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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:09-6:22
311 on WMMR. Traffic. News. A body has been found in a recycling container & they have discovered its Autumn Pasquale, she went missing Saturday. The stories don't get any better. State police are looking for a baby who was kidnapped after her grandmother was killed. A building was damaged by a truck tire on the Schuylkill.  A pregnant women was taking to the hospital due to an accident with the tire. She said she was tired.  Sports. Giants beat the Cardinals in game 7 to move on to the World Series. Bears beat the Giants yesterday in NFL. Sixers beat the Knicks 98-90 in preseason. Darryl Tap on the show today. Wreck-it Ralph giveaway. 

Time 6:33-7:02
Linkin Park on WMMR. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Robert Trujillo is 48. Weird Al Yankovic is 53. Ryan Reynolds is 36. Ang Lee is 58. Sam Raimi is 53.      Stupid Answer. Entertainment News. Emma Watson is going back to school, she will be going to Brown. Justin Timberlake said the wedding was magical, Jessica Beil  said it was a dream come true. Lance Armstrong was officially stripped of all his medals, Lance still decides not to fight it. Imagine the Hulk in the tour de France. Steve impersonates the Hulk.  Caller John is heated, people need to remember that he never failed a drug test before. Simon Cowell says the X factor is signed to another season. Lea Michele is not pregnant it's just a rumor. Michael Lohan claims he would like to appoint a conservator for his daughter as long as it's not her mother, & she is not guilty of the hit & run, that's good because she never failed a drug test. Chris Jenner accidentally showed her nipples on twitter by accident. Ireland Baldwin is new in the world in bikini tweet pics. Brian Austin Green sued Vanessa Marcil over a claim which has expired.  Melissa Rycroft has been cleared to perform on Dancing with the Stars. Clips. Fun Size with Victoria Justice. Chasing Mavericks with Gerard Butler. 

Time 7:13-7:48
Foxy Shazam on WMMR! Traffic. Phoenixville School District Bans Halloween. Their excuses are that they want to focus on the religious aspect of “All Hallows eve” & kids  weren't showing up to school on Halloween because they didn't want to wear their costumes. Everyone loved dressing up in school back in the day. Instead they are changing it to the fall festival, soon they will change Christmas to the winter festival. Caller Kathy says that she is a school teacher & she does the fall festival because she has Muslim students. Caller Maureen says they have a harvest celebration at her son's school where they can't dress up. Caller Mel says Casey is right, the adults take the fun of Halloween because her district is focusing & favoring the catholic tradition but she is pagan. It's amazing how sheltered people can be about religion. Caller Shane says listening to them reminds them about when he was young they used to have the parade & had Jehovah witnesses protest for being Satanic. We are all going top die one day so we create ways of having fun. And they danced. We built this city.  There is a Jehovah witness on the phone who proved Shane wrong, no such thing would ever happen. List of people you will see at a party. The guy who doesn't dress up & explains why. The person whose costume affects movement. The “To soon” costume. The “Sexy _ /Slutty _” costume, The person who hates Halloween. The guy who wears a woman's outfit & claims it's the best costume there. The person who made every part of their costume. The person who approaches Halloween as a method actor. Creep Show, Wreck-it Ralph giveaway.   

Stupid Q:
In Scotland & Ireland what do they call Trick or Treating?

Stupid A:

Time 7:59-8:15
Green day on WMMR. Traffic. Talking whale. Scientists believe that a whale has been trying to communicate with humans by modifying it's own sounds. The whale should be in a debate with Stallone. Steve impersonates the whale. It sounds like the intro to star wars & eye of the tiger, maybe even Peter Frampton.  Bizarre Files. A 9 year old was accidentally shot in the shoulder with a shot gun by a family member when she was mistaken for a skunk, the family member was not drunk. A Pennsylvania man is in jail after going after his housemate with a chainsaw. A south west Florida teacher is injured after a mackerel fell from the sky & hit her. A woman in San Antonio faked her own abduction to have a day off at work. A housewife claims being raised by monkey's for 5 years in the jungle after she got abducted when she was 5. Night of Terror giveaway.   

Time 8:28-8:59
The Black Keys on WMMR. Hottie Cam. Traffic. Caffeine Intakes. Monster Energy has been cited in 5 deaths & one heart attack, deaths are caused by the caffeine intake. One girl drank 2 24 ounce energy drinks in 24 hours. Coffee has the most caffeine than energy drinks & soda. Coffee used to be treated to asthma patients &  ADHD patients. Caller Tommy had a heart attack when he was 30 years old due to energy drinks, he would drink 3 cans a day,  he has not had an energy drink since then. Kathy's mom said 2 glasses of water has the same lift as a cup of coffee. Caller Reed adds to the coffee & asthma theory, he saw it in “Quantum Leap” & so he started it & it worked. Caller David has kids who have ADHD & the coffee ratcheted his kids off the wall behavior. Four Loko is like monster except it has alcohol in it. Caller Martin says there used to be powder called “Stoke” you would add it to your drink & got stoked, apparently it had ephedrine. If you need something for energy other than energy drinks just get coffee, or coke just on the side. Caller Chris agrees with Kathy's mom, he substituted coffee for water for a week it felt so much better. Apples have a lot of energy.  Kids should not drink energy drinks. Cheerleaders giveaway. 

Time 9:10-9:31
Incubus on WMMR. Traffic. Darryl Tapp & State Senator LeAnna Washington In Studio. They have an event coming up called, “The Fifth Annual Walk to End Domestic Violence”. Darryl got on board when his neighbor told him about it. Preston & Steve hear about domestic abuse all the time on the news & even some callers have called in with shocking stories. LeAnna is a survivor of domestic violence, she was a teen parent & wife, she always had black eyes, blood splatters, the worse part was when she decided to leave she had nowhere to go. There are not enough shelters out there for women that are being abused and now the budgets are getting cut for it. Men would have to be sub-human to enjoy hurting them. LeAnna has been victimized by many forms of abuse. The money that will be raised for the walk will be given to Philadelphia to keep the domestic abuse hotline running 24/7. Darryl keeps calling Preston sir, he's not that nice on the field though, big  game, vs. the falcons. It's going to be different due to the coaching change, it is what it is says Darryl but during the off season is when the big changes come into play. Darryl is a big Redskins fan. With HD now a days you can hear the snap count. Darryl kick-started his football career in high-school. He wanted to be like his brothers. He's a father to be If he has to he will leave the game to go to his wife. We will be back! 

Time 9:42-9:55
Blues Traveler on WMMR. Hottie Cam. Traffic. Picture day.  today the girls are all dressed up. Everyone looks nice today. Preston brings extra shirts to work in case he spills. Nick Shaved and got a hair trim last night to look fresh. Kathy & Marisa will be standing out today during the staff photo. Bizarre Files. An Italian court convicted 7 scientists and earthquake experts with manslaughter for not warning people of an 8.6 earthquake. A police officer fatally shot a naked man after he tried burning his house down, when he saw the first man run into the house another naked man ran at him with a shotgun. Hi! The second floor of an apartment collapsed on top of a party that was going on under the place. The true sign of a rough economy when a 73 year old woman got arrested for prostitution. Night of Terror giveaway.   

Time 10:08-10:22
The Rolling Stones on WMMR! Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Felix Baumgartner announced his retirement. Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his medals. David Corey has found his birth mother & she wants him to stop singing. Lesson Answer. Music News. Travis barker says that he was profiled by law enforcement last week & immediately labeled him as a gang member/ druggie. Pearl Jam is working on a new album but are in no rush to get it out. Axl Rose went on stage & said “this is the last place I would of expected to be”  at a charity event & dropped the “F” bomb 5 times. Beyond the thunder is the new AC/DC documentary, it shows the journey of inspiration along the road. Lars Ulrich is now in a relationship with Jessica Miller. Jimmy Page is looking forward to making new music and can't wait to surprise everybody. Steve impersonates a press member.  It's the same picture different frame. Gumby is in the studio dancing with the girls. Cheerleaders giveaway.

Time 10:34-10:42
The Offspring on WMMR. Thanks to Darryl Tapp & State Senator LeAnna Washington for stopping by today. Loved the ladies from Cheerleaders! No tattoosday today sadly. Shart out from Gumby a.k.a. Chuck to Sandy, Matt & Chelsea. Happy Anniversary to Kathy's parent's. LOTD. Thanks to our sponsors. Pierre is here & has a lot of fun things planned today. Pierre got to talk to his buddy Graham Nash the other night. Tomorrow on the show Jim Breuer and we are going live on fox good day tomorrow. Night of Terror giveaway. Rage On!  

Lesson Q:
What superhero do we want to see win the Tour de France?

Lesson A: 
The Hulk


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