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Time 6:11-6:22
Traffic News U of DE is in mourning after a student was shot and killed in an apartment complex. Police have no motive for the shooting there was arguing outside of the apartment. Temple is warning students to be on alert after a robbery off campus. Police said not to use cell phones or headphones while walking they're also saying not to get a higher education. Police say a pair of armed bandits made off with a stash of stolen narcotics including a bottle of pills planted by police containing GPS tracking devices. Sports Marlins and Blue Jays agreed to a multi player trade.   Calendar Release Party. All of the ladies will be there signing calendars. Tom Green will call in, Kate Flannery and Bradley Cooper is calling in for Silver Linings Playbook.

Time 6:35-7:02
Lonely Boy from The Black Keys, Preston can never get tired of that song. Traffic Stupid Q  Birthdays Travis Barker is 37, Laura Sangiacomo big slut in Sex, Lies and Videotape 51, Condoleeza Rice officiator at Kathy's wedding is 58, Prince Charles Casey hit the Italian music by accident, former Philly Curt Schilling what a dick. Nick has heard from other people he's a dick. Stupid A  Entertainment Preston has barbies all over his house looks like they're on a full on orgy the way their thrown in a pile. Recent visit with Jeff Probst on his talk show Jennie Garth reached out to Amanda Bynes. Bynes says never heard from Garth. Jeanine Garofalo and Robert Cohen have been married for 20 years and haven't known. They went to a drive thru chapel in Vegas. The 23yr old man who accused Kevin Clash, the man who has been the voice of Elmo on "Sesame Street" for nearly three decades, of having had a sexual relationship with him when he was a minor recanted the allegation today. Tamara Mowry gave birth to a baby boy came 2 week after his due date. Vinny Guadanino of The Jersey Shore will host new MTV talk show the title of the show is “daa I don't know” Chelsea Handler called out sick for Kathie Lee and Hoda's show, but was on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Clips Parker Posey, Robert Pattinson

Time 7:12-7:41
Soundgarden been away too long they played last night in NY it was a solo show with Chris Cornell and the rest of the guys showed up Pierre, Rabbi and Bill Weston were there.Traffic Bradley Cooper on the show today, live on Fox and Kate Flannery will be calling in.  General Patraeus Scandal The great service of the country you get tacked with this that's what everyone will remember you for. A scandal like this always trumps the achievement. One of the issues is that its an actionable offense in the military. His mistress Paula Broadwell had exchanged number of emails it was ingenious they used a dropbox. Emails were flirtatious exchanges from 2010-2012, but didn't indicate an adulterous relationship which is considered a crime under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Cheating in the Military Another high ranking official John Allen had exchanged flirtatious emails with campus socialite. Listener Sara calls in says you can lose a rank for committing adultery. Preston finds this humorous that you can lose your job for cheating. Some of these guys are 18 years old and its hard. Listener Chris was framed for cheating with someone, because he knew of someone cheating with someone else. If you're gonna cheat in the military make sure you're a 4 star general. Listener Chris  says that cheating in the military makes them at risk for blackmail. Matahari was a sexy spy that used pillow talk to get sensitive info. Nell Carter was too!  Gimme A Break theme song, they found out she was a spy when  There was a girl on that show that Preston thought was going to be a star she was the tomboy looking girl. She was hired by the Kremlin as a spy. General Patraeus came out and said that Gimme A Break was his favorite show.

Stupid Q:
Barbie's full name

Stupid A:  Barbara Millicent Roberts

Time 7:53-8:13
Big warm up today. Calendar Release Party Traffic Preston has time to brush his beard with 90 seconds until we go Live on Fox Sex Scandal that the country can't get enough. Two commanders caught up in this mess. High ranking people try and get away with things like this.  Bizarre File 2 brothers from NY claimed a 5 mil lottery ticket have been accused of scamming the winning ticket from a customer. Charged with second degree of grand larceny of stolen property. Teenage girl in Cali was reaching for cell signal and accidentally stepped into a rattle snake nest. She was bitten 6 times given 25 viles of anti venom. German man's start to the day found a dead bat in his cereal. Katrina Yates was thrilled when her daughter fell in love for months, she refused to introduce her new bf to her. Her daughter was seeing her biological father. Risa Ferman, DA of Montgomery County in Studio Says she has many bizarre files of her own. She's In the midst of a vigorous campaign to earn 25k  for Mission Kids which is a Child Advocacy Center. Its a Women of Worth contest and its taking place via L'Oreal Paris. She's competing with 9 other women for a $25k prize. Hoping that she can generate some online voting, you can vote everyday until the 11/21 at In the early days she didn't like the way things were handled in child abuse cases. She's trying to find ways by protecting the needs of the child in these cases, while investigating in an effective manner. Everything is focused on what needs to be done to help the child heal. There aren't enough advocacy centers.

Time 8:23-8:50
50 degrees sunshine today Calendar Release Party Traffic Preston has texts of the day “yous guys are my silver linings playbook undies has silver linings also” Temple This is “Kathy Romano's thong and I just wanna say I'm loving life” Preston hates the text screen, it keeps refreshing and interrupts his momentum. Steve and Nick are going to be at Panera Appearance. Steve will be the one rubbing tomato soup on his face. Nick wants to give a Cher out, his brother works with Margarito and he lost his middle finger the other day, but it was reattached. Will he be able to use it for blasting? Preston last year was using hedge trimmers, he cut the electrical cord and it scared the hell out of him. Privately funded campaign narrowed in to How Men Know if They're Obese When standing upright look down, can you see your penis? Kathy can easily see hers. When Preston was overweight he couldn't see it. After funding this survey 33% of men in Britain are unable to see their penis because of their bellies. Queen Elizabeth can you see your own dong? Men carry their weight in their stomach. Kathy can see her vag. Need volunteers to come in Friday who can't see their own penis. Text says its called a dicky do....”your stomach sticks out more than your dicky do” Some men just look like barrels that's just the way they're built. Listener can't believe he's calling to volunteer for this. He can't get rid of the fat, he can't see his penis. Jerry doesn't even know what his penis looks like he thinks it has red hair. Listener is a thin person but has a little gut, when he bends over he can see it. A lot of women can't see their feet because their boobs are so big. The woman at Mangia has big cans.

Time 9:02-9:25
Queen Under Pressure, Bradley Cooper and Kate Flannery coming up Traffic Tom Green on the Phone he was just at the stress factory last night, says Vinny Brand says hello. 3 or 4 years ago he's been going non stop doing comedy. He's got a standup special on showtime. When he started his show nobody was really doing the youtube thing. We reference so much of Tom Green even today. When he put the sexual statues on his parents front yard cracks Preston up. His parents were so mad at him. He's at Helium only tonight at 8. Casey loved him in Road Trip. Preston has breaking news.. People Magazine announces Channing Tatum as the Sexiest Man Alive hes been in our studio before he's a great actor. He looked tired in the interview and Preston asked if he hated doing the promo tours, he said that this was no problem. He seems happy for what he has. Erin decided to go drinking with Irish people and ended up getting it on with one of the Irish. She already bought a ticket to Dublin. He has already bought flowers for her. She is incredibly happy to be in the relationship. Steve will sing at Erin's wedding. Murph is on the phone, Murph confirms that Sean really likes Erin. She's going over on Christmas to fly over to Ireland. Sean is a stand-up guy according to Murph. Sean is very in love with Erin. Sean is a wine distributor. Sean had someone else feel her up to inspect her knockers. Murph is an Irish pimp. Preston told Sean that with that Irish accent, anyone can get laid.

Time 9:32-9:56
We have a sunny day today Traffic Kate Flannery on the Phone She wont be home for Thanksgiving. She still has her comedy act and thinks the sky is the limit after The Office. She thinks she'll come back for another round of stand-up in stilettos. She's not sure what she's going to steal off the set. She still has the plaster cast from her hip accident in the show. She doesn't know if there's any spinoffs coming out after the Office she'd like her own called “The Bar”. Stand-Up in Stilettos airs Sat nights at 11pm. Bradley Cooper on the Phone last night was a screening for Silver Linings Playbook it shows a little piece of DE County. Nick gets more proud of the city when he sees it in the movie. When he first read the script he became a part of it because of the director, says its a dream to be able to work with Robert DeNiro and Jennifer Lawrence. In this movie he wanted to go full Philly accent. Nick had no idea the woman that was paying his mother was from Australia because she nailed the Philly accent. A lot of GA students at the screening last night. He's a huge Chris Tucker fan and says he's not just “Rush Hour Guy” he really showed everyone up with his skills. Robert DeNiro really makes you feel comfortable he says he was a big part of why he got the part. He confided in him a lot. He thinks that Jennifer Lawrence is going to be a big star if she isn't already. He thinks that Channing Tatum is actually a sexy guy. 

Time 10:08-10:31
311 this morning on MMR Calendar Release Party Panera Bread Bizarre File man that got Romney's logo tattooed on his face says  he's disappointed he wants it to lead him to a career in entertainment. Dennis Abner went by his native American name Stalking Cat he has his face completely tattooed as a cat he's committed suicide. Fire was around Dan Jensen it was burning down his neighbors house so he started to spray the fire with his garden hose. He was tased by the cops for attempting to fight a fire. Lone wolf attacked a Russian woman it bit her so she reached for an axe and hit the wolf over the head. She's become a hero in her province. Lesson Q  Hollywood Trash Vinny from the Jersey Shore is going to have his own show on MTV will be titled “Duh” One Direction performed yesterday on the Today show with thousands of tweens say that they'd be soon embarrassed having ever been there. Lesson A: Music News Chris Cornell joined by the rest of Soundgarden for a 6 song set last night in NY. It was just like we were back in Seattle circa 1994. Great to see them back with the music we so love, quoting Black Hole Sun, that's a black hole son! Bill Weston walks in to give a review of last night's show. They did Letterman a few nights ago. Cosby was there last night too. Bill says traveling with Rabbi was an experience. Travis Barker says there new album is a vast improvement. Its 100 times better because they were all in a room together. Queens of the Stoneage recruited Trent Reznor to work on their new project.  Def Leppard have a Las Vegas residence they'll be taking over the Hard Rock Hotel. They're doing a 3,2,1, count on the beginning of the Offspring song Pretty Fly for White Guy. Sound effects going off. Preston doesn't know what “moo single” means, its a 1 cow sound. The latest from cow moo, hear the cow mooing in the fieeeeld

Time 10:39-10:51
beautiful day today Friday evening for the Calendar Release Party  Thank you to Tom Green, Kate Flannery and the amazing Bradley Cooper. Wrap Up Pierre says that concert last night was amazing, they're just getting in. Chris Cornell's voice is just such an amazing instrument. Pierre Twitted a few times he did a good job for the first time. He couldn't see without his glasses. Preston is getting his glasses today. Chris has Preston's custom made glasses. Tom Davies you got excellent eyeglass wear. They all approve of the new glasses. Letter of the Day A

Lesson Q: What 80's sitcom is closely associated with the Patraeus Scandal?

Lesson A: Nell Carter


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