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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Chuck Lorre - Creator of 2 and a Half Men - Phoner - 9:30
Dr. Mike w/ Flu Shots - IN STUDIO - 8:15
Brea Bee - Actress in Silver Linings Playbook - IN STUDIO - 9AM

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:16-6:23
Red Hot Chili Peppers on WMMR! Traffic. News. President Obama ordered that the flag be raised half way today in honor of Arlin Specter. Two people from egg harbor township are charged with burglary & theft & had drugs on them. A list of names have been released of people being accused of having intercourse with a zoomba instructor. Sports. Broncos beat Chargers last night, Giants won over Cardinals, Sixers beat Celtics 107-75, nice job! Tons of giveaways today. Tattoosday today, meet n eat today, & Divorce court Judge Lynn Toler all coming up! 

Time 6:35-7:07
R.E.M on WMMR. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Flea is 50, John Mayer is 35, Jon Heder is 35, Tim Robbins is 54, Susan Summers is 66, Angela Lansbury is 87. Stupid Answer. Entertainment News, Hulk Hogan is planning to sue Bubba the love sponge for filming his sex video, they used to be best friends. Neil Schon from Journey is engaged, Steve impersonates Neil, Jack Osbourne is not taking credit for saving the life of a woman who was drowning in Hawaii, he was in Cincinnati at the time. Paul Shaffer is considering will be leaving the late show after his contract expires, he's been doing it for 30 years & is ready for a break, Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinsion are back together, just in time for the last film. Steve impersonates Robert.  Scarlet Johansson is single now, after leaving Nate Naylor. Steve impersonates him. Vanity fair is standing by their story about Michael Jackson's funeral, Janet's layer demands $49,000 for being wrong about Janet stalling the funeral. He was concealed in Tupperware. Kathrine Jackson was in the kitchen making plastic food.  Dina Lohan is pushing Lindsey gets a restraining order against her dad. Honey Boo Boo's family member uncle poodle is gay. Jennifer Aniston has invited her former mother in law Jane Pitt to her wedding. Clips. Alex Cross with Tyler Perry, The Sessions with William H. Macy, Wreck- it Ralph giveaway. 

Time 7:17- 7:51
Green Day on WMMR. Traffic. Tattoosday today, Whitney is getting Preston & Steve as the brothers in Step brothers. Casey tried to fool Jacky  today, Jacky kept responding with “Knock Knock”. Shart out to Miles. Brad Pitt Commercial. The Chanel number 5 commercial, first time a man was in that commercial. Most of the time they go over seas to film these kinds of commercials but this was shot in the U.S. Steve impersonates Brad. I walk up to a woman & I think about Preston's Mom. The image in my mind in the commercial is Angela Lansbury. Caller Carl comments on the fact that Brad Pitt was paid $6.5 million for the commercial. Caller Matt says it was $170,000 a word for the commercial. Caller Rick had a friend who sent him out to L.A. & had dinner with Brad & Jennifer, and played pictionary and bad mitten, but couldn't ask for a picture because that would have been awkward. It's inevitable that I will have pumpkin pie, pass the cauliflower. Car lost & found. In Germany a man was reunites with his car after he forgot where he parked it, he lost it 2 years ago. It was in a free parking space. It's dangerous to keep it there for that long. 2 miles away. Caller James commented one time he got lost in Boston for 6 hours finding his car. Disney is a common place for loosing cars. Caller Dave says he doesn't fly ever, took 3 hours to find his car in an airport the one time he was there because he didn't know every floor had a “D” level. Caller Jeff went on a date in Atlantic City & it took 4 hours to find the dates' car. Once I smell Preston's mother I know I have found my car.  We will be back! 

Stupid Q. 
Who is Michael Balzary?

Stupid A.
Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

Time 8:03-8:16
Soundgarden on WMMR. Meet n Eat. Traffic. Shart outs. Rob our ringtones guy just had another baby, Josh, Amanda, & Sarah. Bizarre Files. Denmark based competition has a competition for a a man who has the smallest penis, they are giving away an iphone. 2 California law students killed a bird and got arrested for harming of wildlife and were passing around the body. A Sunday morning hike was ruined when they found a naked man living in a cave. 15 year old Alabama boy is in critical condition after a friend shot him in the head during a prank. Chick-Fil-A new add, only a fruit cake wouldn't like our party tray. Bazinga Bash Giveaway. 

Time 8:27-8:51
Slash with Myles Kennedy on WMMR. Meet n Eat. Traffic. Presidential Debate Rules.  Sort of like town meetings back in the day at a town hall.  This is for us to elect our president, we the people will be asking the questions, Chris Christie has done tons of these little debates and gets real into it, he's legendary for it. One rule is that reaction shots of the candidates are forbidden ever since the Biden, Ryan debate. The candidates cannot ask each other direct questions. The moderator could have been more austere last time, this time it will be different. The moderator will not ask any follow up questions this time neither can the audience. The town hall debate they can move to designated areas, & that's not all the rules. Caller Jean says it's traced back from the Lincoln/Douglas debate. Reagan was a life-guard & had 77 rescues and marked it on a wooden log before he was president. I remember that fat kid Casey when I worked at his pool just kidding I knew you were skinny, I also dressed like a chick & was a cheerleader to. Both sides always have a strong argument. If you have a core principal and pay attention your golden. It's crazy to think those people are 100% legit. Reagan & Casey are mad at each other.  Meet n eat giveaway.  

Time 9:02-9:21
Incubus on WMMR. Meet n eat. Traffic. Judge Lynn Toler In Studio. She has a book coming out soon! She graduated from Harvard for undergrad and went Penn for law school. In her words law school is “Boom Boom Boom”. She never saw parties she saw books. To be a judge it varies by each state. She won by one vote when elected judge. She manages to balance a law carer & a successful marriage. Steve is struck by her intuitive nature. People come on to divorce court to be heard & get their feelings out, it's not just over a belonging, it's completely different. Her advice is if you want to be happy all the time do not get married, even her & her husband were at each others throats during their 19th year of their marriage & even brought up the “D” word a couple times after she was elected to Judge, Casey just celebrated his anniversary, every time he watches his wedding video & every time he tries to be a better husband especially when he saw his parents together on the video & realizes that's what he wants. This new book she has out, should help people a lot with their marriages. One big mistake Lynn sees is that people jump into love too soon. Once you get married it's a job. She has a 20 year old son, she got hit on by the defendant of one of her cases before the guy was humiliated, but she was cool about it. It takes a lot longer to go through a court, sometimes it could take a few years, she knew someone whose divorce lasted longer than their marriage. It's not legal to marry someone else while married. Judge Lynn will be on Fox tomorrow & is doing signings at Penn & at Barns n Nobel at Rittenhouse. Meet n Eat giveaway.    

Time 9:33-9:55
Tom Petty on WMMR. Traffic. Preston's daughter has Chrome's disease & he has an event, a fundraiser called a walk for hope. Philly's hottest. Rest in Peace Arlin Specter, he will be buried today. Football Breaking News. Eagles have fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo. Preston wants bell bottoms, for new uniforms for player. Bizarre Files. A mother in Utah are asking to pull catch me kitty toys off the shelves because it sounds like it says “ chase me, rape me” instead of “chase me, race me”. I remember when G.I. Joe said “touch my ass”. A man who was caught frying bacon in a home he burglarized pled guilty today. U.S. Navy gave a huge grant to Georgia Institute of robotics for the McGuyver bot. Thieves now appear to be targeting people at funeral homes, 3 vehicles got their cars smashed windows & stole a purse last week. A Detroit officer gave a homeless man a blanket & is now being brought up on charges, apparently the blanket was donated. Tattoosday, Whitney's tattoo is awesome! It was a collective idea, she is a longtime follower, thanks to Bob Dodge our tattoo expert, he rocks! RC got called in to make the signatures. She wants to give a shart out to Frankles. She brought custom stickers with “Pow Preston and Steve” on them.  

Time 10:06-10:18
The Killers on WMMR. Traffic. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Neil Schon is engaged & said “babe make me the happiest man in the world & pretend you know who I am.” Sharon Osbourne thinks Justin Beiber's fame will fade because he is to young, Justin Beiber says he still loves Sharon & would of loved to meet her when she was still alive. Kanye West flipped in Miami and got physical with a reporter, Kanye responds with an apology to “ that news bitch”. Lesson Answer. Music News. 
Soundgarden will add 3 bonus tracks to it's new album. Blink 182 bassist told MNE that we are writing a new album. Eddie Van Halen has been named the greatest guitarist of all time! Janes Addiction's guitarist Dave Navarro signed onto the last two episodes of Sons of Anarchy. Meet n Eat giveaway. 

Time 10:30-10:40
Red Hot Chili Peppers on WMMR. Preston loves the stickers Whitney brought in. Thanks to Bob Dodge for Tattoosday, Judge Lynn Toler, & Meet n eat. Pierre is here.  LOTD.  Thanks to our sponsors, Minerva is getting sandblasted right now, It's going to look great when it's all done. Pierre has a lot of fun things planned today! On the show tomorrow Chuck Lorre, Brea bee, & Dr. Mike giving flu shots tomorrow. Rage On! 

Lesson Q.
Who does Chanel number 5 smell like?

Lesson A. 
Preston's Mom


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