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Today is Tuesday, here we go! Traffic. News Update Police are looking for two armed suspects who robbed an Embassy Suites hotel for $400. Police say two people died after being involved in a deadly DUI crash. Police are also looking for two robbers who pistol whipped an elderly man in his home. Sports Sixers lost to the Bucks last night, 105-96. Andrew Bynum will be out 5 more weeks because of complications with his right knee. Steelers defeated the Chiefs, 16-13, with Ben Roethlisberger not playing in the second half. The Phillies have won a more recent game than the Eagles. Kathy is back! How's your ass doing? Kathy was puking yesterday, it's the worst symptom to have. It's ok, you probably dropped a couple of pounds! Corbin Bersen will be on the show today. This Friday is the totally Calendar Release Party! We're also having meetings to plan for the Campout in less than two weeks.

Time 6:35 – 7:04

We wish Blues Traveler would have another hit song. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Jimmy Kimmel, 45; Gerald Butler, 43; Whoopi Goldberg, 57, Whoopi basically wears pool covers on The View; Christopher Knopf, 58; Joe Mantegna, 65; Steve Zahn, 45. SA. Dillinger had the first “death mask” done onto him. He also appeared in the “Thriller” video! Entertainment News The relationship between Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart has been stressed with the new Twilight film. Could it be Patt-Stew or Stew-son? Just use their Goddamn names! The Gingham dress worn in The Wizard of Oz received a $480,000 bid at auction. Op-pam Gingham Style? Nick's afraid of the flying monkeys. James Franco has been spotted with Ashley Benton during a screening of “Skyfall.” 26-year-old Mary Kate Olson is dating a 43-year-old Wall Street man. He looks like her dad giving her a kiss, or a weird uncle that won't go away. Leonardo DiCaprio turned 38 over the weekend with A-list stars, including Martin Scorsese, Robert DeNiro, Jay-Z, and 2Chains. Pitchuation was there too?! The voice of Elmo is on leave after being alleged to have had a relationship with a 16-year-old boy. Reese Witherspoon joined ex Ryan Phillippe at their biological son's soccer game. I'm the man that gives her orgasms now. John McAfee, the former founder of McAfee anti-virus software, is a person of interest in a murder case. Actors who are changing their appearance significantly: Matthew McConaughey dropped 30 pounds for a man with AIDS role and Anne Hathaway lost 25 pounds for Les Miserables. Why don't you actually just live like a prostitute, Anne? Lindsey Lohan backed out of interview with Barbara Walters. Oprah has agreed to pay for her father's divorce. Clips Mindy Kaling in “The Mindy Project” and Bradley Cooper in “Silver Linings Playbook.” Silver Linings Playbook giveaway!

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New Soundgarden album out today. Weather. Traffic. Fat Camps Denmark got rid of their fat tax. Preston had a friend who went to a strict militant Fat Camp. Kathy thought it was a joke. Preston got fat after leaving his rock band. Caller says they now call it a “Fitness Camp.” Surname Blending Last name blending is popular in the U.K. For example, Mr. Pew + Mrs. Griffin = The Peffin Family. Hopefully, no one has the name “Hunt...” Steve would rather women keep their last name, unless your last name is “Bungsniffer.” Meaning of last names. “Preston” = “Press a ton.” Irish “Mac” and “Mc” = “sons of...” No, 'Mc's were Irish Club DJs. Finding family history. Nick's Wisdom: You can find stuff everywhere! “Super Mormon” gave everyone on the show a bible. Caller says he found an ancestor close to George Washington. “Silver Linings Playbook” giveaway!


Stupid Question:

When asked why he robbed banks, what did John Dillinger say?

Stupid Answer:

“That's where the money is!”

Time 7:56 – 8:10

Weather. Traffic. Dr. Mike talked about Kathy's stubbornness to get a flu shot on Fox 29. Steve will be at the Wynnewood Panera Bread at lunch today. Campout will be November 26th to the 30th. We need your donations! Preston's Text of the Day: “I found some stuff over here.” He gets a Keystone Collection gift pack from the Pennsylvania General Store! Coffee Shart-outs Preston's shart-out to mysterious “coffee fairy” who prepared coffee in the kitchen; Casey's “F-U” shart-out to the mysterious coworker who didn't leave enough coffee for him in the kitchen. Bizarre File Police are looking for a suspect that left urine and feces in a coffee maker in a county court kitchen. At least he filled up the coffee maker. A rap song may be the biggest clue in an early morning robbery of a music studio done by two wannabe rappers who recorded their new song while robbing the place. A chiropractor has been accused of sexually violating three different women. Wow, your vagina needs to be adjusted! A lost cell phone led to a prank that led a middle school to believe a student had been killed. A Connecticut man stole a vehicle that was used for Chinese food delivery, kept making the deliveries, and directly pocketed the money. “Silver Linings Playbook” giveaway!

Time 8:23 – 8:50

The aroma from Zachary's BBQ is amazing. Casey's rubbing their Mac & Cheese on his man-boobs. Traffic. Preston is looking at a twitter woman who re-tweeted his haunted toasted story. Puking Into Things We have better shows when Kathy's not here. Kathy had to vomit into a used Starbucks coffee cup while driving. She filled the cup up four times, and dumped the vomit all over the outside of her husband's car. I got to pull into another Starbucks, I need more cups! Preston's rule of thumb: When your mouth starts salivating, you're going to vomit. Steve thinks Kathy's story is the complete anti-thesis of what Kathy's cleanliness personality exudes. One night, Preston was drinking and having a cheesesteak; the next morning, he went to pay for parking and puked in a Wawa bag. His vomit had full onions and steak chunks. It's Puke Wit'! Steve had a friend who puked into his laundry hamper. Casey had a friend who puked into a pint glass at a bar. Texts coming in that say people have thrown up in a shoe, a soda can, a linen closet, and a make-up bag on PATCO. People who vomit and then still can party? Boot-N-Rally. Sounds like a detective team! Caller Nicole puked onto her Christmas dinner. Why do you puke more than you take in? Your vomit is a food stamp-book... Look, lasagna! Zachary's BBQ is here to cure us from this talk and they have a giveaway!

Time 9:01 – 9:26

Weather. Traffic. Kathy messes up “We won't be beat” line. Corbin Bersen His new movie “3 Day Test” which he wrote, produced, and directed. Movie is about shutting off technology to be with family for 3 days. Preston asked his family to give up technology for a few days, his family looked at him like a bomb hit. Hurricane Sandy made people lose technology. Giving Up Technology Preston would like to do a no-technology day. Is there a TV show about it? Nick lived in an apartment where he didn't have cable and felt it liberating. Steve had the same thing and had to eat his neighbors. Preston's been reading more often. Reading? How adorable. Casey wants to see what it would be like to be blind. Caller Devin says life is great outside of TV. Do you still have a family dinner? Family dinner games. Steve always won: “Who was an accident?” Caller Nick says his family plays board games. Meteor showers can be seen on November 17th and the 20th. Marisa has never seen a shooting star. If there's little light pollution, you can clearly see stars and satellites. Zachary's BBQ giveaway!

Time 9:37 – 10:01

Totally Office Calendar Party will be at Chickie's & Pete's this Friday with Bud Lite specials! Traffic. Tattoosday! Listener Mike got an awesome P&S tattoo today! He's been listening to P&S since Y100 days. His tattoo today is R2-D2 projecting the P&S logo as a hologram. Although they're going to make new Star Wars movies, Mike would rather just have the six films. Bob Dodge left some of the tattoo empty. It's an artist technique, called incomplete or a “Dodger.”Bizarre File Father says daughter received a detailed lesson about porn from her principal after the daughter wore a Halloween costume that the principal thought was too skimpy. Here's some porn to examine: “Two Girls and One Cup.” High power businesswoman is divorcing her husband because he won't do sexual things mentioned in “50 Shades of Grey.” Drunk driver crashed into a home's garage and the only thing he could offer the homeowner was pizza he had picked up on the way home. Pitchuation Trying To Be A DJPitchuation has a habit of lingering, he said that Preston and Steve have showed his the proper procedure on how to leave. He's like a potent fart.Pitchuation would never shave his head, but definitely needs a haircut. Did his best impression of a DJ introducing a song while Preston gave him helpful hints. Casey tries his best song introduction. Kathy talks about when she was thrown off air during a news report. John Conner sent Preston a tweet about trying to get a podcast radio station. Angelia is coming in on Thursday to cut the Pitchuation's hair. Zachary's BBQ giveaway!


Time 10:12 – 10:27

Info about Green Day coming up. Lindsay, Winner of Philly's Hottest Chick WitShe popped in here to get some pics done and she will be a P&S girl! She is single! Steve will be at the Wynnewood Panera Bread for lunch today! LQ.Hollywood Trash Lindsay Lohan; Jennifer Lopez; Justin Bieber. LA.Music News Soundgarden will release its first album today since 1996. Green Day also will release the second part of their trilogy of planned albums, “Dos!”, today. Coldplay will return to the U.S. to close out 2012. Nickelback's Chad Kroeger told Men's Health magazine that he is looking forward to the most unique wedding ever as he is planning to marry Avril Lavrigne. Dave Navarro sent a Canadian musician one of his guitars after the musician tweeted that he had lost his guitar. Rush will release a three-disc remastering of their concept album “2112.” Silver Linings Playbook giveaway!


Time 10:38 – 10:46

Light at the end of the tunnel this week will be our Calendar Release Party on Friday! Campout for Hunger will be November 26th to the 30th, so please donate food! Wrap-Up Thanks to Corbin Bersen and Zachary's BBQ for stopping by. Also thanks to Listener Mike for getting a tattoo on tattoosday! LotD. Thanks to Lindsay for stopping by too! Pierre is going to see Soundgarden tonight in New York! Will Pierre will be able to tweet it? Pierre has 2300 followers already on Twitter. Special thanks to our sponsors! Tomorrow on the show, Tom Green, Kate Flannery and we'll be live on Fox 29. Have a great day and we'll see you tomorrow!


Lesson Question:

Where can you find stuff?

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