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Disc: 1 Date: 10-26-2012

Track1Time 6:15-6:28

Good Friday morning. Traffic. News. Hurricane Sandy wipes out parts of Jamaica. Several victims involved. Super Storm heads to the Atlantic coast next week. Take all of your Halloween displays inside. It will blow away. High winds and slight snow. Are they making emergency attempts for Halloween night? Nanny stabs two children within a hotel room after a swimming lesson. Mother had discovered her two children dead in the hotel bathroom. The Nanny stabbed herself after committing the crime. Nanny is now in custody. 2 million mark passes from debate. What a waste of money. 88.8 million was raised. Romney reaches over 100 million. Sports News. Tigers got shut down by Giants and take the lead 2-0. Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Vikings. Eagles face Falcons this Sunday at 1pm. Night of Terror. John Bolaris and many others are coming by. Shamaylan, Stella, Christina Cooks and Jerry O'Connell. HottieCam-Buckle Bunnies. Pat's King of Steaks – Pat is bringing some food. Vegan Steaks. Stay There.



Track 2 Time 6:40-7:07

Don't Call Me Daughter. Traffic. That's your nut-sack. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Hillary Clinton. Casey's fantasy girl. Seth MacFarlane who has more money than anyone. He's hosting the Oscars. Dylan McDermott is 51. Jacklyn Smith – Charlies Angels. Pat Sayjack – Wheel of Fortune. Carrie Elway's is 50 today. He is a great guy. Rita Wilson is 56. Bob Hoskins is 70. Awesome guy. Steve loves him. Keith Urban is 45. Seth MacFarlane Song. Stupid Answer. Entertainment News. Lindsay Lohan's Publicist quits! What else is new. Snooki drops the A & S bomb. Ten year old's talk like this now? Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are getting hot and heavy. James Franco denies dating Ashley Benson. Franco says those are Beiber's girls. Jessica Biel is changing her name. Oh God!!! Kardashian news – no proposal from Kenye. Kate Middleton rubs off her husbands style. Middleton is gorgeous. Cloud Atlas – Tom Hank's mom was not pleased with his language. Robin Roberts is doing good after surgery. Taylor Swift dumps Kennedy! Preston likes Taylor. She has hooks. She's really tall. Chelsea Handler admits she wouldn't be a good mom. Kitchen Nightmares premieres tonight. 'Signs' Screening. Stay There.



Track 3 Time 7:19-7:46

The Police rules. Preston air drums. Traffic. Kathy was walking towards 19th street – she and her friend saw a guy in blue boxer shorts spanking it in public. He was reaching the end. He loves the energy of the city – enjoy the life in your hand. Catching People In Public Masturbation. People use bathroom stalls. Kathy should have joined him. Casey remembers the guy who used our bathrooms to masturbate. Preston pulled up to a red light and saw an old man dunking it on the street. Kim on phone. Guy masturbated in public bar. We don't see woman shaking it much these days. Steve sits at the end of the conference table to masturbate. Jobs are boring so it's an excuse to rape ourselves. Kathy doesn't do it. Bill Weston has a special tube in his office. People go to people's homes to masturbate – its an OCD thing. Kathy has a saddle on her seat right now. Truck stops are getting popular. Daylight spanking. Lot Lizards – Truck Stops. Iraq Fire-Fight Spanking. Soldier gets DVD of his girlfriend from home and started spanking it. Was it friendly fire? Matt's the text winner of the day. Stay There.


SQ: What does BB stand for in BB King?



SA: It's Blues Boy


Disc: 2 Date: 10-26-2012

Track1Time 7:58-8:20

Tom Petty Rocks! Traffic. Motorcycle Ride – Fairview Village in PA. Bizarre File. A city police officer charged in NY from talking about how he wanted to kill, torture, rape and eat 100 woman. What a psycho. He is going to federal court – facing serious charges. The man claims he knew the woman that he was planning to kidnap. A mans ear was bitten off by his son in law. Police say incident began because the wife made a sandwich for another man. Everyone should eat ears if they don't get a sandwich. A couple is in trouble due to a wife having sex with a girl while the husband watched over the net – on Skype. The hunt is on for a thief who stole a handbag – the description is a fox. Christina Pirello in Studio. You cam so early. Christina is going against Pat. Christina is making the steaks/Pat's making the Vegans. Christina likes the steaks. They're delicious. Christina is a Vegan. She is a health Vegan. Vegans attract others to be a Vegan and also get mad at other Vegans for not being a good Vegan. America is a meat eating nation. We like Steaks!!! Preston does. Kathy doesn't eat a lot of meet. Cook off on Saturday at 2-5pm with Pat's Steaks. Pat's Steaks Vegan Cookout with Christina Pirello.



Track 2 Time 8:29-8:49

Joan Jet Rocks Hard! Traffic. M. Night Shamaylan is hanging with Steve Tonight for the 10th Anniversary of Signs. M. Night Shamaylan on Phone. Halloween night is amateur night. Steve follows Night on Twitter. Loves talking to the fans. He is very interactive. Unbreakable was such a great film – we love it. Every film hits the audience in a different way. The reactions around the world help and make M. Night feel good. It's important to write and give back. Nick saw Signs with a group of friends. Many terrifying moments. Signs is so well written. The focus is on Mel rather than the Alien invasion that occurs. Civilians would act and react the same way. Nick remembers seeing M. Night talking to Jaden Smith and Skrillex. Steve admires M. Night's film obsession. The Master was a great film that M. Night loved. Preston is excited to see if M. Night read The Passage. M. Night is excited for his new film. End of the World stuff – good father/son relationship. After Earth Summer 2013. M. Night Shamaylan w/ Steve Tonight for the 10th Anniversary of Signs. Buckle Bunnies with Jackie.



Track 3 Time 9:01-9:15

Slayer Man!!!! Buckle Bunnies – HottieCam. Traffic. Stella in Studio. Welcome to our layer. The studio is officially haunted. Honey-bunny and Zombie Guard are her personal guests. Steve loves the funny-humorized concept. Elvira was a huge aspect and Stella had great boobs! She is an actress. She's from Jersey. Her cleavage tingles. CBS owns the show and we can see her web-series on YouTube. She can't sell any video work. Stella isn't thrilled about her bad movies/shows. It makes her sick! She has worked with some pretty cool people. She has recently created her own Man Cave and it's awesome. What does Stella do on Halloween?Preston loves her boobs!!!!!She's hosting a blood drive. She can get a few drips of blood. Blood Drive – Collingswood, NJ. Come out to her film-festival. Its going to be a great Halloween night. Stella has her own hot sauce – Triple D. Stella we love you. Thank you for boobs. Scott Weiland giveaway.


Disc: 3 Date: 10-26-2012

Track1Time 9:28-9:53

Sweet Child Baby!!!! Axl Rose is still a d*ck!!! Traffic. HottieCam-Buckle Bunnies. When is hockey coming back. Now we have to watch old series until this damn thing ends. John Bolaris in Studio. We have weather on our way people! This hurricane is going to hit us! Follow John on Twitter, he updates everything. It is the Perfect Storm. The winds have increased – three things happening at once. This storm is affecting everything – an inland storm. Its 800 miles from the east and west side. Kathy is scared! The storm is just continuing to grow. Sunday night we begin to see the affects. Strong winds of 80mph. High High winds.Lets hope we don't go through five wind cycles. Preston is going to have to find different routes – they will be flooded. Bizarre File. San Diego car wash man finds a metal box in a car containing the ashes of man who was cremated over 15 years ago. Where's the owner. North Korean man was executed from a mortar shell. This guy was exploded! Car Thieves take 12 coffins and a van in Germany. Nude man who works as a clown was arrested for hopping naked in a mans car asking to have sex. Wild monkey is finally captured after several years.



Track 2 Time 10:04-10:26

Jimi Hendrix Man!!!! Jerry O'Connell on Phone. Thanks for remembering me. Don't be one of those strange obsessive Munster fans. This is just a spoof mocking of the original. Steve is looking forward to it. Jerry looks really cool with the make-up. Mockingbird Lane – Herman Munster. Its a darker show. Jerry really wanted to have the role and is looking forward to freaking people out. Mockingbird Lane is somewhat not as well known – do people want to accept this idea. The characters are fresh – its a fresh new version. Grandpa will be eating people so don't get offended. This is a new image to the original. If you're a monster, you have the right to eat people. Jerry is shocked that Taylor broke up with Kennedy. John Bolaris in Studio. Don't let this storm fool you. It will be bad. Expect flooding, power out-tages and people running away screaming. Storm of the Weekend. Lesson Question. Where did Steve take a dump? Hollywood Trash. Taylor and Kennedy have split up. Bobby Christina Brown sticks up for love life. Mariah Carey receives 8 hour massage. Lesson Answer. Music News. Linkin Park – American music awards. Ozzy and Manson nominated to the fright night awards. 3 Doors Down Greatest Hits.



Track 3 Time 10:36-10:50

U2!!!!! The weather is looking bad this weekend. HottieCam-The Ice Girls. Happy 40th to Preston's wife. Preston will be at an event. Steve is going to put all of his belongings away before the storm hits. Hurricane Sandy. We can't run. We can't hide.

Marisa is avoiding the storm so shes going to Atlantic City at Revel. Letter of the Day. Pierre is here. He was sandbagging his house. Thanks to our awesome guests who kept us company today. Pierre doesn't remember hanging with Stella. It was too scary to recall anything. Big Freakin Deal – Casey Halloween announcement. Word of the Week: Ranch. Thanks to our sponsors. That is it. We are done. Have a good weekend. Peace out.


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