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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:15 – 6:24

Thanks for listening to P&S this morning. If you know someone who isn't, wake their ass up! Totally Office Calendar release party is next Friday! Traffic. News Update Another Northeastern storm hit our area yesterday, with many homes in New Jersey and New York losing power again. Jersey also had several evacuations last night. The storm is said to be the cause of a crash that killed a couple yesterday in Tabernacle, NJ. CHOP surgeons have successfully separated 8-month-old twin conjoined girls. Sports Sixers won 77-62 over the New Orleans Hornets last night, will play Boston tomorrow night. NHL held talks to get through contract disputes yesterday, with more meetings to take place today. Eagles' Todd Herremans was placed on the disabled list with a foot injury. That's a lot of man on top of those feet! Busy show today, we'll have gymnast McKayla Maroney, comedian Jackie Mason, and skateboarder Tony Hawk!

Time 6:38 – 7:06

Dave Matthews Band will be in town December 22! Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Jack Osbourne, 27; Tara Reid, 37; Parker Posey, 44; Courtney Thorne-Smith, 45; Mary Hart, 62; Morley Safer, 81; Tom Anderson (founder of MySpace), 42; Gordon Ramsey, 46. SA. Entertainment News Snowboarder Shaun White dodged jail time after being charged with rowdy behavior while being drunk. Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford say they would love to be in the new Star Wars films. Mark Hamill looks the worst since the original trilogy. What will the fight be in the new trilogy? There's got to be a war to have another “Star Wars,” this is not “Star Spat.” Kim Kardashian wants to take her time with her engagement with Kayne West. Matthew Underwood of “Zoey 101” was arrested outside of a hookah shop for probation violations. Kirstie Alley says that John Travolta was the greatest love of her life, and she had a secret relationship with Patrick Swayze. She just needs a sandwich. The Hollywood Reporter has released its “List of Rising Stars” in Hollywood. ...and we don't know any one of them. Who the hell's Mimi Gummer? Isn't a “Gummer” what Grandmas do in bed? Are they gum-jobs? Jermaine Jackson is changing his name to Jermaine Jacksun. You're Jer-tarded. Why is the Jackson family so damn crazy? Why not go for “Mr. Jerkoffcircle?” Clips Kate Flannery of “The Office” and Tracy Morgan of “30 Rock.” McKayla Maroney up next!

Time 7:19 – 7:45

Totally Office Calendar at Chickie's & Pete's next Friday! Traffic. Preston's daughter does gymnastics, she's so cute! Female Football Player Sam Gordon is a 9-year-old girl who plays for her school's pee-wee football team and can outrun most defenders. It's not speed, she breaks tackles and recognizes holes to run through. She ran for 25 touchdowns in her first season. Will there be a female NFL? McKayla Maroney in Studio She won gold for the U.S. in gymnastics. McKayla competed with a broken toe and a fractured shin. She will be a part of Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics Champions at the Wells Fargo Center. McKayla's brother wanted to do gymnastics until he found out he had to wear leotards to compete. If you're gonna be a quitter, be the best quitter you can be! McKayla would like to become an actress. She's 16, and she feels like she can die happy after her trip to the Olympics. McKayla has a serious face when she competes. Casey missed McKayla's best vault jump. She doesn't go to school, she has a tutor. Ran into Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte during the Olympics. McKayla says “I would win” Dancing With the Stars. McKayla talks about her “Unimpressed” picture meme. McKayla should do modeling.


Stupid Question:

What military rank does James Bond hold?

Stupid Answer:
Commander in the British Royal Navy.


Time 7:56 – 8:11

Awesome Rolling Stones. Weather. Traffic. Preston feels like he would have had a high school crush on McKayla Maroney. Nick just tweeted Kathy's chocolate pretzel story. Jacky Bam Bam's Big News Pierre crashed Jacky Bam Bam's showed today to give him news. This was after Pierre stopped by the gun range. Jacky Bam Bam and Pierre Robert are going to see The Rolling Stones! Bizarre File Female caregiver was arrested for sexually assaulting a 106-year-old woman in her care “with a sexual instrument.” A Brooklyn pub that washed away because of Hurricane Sandy floated two miles and crashed into a local neighborhood, where residents drank its fully-stacked alcohol. Now, God, where's the brothel?! 9-year-old Ukrainian boy stole $3,000 from his parents and spent it all on candy. Drunk Florida man was arrested for trying to shoot a horse that bucked him. Kenyan woman has named her newborn twins after the 2012 Presidential Candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Her first daughter's name is Ron Paul. Silver Linings Playbook giveaway!

Time 8:22 – 8:50

Played Soundgarden, Chris Cornell did a Bond song. Traffic. James Bond 007 Nick went to the Skyfall screening last night and thinks it's one of the best movies he's ever seen. Steve has a list of criteria to be a good Bond villain. Preston likes that you don't have to see previous Bond films to see the new one. Steve remembers the first Bond movies. Casey never got into Bond. Skyfall was almost not made, it's been 4 full years since the last Bond movie. Preston didn't like the old Bond movies, but loves Daniel Craig as Bond. Previous Bond films are like period pieces. Look, a car phone! OOH! Daniel Craig actually does hand-to-hand combat, not just stage fighting. Got to love the Bond gadgetry. Caller says Skyfall is the most personal Bond movie made. Did anyone hear Nick chew during the movie? Steve loves the theme to On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Who will be remembered as the best Bond? Roger Moore was way too old for “View to a Kill.” Caller Heather is afraid to see older Bond films because she enjoys Daniel Craig so much. Caller Vince loves Christopher Walken as a villain. Steve's favorite villain is Goldfinger. Best of Bond Music CD Giveaway!

Time 9:00 – 9:33

Green Day will have a new music video out. Totally Office Calendar party is next Friday! Traffic. Peanut Allergies Recent study shows that peanut allergic mice have a higher level of the Pim1 enzyme compared to regular mice. Takes so long to get a drug tested, approved, and sold to the public. Caller says people can be allergic to one nut but not another. What about testicles? Casey has different nuts that he likes and hates. Casey likes pine-cones too, right? Caller Anthony says the allergy is usually specific to the legume bean. Hey, I saw Blue Legume! Caller Jeff says he's a paramedic and had to heal someone with a peanut allergy who accidentally ate a macadamia nut. Edible Deodorant There is an edible deodorant that you eat and it makes you sweat less. Hurricane Sandy Collection Recap It was a Great success! We collected 5 trucks filled with 18,000 individual items. Jackie Mason Calling from New York. People can't get over that Jackie is still alive at 74. He talks about the issues of today, he doesn't do jokes about the Titanic. How does Jackie put together shows? Depends how stupid the audience is. Jackie will be back with The Simpsons this season. So annoying to record in a studio. He'll be at Merriam Theater on Saturday night. The History of the World, Part I's Inquisition sing-a-long! Mel Brooks movies are funny!

Time 9:44 – 9:54

Weather. Traffic. Nick showed Preston a video of a tanker truck exploding during the break. Let's do that for Science Day 2013!Bizarre File Michigan high school might have to give up two of their victories because a 21-year-old posed as one of the high school players. Toddler who peed in public causes cop to write a $2500 ticket for public urination for the mother. 3 masked men entered a Chinese restaurant to try to steal money from the restaurant, but the employees could not understand them and when a random gunshot went off, the three men fled and were later arrested. Reddit is being credited for helping a man diagnose himself with testicular cancer early after he peed on a pregnancy test and the test came up positive. Pennsylvanian man stole lobsters and sold them to support his drug habit. Silver Linings Playbook giveaway!


Time 10:01 – 10:27

You never know what's going to happen at WMMR! John C. Reilly We had a full arcade version of Fix It Felix in our studio last week. We sunk a lot of spare change into arcades when we were young. Favorite arcade games to play. John is the star of this movie and got to do some improv with the character. He plays the title character of Wreck-It Ralph, the villain of the Fix It Felix video game, who is sick of being the bad guy and wants to become a hero. Wreck-It Ralph started with the biggest weekend opening for a Disney movie ever. Tony HawkThis is an awesome conference call! Tony saw Wreck It Ralph and enjoyed it with his family. Wait until John tells his family he got to talk to Tony Hawk on P&S! Tony is a part of the skateboarding documentary, Bones Brigade. The documentary is about how skateboarding started to become mainstream and profitable after the early 90's, when skateboarding was declining in popularity and seen as almost criminal. The movie is available on iTunes right now and on DVD on December 4th. Crazy conference call, it's all Casey's fault. Casey had a surprise! LQ.Hollywood Trash George Clooney, Khloe Kardashian, and Scarlett Johansson. Preston accidentally said JFK instead of FDR and nobody called him on it. It's ok, Steve doesn't even listen to this show.LA.Music News One dead and 20 are injured after a scaffolding collapsed outside of a Linkin Park concert. Halestorm has released a digital EP called “In The Live Room.” Although Kid Rock disagrees with Obama, he says Americans should forget about the election and move forward together. Trent Reznor says he wants to reunite Nine Inch Nails. Over 20 musicians have been a part of the band. Green Day's “Tre” album will come out in December. Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz has contributed music towards the documentary “Off The Rails,” about how neighborhoods that surround train-tracks are developed poorly.


Time 10:40 – 10:49

Weather. Wrap Up Hurricane Sandy Collection was awesome yesterday, almost everyone from WMMR was there to help out. In a few weeks, the Campout for Hunger will be collecting food as well. Preston's text of the day: “Where art thou sausages?” That earns a DVD copy of The Campaign. Letter of the Day. Special thanks to McKayla Maroney, Jackie Mason, John C. Reilly, and Tony Hawk. Pierre wants to know how Skyfall was, Nick says it's one of the “basin” films around! New film critic James “Basin” reviews! Pierre says thanks to all who came out for the Hurricane Sandy Collection yesterday. Thanks to our sponsors. Have a good day, see you tomorrow!


Lesson Question:

Where did Macaulay Culkin eventually find safety?

Lesson Answer:

The Neverland Ranch


Letter of the Day:


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