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Beautiful sunrise this morning. Traffic News choc giant nestle is recalling nesquick powdered drink mix because it may be contaminated with sal minella. Preston and Steve loved Nesquik as a kid. Kathy loves chocolate, but hates chocolate milk. Video of Obama wiping away tears as he thanked his staff and volunteers. I just wanna say you guys are great, I didn't wanna get like this but Mitt Romney was saying terrible things I don't wanna be this way in front of you I love you all. Audio (Regis )You're crying like a pussy is that the best mic you have what are you a girl?! Police arrested a chiropractor in DE for breaking into dorm rooms and stealing underwear. Sports Sixers and Celtics play tonight at 7:30 Colts beat Jaguars. Eric Lindros was inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame. Casey/Eric Lindros audio. One week away from Calendar Release Party. Robert Irvine will check in and Rick Emmit guitarist of Triumph will play.

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Beautiful day today. Traffic Stupid QBirthdays Nick Lachey Eric Dane from Greys Anatomy 40, Lou Ferrigno 61, Bob Gibson 77 Stupid A Entertainment News Lindsay Lohan's assistant saying police twisted his words after the car accident, police approached him because they knew she was driving. Kara DioGuardi is teaching a hip hop class at Berkley College of Music. Kristen Stewart is working on sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman. People are wondering if James Bond is gay, because of the overtones in the new Skyfall movie. Cyndi Lauper dedicated her hit “time after time” to her uncle who was killed during Hurricane Sandy. Jennifer Lawrence on cover of Elle Mag during the interview she opened up about new bf. Brooke Burke is battling thyroid cancer she went to Youtube to share the news. She'll have a thyroidectomy. According to George Clooney's sister she says he'll never marry gf Stacy Kiebler. Charlie Sheen under investigation after saying he was going to blow his associate's head off. Clips Daniel Craig in Skyfall. The Details Elizabeth Banks. We'll have live music from Rick Emmett today.

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U2 Mysterious Ways bright sunshine coming in shades have been pulled down its so bright. Traffic Walmart Opening Earlier on Thanksgiving for holiday shopping. Casey doesn't like it because you're taking people away from their family. They'll be open at 8pm on Thanksgiving. The day is supposed to be a day of stopping everything you normally do and giving thanks for what you have. Its so good just like having your anus tattooed. Casey goes to the movies on Thanksgiving night. There will be 3 different waves 8pm gaming systems 2 hrs later home sale and 5am on Fri the rest of the sales go on. Everyone who was purchased toys or bedding must leave the tire sale has just begun! Listener Sexy T's wife works for Target they'll be open 9pm on Thanksgiving. Its sad that people work on this holiday, not sure if they get overtime pay. Nail Biting Considered an OCD Before it wasn't classified at all. His sister had a problem biting her nails to the point where she had no nails. Preston has psoriasis it effects underneath his nails. Includes other pathological grooming techniques hair pulling and skin picking. Kathy plays with her hair a lot Preston notices that. She says she picks and grooms her nails all the time. She looks for split ends a lot. She twirls her pubic hair a lot. Steve dated a girl who chewed the end of her hair she was a mountain woman. Casey and Steve both love French manicures or red. Preston will bite his nails in tense situations. Nick won't bite his nails because of fear of getting sick from whats underneath the nail.

Caller actually receives counseling from biting nails so bad. Says its like a piece of well cooked chicken he dives right in he likes the meat between the nail and skin the best.


Stupid Q: Where does Ian Fleming say the name James Bond came from?


Stupid A:from a book on Birds

 Time 8:00 – 8:17

Many events going on Traffic Preston reads email friends own hot dog cart in Skippack called Love Hot Dog with 2 sons who have a lemonade stand during the summer and are collecting food for Camp Out. Robert Irvine on the Phonehe's a little stuffy this morning the guys suggest the Neti Pot to clean him out. He has a show at The Grand in Wilmington. Its horrible this year with donations and the economy they want Robert to come down to Camp Out, he says he'll donate money to Philadbundance. He's working on a new pilot with Marc Summers he says he's doing great he has another surgery coming up. We have a pair of tickets for the show on Sunday to give away. Bizarre FileA state district judge ordered disbarred Dallas attorney Tom Corea back in jail this morning because he allegedly trashed his Design District office and drew penises all over the walls after being evicted last month. feces and urine all over the floor. In a London shopping mall shoot 6 black clad wielding axes and bats on motorcycles smashing jewelry store windows stealing cartier watches. 50 wild elephants went on a drunken rampage after ransacking an Indian village and downing 15 containers of Mahua. Man napping in a cornfield in Billings Montana. woke up when a harvesting machine ran over him. Silver Linings Playbook screening

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Redz is here with goodies its their 1st annual marine core birthday tomorrow. Traffic Rik Emmett and Dave Dunlop in Studio will be playing at the Tin Angel tonight. They've played for about 7 years running at the Tin Angel. A bunch of fans in the studio. If you're a Rush fan you have to be a Triumph fan. Rik always wanted to be more a musician then living the life of a rock star. Both were nominated as best guitarist for the smooth jazz awards. He always thought of himself as a singer/songwriter guitar player. Some of the best gigs are in your living room in front of a few people. Recovery Room 9 is a cd full of acoustic cover songs. When they played gigs together they'd challenge each other with songs and began making a list of songs to cover. Starts off with Don Henley's Summer of '69. Chuck Damico is so nervous because he's starstruck by Rik. If he were to rank the most influential people in his life besides his family its Rik Emmett. Dave got to watch Rik and the guys get back together again. Preston wants him to play Hold On to Your Dreams Preston has goosebumps he hasn't lost his range at all. Chuck says his music has meant so much to him growing up. Redz Gift Card

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Jacky and Pierre are going to London to see the Stones play. Traffic We have a ton of prizes so we're going to blow them out with a 5 & 10 ContestShart Outs Tim 5 islands Marisa didn't start the timer so we're giving him a prize Bond CD Caller Corey Name 5 colors Bond CD 5 words for butt Silver Linings Playbook passes 5 items you'll find in a bowling alley Bond CD Name 5 annoying sounds Amazing Spiderman DVD 5 reasons someone might call the police $50 Gift Card to Redz 5 superheros Campaign DVD 5 people in the Brady Bunch this game is like audio tourettes Redz Gift Card Santas Reindeer Sippin by the River tickets 5 holidays Sippin' by the River Tickets 5 pizza toppings Silver Linings Playbook Screening 5 people part of the show Silver Linings Playbook Sippin' by the River Tickets

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Beautiful weather this weekend and almost 70 degrees on Monday. Nick has a lot of cleaning up to do from the hurricane. Traffic Marisa has a bun in her hair today its called a sock bun. Marisa has huge sweater chickens in her pic in this year's calendar. Some candid shots of everyone hanging out is in the calendar. Bizarre File This story takes place in either Ireland or England same difference right? Our friend Murph is here from Ireland and he's not reacting to that well. Scores of special officers and a police helicopter were scrambled to the Big Club, in Boldon Colliery, England after a cleaner found Kim Collins bound and gagged inside.The 42-year-old was tied to a chair with tape over her mouth, cable ties around her wrists and cuts to her arms and legs. Redz

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David Bowie Queen Under Pressure today is Friday it seems like its twice as long as a normal week. Kathy's aunt lives in Lambertville and still doesn't have power Lesson QHollywood Trash J-Lo calling BS on German made getting her fired for asking her for an autograph she actually pays her house staff in autographs. Stacy Keibler secretly getting botox insider says Clooney getting suspicious each time she gives him a drool job. Lesson A Doritos. Music News Chris Cornell playing acoustic benefit event goes to Mayors' fund for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Bill Pierre and Rabbi are going to see them play. Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 says music from the trio is coming out soon. Kid Rock finally putting new disc Rebel Soul on itunes. Jack Johnson donated 50k to various Hurricane relief efforts. Silver Linings Playbook Screening

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I like it that sound. Listener JB and his sister made Preston and Steve shirts they have a t-shirt company called Stitch Graphics. Wrap Up Its the Philly skyline in the tron font and has a bunch of quote sayings on the back. Its so current that “Absodutely” is on their from 2 days ago. Our friend Murph is here in the studio we liked his accent. He moved to Pittsburgh. They were at the bar last night and his wife set up his friends flying over for the weekend from Ireland to surprise him. He says radio out there isn't the same as it is here. Pierre enjoys his accent. Thank you to our guests Robert Irvine, Rik Emmett and Dave Dunlop and Redz Letter of the Day E

Pierre Robert is finally on Twitter! @PierreRobert933 he has no idea what to do with it and he already has 1500 followers. Word of the Week Awake


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