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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:16 – 6:26
Happy 50th birthday to Anthony Kiedis! Traffic. News Update NJ Governor Chris Christie has lifted the mandatory evacuation orders near Jersey beaches except for Atlantic City and Ventnor City. Goal is to have most areas back with electricity by November 11th. Camden police say a man was killed after falling 20 feet into a recycling machine. Sports Sixers are off until Sunday, when they play the Knicks, who haven't played yet because of Hurricane Sandy. Defensive tackle Mike Patterson, who underwent brain surgery 10 months ago, might play Monday night with the Eagles. The Chargers beat the Chiefs 31-13. Damon Feldman will be in and Marisa will be rappelling the 20-story Penn Center Plaza Tower with Max Talbot!

Time 6:36 – 7:05
Boy, it's been a weird week. Traffic. Glasses Kathy has nerdy glasses. Preston will get new ones today. Some people wear hipster glasses without actual lenses. Steve loved eye and hearing tests in school. Casey tried to throw the eye exam so he could try glasses. How do you not know how to fail an eye exam?! Just say the wrong letter! SQ. Birthdays Dave Matthews Band's Drummer Carter Beauford, 55; Jervis of TV show Survivor, 43; Bobby Dall of Poison, 49; KD Lang, 51; Stefanie Powers, 70; Nelly, 38; David Schwimmer of Friends, 46. SA. Entertainment News Octomom's representative says Michael Lohan had nothing to do with her going into rehab. How did they two meet, at the Douchebag Hall of Fame? Tim Tebow is reportedly dating Camilla Belle. Does finger-blasting count for losing one's virginity? George Clooney and Abraham Lincoln are half-first cousins five times removed. Charlie Sheen is reportedly back to snorting cocaine and ordering call girls, including financing a woman's vaginal surgery. Steve's The Price is Right: You've won vaginal reconstruction and a jet-ski! River Phoenix's last movie before he died, Dark Blood, will be released at film festivals. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have not filed legal paperwork to finalize their divorce. Alec Baldwin made surprise appearance at NYU to see students affected by Hurricane Sandy. NBC will air a Hurricane Sandy concert hosted by Matt Lauer. This time, Kayne West's tirade against President Bush will be planned! Chelsea Handler will donate $100,000 to Hurricane Sandy efforts. X-Factor's is now #1 after using live shows on Wednesdays. Clips Mockingbird Lane and Wreck-It Ralph. Marisa left to rappel!

Time 7:15 – 7:44
Weather. Traffic. Hurricane Sandy Aftermath in New Jersey There is so much traffic in NJ. Only areas with electricity can pump gas, so those areas are jammed. Jersey residents want to get back to see if they have property damage. Caller says brawls are breaking out at gas stations. Caller Britney says over 100 cars were lined up at one gas station. Caller says dead animals are washing up on people's homes. Caller Jen says people are stealing gas from cars/homes and selling it for $10 a gallon. Don't get scammed: all employees from all gas companies MUST have identification on them. Would you rebuild a home if it was destroyed? People shouldn't use this disaster to get up on their soapbox. Preston's having a power party, let's turn on everything! 60% of North Jersey and Staten Island are still without power. Caller says no one can use debit or credit cards and saw two men get into a fight over coffee. Steve killed a man over Tomato Soup! Preston shouldn't feel bad about not losing power; he's got panini-makers lining up his home! Caller says there are no streets in central Jersey and calls for everyone to be nice towards everyone. Skyfall giveaway!

Stupid Question:
The Island of Aruba is located off the coast of what country?

Stupid Answer:

Time 7:55 – 8:07
Vote for the Philly's Hottest Chick Wit contest on the website! Traffic. Sue from Manna's “Pie in the Sky” Manna Pies has the 16th annual “Pie in the Sky” fundraiser. Manna Pies provides meals to anyone in Philadelphia battling life-threatening illnesses free of charge. A $25 donation will get you a pie and provide Thanksgiving meals for those in need. Preston couldn't wait and already ate his pie. Bizarre File Police found a car with a passed-out drunk woman who was still in her bloody Halloween costume, cops thought she was shot. The Air Force Academy had an actual brawl break out during a snowball-fighting tradition that marks the first snowfall of the season. Two men killed one of Florida's top Magic Card players to steal his Magic Card Collection. Hottie cam is on and Marisa begins her rappel soon!

Time 8:14 – 8:46
We're right back, Marisa will begin her rappel! Traffic. Marisa's Rappelling Marisa is 20 stories above Market Street. Max Talbot is joining us too! If the NHL was playing, the Flyers wouldn't let Max do this. Hey, take a dump off the building! Marisa and Max are over the building's edge. Marisa is so light she could just fly down. Max can see people in offices. Can we John McClane into one of the offices?! Marisa just looked down. Marisa and Max are taking their time. These guys are the cautious SWAT team, they don't scare the terrorists before capturing them. Max has made it to the bottom! Can we start the NHL season now? Marisa has made it too! Casey gives them credit because he saw people freak out at lesser heights than this. Thanks to Outward Bound Philadelphia! Finding A Lottery Winner Woman claimed a $23 million California lottery prize 25 days before it would have expired. The woman forgot she had bought a lottery ticket. Newspapers printed information on when the winning ticket was bought. The woman's daughter saw the info and reminded her mother she bought a ticket at the given time. Cowboys Slang Terms For Food Wow, this is a slow news week... Don't you have that list of colors? “Overland Trout” is bacon. Nick has a confession – he's a cowboy and watched Brokeback Mountain last night. Nick envisioned Brokeback Mountain with Batman characters. So, Nick likes to imagine butt-sex with Batman? ”Bear Signs” are donuts. What would Morgan Freeman be? He could be the Off-Camera Regis. “Huck Dummy” are biscuits with raisins. “Wasps' Nest” is bread. This is why Casey doesn't like Cowboys. Steve thinks slang should be shorter than normal. Skyfall giveaway!

Time 8:58 – 9:31
Campout for Hunger starts November 26th! Hottie cam is on! Traffic. Charities Preston will be at the Night for Brad at the Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown tonight. Steve will answer phones tonight for the Red Cross. Damon Feldman in studio We like Damon despite all the crap we give him. Michael Lohan also ditched him to do a fight and counter-sued Damon. Damon talks to Lindsay Lohan regularly. Why don't we talk to her?! Details of the suit with Lohan on Judge Alex. There's video of Damon and Lohan fighting, but what was it over? Kate Majors and Screech? Mr. Lohan denied any interview with Preston & Steve today. Watch out, Lohan knows the feds! Damon Reads Shakespeare He's going to read Shakespeare and callers will win Skyfall tickets if they know what plays they're from. Caller wins on Romeo & Juliet. Caller George wins on Julius Caesar. Eh? Too? Broot! Caller wins on Romeo & Juliet. Caller Ashley wins on Hamlet. Caller Christina wins on MacBeth. Damon did good with the reading, after all people won tickets! Check out!

Time 9:42 – 9:53
Busy Friday, packed studio! Traffic. Melissa from Mutt Strutt in studio They help dogs find families spray and neuter pets for those that cannot afford it. The 6th Annual Dog Walk and Adoption Festival will be Saturday at FDR Park. Pierre, Steve, and Matt Cord will be there! Bizarre File 25 year old surfer bitten by a shark says he punched the shark in the head until it released him. 51 year old woman attacked by a shark got the shark to go away by using her karate moves. Toronto animal control seized a pit-bull that bit off its owner's testicle. Steve's pit-bull just nibbles on his testicles. Elephant has adopted its vocalization to try to speak the Korean language. A fire rescue team tore down the door of an apartment to put out a fire only to find a DVD of a fireplace running on a loop. John Bolaris has arrived!

Time 10:05 – 10:27
Hottie Cam is on! Philly's Hottest Chick Wit voting is up. John Bolaris in studio Bolaris was very busy during Hurricane Sandy. Weather forecasters did a great job preparing all of us for the severity of this storm. Another minor coastal storm could develop next Wednesday. But this weekend we will finally see some sunshine! LQ Hollywood Trash Ashton Kutcher; Demi Moore; Leonardo DiCaprio; Kim Kardashian. LA. Music News Soundgarden announces a three-date theater tour in preparation for their new album. Muse has released a lyric video for “Follow Me.” Coldplay's concert movie “Live 2012” will be screening on November 19th  all over the world. Jimmy Page is remastering all nine Led Zeppelin albums. Bolaris provided valuable information during Hurricane Sandy. Bolaris needs to stop Tweeting sad things. Let's get Bolaris and Damon Feldman together! They'll stage a comeback together! Bolaris claims he's “engaged” to his girlfriend, but has no ring. What asshole would ask his girlfriend to get married on radio?! Let's get Bolaris to Steven Singer for that ring. Kathy believes they need a ring. Bolaris also didn't ask the in-laws. Bolaris invited Preston & Steve to the wedding! We didn't know there's a banquet room at Wendy's. Damon could be the wedding planner. We need to break, Casey needs to get a tuxedo.

Time 10:37 – 10:47
Friday morning, about to begin our wrap-up. Wrap-Up Thanks to Marisa and Max Talbot for repelling down a building! Special thanks to AT&T for the bluetooths during the repel. Thanks to Damon Feldman, Manna Pie in the Sky, and Mutt Strutt for coming into the studio. Preston will be at the Night for Brad fundraiser tonight at Elmwood Zoo. Kathy will be at the first annual Fox-Trot 5k Run. Both of these events are for the family of fallen officer Brad Fox. Pierre is here! Pierre has the ABATE toy ride on Sunday morning. Casey will be at the Race for Hope raising money to fight brain tumors. LOTD. Bolaris' weather forecast – lots of sunshine, brisk temperatures this weekend. Word of the Week. Special thanks to our sponsors. Pierre will have workforce blocks of Bush, Bon Jovi, and The Who. Marisa will host a happy hour tonight at Finnegan's Wake. Next week, we'll have John C. Reilly, Jackie Mason, and Dawn Stensland. We're done here! Have a great weekend, we'll see you Monday!

Lesson Question:
What kitchen appliance covers all of Preston's front yard?

Lesson Answer:
Panini Makers

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