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Time 6:16-6:33

A lot going on today. Traffic. News. Hurricane Sandy on the way to NJ. Casinos and state parks are closed. People have been urged to leave the state. Winds up to 85mph. Anticipated power outages. PA is in a state of emergency. Man attacked by 6 masked men. He was threatened with guns and tortured. They bound his wife with duct tape and stole money. Sports. Eagles lost 4th game. Falcons are 7-0. San FranciscoGiants beat Tigers for World Series lead. Sheena Parveen on phone. Abnormally large storm. Winds are documented at 500+ miles away from the center of the storm. Slow moving storm. Hurricane Sandy has her own Twitter page. Wind gusts are about 30-50mph currently. The strongest winds will be tonight. Major coastal flooding. Big announcement around 7:45. John Bolaris and Todd Carmicheal will be on the show today.

Time 6:42-7:05

Back into it this morning. Traffic. Pituation doing the Fonzie. People will be doing extra duty over the next 48hrs. Stupid Q Birthdays: Gabrielle Union, 40. Winona Ryder, 41. Richard Dreyfuss 65. Dan Castellaneta, 55. Kate Jackson, 64. Nick Hexum, 42. Stupid A. Not a lot of good revenue for a lot of movies at the box office. Entertainment News. Zooey Deschanel sang for game 3 of the world series. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson looked affectionate towards each other recently. Bengals cheerleader involved in sex scandal offered reality show by 'Jersey Shore' team. Mila Kunis may be pregnant. Tom Cruise may be leaving Scientology. He has a Medal of Valor from the Scientology church. Former Preacher Joe Simpson is dating a male model. His boyfriend is using him and talking behind his back. Reality star Coco from ice loves coco will be playing Little Bo Peep in a strip show. Clips: Fix it Felix, Sarah Silverman talks about working with John C. Reilly. Denzel Washington talks about new film Flight. A lot still to come.

Time 7:12-7:48

Hurricane Sandy is on the way. Traffic. Mayor Nutter will be coming on. Preston put away his patio furniture. Kathy waits a while to do anything like that. Chicago is even on a flood watch. This storm is so big Nick found out Delaware has a governor. Mayor Nutter on phone. Be safe,careful, and relocate yourself. Pendot will be placing speed restrictions. Take the storm seriously. Don't put yourself in any danger. There are shelters open. Always hope for a little more time to prepare. Very big potential for power outages. Hurricane Sandy. People in Manyunk were told to leave yesterday. Kathy's husband almost had to go into school today. Steve's trash isn't being picked up because the city doesn't want the garbage cans as projectiles. Preston's mad that on the national weather channel it goes from DC to NY, and completely skips Philadelphia. Even Bangor Maine is on the map! Caller: nobody mentions Delaware either. Kathy's family in NY just finished their house from Irene damage and now it's flooding again. John Bolaris on phone This storm will be legendary. Worst storm of all time. Storm is over 1000 miles in diameter. Strathmere is going to disappear- The bay and the ocean are going to connect. Nothing to compare it to. Not a storm to try and ride out. There will be thunderstorms. Severe high tide at 9o'clock. It's not bad now but it will be. Casino's are shut down. The roads aren't bad now but they will be. Surfers don't want to leave NJ.

Stupid Q: What is the busiest month in the US for major hurricane hits?

Stupid A: September.

Time 7:58-8:14

Getting a little taste of the Sandy. Traffic. Bizarre File. North Texas mom donated 86 gallons of breast milk. Animal rescuers in Scotland found 18inch snake in plane that was coming from Mexico. Family in Georgia lost their home, posted add in Craigslist about yard sale, the crowds of people ransacked the house and took everything they owned. Serbian widower had wife's vagina sculpted on her tombstone.Campout for Hunger Monday Nov 26. Keith Wyche president of Acme on phone. Easy to donate, online or in stores. Last year Acme donated 33,000 pounds. He has been going to all stores staying prepared for Sandy. We'll even take France's Euro's and baguettes. Todd Carmicheal will be coming in soon.

Time 8:25-8:49

Sandy's coming upon us. Traffic. Hurricane Sandy. Bridges may close down. No motorcycles or empty trucks. Nick has ridden his vespa in high winds before, it's scary. Steve gets an adrenalin rush from big storms. Preston wants to go outside. If Kathy was a news reporter she would be live at the beach right now. It's funny how the news stresses safety yet they have reporters in the ocean. People know their houses will flood and nothing can be done about it. If you're constantly getting flooded what happens with insurance? Caller is a car salesman and has to go into work. Kathy's cousin is on the line, talking about how her house may need to be raised after this storm. Her old neighbor said there hasn't been a bad storm in 50yrs, and then her house flooded. If everyone takes precautions, we should be okay. You can replace items, not life. Preston bought a generator for Irene. Lowes was bringing in generators from across the state. Preston hopes Wawa stays open. Halloween episode of South Park was a Shining parody. John Bolaris will be calling again.

Time 9:01-9:29

Rainy Monday. Traffic. Ton of texts. Hurricane Sandy Old Navy in Oxford Valley is open. Anyone in Manyunk shouldn't go to work today. Schuylkill expressway has been getting a lot of work done, Nick wonders about mud slides. Lots of places are still open today. Caller's wife works at Lowes, yesterday they were negative 123 generators. Preston's wife stocks up. Kathy hasn't done anything. Caller works for Septa and he still had to go to work. He had to go in, they said go home with no pay or sit around and get paid. Airport is closed, employees are still asked to come in. Caller's business is right off the Brandywine River. FEMA only covers structural buildings. John Bolaris on phone. The storm is accelerating. Major beach erosion. Expect 5-10inches of rain. Wave heights are over 30ft. He suggests getting home by noon. Major and severe beach erosion. Extremely widespread storm. Astronomical high tide. Winds tomorrow will still be reaching 60mph. Major rivers will continue to flood through the week, power may stay out for days. Caller is driving an armored truck, its 7 tons and swaying. Craig Leggons is on the phone and says if the power goes out, light a black woman's weave on fire, it'll last for 3 days.

Time 9:43-9:54

Camp out for hunger has been announced. Traffic. Shart outs. Cher out, and shaft outs as well. Bob Ross the joy of painting. Power is out in Media. Hurricane Sandy, it's happening. Bizarre File NJ man's scrotum was bitten by his angry girlfriend. Police are looking for home invader. 83 year old couple are both black belts, he warned the intruder he was armed but intruder was stabbed. Man being checked into jail had a woman's ear in his pocket. She had broken ribs and a collapsed lung. German doctors removed a 60lb tumor. Skyfall.

Time 10:05-10:24

Pitcherelli is so awkward. Speed restrictions are on all roads now. There are 5 cop cars outside. Thanks to all Peco workers. Cher-outs to them! Pitch-out. That's a baseball term too. Nick is playing words with friends. Nick also did some work today, he doesn't really like pork chops but he loves shake-n-bake. Just bake it, don't even shake it. Got a whole bowl full of bake. Shake out for Kathy's opossum. A bunch of cops are considered a glob of cops. Gaggle of geese. Labia of shriners. Jason is here, do you think Pierre is going to make it? He loves this stuff. Preston may have to stay over Pierre's house, he bets he snores. He has to start driving his hair at 2am. Lesson Q. Hollywood Trash. Kim Kardashian wore a skin tight mermaid outfit. Jennifer Lopez exchanged love messages on Twitter, Caspar tweeted 5 sevens. Lesson A.Music News. Blink 182 is leaving their record company. Green Day canceled all tour dates. They might be making a Kurt Cobain movie or musical. Everyone has AIDs... aids, aids, aids (Team America, World Police). Halestorm will have a Halloween performance. If you're going to be in AC it's probably better to be up high. A few more things on the way.

Time 10:35-10:40

The plan is to still come in to work tomorrow. The commute tomorrow will be perilous. Bolaris said you shouldn't be going out after 2. Wrap Up. Preston wants Pierre to cuddle with him. Pierre's beard will feel great on his back. Pierre said it's just like a big rainstorm out there. Not overly hyped by the media. LOTD: S. Thanks to Sheena Parveen, Acme, and Bolaris. It's really easy to donate at Acme now. Pierre will be doing some hurricane themes today. Tomorrow more Sandy stuff. Have a great and safe day!

Lesson Q: When tom cruise won the medal of valor for Scientology, over which foe did he lead them to victory?

Lesson A: The Neptonians



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