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On tomorrow's show: Corey Holcomb & Marc Summers.

Here's what happened on today's episode of the Preston & Steve Show...


Time 6:12-6:29

That's Foxy Shazam, they're playing the Halloween Creep Show tonight. Traffic. News. Hurricane Sandy destruction is clear. 6 Deaths in NJ. Preston: 300 year old white oak written about by Walt Whitman is down. AC woman, heart attack while evacuating. Barrier Islands, closed. Over 1 million people without power in tri-state area. Preston lent generator & heaters; housed neighborhood children overnight. NJ houses off foundations. 80-100 houses burned to ground in Queens. Halloween postponed in storm-struck areas. Preston doesn't understand concept of townships. Sports. Jimmy Rollins, 4th Golden Glove award. Sixers season opener tonight. Bynum still injured. Matt Cord returns as announcer. Foxy Shazam Halloween Creep Show. Carol London, reading people's minds today. Ashley Alexiss is stopping in also.

Time 6:40-7:08

Zeppelin, Ramble On. It's Halloween. Traffic. Stupid Question. Temple Owls.Birthdays. U2's Larry Mullen Jr, 51. Beastie Boys' Adam Horovitz. Peter Jackson, 51. Rob Schneider, 49. Brian Doyle Murray, 67. Ann Murray? What's the chorus to this? Finger-blasting All Night Long. Dan Rather, 81. Puffy Nipples.Vanilla Ice, 49. He's into Zumba now. Stupid Answer. Temple Owls.Entertainment News. Disney bought Lucasfilms for over $4 Billion. Star Wars Episode 7 scheduled. Disney bought Marvel 3 years ago. They also own Pixar. Sell it to Vivid, make Star Wars a porno. Jersey Shore cast reacts to hurricane damage via Twitter. Video of Coco shows storm's power. Skyfall fans, stay away from Wikipedia. Extended movie scenes, can ruin a movie or can sell you on a movie. False reports, Jenner children being abused. Producer of Keeping Up with the Kardashians probably behind it. Octomom in rehab. Stripping, porn, drug addiction in 7 months. Edward Furlong arrested for domestic violence. 4th Annual Teen Nick Halo Awards set to tape Nov 17th. Clips.Flight, Don Cheadle. “Mockingbird Lane,” Jerry O'Connell. Smashing Pumpkins. Halloween Creep Show. Skyfall.

Time 7:18-7:47

Pierre will probably have Halloween songs. Traffic. Request, PSEG employees, reverb share-out. Family sick, carbon monoxide poisoning from generator. Halloween tonight? Nick's driving to other towns. Preston's dressing as Prince Charming. Intern Mary dressed up. Preston's daughter is Pin-Head. Philadelphia ranked 9th best city for trick-or-treating. San Fran, too many hills. Huge muscular legged costumes. Casey still has to buy costume, he's going as Dick Cheney. Halloween isn't as pricey as Christmas. Snowed last Halloween. Steve went trick-or-treating after school. Kathy, after dark. Best houses, big candy bars. Why don't you come in for a back rub? Kathy got 10-12 trick-or-treaters. Steve gave out 80-100. Preston's cul-de-sac has Halloween party. Set up tables w/ candy bowls & pumpkin carving . Caller: Halloween no longer big in neighborhood. Dentists, toothbrushes. UFO crash decorations. Preston, walking w/ beer? Wait this isn't even my daughter. Caller: hands out hotdogs, no candy. Little bags of chips, no. Lychee candy, Kathy, gonorrhea. Caller: row-homes. Caller: Upper Darby row-homes, nobody gives out candy. Main Line, cashier's checks? Bristol Township postponed to next Wednesday.


Stupid Question: What is the festival of sowing known as the origin of?

Stupid Answer: Halloween.


Time 8:00-8:11

Roxanne, the Police. Camp Out for Hunger. Acme. Traffic. If the lights are out, it's a 4-way stop. Bizarre File. 70 year old radio host attacked & set on fire in studio in Bolivia. Hey, I'm the fill-in and I love drug cartels. New Mexico, police officer tazed 10 year old student. In Texas, man drove car into church wall & beat pastor w/ electric guitar. Pastor died on scene. Suspect found dead in hospital. Two thefts of 80,000 pounds of walnuts are being investigated in California. Underground nut trading. Carol London will join us, she can kill people just w/ thought. Creep Show.

Time 8:22 – 9:01

New Rolling Stones. Traffic. Carol London in studio. Must be politically correct even when dead. Ouija Board not a game. Psychics can look ahead, mediums deal with Akashic records- the history of the soul. Carol & callers. Caller: Bad entity attached to family? Neighbors killed, old bottles shake. Carol: Possibly Native Americans, must tell them to stop. Next Caller: attacked by ghost. Friend died a year ago. Carol: She was tired, accepted fate. Change anything, new shoes? Caller: Yes. New Caller: Mom died, never met fiance. Carol: White flowers at wedding will move. Steve: Mother died when I was 20. Carol: She's checking shoes, annoyed w/ you. Message for dad, furniture & attention. Florida. Lower back. Steve: She was a model, DNA doesn't pass through the system. Next caller: Wife passed away. Carol: Wants you moving, house is changing. Caller: Elizabeth, that's my fiance's name. Kathy: is my uncle who's a paper clip here? Next Caller: 22 months old daughter died. Carol: Aunt is holding her. Caller: She got sick, seizure. Carol: You kept her room the same. Caller: No, we moved. Preston: Do you tell them if spirit isn't happy? Yes. Kathy's brother swears her house is haunted, won't stay there. New house, SWAT team used to train in old house on property. Next Caller: Lost brother. Had brain cancer. Had to make decision to turn off breathing machine. Carol: Don't feel bad. Said something about Tom. Caller: Tom was our baby brother. Next Caller: Dreams about grandmother a lot. Carol: Change pillows. She's definitely dead.

Time 9:13 – 9:42

Tickets for Teets. Traffic. Ashley Alexiss, Hottie Cam, international Playboy model. Flexes her boobs. Luigi Board. Ouija boards scared Preston as kid. We'll let the interns use it. Casey, Kathy & Steve won't touch it. Preston can't believe it, & Nick doesn't care, he'll do it. Casey won't do it b/c of his mom. Preston touched Casey with the Ouija handle. What in Roman Catholicism prevents people from using it? Yeah because it's essentially a Parker Brothers game. Steve, scene in The Exorcist. Preston tries the Luigi Board. Looks like John DiBello. DiBello Board. Intern Mary/Mario uses board. Board's floating face used to scare Preston. It's $30 because the devil gets part of it. Kathy: they'll get a good spirit because Preston looks like Luigi. “Is there a spirit coming through this board?” “Yes,” a demon. Steve:is Kathy's uncle a paper clip?... He's a staple.” Princess Buttercup help, where do we find the mushroom? Kathy thinks they need more people. Mary: We need Toad and Yoshi. When Preston was 4 his aunt was yelling at whoever they were trying to communicate with then one of the candles that wasn't near anyone went out. It's made in the USA. Caller: Catholics aren't supposed to contact the spirits. It's an active means of letting down your free will. Caller: as teenager did seance, a window smashed open. Princess Buttercup is not from Mario. Ghillie the Halloween ticket bush is giving away tickets for Foxy Shamzam. Tix for Teats. 

Time 9:58- 10:22

Traffic. Tix for Teets raid. Still a lot of tickets available. Bizarre File. Woman in York county jumped into creek so she could “save the wild ducks.” Ducks are pretty good in a river, they can also fly. Her toddler started to follow her, neighbor saved them. I can understand her terror. PETA wants Orange County to put up memorial for thousands of fish killed in a crash in Irvine. Police arrested people gambling on youth football games. Subway worker threw pot of soup at a robber. Ricky Lavinz was sitting by a highway intersection with his penis out. Police do not know why – he was not under drugs or mentally challenged. Halloween Movie Line Game Trick or Treat on Fear-net. Mentally challenged school-bus children, serial killers, and quaint humor. Preston watched Tales from the Dark-side recently.Caller Andrew: Was it Swim Fan? Caller Derek: Misery! Sam Adams Octoberfest, Caller Sean: Psycho! Psycho was the first movie to show a toilet flushing, Passes to the Screening of Skyfall.“Mary Poppins was the first movie to show someone taking a dump!” Caller Eric:When a Stranger Calls! It was Rick Taylor! Caller Dave: Nightmare on Elm Street! Elm Street is never mentioned in the movie. Caller Dave: Nothing. Caller Andrew: The Blair Witch Project! Caller Jason: Scream? Caller Patrick: No Idea. Caller Rob: Can't figure it out, It's the circle thing with the TV... Caller Will: The Ring! In 7 days once you see that circle thing. Ringu shows how she got her abilities. Caller Bill: Poltergeist! Caller Horace: The Omen? Caller Brandon: Halloween! Rosemary's Baby, You see the eyes, and some of the devil, where she mates with the devil. “Always Sunny” Halloween episode has girl with flexible legs. Session 9 is a scary movie. Ashley Alexiss on Hottie cam.

Time 10:30-10:45

Campout for Hunger, Acme. Email from Red Cross, please donate blood. Ashley Alexiss in Studio. She made a charity called Cleavage for the Cure, bras that no longer fit are being sold for charity. Was a 36C, now a 36DD. The winner gets a bra, and a picture of her in the bra. It's a year long charity. Won South African Playboy Girl Next Door. Is the first girl to appear twice on playboy without going nude. They have a braille version of Playboy. Won't do nude unless she's featured. Traveling to Australia for her next shoot. Help save the Boobies! Hollywood Trash. 65 year old Ronnie Wood is engaged to a 34 year old. Edward Furlong is arrested. Nadia “Octomom” Sulman is going to rehab. LQ. Music News. Green Day's new video appeared yesterday for the Twilight trilogy. The Werewolves are like Winnebagos. Mumford and Sons are releasing a documentary. Nick saw The Allman Brothers at Red Rock. Korn will take a step back from the dub-step-themed album. Creed and Alter Bridge Guitarist wants Wolfgang to stay in the band.

Time 10:53-11:00

It is time for us to evacuate the premises. Pierre has all Halloween work force blocks today. Thanks to Carol London. Pierre and Kathy argue over the number that Kathy picked for the Secret Texter. It's okay smooshkins. Thanks to Ashley Alexiss – Cleavage for a Cure is her cause. Preston needs a sponsor. They need a secret text winner so Preston picks them himself. Casey and Marisa argue over what the Secret Word was. The caller won anyway. Word of the Week. Pierre is still in his hotel. There's a tree in his yard. The whole area he lives in is really bad. Pierre's power always goes out. Tree is hanging on his power lines. His house is really cold and dark. Halloween is a lot of fun. Thanks Pierre. Tomorrow, the return of Marc Summers! 

Lesson Question:What is the much less scary name of the Ring

Lesson Answer: The Circle Thing

Daily Letter: N


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