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Here's what happened on today's show:

Time 6:11-6:24

Going to be a nice day. Traffic. News. Arlen Specter died of lymphoma. Six suspicious car fires within 2 hours in NE Philly. Dog food treats are being recalled due to salmonella. Eagles lost to Lions in overtime. Jonathon Davis of Korn will be at the Twins of Evil Tour. Justin Cronin author of The Passage will be calling in. Science day is soon. Lindsay Lohan stories coming up.


Time 6:35-7:08

You're going to like the stupid question for today, chance to win tickets to the Creep Show. Traffic. Stupid Q.Birthdays: Emeril Lagasse, 53. Sarah Ferguson, 53. Tonya Roberts,57, was topless in Beast Master. Larry Miller, 59. Stupid A. Taken 2 was at the top of the box office this weekend, @ 22M. Then Argo, Sinister, Hotel Translyvania, then 5th place, Here Comes the Boom. Celebrity News: Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer broke up after 9 years of marriage. Alphonso Ribiero, known as Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, got married. Jeff Dunham got married. Christina Ricci may be engaged. Refrigerator Perry is still alive! Hulk Hogan called the feds because of his sex tape. Regis taped Hulk, and liked it. It's creepy that Hulk was having conversations with his friend while he was having sex. It's a bad idea to have sex with your best friends wife. Taryn Manning assaulted her assistant. Regis voice: “Hey Hulk have you ever seen Tayn Manning, she looks like a slut!” No charges being pressed. Gary Collins died at age 74. Lindsay Lohan, going to have one on one interview with Barbara Walters. She's no longer black listed at the Chateau Marmont. Her dad is having a new baby. She also died her hair. Clips: Mathew Fox- role on Lost. Producer JJ Abrams talks about the new series, Revolution. Justin Cronin, amazing author, will be calling in. He'll be at the free library next Saturday.


 Time 7:20-7:49

Sun is breaking the horizon! Traffic. Felix Baumgartner didHighest Freefall Jump from the edge of space, broke the sound barrier. He tumbled out of control for a while. 8 million concurrent streams on YouTube of this video. Jumping from a jet and a plane are much different. Can this freefall record be broken? Space Shuttle Endeavor retired. Had to chop down trees and telephone poles to get it down the street. The next space man mission is to go to Mars. Uruguayan rugby team played a match that was postponed four decades ago when their plane crashed in the Andes, stranding them for 72 days and forcing them to eat human flesh. Human sushi, Nick said he would eat the crew if his stomach was rumbling. San Diego, woman run over by car because she was trying to save a spot for a friend. Parking Space Problems. Shouldn't be allowed to save spots unless someone is right around the corner. Marissa's street is small like an alley in Paris. People who take up too much space at parking lots bother Preston. People can't claim a spot is theirs if someone is already parked there in a public place. Caller's husband parked in a spot someone was claiming was being saved for another. Followed him to the beach, and called the cops. No action was taken. Parking garages now have sensors on each level which lets people know how many spots are left. Bazinga Bash. Concert announcements coming up.


Stupid Q: What does Billy Chapel say to himself to focus in “For Love of the Game”?


Stupid A: “Clear the mechanism.”

Time 8:02-815

Concert announcement coming up. Traffic. Concert announcement December 22 Dave Matthews concert at the Wells Fargo Center. No roof, no rock. Concerts are better indoors. Bizarre File. 62 yr-old Sea Food plant worker was cooked to death in a steam oven. PA woman filed 3 billion dollar law suit against Casey Anthony, who threatened to kill her. Says Anthony was working with the government and exploiting her. Nebraska high school took no action to against a student who complained about mistreatment from school volunteer. Debt collector said 100% disabled vet should have died instead of sitting around collecting social security. A giant swordfish eyeball was found on the beach. Wreck-it Ralph. Justin Cronin coming up.

Time 8:27-8:54

Traffic. Later on the Lesson Question. Preston will be attempting to use an exploding golf ball. Justin Cronin on Phone. Preston's friend recommended his book, The Passage and he absolutely loves it. Cronin's daughter said his writing was boring and he should write about a girl who saves the world. Vampire like creatures in the book, but far from a Twilight book. Steve likes his vampires brutal. Used science to say an ancient virus caused vampire like symptoms. People enjoy post-apocalyptic stories, offers a feeling of why we're worth saving. Philly is the last surviving city. He's a big planner, needs to know the ending right away. Preston was sold on the back stories of characters and their tragic lives. If this story becomes a movie, he could see Russell Crowe in it. Takes him about two years to write a book. Would be a great graphic novel. Wants to leave some creativity to the reader to envision creatures. Justin will be at the Free Library Saturday Oct 20. Preston's excited to go home & read. Literature, exploding golf balls and Regis watching Hulk having sex. Big Fingers Make Texting Hard. People accidentally hit adds on phones and tablets because their fingers are too fat. Spelling is getting worse when texting because of big fingers. Phones change words to stuff that doesn't even make sense. Bazinga Bash.

Time 9:07-9:36

Preston's still outside with the exploding golf ball. Traffic. Preston with Exploding Golf Ball. He's not allowed to hit the ball on the property so they're going across the street. Steve said do it behind the B101 van. Preston is trying to get to a spot we can all see. It's like golfers fleeing a crime scene. The real gag is when a guy doesn't know it's an exploding golf ball. Preston's back. It felt lighter than a normal ball. It just blew up. It was basically like chalk dust. Golf is good for business. Most people aren't good golfers. You have to know when to pick up the ball and move on. Kyle Eckel sucks at golfing. Steve played Tiger Woods 18 holes on Wii, took him about 10 minutes. Excited to see the video in super slow motion. Preston can drive the ball 300 yards now. College is Expensive. Drexel is the 8th most expensive college in the country at 58k. Bill Weston's daughter goes there. A lot of people are now going to community college to save money. Steve got a scholarship for just living in a certain town. Havorford 57k, Bucknell 56k, Upenn 56k, BrynMawr 55k, Villanova 54k. Some times college doesn't pay off. An old intern has a B.A. and is currently cleaning houses. More and more people are going back to get a Master's degree. Preston can't imagine having a 6 figure debt with something intangible. Nick got a discount from a stranger because he was wearing a Harvard sweatshirt.


Time 9:45-10:01

Preston got lucky enough to go outside during the show. Traffic. Thanks to everyone who went the the Grand Tour Rush Show. Preston got to meet the band. They sound like they do recorded. Preston's feeling old now, had to squint, wear ear plugs, and his back hurt. They had an 8 person string section which was awesome. Canadian humor is off beat. Preston met Shaun White in King of Prussia, he's the nicest guy. Used the code word “sodomy” so Sean would recognize him. Bizarre File. Woman accused of printing her own 6 figure pay checks, she cashed them at Wal-Mart. Attempted 732 counterfeit checks, 515 have been accepted. Bartender set record for most expensive cocktail ever created priced at over $8,000. Nursery school teacher took 19 kids on a field trip all in her small call. Cleveland bus driver uppercut a female passenger. Wreck-it Ralph.


Time 10:12-10:24

Steve's cat is missing near Wissahickon train station. Kyle Eckel is on the phone. By hole 3 people he has golfed with are no longer smiling. People have to spend so much time looking for his balls. Lesson Q: Hollywood Trash. Brad Pitt slammed effectiveness on war on drugs told Hollywood audience he could get them anything they wanted in minutes. Hulk hogan asked who leaves a sex tape of him out for the media. Rapper, Gunplay, might be facing life in prison, new rapper client- Soft Puppy Kisses.Lesson A: Music News. Metallica announced they're subbing for Green Day, they hope to make them proud. Marilyn Manson accused Zombie of cutting his set short. Called each other profanities. Aerosmith will be completing contract with Columbia records. Steve's version of the exploding golf ball is now online. Good stuff still to come.

Time 10:35-10:43

It might rain today, but it's warm. Bazinga Bash tickets will be given away tomorrow. Thanks to author Justin Cronin who wrote The Passage and Twelve. He will be at the Free Library with R.L. Stein Saturday Oct 20. Pierre is here. Preston and Pierre discuss the Rush show. Pierre felt a little lost during the first set. Thanks to MMR for allowing Preston to go. Daily Letter: P. Word of the Week. Thanks to our sponsors. Pierre has a bunch of different tickets to give away as well as a Minerva update. Judge Toler will be here tomorrow.


Lesson Q: What football player is actually still alive?

Lesson A: William the refrigerator Perry.


Daily Letter: P

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