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We're having a hurricane relief Effort at Xfinity Live Nick will be heading down there soon Traffic News Barack Obama was re-elected President for a Second Term beating Mitt Romney, promising better days ahead. The Nor'easter is headed our way, winter weather is in advisory for tonight into Thurs. Many of the dunes that protect the beaches along the coast are gone which could cause major flooding. Mayor Nutter announced that The Phila Marathon opened 3k lottery slots. Sports Sixers play Nets tonight against the Hornets. Andy Reid says he can turn the team around after their 4th straight loss. Preston has a favorite text already sounds like a truck driver. Kathy saw a giant truck that looked like a club on wheels because of a blue light in front of it. Secret Text

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ZZ Top Touche on WMMR You can make a monetary donation if you're heading down to Xfinity Live. Traffic Stupid QBirthdays Christopher Knight from the Brady Bunch, 55. Rev Billy Graham the televangelist is 94, Joni Mitchell Preston only knows 2 of her songs. Morgan Spurlock 42, DJ David Guetta Stupid AEntertainment News Brook Shields mother lost battle with Dementia at 79. Jared Leto set to join the cast of Dallas Buyers Club Lindsay Lohan charged with misdemeanor for obstruction of justice for lying to police about the car accident she was in. Preston's uncle's are twins and one of them got pulled over and gave his brother's name. Kelsey Grammer shelled out 30 mil when finalizing his divorce and is off the hook for a Ponzi-scheme lawsuit. Cheryl Burke might be on The Bachelorette. Clips Tim Heidecker & Ralph Fiennes Nick is at Xfinity Live! with Jen Fredrick of FOX29. Jacky Bam Bam is down there already and left his Calvin Klein sweatpants outside.

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Post presidential election day. We'll get to a number of guests including Wanda Sykes and Gov Corbett Traffic Nick at Xfinity Live with Salvation Army talking to a guy from Salvation Army you can donate with money by texting Sandy to 41444 or call the 1800 Sal-Army or go to their website Lt. Colonel Don Lance of the Salvation Army says they've been active on the disaster site since the storm. They're looking for coats, water, personal hygiene kits, first aid. President Obama Re-Elected for Second Term Last night was the Presidential Election its over Obama Steve is so happy there are no more political commercials. Preston counted 100 Romney signs. John Stewart audio saying “we were in the same effing place we were when we started”. They say its been the most costly election” Last night Steve watched American Graffitti went to bed to wait for the results this morning. Last night a number of people were posting photos of the filled in ballots and posting them on fb and Instagram. Casey was about to take a pic of the ballot because something didn't make sense to him, but at the bottom right was a box for not voting for anyone. He refrained from taking his phone out. Marisa will take her camera out and take pics of anything. Casey got annoyed when people were still trying to hand out literature before he voted, he walked across the lawn to avoid them only realizing he missed the bake sale. Wash & Colorado voted to allow adults to legally possess small amounts of marijuana Thats why is so important for folks to be able to get to the bake sale because of the munchies. Steve's wondering if his Obama imitation is any good. So they can buy more pot cookies pizza. Mass was looking to legalize weed too, they actually legalized murder with the understanding that you have to be really pissed.He got another call from Clint Eastwood called Steve a dick and asked about Kathy's cat. Kathy saw her first Christmas commercial. Nordstrom has a sign up that says they won't put X-Mas stuff up until after Thanksgiving.


Stupid Q: Who was the first left-handed President?


Stupid A: James Garfield

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First time Steve felt a girls thigh was to that Cheap Trick song Live on FOX29 the new weather situation is a good reason to head down today and donate for Hurricane relief. Traffic Bizarre File Dean of St Johns U in NY accused for using students as personal slaves found hanging in her apt from suicide. Pa man arrested after flashing his breast implants at Walmart shoppers. A breaching whale landed on a boat off S Africa, injures 3 men. Man arrested in 2 violent attacks gave his number to his second rape victim. Man confessed to a murder on his deathbed before making a recovery will now spend the rest of his life in prison.Skyfall Screening.Nick at Xfinity Live/Sandy Relief Collection There is a good turnout of people, free parking for everyone. The full list of supplies is on our website. Coach John Hackworth of the Union brought in staff to help load the trucks. The Union are doing open tryouts next Friday at YSC. Peter Laviolette has just showed up.

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Big relief effort right now for Hurricane Sandy victims. More weather on the way we'll hear from John Bolaris Traffic. Coach Peter Laviolette at Hurricane Sandy Collection helping out he's very bored with the lockout. The Flyers are definitely connected to Jersey with their practice facility in Vorhees. All of the supplies immediately goes down to the victims at the shore. His wife is helping out as well. Bring down the extra items that you didn't use during the storm there are people who need it. John Bolaris on the phone says this has never happened before following a hurricane. This time of the year the surfaces are very warm. There will be accumulating snow. It will start around 1pm lasting until 7 changing to snow. It won't continue throughout the night after 7 the precipitation will be lighter. Best Fake Presidents in Movies Steve likes the real biographies but as far as a good made up president he enjoyed Michael Douglas and Kevin Klein. Marisa says Jack Nicholson in Mars Attacks. Billy Bob Thornton in Love Actually. Luke Wilson in Idiocrasy. Danny Glover of 2012. Tim Robbins in Austin Powers. Lloyd Bridges in Hot Shots. John Travola in Primary Colors. Skyfall Screening

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Traffic Governor John Corbett on the phonehe was blown away by the damage, PA was very fortunate. Those who are helping with electrical and cleanup are coming from around the country. We were going to talk to Chris Hardwick and he hung up he called late which is weird. People have been pronouncing the name Boca Raton wrong for years. Susan Welchel the Gov cringes when people say it. When KATHY went over to Scotland everyone calls it Edinburg why are we referring to it the wrong way. Its great to have ya hear you're great Americans sons of bitches. Audio of Diane Sawyer Drunk During ElectionGeorge Stephanopoulis you're Greek right you like all that back door stuff. She must have been tired from doing this all day. A lot of the reporters are known to take performance enhancing drugs. Did you see King Kong vs Godzilla. Godzilla is huge how tall do you think he is? If Godzilla drags King Kong into the water he's gonna drown he can't swim. President Obama re-elected. More audio of her drunk saying presiment instead of president . The kids love pizza bagels you get home and you're strapped for time slap a couple in the oven. Marry eff or kill the Jonas Brothers. A lot of comments are coming in about this mornings hottie cam.

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We'll check in with Nick at Xfinity Live Traffic Nick live at Hurricane Sandy Collection Nick saying hi to Crystal Weaver whose family was hit hard in Jersey. She brought a large amount of items. Eric brought a truck load of stuff works with the Rosenblath Memorial Scholarship fund this year they donated around $1000. Shart out to Dana Wilson working to fuel all of the Alabama Electric trucks. Neighborhood Crazies Anyone who drives on 130 in Delran NJ knows the old man wearing a bright orange jumpsuit holding up a hand made Romney sign. Steve wants to know what happened to Slobber Bob. Psycho Mike would be out walking dogs in his speedo. Has higher voice than Pitchuation. Marisa found SlobberBob's MySpace, interns found his Twitter @SlobberB. Steve just remembered Tennis Racket Tony Kathy wants to clear up that Dumpster Dave was the nicest guy ever. They think this needs to be the new Justice League.

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A little glitch going on with the system this morning. Secret Text The song skipped all the way to the end. Bizarre File a nun with gambling addiction accused of stealing money from rural parishes where she worked. Sisters and former playboy playmates charged with assault involved in a massive brawl at a strip club. Wanda Sykes on the Phone she's bored this morning. She's got her eye on the president. Somehow Preston and Steve ended up in First Class and Wanda came on board with her dogs-they were unsure if they should talk to her. Its easier to travel with her dogs, she's a good traveler if they don't hit turbulence. Preston asks Wanda to stop by Campout for Hunger at the end of the month she'll be there if she's in town. She was in NY all last week, the city is pretty bad. Nick at Xfinity Live collecting things all morning long. 10Yr old Ryan says Steve is his favorite and his Dad listens too, they took his radio away at his job. Lesson QHollywood Trash Channing Tatum announced sexiest man alive People will wrap each issue with a decorative dildo. Lesson AMusic News Dave Grohl rejoined Queens of the Stone Age I understand you're being enjoyed by an old friend do tell! Soundgarden streaming their new album on itunes. The hard rock hotel in Vegas apologizing for controversial poster about Guns and Roses. They posted the pic of woman about to be raped by a giant robot. The robots were even upset about it. Preston is having a hard time reading today. He'll be getting his glasses this week. Van Halen came out with new album they recorded enough material for a follow up album. Bono crashed legendary Bemelman's Bar in NY was singing along to sing standards. He sang “I've got you under my skin” that he recorded with Frank Sinatra in 1993. Its another Bemelman's memorable moments like when Ma Bemelman came in and removed her wart with an exacto knife. Secret Text

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Several texts came in talking about little flurry activity. Secret Text Thanks to Bolaris and Gov. Corbett for being on the program. Thanks to Wanda Sykes who will try to come out. Wrap Up Hottie Cam girl Arden Adamz promoting @Arden_XOXO and her website. Nick and Pierre down at Xfinity Live He sees a mini camp out for Hunger. The people from Philabundance are there helping out. Letter of the Day A Skyfall Screening

 Lesson Q What was legalized in Mass. During yesterday's election?


Lesson A: Murder





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