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Here's what happened on show this morning:

Time 6:14-6:24
Might see sun today. Hopefully everyone set their clocks back. Traffic. News: suburbs were a focus for candidates. Romney promises real change at Shady Brook Farm. Did they all do the hayride? This is going to be a nightmare election. Power outages in NJ are still an issue. 2 Year old boy killed at zoo when he fell off a railing into an African painted dog exhibit where they mauled him to death.  Sports: Eagles in New Orleans tonight. Knicks beat Sixers. NHL officials are tentative to resume talks after 50 days of lockout. Lots of announcements coming up. Revel. Skyfall.Sheena Parveen coming in this morning. Wednesday is going to be wet and windy again. 

Time 6:38-7:04
Sheena Parveen will be coming in. Traffic. Stupid Q.Birthdays: Radiohead lead singer Jonny Greenwood 41. Famke Janssen 47. Tatum O'neal 49. Art Garfunkel 71. Bryan Adams 53. Ryan Adams. Sam Rockwell 44. Sam Shepard 69. Stupid A. Entertainment News: Boxoffice: Wreck-it Ralph. Flight. Argo. Man with the Iron Fist. Taken 2. Christina Aguilera, Mary J. Blige, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, Joe Perry, Bruce Springsteen came together to raise nearly $23M for American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief. George Clooney, “The Monuments Men.” Lots of war movies coming out. Sharron Osborne had a double mastectomy. Joe Simpson is saying he isn't gay. Evanlyn Rosetta is getting ready for life after basketball wives, she'll be indorsing an energy drink. She also wants to create workout videos. Jersey Shore star Vinny says he'll help rebuild the town. Kirstie Alley admits John Travolta is the love of her life. Walt Disney bought the rights to the Star Wars movies. Yoda and R2D2 will be seen soon at Disney World. Disney also owns Marvel. Episode 7 will be out in 2015. Dallas Mavericks owner made fun of Donald Trump. Clips: Joseph Gordon talks about the movie Lincoln. Skyfall's casting came together seamlessly. Skyfall. Sheena Parveen and NBC will be doing a fundraiser. 

Time 7:15- 7:46
Sheena Parveen coming in. Big very exciting announcement coming up. Traffic. Simon says quit grabbing your penis. The NBC's Sandy Fundraiser was very well done. It wasn't overdone and everyone really just really cared. Sting, Bon Jovi, and Springsteen clips. Jimmy Fallon couldn't even catch his breath after all his jumping around. Springsteen has a song for every disaster like Pompeii, & Vesuvius 79. Danny Devito was there and looked old. Bruce really can sing about anything. Mary J. Blige clip. She's the real deal. $23M was donated. It's unclear if the stars donated or just preformed. Election Robo Calls: Steve is in Philadelphia proper, almost unplugged his phone because of political calls. Wednesday morning WMMR is partnering with Xfinity Live.  Nick, Pierre, Jackson, Matt, will be there on air there to get people together to donate  for Hurricane Sandy relief. Clint Eastwood called Steve. Clint makes personal calls, “Kathy how's your cat? Nick is your TV still on? Preston, the panini man”. A caller was gone from 11am-midnight and had 26 missed calls from political calls. Personalized robo calls. They should just have people doing impressions making phone calls, even if it's a man, “Hi this is lady GaGa.” A caller was offered a plane ride to Ohio to see Obama. Regis should do robo calls. “Hi this is Regis, I can't take your call right now I'm busy watching Hulk  Hogan porn.” He calls you to tell you he can't answer the phone. Skyfall. Sheena and a big announcement coming up.

Stupid Q: In the James Bond movie series, he was married once, what was the name of his short lived wife?

Stupid A: Tracey.

Time 7:55-8:09
Cold & rain on Wed. Traffic. Former intern Sean & wife are about to have a baby. Casey is the best at remembering names, except for the girl at the computer. That's Melissa. Friday Nov 16 official PnS Totally Office Calendar 2013 release announcement. Calendar is free! Bizarre File. Portland- 39yr-old man, tried to get a 13yr-old girl to kick him in the groin. Put adds on Craigslist, looking for college women to teach him self defense (to kick him hard in the balls) 5 women responded. FL suspended dentist's license after she was took laughing gas in front of patients before she conducted procedures. Oregon man shot a bear, it tackled him down a hill. A 22-year-old Marine was arrested early Thursday morning after police said he punched a wheelchair-bound Army veteran twice in the head. Lawyer stripped of his license after he attacked his client with a baseball bat. Sheena Parveen coming in soon to talk about the Red Cross and the nasty weather ahead.

Time 8:20-8:57
Revel Casino. Traffic. There was an earthquake in NJ. Shart/Share-out. Big boob pictures get Preston to read the whole shart-out. Absodootely.  Sheena Parveen in Studio. NBC10/American Red Cross, fundraiser for Disaster relief. Today 6am-Midnight. People can call or go online. The shore got hit the worst. Nor'easter coming on Wednesday, Sheena suggests not going to the shore to try and clean up on Wed. Snow may even be coming. DE & South Jersey reached up to 8inches of rain. She studies the storms after they occur. Beaches and dunes are supposed to protect but now the beaches have been completely changed. 1877NBCWCAU is the number to call to donate. It's hard to really understand what has happened unless you've seen the damage. Christmas Decorating. Preston admitted he started setting up his Christmas lights. Steve wants to have his whole lawn decorated by this weekend. Preston wants to beat the cold weather, he'll wait to turn on the lights after Thanksgiving. His theme: Candy Cane. Kathy and her brother joke about being the first ones to put on their lights. Nick just puts up a wreath. Inflatable Santa's aren't as expensive as you'd think. Traditional lights vs. LED. LED last longer and use less power. People will pay for people to put up their decorations. Do they have to have a license? What if they fall off the roof? In FL people put lights on their flamingos. A caller owns “We hang your lights” company. Preston needs help getting the high spots, he wants icicle lights. Thanks Sheena, the fundraiser is lasting until midnight. 

Time 9:10-9:36
Tickets left for bond screening. Traffic. Sheena's a huge Pierre fan. Xfinity Fundraiser. Office Calendar party. Sandy relief from across the US. E-mail from Bill Weston to staff- a fan called Pierre and gave a zap out to a bunch of workers from Alabama, and then he played “Sweet Home Alabama.” Turns out they were listening and they wrote a big thank you on their Facebook page to MMR. Steve says he's going to pack his sleeping bag and sleep at Sheena's. Crews are coming from all over the country. The Irish music won't shut off! Caller Kevin. A caller doesn't realize he's on the air and is talking to someone else. Hey Kevin you're on the phone, why are you wearing women's underwear? Kevin finally came back, his mom is 81, stubborn, and w/o power. Shart- Outs. Shart-on. I want the juicy part of the fart. They're playing all the fart noises at the same time. Preston and Steve will be doing running with the Santa's. Skyfall. 

Time 9:48-9:57
Calendar Party. Traffic. Philabundance is facing a food shortage. Campout for hunger is the 26th-30th. Bizarre File. Janitor at Scottish school is suing after she slipped down the stairs that students covered in Vaseline. British agency  found a bird in a fireplace which was a used as a carrier pigeon during WWII. Polish firm that makes coffins upset Catholics with pictures of naked women on their calender. Angry residents through eggs at utility workers in CT. Screening of Silver Linings Playbook.

Time 10:09-10:26
Philly's Hottest Chick Wit, still some time to vote. The people w/o power must really be feeling the cold. The studio has been acting up. It's like Lawnmower Man. Weed-whacker man would take some skill. Lesson Q. Hollywood Trash. Sequel series to Boy Meets World is now going to produce “Girl Meets World” which no one will watch. Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend broke up after Leo failed his weekly weigh in. Lesson A. Music News. Linkin Park, Mumford and Sons, and FUN are nominated for favorite band. Chad Kroeger dared his drummer to stick his penis in a moving fan. Trent Reznor has composed the theme song for Call of Duty. He thinks games are an art form. Steve likes Assassin's Creed 3. Dave Matthews spent his weekend on the Obama campaign. I'm Dave Matthews ba ba da dabba daba doo. Katy Perry is also supporting Obama. Dave Matthews Band are playing in Dec. No Doubt “Looking Hot” video was taken off of YouTube after it offended Native Americans. Things are going crazy, Lawnmower man must be here. Pierre will be here soon.

Time 10:37-10:44
Getting ready to wrap for the day. Wrap Up. Sheena Parveen was here. NBC10/ American Red Cross trying to raise money for Disaster Relief. They already raised $20,000. Nasty weather coming on Wednesday. Everyone is going to sleep over her house. Pierre and Sheena took lots of funny pictures together on Saturday. Steve and Pierre did the 6abc Telethon on Friday afternoon.  It was cool and raised a lot of money. Saturday Steve and Matt were hosting the mutt strut, saw many cute dogs. He went to a motor cycle event on Sunday with Jackie Bam Bam. LOTD A Revel Casino. Pierre will have Free Music Monday, work force blocks, and the  Vinyl Cut. 

Lesson Q: At Casey's BBQ, who is going to take the kids for a ride?

Lesson A. Sarah Jessica Parker. 


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