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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:18-6:30
U2, a beautiful day. It's going to be a beautiful day. Kathy is out. Traffic. News.  General David Petraeus abruptly retired from CIA after extra-marital affair. Authorities investigating e-mail w/ 2 women. Explosion in Indianapolis damaged over 80 homes, 2 killed. Hostess bakery employees are picketing in NE Phila. Veterans Day observed today, city ceremony at Washington Square. Sports. Cowboys beat Eagles 38-23. 76ers play home tonight, they're 4-2. Jeff Gordon & Clint Bowyer brawl at Phoenix, Arizona raceway. 

Time 6:42-7:08
That was Sixx A.M. Calendar Release Party. Stupid Question. Winter Beerfest. Birthdays. Neil Young is 67. Ann Hathaway, 30. Al Michaels, 68. Sammy Sosa, 44. Buck Dharma, 65. Charles Manson, 78. Wallace Shawn, Tanya Harding, 42, & Ryan Gossling, 32. Four birthdays in Nick's family today. Casey likes Ryan Gossling. Phone lines are locked up. Winter Beer Fest. Box Office. Skyfall, Wreck It Ralph, Cloud Atlas, Man with the Iron Fist... Entertainment News. Lindsay Lohan canceled interview w/ Barbra Walters. Michael Lohan wants Lindsay to get help. Lindsay has new publicist, Tej Herring. Chris Workman, mother of Modern Family's Ariel Winter, accused of abuse. Rumors: Queen Latifah will come out of closet on her show. Court orders: Halle Berry will not move child to France. She wanted to move, afraid of stalkers. What's w/ the cat heads? Save the child again! Matthew McConaughey lost drastic weight for role as AIDS patient. Larry King: come to my house, I want to talk. Randall Sullivan's book, Untouchable: Mark Wahlberg had altercation w/ Michael Jackson during 9/11 over airplane. Michael Jackson's value is growing after death. Mystery Clips. Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook. Nick: Taylor Lautner, Breaking Dawn: Part 2. People already camping out for new Twilight movie. Silver Linings Playbook.
Time 7:19-7:47
The Rolling Stones. Weather. Traffic.  General Petraeus resignation. Affair w/ women writing his biography. Strange how the other woman becomes protective. Preston saw picture of wife, no wonder he cheated. Duffel bags. He traded in for a newer model. Type of Man Most Likely to Cheat. In 40s, married for over 10 years, two children over 10 years old. Occupations: 5. lawyers, 4. doctors, 3. education... Why teachers more than other office settings? 2. Financial industry, 1. IT/Engineers, most cheating husbands. What is a sexy occupation to women? Marisa: Rock stars. How about those guys who go fishing w/ their hands. Noodling. Caller: brother-in-law kissed me, he fits the model. Preston's male neighbor, married & hit of Preston. Marisa met man who said, “Get married, have kids quickly so you don't have to spend time w/ wife.” Warning sign, lover brings more to the bed. Caller: Husband is IT guy, women is his office are attracted to him. Wife is attracted to IT guys, smart w/ money. Caller Bob: IT guys sit in front of computer all day. How did Petraeus's girlfriend think it would go any farther? Honey I was really sick, took a dump in the bed. Makes Marisa not want to get married. Preston: Wife & I are almost same person. Casey & wife don't sit together when out w/ other couples. Psychopaths. Civil servant, chef, clergy, police, journalists, surgeons, salesperson, media/television/radio, lawyers, CEOs... most likely to by psychos. Which occupations have weirdest people? Preston: Martial arts. Silver Linings Playbook.

Stupid Question: What kind of fabric comes from hair of Angora goat?

Stupid Answer: Mohair

Time 7:58- 8:16
Weather. Traffic. Camp Out, Acme. Bizarre Files. Man dies on porch on Halloween, postal member confuses body for decoration. Minnesota police arrest man who fondled 8 year old son's psychologist. Man arrested for having sex w/ statue of Lion in Austria. Man insulted his wife and she left him, so he cut out her tongue. Cross-dressing Douglas Evans exposed himself to postal workers & has been issued several warrants. South African Police arrest a 42 year old man w/ human genitalia in his wallet.  Ronnie Polaneczky on phone. Big fan of Camp Out, the single largest food drive in country. Full page ad in Daily News today. She's at Sabrina's Cafe, handing out papers & coffee. New layout: logo, paper shape, & Solomon Jones is back. Focus on small businesses. She needs to meet w/ Pierre b/c she received 215 parking tickets last year.
Time 8:28-9:00
Foo Fighters. Red Dawn. Calendar Release, Chickie's & Pete's. Traffic. Shart out. From Casey, to Overbrook Country Club. Joe's sharty share out to Sharon. Sharting share out to Kyle in the military. Bare ass at Eagles game. Players soil pants. NASCAR brawl. Marisa saw fire in the E lot. Police speculate fire started by Dallas fan. Marisa's twitter picture of fire is making rounds. Veterans Day. Steve calls & thanks father. Great war movies on television. The Longest Day. Favorite war movies? To Hell & Back. Soldier plays himself. Inglourious Basterds. Full Metal Jacket. Casey: not much war, lots of boot camp. Battle scenes, powerful. Saving Private Ryan, Platoon, & Hamburger Hill. Thank you video on website. Behind Enemy Lines, overlooked, underrated. Caller: The Dirty Dozen. Casey liked Band of Brothers. Steve knows man who was tunnel rat in Vietnam. More current: The Hurt Locker, Jar Head, & Three Kings. Preston & Steve loved Patton. Caller: The Big Red One & the Thin Red Line... great movies, often overlooked. Caller Randy: Murphy's War. Caller: Taking Chance. Newer movie w/ Kevin Bacon. Caller Lou: Glory. Steve loves it. Caller Donna: Jar Head. Soldiers who prepare but never get deployed. The Sand Pebbles, WWI. Seal Team 6 movie coming out. Battle of the Bulge. Stanley Kubrick's Path of Glory.
Time 9:12-9:40
Offspring. Weather. Traffic. Kathy's out, horrible squirts & runs, filled up Starbucks cup 4 times w/ puke. Text said she was bathed in poop, steam coming off of it. The Instagram was amazing. Kathy's sanitary lifestyle contributes to sicknesses. Neighbors called cops, she was screaming on the bowl. Caller Gary: She jumps ropes, I love her. Steve: You can stay in our trailer. Philly's Hottest Winner. Pat's King of Steaks. 3rd: Melanie. 2nd: Kim. 1St: Lindsay H.  Philly's Hottest Prizes. Calendar Release, Chickie's & Pete's. Kevin Clash, voice of Elmo, leave of absence, accused of sexual relationship w/ 16 year old. How does 18 year old & 45 year old get together? At puppet shows. Someone else will put hands up ass. Clash, also voice of Baby from Dinosaurs. Philly's Hottest winner, Lindsay. Very excited. Caller Rick: Not the Mamma! Steve: Remember episode where father dinosaur had sex w/ 16 year old. TGIF. Boy Meets World sequel. Topenga's still hot. Caller: Dinosaurs on acid. Angry Birds. Angry Birds, new Star Wars edition. Actor who plays Elmo is in town, maybe I could drop him off. Caller: bro. was father dinosaur. Nick: He's from Philly! Bro. does Dr. Teeth, Sweedish Chef... Silver Linings Playbook.

Time 9:49-9:55
Weather. Traffic. Bizarre Files. Police in Pakistan arrest 5 men after group of elders made man give up his 9 year old daughter to settle a debt. Scottish pub owner in trouble after hosting “ugliest women contest” at his bar. Man charged w/ multiple counts of child porn after tow truck driver found memory card full of indecent pictures. He also had a gun belt & bullets.
Time 10:00-10:30
Weather. Preston's boo-boo. Put tomatoes on your rectum. Kathy's sick a lot. Ken Burns. Wishes he was in studio. The Dust Bowl is overlooked. Our largest man-made ecological disaster. The people working the land turned it over wrong. 10 year recovery effort by government. Tons of archival footage, very terrifying. Storms were 1.5 miles high, 2 miles long. Looked like a mountain range coming at you. Ken's been working on “The Dust Bowl” for several years now. Dust Bowl, the Great Depression, then WWII... the greatest generation. November 18th & 19th on PBS. Thanks Ken. The Central Park Five: Assault & rape case, very brutal. Man came forward years later & admitted to committing crime alone. Dr. Mike Preston, when was your last tetanus shot? You need to go get the shot. Lots of cases of whooping cough, need the tetanus shot to protect from pertussis. Is it too late to get a flu shot? Marisa didn't get one. Vaccination can be transferred through seminal fluid. Whooping coughs! Lesson Question. Running of the Santas. Hollywood Trash. Justin Beiber thanks fans for support after breakup. Twitter: The Beiber ball-bag is coming for you! Kat Von D: sad she won't be Mrs. Dead-mouse. Running of the Santas. Music News.
Soundgarden winter tour kicks off January in Washington. They will be at the Tower Theater January 19th. Kid Rock is performing during Lions Thanksgiving game. Rambo music, new song nobody has heard of. Rambo would you like to sing about Detroit, Michigan? That's the sound Charlie used to make in the bush. Rush's Alex Lifeson, Rocky, We do have our own Rush band. Lifeson named Canada's greatest guitarist. Pearl Jam is launching new series of live bootleg recordings, “Instant Classics.” Rambo: What's Preston saying? Those glasses can't come too soon. Free Music Monday.
Time 10:41-10:49
Weather. Thanks to Ken Burns & Ronnie Polaneczky. Free full page ad for the Camp Out for Hunger. Daily Letter: A. Red Dawn. Was Rush's Alex Lifeson in it? That last segment took some turns. Pierre's America. Pierre in hobo fights while driving Minerva. Monday through Friday, Robert to USA. We buy any car song. Preston not adjusted to clock change yet. Pierre has a great line up for today. Who knows where tomorrow will take us? Shart out. To Brian from the Aston Wawa. Thanks to our Vets.

Lesson Question: Where do 18 & 45 year olds get together?

Lesson Answer: At puppet shows.

Daily Letter: A
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