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That was Queen. Weather. Day 9 for Kathy's cold. Preston finds out if his daughter has whooping cough today.. Traffic. News Energy and emotion ran high with the debate last night. Sports music started playing randomly Obama and Romney disagreed repeatedly. 4 year old boy died in a high rise fire in Powelton section. Earthquake rattled southern Maine down to CT, est as a 4.6 magnitude. Sports Juan Castillo fired by Andy Reid replaced by coach Todd Bowles. Cardinals and Giants play tonight they're tied 1 game each. Dr. Mike will be in giving flu shots out. Kathy is a baby she's convinced she has walking pnemonia. Chuck Lorre will call in. Secret Text

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We'll be giving away Creep Show tickets Traffic Stupid QBirthdays Eminem 40, Preston didn't understand why they played Eminem on Y100 loves the song Lose Yourself for working out. Mike Judge creator of Beavis and Butthead 50, Norm Macdonald 49, George Wendt (Norm from Cheers) 64, Michael McKean 65 Stupid AEntertainment News Stacy Kiebler celebrated her 33rd birthday without George Clooney last week. Kristen Stewart purchased a new house near Robert Pattinson Tina Fey & Amy Poehler hosting the Golden Globes. Halle Berry opened up about her dream wedding engaged to Oliver Martinez says she knows its going to be small. I'm still waiting for my invite. Said she'd never get married again never say never! We will be together. Chelsea Handler debuted her new studio Sandra Bullock Chelsea Handler shower audio marked her first interview with Jennifer Aniston since her engagement. Lindsay Lohan to appear on 20/20. Alex Rodriguez taking was pulled from game one in the 8th inning he was flirting with 2 women behind the dugout. Had ball boy throw a baseball to the women asking for their numbers. Matthew Fox says he didn't assault a Cleveland bus driver in 2011. Clips Chicago Fire Jesse Spencer American Horror Story Zachary Quinto Fox Good Day Shanelle is back. Dr. Mike will be in. Creep Show ticket raid

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Chuck Lorre, a Skype hit and a Ticket Raid later. Traffic. Pats Steaks Phillys Hottest Chick Wit Philadelphia Ranked Highest in People Who Buy Sweatpants Marisa saw Silver Linings playbook and saw Bradley Cooper 5 min into the movie wearing gray sweatpants. The inside has to be a certain material for Kathy they have to be softer. Nick likes the fleece lining in the winter, it gets too hot and makes his balls sweat. Philadelphia's residents purchased more sweatpants in the past year. Nick's friend went to his bachelor party at a strip club with sweatpants on. Steve goes commando in sweatpants puts peanut butter all over himself and has the dog over.Casey loves the term South Philly tuxedo the Adidas tracksuit. Casey wanted the velour one. Caller says there are sweatpants that look like khakis. Casey has a bday party for his wife at the house and wore sweatpants. Woman Gives Birth on Broad St. Subway on Broad St. Subway flagged down transit workers has given birth on the train. They're at Einstein Med Center. They arrested the baby because it hadn't purchased a ticket. Steve wants to know how often babies are born en route to the hospital. Preston chooses the hospital closest to their home. Nick's wife gave birth at Penn and they live in Phoenixville. Kathy knows the girl who gave birth to twins along the parkway in NY. Caller Regina had her 4th child on her front porch on the way to the car. Preston cut through the umbilical cord for his first kid and blood squirted up to the ceiling. Having umbilical cord cryogenically frozen from birth. Lori had her son in the backseat of the car and delivered the baby herself. Preston's wife delivered so quickly, Kathy was there. Creep Show Ticket Raid Intern BadAss Ghillie the Halloween Ticket Bush “Are these tickets in your bush?” is what needs to be asked.

 Stupid Q What president is featured on the 100,000 dollar bill


Stupid A Woodrow Wilson

 Time 7:54-8:13

We'll have Dr. Mike coming in to give flu shots Live on Fox Preston has three letters that he uses in the house KMH Keep Mommy Happy. Steve's are UNO Use Narcotics Often. Traffic Foxy Shazam Creep Show Ticket Raid Shart Outs Bizarre FileMan got shot in the face by his older brother their pig bucked and the rifle went off. Teen charged with assault for making her own pepper spray with jalapenos fired it at a classmates face. Restaurant chain apologizes for serving whiskey to a 2 yr old. 50 graves found at a reform school in Florida had clues to the missing bodies of former students 80 children were unaccounted for. Woman accused of driving drunk after drinking hand sanitizer failed her sobriety test. Drank the equivalent to 32 shots of vodka. Wreck It Ralph Screening

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Black Keys The Little Black Submarines a little on the cooler side today. Delilah's hottie cam Traffic. Foxy Shazam Creep Show Ticket Raid Gilly the Halloween Ticket Bush need to say the phrase “Are there tickets in your bush?” Dr Mike in Studio Giving Flu Shots At Penn they're mandated to get the flu shot. Steve got his already and is glad he did. Last year she got the flu twice. Dr. Mike breaks the process down the flu shot is an inactivated virus injected into the muscle and you produce antibodies. You have to wash your hands and make sure you keep your immune system up. Kathy has no immune system doesn't think her body can fight off the flu. Steve suggests we euthanize Kathy. Kathy doesn't like needles, but she got a TB test last week from Dr. Mike. Dr. Mike is administering the flu shot to the guys. Says women who are pregnant should get the flu shot if they do get the flu it can be very bad. Kathy is freaking out because the shot is so big she can't watch people getting shots. Ghillie the Halloween Ticket Bush Foxy Shazam Creep Show Ticket raid

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Delilahs Hottie Cam. Secret Text Word. Traffic. A movie that was based in Philly. Brea Bee In Studio Plays across from the worlds hottest man Bradley Cooper she was really nervous. She had a shower scene and said nobody made her feel uncomfortable. She was blown away at how connected to the actors the director was. He was very hands on and active on the set. She met Robert DeNiro a few times on set. She called him Mr. DeNiro because she was so starstruck. The movie takes place in the Upper Darby area. Its the story of a guy who loses his way and tries to get his life back together, finds an interesting relationship with Jennifer Lawrence's character. She wants Bradley Cooper to come to Philly for the screening of the film but he's in L.A. Shooting The Hangover 3. She's doing the back and forth from LA to Philly. Chuck Lorre coming up next.


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Traffic Chuck Lorre on the Phone he says its nice to follow up the pole dancing segment. Wrote a coffee table book titled “What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Bitter” about 380 vanity cards in them most have art work. The term came up because it has no basis on reality. Wrote an apology to his parents for his reckless childhood just asked if he could say asshole on the radio. Says writing is therapeutic doesn't have any idea of where he's going when he starts to write. Last night was a Big Bang Theory party at the Franklin Institute. He says he's more morose than bitter. He wrote Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Monday Steve made an announcement about their missing cat. Last night they were at the Bazinga Bash and got a text from his wife saying the cat was sitting outside of the house. Bizarre File man stabbed son during an argument over the last beer. The Oar fish has bright orange dorsal fin resides 3000 feet comes to the surface if sick or injured. They can grow up to 50ft long. Woman called 911 claimed infant was locked in her vehicle. Deputy showed up but no infant was in the car, she called only to get them to show up and get the car opened quicker. Woman faces charges after calling 911 6 times to thank sheriff for the bologna sandwiches she ate in jail. Jack that was one hell of a bologna sandwich. Yea Jack its me again I loved that god damned sandwich. The picture of her in the studio looks like she's smelling herself what the hell is that smell smells like something on the back of a horses ass I realized it was my “qui qui”. Tulane University discovered mice can change the pitch of their voices and sounds like they're singing.

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Gimme Shelter was just on, Casey thinks its “Just Piscataway” instead of “its just a shot away” Secret Text Lesson Q Hollywood Trash Honey Boo Boo endorsed Obama on Jimmy Kimmel, Mom commented saying simply “taters” Justin Bieber making his way into the fashion world as the face of Adidas footwear perfect fit because most young men would like to kick him. Kendall and Kylie Jenner launching their own clothing line told Seventeen Magazine “its like you see them in the store and you like buy them.” Lesson A Music News Preston says happy birthday to Mandy for showing her boobs for a shart out. Kirk Hammet published his first book titled “Too Much Horror Business” Coldplay raising money fro charity will hold an exhibition of original Mylo Xyloto artwork to raise money for Kids Company to be held 11/29 in London includes a wall from their recording studios. Green Day released a new trailer for Dos. Paul Stanley responds to Aerosmith's recent dismissal of them calling Kiss a comic book rock band. Secret Text

Track 3 Time 10:24-10:32

Foxy Shazam just layed they'll be playing the Halloween Creep Show They showed up to a Halloween event see Scooby Doo costume and its Bill Weston Secret Text Dunk. Happy Birthday to Black Listna Chris. Wrap Up Thank you to Brea Bee Pierre LOTD W Thanks to Nadia and Charlie from Delilah's/ Philly's Hottest Chick Wit

Tomorrow Andrew Greenblatt will be in the studio who is also in The Silver Linings Playbook.


 Lesson Q After he was born where did Steve's father keep Steve's poop?


Lesson A Lapel Pocket


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