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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:16-6:27
Foo Fighters on WMMR. Traffic. News. A Bangladesh man was arrested after attempting to do a car explosion. Secret boy scout sex scandal information is being released today, every offender will be charged when discovered on the records. Philadelphia authorities try to figure out how and why two kids left their Kindergarten classroom, when the teacher was asked he said they just got up and left, I didn't see him. Sports. Last night in Baseball, Cardinals beat Giants after a 3 hour rain delay, Detroit won last night after an hour rain delay, Sixers won last night! Lots of fun stuff coming up today! 

Time 6:38-7:10
Green Day on WMMR. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Chuck Berry is 86, Erin Moran is 52, Jean Claude Van Dam is 52, Dawn Wells is 74 , Mike Ditka is 74, Bristol Palin is 22. Stupid Answer. Entertainment News. Halle Berry wants to move to Paris for her daughters sake. Mario Lopez wedding is going to be broadcasted live on TLC. Megan Fox is a mom now, she gave birth to her son Noah. Bizzle died after getting shot in a car wash. Chris Jenner proved there is more than a momenjer, Khloe Kardashian will host The X factor, Sarah Silverman's father blasted a rabbi for bad mouthing her for her beliefs, she is the 49th most influential Jews in he U.S. O.J. Never threw the knife away after he killed his wife & is now selling it to a collector. Would you like to buy a knife I used it to cut a bitch's head of. Flava Flav was arrested after arguing with his fiance and threatening to beat up her son. Emily Maynard & Jef Holmes have broken up. I do believe that love will triumph eventually. Love cuts deep, you have a  better chance of finding your soul mates on double dare. Caller Jennifer says she met her husband in line for a Journey concert. Jef asks what tomorrow will bring? I don't know but I know what I did last Wednesday, Clips. 30 Rock with Ryan Locktey. Big Bang theory creator comments about nerdy characters. Walking dead escape giveaway. 

Time 7:21-7:53
Shinedown on WMMR. Traffic. The Harshest Sound to Human Ears. A study was done with 13 people to try & figure it out. Preston's is a dentist drill, he had to tell the dentist to stop because his ears were hurting so much. Casey's is the scraping of metal like when people are eating. Caller Colleen says the harshest sound for her is the Styrofoam, it makes her physically ill. Nails on a chalkboard very irritating.  Ruler on a bottle, doesn't seem to be that bad, chalk on a blackboard, deffinatly worse than nails. Crunching of potato chips or eating during silence kills Casey's brother, he'll never go out with Nick if that's the case. The harshest sound according to the survey is a knife on glass, it's ear cringing, Knife on glass deffinatly affected the volunteers the most. Caller Mitch read a story about Walt Disney when he drew up Steamboat Willy & the projector played only half the speed, & caused the audience to get sick, get vertigo. You can get vertigo when you hear the reverb from a car window being down while driving. Caller heather works at a dentist office & hates when the nurse's are scrapping tools together. Caller Jessica says running water & a vacuum send her into Vertigo. Caller Jay hates sharpies that are scraping on paper, Caller Candice felt like she was drunk when she listened to the steamboat willy clip. Caller Mel hates the dry heaving sound or when someone is going number two, How does she listen to the show?  We will be back!

Stupid Q:
What ended up outselling Monopoly?

Stupid A:
Ouija board. 

Time 8:04-8:17
The Talking Heads on WMMR. Meet n Eat. Traffic. Sussman appearance.  Shart outs. Matt & the air force, Flossie. Bizarre Files. A woman suffering from a stroke got injected with soup instead of her feeding tube & died. New York scratch off lottery winners waited 6 years to claim the ticket. A woman in North Carolina set a vending machine on fire after it malfunctioned & ate her money. A couple caught having sex will not be charged in Florida, although the man was arrested for fighting with the owner.  Police arrest a manager in Florida for shooting at one of his customers aver the bill.  Now people use QR codes for lottery tickets because of too many scams in the past. 

Time 8:29-8:53
Stone Temple Pilots on WMMR. Aiden Quinn in Studio. Has a new series coming out called “Elementary” which is like Sherlock Holmes. Aiden loved watches Sherlock Holmes as a kid. Lucy Lu is playing Doctor Watson, Sherlock is in rehab and Watson is his sober companion.  The darker tone is resonating apparently which is good people are going to love it.  Aiden never reads ahead in the script, he lets it play out & waits to find out who did it in the end. He played Paul McCartney in the movie “Two of Us”. He stays in touch with Paul, & Paul loves the movie, even the director of “Let it be” directed this one which had a lot of inside knowledge. He plays a captain in Elementary. He watches a lot more T.V. now. Traffic. Marshall Harris in Studio. Talking about the Philly Sports Festival in October 21st at Xfinity Live. It's been a good ride he says. It's a good celebration to bring back all the original Sports casters. Marshall has some speed & reach on Ricky Batallico. Marshall has braces now, it's a new look for him, it's been awhile since he was here in the studio.  
The Eagles defense is falling apart, but the offense is treacherous this season. Marshall won't be suprized of Andy Reid ends up calling all of the plays now. They've been awful at moving the ball, They can eat the teams it's just been messy lately. Things are picking up for NHL but still as of now no hockey. It's going to take time to figure everything out, but hockey needs to come back! Check out the festival this Sunday, Darren Dalton & Jeremiah Trotter are just two of the many that will be there.

Time 9:05-9:22
The Black Keys on WMMR. Traffic.  Andrew Greenblatt, Mike Lerman, and Matthew Quick in Studio. Matthew is the writer of Silver Linings Playbook, Andrew is the Director of the Philadelphia festival and Mike is the Artistic Director, they want to hire Steve for marketing, it's a great haven for viewing films, tonight is way sold out! Mathew wrote it in his in laws  basement, Matthew didn't even know he had an agent until they asked him about the film, he thought his friends were messing with him but right away he asked if he could write the screen play for it. It was nerve racking watching the film for the first time because that's his baby & he had no idea how it was all going to play out on screen but luckily he loved it in the end. When he moved to Massachusetts to write he missed Philadelphia instantly so this was the best way to be able to come home, when he goes to high schools to talk he gets nervous sometimes but he can see the appreciation from the students because they know this is his passion, his wife is the first person to read his material after he finished writing it. They have some documentaries in the festival this year. M. Night Shyamalan will be there showing the 10th anniversary of signs. 

Time 9:33-9:49
The Flys on WMMR. Traffic. Philly's hottest. Creator of Mad Libs died. Larry Sloan, creator of mad libs died. Larry Sloan sounds like Harry Knuckles, Steve does harry Knuckles impersonation. We are doing a mad libs in the studio right now! Wreck it Ralph. Bizarre Files. A melee of 2 people led to a bad altercation with a brick and Vader's wife locked them into the house. Jacksonville man struck his girlfriend over refusing to listen to nothing else but Alanis Morissette. An Air Canada jet lowered so passengers could look for  a lost yacht, and they found it. Oracle team USA boat got severely damaged beyond recognition. Wreck it Ralph giveaway. 

Time 10:01-10:17
Guns n Roses on WMMR. Science day tomorrow at the Franklin Institute. Very excited, we have apple picking for the youngsters. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash.  Tom Cruise is going through a mid life crisis, talking about chicks to his friends. Lamar and Khloe are divorcing Lamar can't stand being married to the man of the house. Kate Gossling got fired from her job. Lesson Answer. Music News. Red Hot Chili Peppers played in Flea's backyard for his birthday. Ozzy, Toni and Geezer are still with Rick Reuben for the new Black Sabbath album. There's a beer for dead heads, they are coming out with the “American beauty” dog fish dead head ale, They made one for Pearl Jam to. A man caught breaking into the daughter of Kurt Cobain was charged with burglary, Richie Sambora is on vocal rest due to laryngitis so he has to reschedule the tour. 
Time 10:28-10:34
Gaslight Anthem on WMMR. Loyal emails.  Pierre is here he has a lot of fun things planned. LOTD.  Thanks to our sponsors, thanks to Marshall Harris, Aiden Quinn, & Andrew Greenblatt/Mike Lerman/ Matthew Quick & Pacific Prime. Tomorrow is Science day! Rage On!

Lesson Q:
who invented the gas grille?

Lesson A:
Dawn Webber 


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