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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:

Derian Hatcher - Formerly of the Flyers - IN STUDIO - 9AM

Chris Holt - Shovelhook - Appearing on Real Fear on Syfy - IN STUDIO - 9:30


Here's what happened on the show this morning:


Time 6:12-6:29

Check out Science Day pictures. Traffic. News: 2 teenage boys charged with killing 12 yr-old in NJ. Strangled her, no signs of sexual abuse, killed her for bike parts. The boys are known as bike thieves. Barnes & Noble says devices customers use to swipe credit & debit cards have been tampered w/ in 63 of its stores. Preston likes tangible books. Will libraries be outdated by internet? Apple's new Ipad mini will cost much more than others. Thin as a pencil, lighter, bigger screen, and a camera on the both sides. Sports: Barry Zito will be in Game 1 of World Series. Ozzie Guillen fired as Marlins manager after one season. NHL players association can't even agree to meet. Secret Text. Fox Good Day, Jim Breuer, and Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz will be coming up.

Time 6:41-7:06

10/24, Man that day flew by! No, it's the 24th of Oct. Traffic. Stupid Q Birthdays: Bill Wyman,76 of the Rolling Stones. Kevin Klein, 65. F Murray Abraham. Drake. Tila Tequila, 31. Stupid AEntertainment News:Justin and Jessica sold wedding photos. Ellen DeGeneres awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. Whoopi dresses like a sack of crap. If Nick were a lesbian he'd dress like a man. A Christian Dior mascara featuring Natalie Portman has been banned for exaggerating the effect of the product. Russel Crowe addressed reports of separation from wife. Daniel Radcliffe is at the top of Richest British under 30 celebrity list. Rob Pattinson is #2. Angelina Jolie's kids Pax and Zahara join her in 'Maleficent.' Kim Cattrall will be playing Elliana Lincoln for the film adaptation for 50 Shades of Gray. NY Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez was dumped by Eva Longoria. She is getting tattoos removed inspired by her ex-husband. Clips: Nashville Hayden Panettiere compares show to soap opera. Josh Scwartz directs Fun Size because it combines all his favorite movies. Jim Breuer and Hurricane Schwartz coming up. Night of Terror.

Time 7:18-7:45

Avengers Movie. Traffic. Text message: Happy Hump day from Joe the Douche Bag. Preston wants to give away a prize for the message that makes him happiest. Sleep Studies. Casey's had Sleep Study because he never feels rested. Event recorder, Preston and Steve have both worn them. Steve & Preston have a thyroid problem. Steve gets about 5-6 hrs of sleep. Casey's 1st sleep study, hooked up to wires all over the place, trying to see if he has sleep apnea. Has dreams about holding his breathe under water. 2nd study to get mask for sleeping. Lady doctor discusses results, he wakes up 22 times an hour. Saw arousal reports, said “You can count how many boners I get?!” She said, “excuse me?” “It said arousal...” “arousal's is how many times you wake up.” Dr. Mike called: says every time he talks to Casey he says, I had at least 10 arousal's last night. Sleep Apnea keeps you awake and affects hormones and weight loss. Nick's doctor said he needs to exercise but noody wants to exercise when tried. Don't have to be a heavy person to have sleep apnea. Nick's friend says C-pap's are a game changer. Morning wood is great according to Preston. Nick says sex dreams feel like you're having sex, but he's having reoccurring dreams where he is getting in a car accident. Do you sleep with a stick shift in your butt? When he wakes up he really feels like he's been in an accident. Preston's wife has been having dreams that he's been cheating on her. Caller has had 100 arousal's a night. Power of the mind controlling dreams. Wreck-it Ralph.

Stupid Q: What were those magic #'s from the TV show lost?

Stupid A: 4 8 15 16 23 42

Time 7:55-8:09

Live on Fox soon. Traffic. Night of Terror Thursday. Fox Good Day. Parents post embarrassing pictures on child's Facebook page. Steve's dad liked to wear shorts and work boots. Preston's parents haven't embarrassed him. 4:30 on Saturday Walk to support Lymphoma. CoCoKey. Bizarre File. NJ man high on PCP tried to eat through wrist, pooped, & bit off his finger and swallowed it. Man stole 70k a week by crawling around on the floor of movie theaters stealing. Woman bathing on yoga mat in front yard, a man in a pick up truck ran over her head. Received 15 stitches, ear canal damage, and track marks on her head. Wedding planner felt couple wasn't posh enough for venue, revealed her thoughts to couple by accidentally e-mailing them. Breaking news: Ticket raid for Halloween Creep Show at The Night of Terror tomorrow night. Hurricane Schwartz and Jim Breuer coming up.

Time 8:21-9:00

Jim Breuer performing at the Borgata. CoCoKey. Traffic. Nasty traffic commute, as much as it sucks waking up at 4am, it beats the traffic. PMS, a myth? Only 53% of studies say bad mood and PMS are related. If women are expecting it, they can use it as an excuse to be angry. Kathy & crew don't know when her period is coming. Steve says CSI hasn't seen anything with the time he and his wife had period sex. His wife gets lovey. Preston's wife's face breaks out. Birth control pills can help with acne. There are more polite ways to ask if a woman is on her period, like “would you like chocolate?” instead of “are you on the rag?”Steve pretending to be Kathy's mom “You were born from angry sex!” Caller says women get their period too. Hormones change your attitude. Steve's wife loves Fairy Tale brownies. They should have a PMS package of candy. Expensive bicycles. Gucci partnered Bianchi to produce a $14,000 urban and off-road bike. Lacks suspension & a fender. They now make automatic gear changing bikes. Bike share, similar to car share. Boob Bank/ Sugar daddy's. Men can make donations towards breast implants. Take before and after pictures and keep in contact w/ donors the next 6months. Sugar daddy's must be receiving more special treatment than what women really say. Most women who get implants wish they went bigger. Caller: friend has stripper who has Sugar daddy, gives her a salary and once a month has to service him. Some men really pay a lot of money just for arm candy. Caller's wife used boob donations, and got her friend boobs for free. Never meet face to face. Sugar daddy has feeling of ownership. Not all sugar daddy's get sex. Night of Terror. Jim Breuer coming up.

Track 3 Time 9:08-9:27

CocoKey. Traffic. Jim Breuer on phone, will be at the Borgata on Nov 2. Used Iron man character and ACDC a lot in the Avengers movie. Jim has a family life, and an entertainment life. He's got a trampoline and a two car garage, he's alright and happy. Mo' money mo' problems. When people recognize him at restaurants he feels like he has to leave a bigger tip. Off the stage he's a home-body. He likes playing with kids. He gets his neighborhood to play kickball, his neighbor is still mad he lost. Likes mischief night with the kids. Neighbors know it's him, so they're on high alert. Gears up for retaliation. Wants paintball land mines. Brand new show “I'm all grown up”, new tour called “something for everyone.” Preston's thinking about doing mischief with his kids. Jim Breuer Nov. 2. at the Borgata. CoCoKey.

Time 9:33-9:53

Secret text. Traffic. Panzarottis and other good food from CoCoKey. Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz in Studio. Had heart failure in April. Didn't really think his heart pressure was anything serious, it was a precursor of a heart attack. Main artery was 99% blocked. Stress leads to heart disease. They call this type of heart failure The widow maker. Used to play full on racquet ball. He tries to live healthier now by eating better, exercising, and trying to stay less stressed. 14th annual Heart Walk Nov. 4th @ citizens bank park. #1 killer, but it's preventable. 8-10 am on the 4th, there is a bunch of fun and games. He's going to play racquet ball right after this. Has been doing a lot of walking, then stepped it up to running. Had rehab to get him back him up to speed. Tropical storm Sandy is close to becoming a hurricane, could turn into nor'easter. Bizarre File. Thai face slapping costs $350 for fifteen minutes. Cakes made to look like STD's. Man entered bank, made demand, and was refused, finally got money, walked out and counted money and was mad it was less than 20k. He came back to the same bank to demand the rest of the money. Man was scratching his testicles because there was a rash, after a woman called police because she believed he was pleasuring himself. His case was dismissed because of the rash. Surveillance video shows a person throwing molotov cocktail at stranger. Secret text.

Time 10:04-10:23

Traffic has sucked today. Traffic. We'll try to give a prize out daily to a text that Preston likes. Secret text. They outlawed the pile driver. Wrestling is actually very acrobatic. Nick gave his friend a pile driver. Numbs with toothpicks from CoCoKeys are delicious. I'm going to put them in my pockets. Beirut is now beer pong. Lesson Q. Hollywood Trash: Whitney Huston in now glad she's dead after her daughters pregnancy. Ashton Kutcher takes Mila Kunis to the pampered foot, she re-payed the favor by taking him to the pampered hand. Lesson A. Music News. Metallica will release new album under their own label. Corey Taylor is upset with today's teenagers. They're lazy and easily persuaded. Gun's and Roses will start residency in Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for Appetite for Democracy. The casino made chips with the G&N logo on them. Fans are complaining that Led Zepplin isn't being played loud enough on Celebration Day in theaters. NYE House of Blues for Jane's Addiction tickets.

Time 10:33-10:43

Entertainment is just beginning when Pierre starts. No idea what the weather is like out there. Axl Rose has been dancing with Mr. Coldstone. Jim Breuer, performing at the Borgata on Nov 2. Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz stopped by. His heart exploded out of his chest and now he's going to be at Citizens bank on Sun Nov 4th for the heart walk. CoCoKey is a huge indoor water park. They brought by a ton of delicious food. This Friday is the Mid-Atlantic Regional Beer Pong Tournament. Shart Out for the people who worked on Pancake's car. Casey has a sand table. There are separate compartments for sand and water. Pierre is here. Celebrates each cup of coffee for being individualistic and special like Christmas. Keurig's are wonderful. Pierre has two creamers and a sugar and a half. Steve says he's a sexy sassy bitch. Daily Letter: N. Word of the week. One week away from the Creep Show.

Lesson Q: What alcoholic beverage led to the conception of Kathy Romano?

Lesson A: Zeema


Secret text: Suplex.

Daily Letter: N

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