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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:12 -6:28
Foo Fighters, Learn to Fly. Nobody is flying anywhere today. Traffic. News. Sandy's winds knocked down trees and power lines along with causing flooding. Gov. Christie said people are stranded in Atlantic City, blames the mayor. Rescue operations will resume at daybreak. Philly remains under a state of emergency until 5pm. 13 deaths are being blamed on the storm. Record high sea surge in Manhattan. Could prove to be the costliest natural disaster. 2 million people are without power. Sports.  QB Alex Smith lead the 49ers to a victory over the Cardinals. Vick has not  been benched for Nick Foles. 76ers home opener is tomorrow night. Preston stayed in Bala Cynwyd, saw branches everywhere. Steve guaranteed his power would stay on by buying a generator. David Murphy, John Bolaris, FEMA Response Division Director, and Stephen Lynch will be on the show.

Time 6:38 – 7:09
Good Morning. We are here today. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays. Gavin Rossdale, 47. Kevin Pollack, 55; Harry Hamlin, 61; Henry Winkler, 67. SA. Entertainment News. Kelsey Grammer took 3 month old daughter with him to the Playboy Mansion. Jason Sullivan was tasered after jumping the fence into Tom Cruise's property. Doug Hutchinson and Courtney Stodden are going through growing pains. Guy Richie directed the live action trailer of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops.  Hulk Hogan has settled his lawsuit with his friend over his sex tape. Howie Mendel has a new game show called Take It All. Regis and Hulk celebrate White Pollyanna.  Former Amazing Race participant Vanessa Macias was arrested for drunk driving. Anderson Cooper's show, Anderson Live, will not be renewed. Sherman Hemsley died on July 24th, three months later he has not been laid to rest over legal issues regarding will and people claiming to be his relatives. Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood were seen getting their marriage license. Danny Devito divorce from Rhea Perlman due to his wandering eye. Clips. Tobey Maguire talks about Details. Russell Crowe talks about The Man with the Iron Fists. Here we are post-Sandy, waiting to see the damage caused by Sandy.

Time 7:19 – 7:47
Weird fog over windows here. Traffic. Still dealing with flooding and debris. Sandy was not as bad because it began to move faster. The coastal areas got it the worse. Boardwalks are gone. The bay met the ocean. Kathy's laptop was our weather center. Gov. Christie was pissed at AC mayor for encouraging citizens to stay. Last night all bridges and highways were closed in Philly last night. Delaware roads are still closed. Preston has always wanted to take a jet-ski out during a storm/flood. People were reporting lighting, actually was transformers exploding. Preston thinks most of the damage will be from trees falling on cars and houses. Shark in Brigantine picture is fake. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is guarded in bad weather from a guard house. Caller Nubbs from Mugshots is bringing us food. Manayunk did not flood. Stephen Lynch is driving down from Boston.

SQ. What Addams Family member is all hair?
SA. Cousin It.

Time 7:57 -8:10
Stephen Lynch is here. God bless him, he drove all the way from Boston. Traffic. Trying to get in contact with David Murphy. Did Cecily Tynan call Adam Joseph a moron on-air? Nick thinks she was kidding. ABC covered Hurricane Sandy all day/night, all over the east coast. Steve really wanted to watch DWTS. Bizarre File. David Jimenez had leg crushed by a fallen crucifix which he believed cured his wife from cancer. 20-yr-old Brazilian woman whose virginity was auctioned off may not be able to prove she's a virgin. Pub landlord in South Wales hid body of customer for 4 days so he wouldn't lose business over the weekend. Woman legally changed her name to include 14 Bond girl names. 3-yr-old girl found used condom on daycare playground and put it in her mouth. Condom tested positive for gonorrhea. Skyfall. 

Time 8:23 -8:57
Back from commercials. Traffic. Stephen Lynch In-Studio. Stephen is playing in front of his smallest audience in 20 years.  He was speeding down from Boston and was the only car on the road. Cops were not pulling him over, just flashing lights at him. Stephen did not know that Atlantic City was by the ocean. Stephen is here promoting his new album Lion, which is both Live and Studio. This is the first time the he is able to say that he loves all the songs on the record. He took time off to write the kind of music that he really likes. He says he has not gotten better at the guitar, just surrounds himself with talented people. This is Stephen's favorite album he has made. This album is more than profane then ever. Playing song about his travels through Tennessee. Stephen is worse at home repair then he is at geography. He is having ear problems, the tubes behind his ears are congested. He went to an 80 year old German EMT for treatment. The doctor kept him awake during the treatment. The doctor put what looked like a toothpick and poked a small hole in his eardrum, he said it was excruciating pain. Passed out and woke up to smelling salts and Coca Cola. Has no idea if it helped at all. He is planning on doing a proper tour next year. He drove from Michigan to Boston because he was afraid to fly with his ear issue. Stephen is singing about his new lifestyle. Stephen is really good at cleaning up the lyrics for the radio. Stephen has gotten into male-female duets. We are taking a break, Stephen is going to hang out for a while. Skyfall.

Time 9:08 -9:30
Stephen Lynch is hanging out with us. Traffic. David Murphy. Preston congratulates David on his coverage of Sandy. The shore got the brunt of the storm. Philly got about 2-2 and half inches of rain. The biggest problem is people without power, second is down trees and wires, third is flooding. There will not be the delayed flooding issues, water levels seem to be falling off. Only issue could be high tide in the Delaware. The next couple of high tides will not be as bad as last night, but David would not recommend going down the shore for the next couple of days. The high-wind warnings are gone, the wind will continue to die down through the day. There is a chance that, even though the storm is gone, tree branches could still fall. He encourages us to pay attention to any noises from trees. We do not think that Adam Joesph is a moron. Stephen's new album is not out until November 13th. He has no intention of putting out an album a year. Clip of Stephen's duet song. Stephen has a following in Europe. 

Time 9:40 – 9:57
The Preston and Steve Show in recovery mode. Traffic. John McGowan, FEMA Response Division Director. He asks people remain patient and inside, while emergency services assess the damage. Right now FEMA waits for a state to declare a disaster zone and will begin assisting those affected by the storm. Although it may look safe out, John encourages everyone to stay in and wait to hear that their area is safe. You can go to along with your local Red Cross website. Bizarre File. Officers responding to a foul smell found the rotting body of a woman with a man and dog sitting next to her. The woman appears to have been dead for 10 days. Hundreds of military personnel are being sent to train for a zombie attack. A NYC medical examiner has been keeping thousands of brains from the deceased for “testing.” Some residents claim a pack of coyotes have claimed a mansion in Florida. 

Time 10:09 – 10:35
Giant parts of the Atlantic City boardwalk are missing. You cannot get into the shore towns, officials will not let you in and those roads are still closed. We have listeners huddled around  radios in their living rooms listening to us on portable radios. Steve works on the Cher-Out. Casey has one room in his house that is safe from the trees said it was an awesome experience. Steve got confused during the storm and dragged all of his furniture outside. A Cher-Out to the Edgehill Fire Department. Marisa sends a shart-out  to her parents are listening to the show using a generator. LQ. Hollywood Trash. Real Housewives of New Jersey get into fight. Anderson's Cooper live show was not renewed. One Direction released a new song called “Little Things.” LA.  Music News. Green day announced on Monday that they will be postponing all 2013 shows to a later date while Billy Joe Armstrong is in rehab. Jungle Noises. They bumped up the release date for the album “Tre.” Buckcherry is changing labels for their new album, Confession, which revolves around the 7 deadly sins. Chad Kroeger responds to Deryck Whibley's Halloween costume. Led Zeppelin is remastering albums for a 2013 boxset. Search and rescue missions have been launched in New Jersey.  Gov. Christie has been very active on Twitter.

Time 10:44 – 10:53
We are in a strange state of existence post Sandy. 2 million are still without power. The airport is going to try to send a few flights out today. Kathy is going home to a house full of people because she is the only one in her family with power. Thank you to David Murphy, Stephen Lynch, John McGown, Nubs from Mugshots, and everyone that called in today. LOTD. Campout for Hunger starts November 26th. Do not forget to vote for “Philly's Hottest Girl Wit.” Miss Cleo will be on and there will be a Creep Show ticket blow out tomorrow. Pierre stayed in the same hotel as Preston and the NBC staff. He joined their party and wanted to wake Preston up for it. Pierre will have more after hurricane coverage on his show.

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