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Time 6:12-6:26

Traffic News woman grazed by bullet lying in bed in Frankford. Garrett Reid 29 died of an accidental heroin overdose found dead slumped over in a chair in his dorm room at Lehigh U. Sandusky says his convictions saying there wasn't enough evidence against him. He wants the charges tossed out and/or a new trial. Hes at a county jail awaiting transfer to state prison to begin serving his 30-60 year sentence. Sports Detroit Tigers headed to the World Series NHL commissioner received 3 counter proposals and left negotiation table thoroughly disappointed. The meetings were a step backwards. Steve, Nick and Preston all wore the same WMMR shirt today. Preston hangs his t-shirts, Steve folds his socks. It's SCIENCE DAY!! Steve Snyder from the Franklin Institute is here with stuff for us to play around with.

Time 6:38-7:09

It's Science Day they're already setting up their experiments. Traffic We've brought in unnecessary lab assistant Tina who is also a calendar girl. Stupid QBirthdays Chris Kattan 42, John Favreau 46, John Lithgow 67, Evander Holyfield 50, Trey Parker 43, Michael Gambon, Jason Wrightman Stupid A Entertainment News Uma Thurman revealed daughters name Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman Busson which also means beat my kid up at school. Sources say Kristen Stewart was not faithful before she had her fling. Donald Trump said on Twitter that Robert Pattinson shouldn't have got back together with Kristen Stewart. Latest Kim Kardashian rumor is asking Kanye West to propose to her for her 32nd birthday. Big Ang audioThe man in the boat needs some attention I'm sorry I didn't shave my ass before. She looks like an ugly man Herman Munster was hotter than her at least she had bolts in her neck. Star of soft core porn movies Emmanuelle died in her sleep last night. Joaquin Phoenix trashed the Oscars he thinks its bullshit, “its a carrot, its the worst tasting carrot ever its the stupidest thing in the whole world.” and I don't even like carrots Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake wedding cost about 6.5 mil Joey Merlino says the Jersey Shore are a disgrace to the Italian community. Clips Helen Hunt The Sessions Nobody Walks John Krazinski Its Science Day!!! We're going to see if this counts towards your G.E.D. Wreck It Ralph Screening.

 Time 7:10-7:52

Its Science Day the guys have some crazy experiments one thats very loud that we'll do in the parking lot Traffic Michael Phelps named Men's Health “Fittest Man of All Time” how does the previous winner Jon Goodman feel? He said I was doing 10 workouts in the pool day 3 core workouts 3 weight workouts in one week. Casey says pool workouts can get really boring. Michael Phelps, Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack LaLanne. Man does flyes and bench press with 200lbs Science Day Experiments Steve Snyder from Franklin Institute he introduced the gang to sulfur hexaflouride. Nov 10th there is an exhibit of Titanic. Going to launch a 50 gallon trashcan 30-50ft in the air outside. Bubble monster will cover Steve's assistants in suds. Miranda and Tina are here as assistants. First experiment is a sound experiment how your brain understands sound. A set of phrases someone recorded took the info out of the sound transposed it so it seems unintelligible. Playing audio taking certain frequencies out of what a person is saying. Sinusoidal Speak “She ironed her skirt” is the audio and puts out for the migrant workers.

The floor was quite slippery” “The Kettle boils quickly” Tonight on the chat show exciting I thinks so! “The man is painting the sign” The guys are on a roll, Kathy is not getting any of these. Steve is nailing every one of them. Explosion in the parking lot coming up.



Stupid Q Who created the one ring to rule them all?


Stupid A Saueron


 Time 8:02-8:12

Its a little cloudy a little rainy but it doesn't matter its Science Day! Traffic Bizarre File Idaho authorities recovered a body from his sunken trunk from draining a sewage pond middle school students suspended after seeing teacher's topless photo on class iPad. Group of aging bikers after having a deadly arsenal of weapons including a cast iron cannon. Woman filed law suit after becoming ill from drinking a laxative laced coca cola she got at a local dollar store. Thats My Boy DVD new lab assistant Lindsay is here!

  Time 8:24-8:41

Its Science Day!! Traffic They have a traveling science show they travel from Connecticut to Virginia Oobleck Experiment they're playing with corn starch and water when you stir it its solid and when you stop it becomes a liquid again. Vomiting Pumpkin She's putting the goo on top of celephane that's vibrating and changing shapes it looks like little fingers. It reminds Preston of flubber. It looks like ghosts!! Its about a 2:1 ratio cornstarch to water. A higher percentage Hydrogen Peroxide into a cup putting it inside a pumpkin adding a catalyst of soap and a solution of potassium iodine. Decomposition occurs blowing foam and steam out of the face of the jack-o-lantern.

 Time 8:58-9:15

It's science day baby!!!!! Traffic. Science brought us back. We are outside and are ready for some outdoor science. We got some money shots!!! Thanks to our calender girls for joining. Steve Synder please explain whats going on with this watermelon and all of these rubber-bands. This will be messy. Thank you to our listeners for their support and volunteer work. Elephant Toothpaste. There going to get messy. Lets get messy. Wow, it shot at least 15 feet in the air. Its still going. Its foaming!!!!!! Omg. Its steaming too. Steaming Elephant toothpaste!!!!! Wow. Trash Can Rocket. Best skit yet. Omg this was incredible. That was so cool. Can we do it again? Can we blow up a car? Lets do the Bubble Monster Our insurance companies are good if anyone dies. That was awesome. Props to Nick Murphy for risking his life. How about the exploding watermelon? Its Science Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Time 9:27-9:47

We had a huge explosion last break. Traffic Intern Tim's sister is still outside working on a watermelon experiment. They're both soaked. Replay audio of the explosion it was so loud Steve sounds a lot like the first time he screamed “That was awesome!” Cari Feiler Bender in Studio for AIDS Walk Philly The walk is this Sunday begins at 7am, its about helping people to live long and healthy lives.1 in 5 people don't know they have HIV. Its supposed to be beautiful weather this Sun. Pierre emcees every year for the walk. You walk along MLK and Kelly Drive. Bizarre File Florida man smuggled dinosaur skeletons into the U.S., including a nearly complete Tyrannosaurus skeleton. 22 year old Massachusetts man recently dumped by his gf, won 30.5 million dollars in the lottery. Teacher in NY has been fined gave his students homework passes for them to purchase his homemade soaps. Man ran Baltimore marathon in flip flops in 2:46 woman flushing her pony's poop down the toilet clogged sewage pipes. Man in custody after trying to open a plane's cabin doors during a landing. They're still putting rubber bands onto the watermelon outside. Its stopped raining.

Time 9:58-10:26

Replay of audio of the outdoor explosion Preston can't get enough of that sound Science Day! Big Bang Theory Preston is the honorary chair in the 5k run for the Run for Hope Marisa will be at Revel this Sunday Traffic Nick is outside with the watermelon. They put tons of rubber bands around the watermelon to make it explode, but nothing is happening. Nick is going to make it explode with a baseball bat. Exploding Watermelon with Nick he has liquid nitrogen hot water to make a cloud to make dry ice its carbon dioxide gas frozen. The other assistant is going to do “dragon's breath” he has cheez its and puts it into the solution and chews the cheez-it Preston does it too makes it look like dragon's breath. Everyone is putting things into the solution, mustard, matchbooks, plastic spoon. Now there's frozen mustard and cheez-its Kathy needs to eat it. Kathy put it between your legs and do dragons vagina! Lesson Q Hollywood Trash Julianne Moore has a chronic perspiration problem its so bad that super bubbles form whenever she queefs. Katie Holmes having hard time reconnecting to friends, she cries so hard that her huge stacks of money get wet. Bachelor doesn't have to cast African Americans, if they're interested in getting effed on tv they visit the Kardashians. Lesson A Music News we have a very special announcement after music news. Muse kicked off its European tour in France with a 21 song long set list including an upside down pyramid with tv screens Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt speaks out about Billy Joe Armstrong's stint in rehab says “its killing everyone”Kings of Leon released its debut EP this weekend Preston and Casey's mouth is burning from eating the frozen Cheez-its. Back in Black voted as the top best 80's guitar riffs. David Chessler and Bryan Dilworth from the Electric Factory here for the Electric Factory's birthdays. Until next Friday all shows are $17.Includes Halestorm, Tommy Conwell, Matisyahu.

 Time 10:37-10:46

Two lovely girls on the hottie cam right now. Thanks to the Franklin Institute the best so far since big explosions. Wrap Up Preston loves the audio from the explosion. Jason is on air for Pierre. Tonight is the Care and Cure event for the AFTD non profit for frontal temporal degeneration his father suffers from it so its an important event for his family. Nobody knows about this disease. Its at the pyramid club from 6-930 tonight. LOTD R Word of the week. Power. Marisa is at Revel this Sunday from 1-3 in the Social Club

 Lesson Q: Before waterproof mp3 players what did swimmers have to carry on their backs to listen to music?


Lesson A:

A record player


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