Producer's Notes - 10/22/12
Posted 10/22/2012 12:05:00 AM
On tomorrow's show: Darryl Tapp of the Philadelphia Eagles & Tattoosday.
Here's what happened on today's show:
Time 6:13-6:25
Lonely Boy w/ Black Keys. Traffic. News. Search for missing 7th grader in S. Jersey. Cell phone tracked to wooden area. Amber alerts, PA/NJ. Gunman opened fire in Milwaukee day-spa, 3 killed, 4 injured. Shooter's dead. Victims' names not released. 3Rd & N. Wildwood beach shoreline washed away. Sports. Eagles bye, Giants beat Redskins. Cowboys beat Panthers. Game 6 NLCS, Giants beat Cardinals. 76ers beat Celtics. Beautiful weather over weekend. Science-Day was Friday. Dr. Oz & Scott Baio on today's show. Nick at Nite programming changed, more adult oriented. Revel Resort. 
Time 6:36-7:10
Better Than Ezra. Weather. Traffic. Everfresh Juice. Stupid Question.  Birthdays. Jeff Goldblum, 60. Catherine Deneuve, 69. Jesse Ferguson, 37. Christopher Lloyd, 74. Brian Boitano. Carlos Mencia. Spike Jones, 43. Stupid Answer. Everfresh Juice. Box Office. Paranormal Activity 4, $30.2M. Argo, $16.6M Nick loved it. Entertainment News. Chevy Chase, dropped N word,  upset about character's racism. Rihanna & Chris Brown, a couple again. She's getting breast implants for him. Women who hold a man's junk while he urinates. Michael Lohan staged intervention for Lindsay, she called police.  Kim Kardashian, 32nd birthday in Rome. I don't like this city, it's old... Justin Timberlake got married in Italy. Take a monkey on a dog to the Colosseum. George Clooney wants to make president of Sudan miserable. Clooney paid for satellite that broadcasts what's happening in Sudan.  Pippa Middleton, Celebrate. Pippa, there's a shortage of balloons! Madonna fans upset, 3 hours late & fired AK47 blanks into Colorado audience. Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore divorce might get ugly. Lance Armstrong stepped down from leadership role w/ Livestrong Foundation. Heidi Montag, broke, living w/ in-laws. Chicken-wing song didn't take off. Tom Hanks dropped F-bomb on GMA. Cloud Atlas reviews. Clips. Night of Too Many Stars on Comedy Central. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. Shart Out: Jay from Ricky's Towing Company, picked up Pancake on I-95. Night of Terror. 
Time 7:21-7:51
Shinedown. Daylight savings next week. Traffic. McDonald's. Holding Elevator Doors. Do you stick your arm out to save elevator? Kathy let door close on Casey. Casey waits at front door to let co-workers in. Lights were off in parking lot. Casey used to send farts down the elevator. Elevator broke Kathy's cousin's foot. 
Conference Calls. Kathy mad Casey doesn't know how to conference call. Casey tweeted about elevator door. Wow, you're a whinny bitch. Casey shows Kathy how to conference call. Callers: daylight savings is Nov. 4 @ 2am. Kathy listed as “Bitch” on Casey's phone. Caller: changed daylight savings date a few years ago. Still uses VCR. Nick's text suggestion. Kathy's ready for conference call at exactly 6:00. Caller: free conference calling. Remember old party lines? Marisa's watching porn. Disney's Latina princess. Sofia I: Once Upon a Princess. Complaints, she doesn't look Latin. Do you want to go to de castle? Light skin & blue eyes. They want a stereotype. What's considered Latin? African-American term debate. Black is now preferred. Family Halloween themes. Preston wants Casey to cross-dress. Nick & son are Star Wars characters. Adult Halloween parties. “Jerry the Jew-man” dressed as Nazi. Blacks as KKK. Dressed up drunks. Captain America arrested. Night of Terror.  Bizarre File & Dr. Oz coming up.

Stupid Question: What question made Rachel & Monica lose the bigger apartment in friends?  

Stupid Answer: What is Chandler Bing's job?

Time 8:03- 8:23
The Rolling Stones. Traffic. Casey & Nick Murphy's Chanel #5 spoof better than SNL's. Bizarre File. Tokyo man found dead in garbage treating facility, killed by  street sweeper. I did not see him. Vigilante pulled out samurai sword, broke up brawl on AZ public transportation. Iowa school teacher, encouraged students to spit on student. California mom who couldn't breast feed children gets maternal satisfaction from breast feeding dog. Pervert walks free from court after possessing video of bestiality porn, including  sex w/ octopus. Dr. Oz. Fountain of youth show tomorrow. Daily aspirin, heart & skin. People who have regimented schedule, & sit under 3 hours daily at work live longer. Treadmills for desks. Valerie Bertinelli on Dr. Oz. She's from Wilmington, DE. Weight loss & drug use. Rosie O'Donnell on Thursday, heart-attack should have killed her, saved by aspirin.  Revel Resort. 

Time 8:35- 9:10
Foo Fighters. Weather. Traffic. Preston: Walk for Hope, beautiful park. Another walk on Wednesday. WMMR Worldwide. More foreign listeners from France than anywhere else. Never any e-mails from France. List: France, UK, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, Columbia, Sweden, China,  Ireland, Peru... Sainthood. Pope Benedict named 1st Native American Saint. Always hear about the same saints. They have a good PR department. Lilly of the Mohawks. What about Mary of the Mullets? Prayers to Lilly of Mohawks cured child's flesh-eating disease. There's Limbo & Rush Limbo. Mother Teresa a saint?  Over 7,000 saints. Caller: Relative from 1524 was canonized in 2010. 1st you're a cub saint, then a tiger saint...  Blessed, beatified, then canonized. Very similar to the be-a-gies. VIP in heaven, bottle service.  Caller: also related to a saint. Fresco in Vatican looks like Stallone. Limbo, not around anymore, for people who don't go to heaven or hell. Purgatory, waiting room. Google Saint Connector, tells which saints you're related to. Tebowing & Thinker. Tim Tebow trademarked “Tebowing.” Casey, “Teblowing.” The Thinker. Rodin Museum, Philly. Ever try thinking, naked, sitting on a rock? We made people dumber the past ½ hour. Coffee burn your mouth? New oral strips to help burns. Cheese retains hear longer? Developing coating to cure tooth decay. Nick has molar-coating. Wreck it Ralph. 

Time 9:18- 9:39
Weather. Traffic. Missing 12 y/o girl from Clayton, NJ. Shart out: To Craig, diagnosed w/ leukemia, now in remission. Feeling Old. People start feeling old at 28. Preston moved to Philly at 28. Steve feels the same at all ages. Casey felt old at 31. Scott Baio. “See Dad Run” is a family program. Scott's an Executive Producer. Nick's 1st prime-time sitcom. Jason Hervey is also involved. More prime-time shows to be added to Nick's schedule. Works on “Happy Days” sound stage. Nothing left from “Happy Days.” Battle of the Network Stars, extremely competitive, became close w/ Howard Cossell. Scott's dressing as Robin for Halloween. Hybrid costumes are big this year. “Charles in Charge.” He was basically the male nanny. Josie Davis is now very hot. Concert Announcement coming up.

Time 9:45- 9:55
McDonalds Coffee. Weather. Bizarre File. Innocent blind man was tazed after police mistook his walking stick for a samurai sword. After they recognized what they had done, they should have quietly left. Everything come out alright Kathy? 22 y/o Ambler woman charged w/ insurance fraud after adding extra coverage to her car after major accident.  56 y/o Virginia grandmother wants to cage-fight a man. She's 6'5, 350 pounds & has punched lots of men. Man complains that Big Foot smashed windows & lights of his Winnebago. Kathy was in the bathroom. Traffic.  

Time 10:07-10:26
Neil Young. His guitar solos sound like his singing. Revel Resorts. Marisa won money over the weekend at Revel. Years ago, Marisa's ex won $1,000 & yelled “You're a whore!” at Marisa. Lesson Question. Xfinity Live Halloween Party. Jacky Bam Bam will be there. Hollywood Trash. Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel got married in Rome. Biel wore a form-fitting dress while Justin wore a boner. Taylor Swift bought a house, Kennedy's are moving. Xfinity Live Halloween Party. Music News. **Concert Announcement** Jane's Addiction, House of Blues, AC on New Year's Eve. Popa Roach ends 2 months hiatus tomorrow. Gene Simmons, was trusted w/ securing another Led Zeppelin concert. Guns N Roses performed over the weekend at Neil Young's 26th annual Bridge Street Benefit. Japanese Ozzfest is coming May 2013. Japan loves heavy music. Japanese I look just like Buddy Holly. Nick Murphy can do the Gangnam Style Dance. Francis Bean Cobain's home was recently broken into by a hardcore Nirvana fan. Jim Henke, VP of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has been removed of his position. Cable companies will be contacting users who use file sharing programs. Free Music Monday. Kiss's Monster, Stone Sour's House of Golden Bones. 

Time 10:37- 10:47
Days Go By, The Offspring. Texters think it sounds like Foo Fighters. Beautiful day, fall colors have kicked in. Preston needs to start working out, great weather to start running. Chop wood, feel like a man. Heavier version of an ax. A hand grenade? Resident lumberjack, Pierre Robert has arrived. Aids Walk was awesome. Pierre also saw Don Rickles. Caller: a big ax is called maul. Sam Adams October Fest. Daily Letter. Revel Resorts. Reports that a tire fell off an airplane, hit car &  building. Probably off of a tractor trailer. Thanks to today's guests, Dr. Oz & Scott Baio. Pierre has new music Monday & Minerva updates. Tomorrow we have Darryl Tapp of the Eagles & Tattoosday. 

Lesson Question: What events do they currently hold at the Roman Colosseum? 
Lesson Answer: Monster Truck Rallies.

Daily Letter: R
Posted By: Preston and Steve  
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