Jon is to sue the crap out of this author for everything. Gentleman in a Vegetative State. A man tells doctor he feels no pain. Doctors believe he knows everything about where and who he is. In the future he wants to know what to ask patients. It's being a prisoner in your own body. Metallica's “One” was about that. Doctors can decide what people are saying to brain waves. Caller Jim confirms “Johnny got his Guns”. He tries to communicate though Morris code. This is 40 giveaway. We will be back! 

Time 9:37-9:59
The Police on WMMR. Legendary hottie cam tomorrow. Traffic. Bizarre Files. A lower Providence man's Knock Knock joke where he showed his nuts as the joke in public. Now he is asked to stay out of the Audobon ale house. Steve impersonates the man. A toddler is diagnosed with a rare genetic condition where he can't stop smiling. He won't be able to talk but he will be able to communicate. A man was arrested when he picked up the wrong child at school. He was suppost to pick up his friends daughter. A Florida man who traveled to New York to help restore power got eaten up by a angry resident. It was completely random. There will be no possum drop this New Years Eve in North Carolina. Lara Jay Miller On the Phone Preston's crush. She was Sam in “Gimme a Break”. She does a lot of voice over work. She is originally from Allentown! Gimme a Break gave Joe Lawrence his big break to. It was one of the original Thursday night line up. People would follow her around Dorney Park when she would come home from shooting. Most of the time on the set she would hang out with Nell. She did for sometime hang out with Sara Jessica Parker. Se was with Michael Keaton in “Touch and Go”. Her best celerity moment was being apart of “Circus of the Stars.” She used to be a Lawyer, until her friend asked her to come out for a pilot, then she was doing Dig-e-mon, The Amanda Show, Wow Wow Wubzi, & Clifford. She was in Puss n Boots but no one can hear her voice. Preston had the biggest crush on her. She's awesome! 
Time 10:10-10:20. 
The Clash on WMMR. Campout for Hunger.  Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Tom Hanks & Bruce Springsteen took wives out on a double date & they got into a fight over pot stickers, The Bachelorette is not a dummy but maybe she can write his biography. Kim Kardashian is jealous of her sister for her appearances & says she can do stuff to.  Lesson Answer. Music News, Stephanie Bon Jovi was arrested on her college campus for drug possession also she O.D. on heroine. The Killers had to cut sort a concert because Brandon Flowers had a sore throat. Experiencing Nirvana. A book of photos of the band from their first tour. Dave Matthews Band pledged $1,000,000 to Hurricane Sandy relief. Robert Plant added that the Led Zeppelin reunion in England would also feature a reunion of Cream. Temple Owls giveaway. 
Time 10:32-10:43
Volbeat on WMMR!! Calender Release Party. Pierre took his shirt off at the first calender release party. Text of the day winner wins Tickets to HitRECord. . Kathy brings sanitizer to the supermarket. Thanks to Dawn Stensland, Lara Jay Miller & Angela for cutting Pitchuations hair. Pierre is here, he likes The Pitchuations new hair. Preston didn't ask Frick to cut is hair, they like his fro. He has a Frick Fro. LOTD. Thanks to our Sponsors. Pierre has a lot of fun things planned today! Tomorrow on the show it's the big calender reveal, & John O'Hurley! Rage On! 

Lesson Q.
The guy who injected olive oil into his penis ended up peeing what?

Lesson A.
Salad dressing. 


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