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Last giveaways for the night of terror tonight Night of Terror Traffic News 30k reward posted for abduction of a 10 mo old baby girl and the murder of her 61 yr old grandmother. Hurricane Sandy's winds stranded travelers as it roared across Jamaica the death toll is at 2. Preston's good friend is named Sandy so they're joking with her about it. Cruise Ships changed itineraries to avoid the hurricane. Casey's friend is in Jamaica now. Former home of the Phila Inquirer & Daily News has plans to build a resort/casino. Sports Pablo Sandoval nickname “Kung Foo Panda” hit 3 home runs in the world series 8-3 win in game1.The Divine Lorraine hotel now it's the finest crack house in the city. Todd Glass will be here and he's getting a tattoo by Bob Dodge. He is getting some sort of P&S tattoo as his first. Darien Hatcher and his wife will be here for a 5k run.

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70 degrees cloudy its going to be really nice for the Night of Terror tonight. Traffic Audio Stupid QBirthdays Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers looks a lot like Will Ferrell. Katy Perry, Preston wants to marry her. Just recently had a nip slip. Nancy Cartwright voice of Bart Simpson, Craig Robinson 41, Stupid A Entertainment News Victoria Beckham world's least fun celebrity. She never looks like she's having fun because she's hungry all the time. She beat out Tom Cruise. The same survey says Allen Carr is the most fun. He's the host of the Chat Show tonight who's the most boring celeb we find out its Victoria Beckham chatty chat chat chat. Christina Applegates's husband receiving death threats through twitter. “I'll blow your effing head off” “You stole her away from me” Tom Cruise filing a 50 mil lawsuit against Life & Style Mag and In Touch Mag for saying he abandoned his daughter. Preston doesn't know who his lawyer is, its Marty Singer if you need any legal advice Tom is a caring father and dearly loves Siri. For the purpose of this story I will be the lawyer let me do the talking here. His lawyer said that any money he gets will go to charity. Jessica Simpsons father dropped the bomb on his family said he's gay. Donald Trump's announcement turned out to be not too big after all. Trump said he'd give 5mil to a charity if the president released passport apps. Bobby Brown busted yesterday for a DUI in LA. Lindsay Lohan stole 15k worth of clothing from the set of Scary Movie 5. Preston is giving a shart out listener quit his job teaching middle school kids who are dicks. Clips Cloud Atlas Tom Hanks 30 Rock Tracy Morgan Night of Terror Giveaway

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Preston loves when we play U2 in the morning Night of Terror Traffic Todd Glass itunes song. Todd Glass In Studio Getting a Tattoo Todd sent audio for Casey asks if they'd ever have oxycotin candy. Todd is getting a tattoo today. He had a fake tattoo arm sleeve, but today he's nervous. He wants something understated, dull figures. He looked at what lasering it off would cost. Its an elaborate design. His niece had a tattoo said no regrets and he took her to laser it off. His grandfather drew it in drawing school, or the war. He thinks theirs a good vibe when you go into a Wawa he wants to be the spokes person. Dr. Genter he needs a refresher of Regis. He should have heard the Hulk Hogan Regis audio. He's going from above the watch up. He's getting nervous he's starting to sweat. He had so much fun on The Burn with Jeff Ross. He said that Todd was the funniest guest they had on the show. He was the person that saved his life when he had his heart attack. Preston heard he had a different name he wasn't Todd it was Kendall something. He's at PJ Ryans in Phoenixville this Saturday. He'd be on Broadway doing his Lenny Bruce falange it's his one man show. Todd Glass ringtone for Casey. He did a bumper for Bob Dodge and RC He did one for Preston & Steve. Dr. Genter


Stupid Q what movie is this audio from?


Stupid A Better Off Dead


Can't find Kathy she ran out screaming mudslide. Night of Terror GiveawayBizarre File worker at sand 1 golf course Capistrano found a 2lb leopard shark in the grass of the golf course. Assumed he was picked up by a bird and dropped on the course. 20 yr old Brazilian woman auctioned off her virginity for 780k male counterpart sold his virginity for 3k. 41 yr old car washer from Brazil turned up alive at his own wake. Family member mistook the body for him. Pregnant woman arrested for public drunkenness gave birth to the baby in the lobby of the jail 2-3 mo premature. Woman complaining to public transit authority for a bus driver kicking her and her son off the bus because of his stinky diaper. Todd Glass is in the other room getting his first tattoo. Kathy is back. Traffic Darien Hatcher stopping by soon.

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Little cloudy today no threats of rain it'll be a high of 70 Night of Terror Traffic Todd Glass getting his first tattoo Todd getting his tattoo saying RC keeps talking about the ghosts in his garage. Dr. Genter audio from Obama on Leno last night. Axl Rose on Jimmy Kimmel last night talks about why he always runs off stage. Preston never liked him live. Sounds like he's got cheesecake in his mouth. His voice doesn't match what people expect. O'Reilly and Snooki were both on Letterman last night. Who could be undecided in this process he asks. O'Reilly takes jabs at Snooki. Clint Eastwood political ad Audio his voice is really starting to go ever since Gran Torino. I'm snooki and I approved this ad. 93 year old WWII veteran Frank Tanabe, died after casting his last ballot in Hawaii. Casey doesn't think his vote should count. Forbes Top Earning Dead Celebrities List Liz Taylor is number 1 on the list she earned 210 mil last year. Steve thinks White Diamonds smells cheap and its made from chicken piss. Michael Jackson is next on the list 145 mil, Elvis with 55 mil, Charles Schulz creator of The Peanuts with 37 mil. Bob Marley never gets old to Preston. John Lennon 12 mil, Casey introduced his kids to the Beatles yesterday. His favorite song is Let it Be. Marilyn Monroe made 10 mil last year. Who gets the money to her estate since she didn't have children? Dr Seuss made 9 mil. Steve McQueen. Bettie Paige. Casey didn't think he could pick out a pic of Steve McQueen. Checking in with Todd Glass he's screaming in pain. Its 7 inches up the arm already. He's going to get the word Kendall around his ankle.

 Date: 10-25-2012


Night of Terror Traffic a lot of stuff going on Todd Glass is getting a very large tattoo in the other room. Chris Holt in Studio new SyFy show “Real Fear: “The Truth Behind the Movie” they uncover the stories behind horror movies like Amityville Horror, Poltergeist and Silent Hill. Steve knows the Amityville House from living in Long Island The Mothman Prophecies in Virginia is one of Steve's favorite movies. They met with expert witnesses who believed they saw this 8ft creature. They went to Centrailia because it was a lot like Silent Hill. Went to the real house from Poltergeist and the police officer who was on the case. To this day its still an open case. Steve wants to see, but hasn't seen anything.



Night of Terror Todd Glass still getting his tattoo it's exactly what he wanted. Traffic Last 3 years of his career he spent with the Flyers. Currently the player development coach for the Flyers. Derian Hatcher in Studio first annual Flyers Halloween 5k run and Fun Run. There will be a lot of stuff for the kids, pumpkin painting etc. Since he has no cartilage in his knees he'll probably be walking but since he got his new knee he's starting to run again. He knew he couldn't do it anymore because of his knee it wasn't that difficult of a decision to end his career. He believes they'll play hockey again. As his job he works a lot with the younger draft picks. He prepares them for the NHL, summer rookie camp and to be around as a mentor and an idea of what it takes to be in the league. He says Riley Cote is doing well as coach. Preston keeps getting text references about him knocking Crosby's teeth out. He said he didn't try to do it but everyone loves it. The players aren't allowed to interact with the organization right now. Bernie Parent might pop in he shows up wherever there's food. Checking in with Todd says they got a little carried away,he loves it. He's not sweating anymore He forgot to tell them that its on the wrong arm. Night of Terror


Rusted Root on mmr. Preston has seen the first pics of the gallery for Philly's Hottest Chick Wit Bizarre File woman charged for crashing her car into another vehicle and then a a security officer outside a hospital. She drove away after shots were fired before the crash she was attempting to eat a bar of soap while driving 93mph. Faces are forgettable for 2 sisters they have a rare condition called face blindness despite knowing people for years. And iphone 3GS was blasted 3k feet into the air before being blown a part. Lesson QHollywood Trash OK mag reported Kim and Kanye are getting engaged with a 20k ring they'll release Chinese dissonance instead of doves. Lesson AMusic News Rob Zombies new album due in early 2013 fans can expect something special. Todd Glass does Romney Dangerfield. Metallica working on its next album to be released in 2014, its not going to be fun going through all the music ideas they have Kirk Hammet says. Todd gives credit to Patton Oswald for him starting Romney Dangerfield. Bob says he never gets scared when he does a tattoo. Todd's mom is a little surprised that he's getting a tattoo, she has something tattooed behind her ear. Mom you have a P&S tattoo on your inner thigh? Suspenseful music. Dr Genter


70 degrees comfortable with clouds tonight it would be great.Night of Terror ticket giveaway Thank you to Todd Glass. Todd Glass audio he'll be at PJ Ryans Saturday. An introspective Todd this morning he's happy with his tattoo thanks to Bob Dodge and RC. Thanks to Derian and Heather Hatcher Thanks to Chris Holt for the SyFy's 2 hour premiere Real Fear. Its Intern Joe's birthday today! They reminisce by playing the clip of him getting tattooed on his taint. Letter of the Day C


 Lesson Q: What is the main ingredient in the perfume White Diamonds?


Lesson A: Chicken Piss



Letter of the Day: C





















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