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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
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Time 6:16 - 6:31
We see some sun on the horizon, meaning the sun is still out there somewhere. Traffic. News. Pres. Obama and Gov. Romney will find out who will be the next president today. There is a commercial about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's hair, “Less hair, Less Medicare.” A week after superstorm Sandy, another Nor'easter is heading towards the Jersey Shore. Preston is feeling optimistic about this storm. Brick Township is ordering residents to leave tonight for the Nor'easter. FEMA has already dispense over $200 million in emergency housing assistance. Sports. Eagles lost 4th straight game & are 3-5. Marcus Vick tweeted saying he wants Vick off the Eagles. Sixers lost to the Knicks and are now 0-3. Colts coach Chuck Pagano is doing well in his recovery from leukemia Kevin Cirilli will be on talking about the election. Todd Carmichael and his wife Lauren Hart will be coming into to talk about  his show “Dangerous Grounds” We have Skyfall and Silver Linings Playbook passes to give out. We are prepping for the Camp Out for Hunger and our Hurricane Sandy Relief event at Xfinity. 
Time 6:41 - 7:06
It's super-duper Tuesday and election day. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays. Corey Glover, 48. Rebecca Romijn, 40. Thandie Newton, 40. Ethan Hawke, 42. Sally Fields, 66. SA. Entertainment News. Brad Pitt has teamed with furniture designer Frank Pollaro  up to start making furniture. Jeff Goldblum's stalker Linda Ransom has been arrested. Kristin Bell and Dax Sheppard are expecting their first child. Executive of Beach Bum Tanning said Amanda Bynes did not walk around the salon naked. Halle Berry says that she cut her hair short so that she would stand out against other actresses. Sam Worthington was arrested after getting into a fight when he was not let into a restaurant for being too drunk. Marlee Matlin was insulted by SNL's opening skit with a sign-language translator. Khloe Kardashian is on the X-Factor diet. Gov. Christie  cried when he met Bruce Springsteen for the first time at Friday's Sandy's benefit concert. Clips. Todd Rohal talks about working with Patrice O'Neal in Nature Calls. Judy Dench talks about Skyfall. Skyfall. 
Time 7:18 – 7:58
We saw the sun today for a little. Traffic. WMMR will be at Xfinity Live tomorrow morning taking donations for Hurricane Sandy relief. Election Reactions. People around election day are like an exposed nerve on a tooth, anything you do will set some people off. We are getting a slew of political texts saying we are pushing a certain agenda. Steve got called a Nazi after making a Honey BooBoo joke. Kathy does not think the listeners could tell who we are voting for. Nick got an email calling him a liberal communist for posting a political ad encouraging people to go vote. One text says our innuendos push the DNC agenda. Steve commends you if you vote because you are helping the process work. Steve feels the right to vote is so precious that everyone should try to educate themselves on the candidates & go vote. Caller Dave, who texted in saying we are endorsing the DNC agenda, calls in. Dave can't explain where he hears the DNC agenda. Preston and his wife had their first political discussion of the year yesterday. Preston reads about how couples/friends can deal with opposing political views. Pastor calls in encouraging everyone to vote for Megatron. Steve thinks you should just let everyone have their own opinions. Preston has voted for someone because someone he hated supported the other side. There is still time to educate yourself on the candidates before you go vote. 

SQ: Who is Flounder's steady girl from back home?
SA: Sissy.

Time 8:08 – 8:19
We got a few things going on today, along with the election. Traffic. Preston found his favorite text: “Let's stop talking about politics and get down to the real issue, I just dropped my candybar between the seats.” The Campaign. We will be at Xfinity Live tomorrow collecting donations for Sandy relief. Bizarre Files. North Texas woman sues town saying a police officer caused her breast implant to burst when he threw her against her car. Woman spotted pleasuring herself in a Starbucks was arrested when police found a pipe with coke in it. Pizza Hut delivery man peed on Chloe Teply's door when she did not tip. German man is suing a man who said he was a woman who arrived at the German man's house after being hired for dominatrix services. We will be checking in with Kevin Cirilli in a moment to see how things are in DC.
Time 8:30-8:56
Weather. Xfinity Charity event tomorrow and the Campout for Hunger means a lot of things are happening, but please help out anyway you can! Traffic. We don't usually talk politics, but it is Election Day. Tomorrow? Back to fart jokes! Kevin Cirilli Politico Reporter covering the Election results today. A lot of the buzz today is figuring out when we will find out who is the winner.  If Obama can steal Virginia, Florida, and Ohio, it will make it much harder for Romney. Kevin said every poll out there is giving Obama a slight edge. Kevin said both sides having polling companies, which change who the polls say is winning. Hurricane Sandy brought up bi-partisan feelings with Pres. Obama and Gov. Christie working together. Romney has three campaign events today trying to win over states. Kevin will be up all night. Baby Mops. Preston found a baby onesie that also has a set of mop heads attached to the arms and legs so the baby can sweep the floor as it crawls. The company claims the baby will get a workout while saving parents money on cleaning products. Steve wants an attachment so he can use the baby to wax his car. Twitter is rumored to be releasing filters for uploading photos. Kathy wants Nick to send a porn picture to her via Twitter. The Brooklyn Nets unveiled their mascot of the Booklyn Knight. A massage therapist says there is no research that proves you need to drink water after a massage. Skyfall.
Time 9:06-9:28
Tomorrow Morning WMMR Charity event. Traffic. Todd Carmichael & Lauren Hart In-Studio. Todd goes to dangerous places to get coffee. There is a “bean band” near the equator, this is where the best coffee beans come from, especially if it is in a high lying area. He says some of the people he has come across scarier people than things he encountered on his trek across Antarctica. So far he has shot 8 episodes, and is excited for everyone to see his trip to Bolivia. This Saturday he is going to the northern part of Columbia and his camera crew is scared. His wife is the one who came up with the idea for the show. The most of the grid place he has been was the mountains in Papa New Guinea. Coffee is a fruit, the bean is the seed. There is a cat that eats the coffee cherry and then poops out the beans. This type of coffee is pricier because the cats are naturally good at picking out the best beans. He says coffee and sugar is like sex in the shower, two things that are good on their own, as well as together. Steve assess how good a restaurant by trying their coffee first. Lauren does not drink coffee. Todd did not know that coffee helps people with asthma. Lauren does not feel good about the NHL season coming back this season.

Time 9:39 – 9:55   
We have Camp Out and our Xfinity Charity event coming up. Traffic. Preston thinks that Rock the Vote is associated with the saying “do not rock the boat.” Meant to get people to go out and shake up the voting scene. Nick had never hairpin turns look like actual hairpins. Preston always thought that barbed wire was call “bobbed-wire.” Steve wants to hire fact-checkers to see how wrong we our during the course of one show. Clip of Casey asking a list of questions from one conversation. Preston found a book called Life's Imponderable Questions that answers Casey-esque questions. Bizarre Files. A Pakistan couple is accused of killing their daughter by pouring acid on her, said they did the honor killing for looking at a boy. An Idaho scientist is looking for donations for a blimp that will be used to search for Bigfoot. A man is being charged for whipping his girlfriend with a python while she was in a hot tub. A Staten Island man was arrested after impersonating a red Cross member to loot houses. Vodka bottles magnified the sunlight to start a fire in Minnesota liquor store. The Amazing Spider-Man.
Time 10:08 – 10:41   
Preston got an interesting email reminding him about a thing they did at Y100 called “Dave Grohl is Cool Week.” Preston thanks our double-dose of Tattoosday participants, Eric and Drew. LQ. Hollywood Trash. Sam Worthington was arrested this weekend. Britney Spears says she might write her first book. Miley Cyrus got a restraining order on the man who came at her with scissors. LA. Music News. Coldplay drummer, Will Champion, will appear on season 3 of Game of Thrones. Coldplay have released a cut from their forthcoming 'Live 2012' concert film/live album. Godsmack frontman Sully Erna Forced to pull out of the Rock and Roll Marathon. Yesterday Aerosmith played an hour long set in Boston where they had their old residence declared a historical landmark. Courtney Love has shot down reports that there will be a Nirvana musical. Pete Townsend walked off the stage during an encore during the first show of their tour due to sound issues because it was too loud for him. We'll be right back to see what Pierre is up to. 
Time 10:33 – 10:25 
Steve used to go to vote in a bar, then the town moved it across the street to a church. Wrap-Up.Thanks to Kevin Cirilli and Todd Carmichael for talking to us today. Pierre will be doing his show live from Xfinity Live tomorrow along with Nick and others to help raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief. Pierre is wearing red, white, and blue today for the election. LOTD. Skyfall. Pierre is going to play bands that support Romney and Obama for the workforce block. He also is doing a vinyl cut to encourage people to go out and vote. Exit Poll Clip. Get out and vote, Pierre is here to help you through it.

LQ: Steve doesn't use Instagram or TwitPic to post pictures to Twitter, what does he use?
LA: ButtLick. 


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