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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:10-6:23
Linkin Park on WMMR. Campout for Hunger coming soon. Traffic. News. The president and Governor of New Jersey put differences aside to help fix the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, there is sand everywhere, people are trying to make dunes out of all the sand to help people fix there homes, they are slowly getting the go-ahead to move back in. Governor Chris Christie says save water by taking shorter showers. Sports. Your 76ers beat the Denver Nuggets last night we booed Andre Igudala & we wore rare Jerseys, New York Knicks is next. Eagles are back in practice & Michael Vick is still our QB. First of the month. Marc Summers & Jimmy Rollins all on the show today.  Trucker wake up call. 
Time 6:36-7:06
Rusted Roots on WMMR. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Anthony Kiedus is 50, Rick Allen is 49, Tony Collette is 40, Larry Flynt is 70, Jenny McCarthy is 40. Stupid Answers. Entertainment News. The Jersey shore will be cleaning up Seaside Heights. Lets send the imbecile team in. Snooki thinks it's devastating about people loosing their homes & her thoughts & prayers are with them. Kelsey Grammer brought his daughter & wife at the playboy mansion for Halloween, his daughter slept the whole time with an unidentified woman watching her. George Went is in good condition, he was complaining about chest pain a couple days ago. Kathy should check out Rules of Engagement. Liam Neeson has divorced his wife. Lindsey Lohans twitter got hacked, there was a pun about Hitler tieing his shoes, Lindsey states “ Ignore the last couple posts my twitter was hacked”. Carmen Electra, Fergie, Paris Hilton, & Dolly Parton shopped for Halloween at a dirty lingerie store. Kim Kardashian says Ryan Seacrest has some explaining to do over spreading a rumor that her & Kanye are getting married. Steve impersonates Kim. Apparently there is another sex tape of her going for $30,000 dollars. Katy Perry & Russel Brand reunited apparently at the Lakers game. Twilight Saga author says the series might not end yet. Clips. 30 Rock with Judah Friedlander, Wreck it Ralph with Jane Lynch. Skyfall Giveaway. 
Time 7:20-7:44
Guns N Roses on WMMR. Traffic. Breast Implants. Lately more & more women are getting implants now a days some like it others don't. When woman need to have them re-done it's very noticeable, you need to keep up with them every 10 years. Dr. Genter. Nick Knew someone who got them back in the day. It was expensive back then, she hated them & wants to loose them. Marisa had a friend who hid them from her parents, and they found out when they were on the beach. Bigger bras are in demand right now for 34 DD, in the U.K. Today on the Chat show huge cans. If women aren't naturally that big they want to make it appear they are.  Average penis size is by country. France is the middle of the pack. North & South Korea are at the bottom, the stereotype comes into play here. U.S.A. is 5.1 for average. Number one is Republic of the Kongo has an average of 7.1 those are the women.  Pornography on websites without the owner knowing. Now a days its 88%. over 12.000 have been uploaded & are stolen from hacked accounts or cell phones. Clip of Child Meltdown over election.  Mom tells her everything will be ok. The election is almost over. Marc Summers is almost here. We will be back.

Stupid Q:
What was Michael describing in the clip when he said “there was doo doo & feces on the walls”?

Stupid A:
His holding cell in jail when he was arrested. 

Time 7:56-8:04 
The Black Keys on WMMR. Traffic. Bizarre Files. Sandy Toppled an oak tree & they found a skeleton under the roots of the tree. It appears there was more than one Skeleton under there. An electric shock killed a bunch of women and injured others celebrating a wedding in Saudi Arabia. Josh Sunquest has only one leg & is a paralympic skier. for he didn't loose his sense of humor  so for Halloween he decided to go as the leg lamp from “A Christmas Story”. A man was arrested when he threatens to rape 2 members of a coach's family after his daughter was replaced in a match. Skyfall giveaway. 
Time 8:16-8:49
Green Day on WMMR. Traffic. Trick or Treating. Last night Preston Tweeted “Snickers Rule” after he went with some neighbors trick or treating.  he can't eat smarties anymore just chocolate, Steve likes the Kit-Kat, he had a trick or treater last night who didn't like chocolate. Nick scored big candy bars last night, Chuck came to Casey's neighborhood last night so his kids get two Halloween. The people who do the leave the bowl on the porch bins are always completely empty. Nick saw one trick or treater when he got home it was a homemade John Deer tractor. He doesn't know if there were any other ones. Preston's neighbor put a dollar in every Hershey bar, for snorting coke, caller Dave says he only had 7 trick or treaters all night. One person handed out instant grits. Casey's Halloween costume is confusing, he looks like the Michelin man on his period.  Chuck is in the same costume but blue. They wore them to chipotle for the 2 dollar burritos. They found the costumes in Target for $25. The name on the package was “Red Blob”. Chuck loves it. They are simulating sex. It's like Tom Arnold with Rosanne. It was $40 online. We have the blobby cam set up now.  Happy Halloween everybody. James Bond Theme songs. There has been tons of bond films, Steve has always been a die hard fan but does he know the songs? Let's find out. Steve's favorite Bond is Connery, & his favorite movie is Goldfinger, Steve is on a roll with theme songs, the 90's are a little confusing for him. Adele is doing the new James Bond theme, Steve only missed two theme's. Shart/Share out to the crews who are fixing power. Skyfall giveaway. 
Time 9:01-9:15
Red Light Kings on WMMR. Traffic. Jimmy & Johari Rollins on the Phone. Jimmy won his 4th  Golden Glove, Nice job! He is a father of a 5 month year old daughter, He dressed her as a bumble bee for Halloween, He likes to spread out his Golden Gloves one he gave to his parents & one in his house and maybe another for his brother, Jimmy has a night in Paris event, it's a charity dinner at the National Constitution Center on November 12th from 7-10 p.m. Johari won't be joining the show today she was up late with the baby all night so she's resting up, do you ever switch out & whip out a nipple. Jimmy loves watching the world series every year, San Francisco destroyed Detroit. Watching other teammates playing on other teams, Jimmy likes to separate it up like personally & professionally. He's been a braves fan all his life. Chase is going to still be on second base next year, there was a rumor Chase was going to be playing third base next season, Jimmy says Chase is a superstar second basemen, they are great friends. Jimmy makes a shout out to everyone affected by hurricane Sandy & tells them to hold on because everything will be fixed soon. Shart out to everyone that donated to make a wish foundation. 

Time 9:25-9:42
The Police on WMMR. Traffic. Race for Hope representatives In Studio. Erin and Jarrod. Jarrod had it removed 4 years ago, Erin had it removed 8 years ago. Surgery was her only option & she thinks she was born with it. She couldn't walk for awhile & her vision was bouncing. Jarrod had a tumor in his brain stem he could have gone blind, the only side effect is peripheral vision loss. He and to go through a lot of MRI's & doctors visits. She named her tumor Steve, it stinks that they never show you after the surgery what it looks like. Jarrod got pictures of the aftermath it looked like an earthworm. Steve impersonates earthworm. Race for Hope is Sunday November 4th at the steps of the art museum, registration is available at 7:30 on site Sunday, the race is a 5K. Bizarre Files. Georgie Smith accidentally swallowed her toothbrush, she couldn't cough it up because she doesn't have a gag reflex. The only solution for this was that nature needs to take it's toll. Children use to count to ten on toes & hands, Arpan can count to 25 because he has 13 fingers & 12 toes. A man who robed a bank left behind a trail of bills then tried denying it. Olivia Manning memorized all her lines for Macbeth in 24 hours and found out her I.Q. Is 162. A fire department responded to a fire in a hospital when a drunk patient tried lighting a cigarette he thought he had. 
Time 9:53- 10:08
Queen on WMMR. Campout for Hunger. Traffic. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash.  
Brittney Spears & Jason Trawick broke up because he is tired living in Kevin Federline's shadow. Steven Tyler & Erin Brady are broke up she can't cope with the fact her grand mom was conceived to walk this way. Kim Is appauled that another sex tape with her called ass good ass gets. Lesson Answer. Music News. Bass Guitar that Kurt Cobain smashed is going up for auction. The members of Black Sabbath say the new album will be here in April. Sammy Hagar beach bar & grille got badly beaten up in Atlantic City. Rambo shows his condolences for the bar & confusion for the term parrot head. Margaritaville is opening soon but I didn't see blueprints I'm still trying to find out what a red head is. Aerosmith is promoting the new album. Guns N Roses frontman Axl states the 2008 album took so long because he was being mentally abused by Slash & Duff during the writing process calling him a loser caused him not to write for years. 
Time 10:19-10:29
AC/DC on WMMR. We feel bad for Jersey because they didn't get Halloween yet. Thanks to Jimmy Rollins for calling in today, his event is coming up on the 12th & to Jarrod & Erin for stopping by, they have the Race for Hope coming up this Sunday. LOTD.  Pierre is here! He has a lot of fun stuff planned today. He was at the creep show last night, it was a great time. He had power when he got home! He has his own turtle farm. Thanks to our Sponsors! Tomorrow on the show Damon Feldman. Rage On! 

Lesson Q:
What big breasted guest will join us on the chat show?

Lesson A:
Emerson Bigguns


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