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Welcome to Friday! Traffic. News Update Vice Presidential debate was last night between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. Biden's “Malarkey” comment trended on Twitter. People just wanted to be the first to use the hash-tag #Malarkey. Marisa was on top of Twitter last night, while Casey watched Breaking Bad. A meningitis outbreak has spread. Up to 170 cases have been reported and 14 people have died from meningitis. Man is in critical condition after being shot 10 times, one shot more than Fiddy Cent! The victim is still alive. You have more holes than body parts! Sports Former Phillie Jayson Werth won yesterday's game for Nationals over the Cardinals. Giants eliminate Reds; Tigers eliminate Athletics; and Orioles/Yankees will go to Game 5. Eagles play the Detroit Lions on Sunday. Michael Vick confirmed he has a dog. Is it “Fingerblast Friday” time? Today, we got Shaun White & Bas Ruten. Today is John Bolaris's last day in Philly.

Time 6:39 – 7:11

New Rolling Stones single is awesome, WMMR was the first station to air it in the U.S. yesterday! Traffic. SQ.Birthdays Hugh Jackman, 44; Jeff Keith of Tesla, 54; Pat Dimension of The Smithereens, 57; Kirk Cameron, 42; Adam Rich, 44; Josh Hutcherson, 20; Body Miller, 34. SA.Entertainment News Jason and Molly Mesnick of “The Bachelor” are expecting a baby. Tom Hanks will debut on Broadway to act in “Lucky Guy.” The Nerdists sent Hanks a classic typewriter to bribe him to do an interview with them, Hanks accepted by writing a letter back with the typewriter. Lindsay Lohan called TMZ to tell her side of the story of her family's recent outburst. Audio of Lindsay's call. Lindsay was promoting a new energy drink before the family outburst. Steve promotes Lindsay's SIX-hour energy drink! Katie Holmes is going low-key by moving to New York City and using public transportation to get around the city. They're just like us! Demi Moore is unhappy about Ashton Kutcher's relationship with Mila Kunis. Jennifer Aniston is officially getting into the hair business by promoting the new product “Living Proof.” Conservative singer Kid Rock has teamed up with liberal actor Sean Penn to star in the short film “Americans.” A Georgia bank sued rapper Bow Wow $25,000 over repossessing his car and failure to repay a loan. How celebrities blow money. Athlete Bo Jackson now sells BBQ food. Kathy interviewed Bow Wow, couldn't understand him talking. ...oh, that's nice.Clips Colin Farrell and Kevin James. Matt Cord will be in the studio, he'll be the Sixers' Announcer!

Time 7:23 – 7:50

Weather. Traffic. Gifts! Kathy got possum envelopes stickers! Casey got 2 DVD copies of GI Joe, he might lose one of them. Preston will borrow one, just don't lose it! Kathy's losing her voice, because of time in the production booth with Nick? Audio of Kathy in booth with Nick. Women Prefer Hairless MenGood news for Steve! Hair can be a safe haven for parasites. A shaved head projects a man that commands. Parasite talk can be good pick-up lines. You don't have parasites? Let's do it! Preston thinks men with hairy knuckles are hairy all over. Harry Knuckles doesn't have hairy knuckles? Kathy doesn't like hairy toes, she likes hairless men. Casey doesn't like using the same razor for your face and for your nether-regions. Casey has parasites in his pants. Chest hair was sexy. Steve shaves his chest hair once a month. Will Shaving Grace help us out? Caller Lenny had female roommate that shaved his ass for him. Caller Alexis married a wookie and she is hairy herself. Preston and Nick think they won't look good bald. Nick backed out of kissing Casey. Is Casey arguing he would make out with Nick?


Stupid Question:

What is the name of the dog on the box of Cracker Jacks?

Stupid Answer:



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Word of the Week Shaun White prize coming up! Traffic. Famous Dave's BBQ is here!Steve will be at the 3rd Annual 5k Run/Walk for the Metropolitan Veterinary Associates this weekend.Bizarre File A Florida man resealed and returned used enemas at stores, which were then sold to unsuspecting customers. Resident started a fire in an apartment building because he used a blowtorch to burn a squirrel's fur. In New Mexico, a man was arrested for fighting with a stop sign. 7-year-old girl kissed her grandfather who was sick with E-Coli in a nursing home; the girl died ten days later from contact. Woman in France was charged with a quadrillion dollar phone bill by a cell phone company. You shouldn't make so many overseas calls!Famous Dave BBQ giveaway!


Time 8:25 – 8:52

Pierre loves The Offspring. Traffic. Shart-outs! To listener Jeff's 24th birthday. To listener Shayna. To Wawa girl Stephanie that paid for Preston's coffee, Preston talked about her on previous show. Why does no one pay for Casey's coffee?! To listener and tweeter from Germany. Nick “Twilight”s instead of “Tweet”s. What Are We Reading? Preston is reading “The Passage,” a book with better vampires than Twilight. 800 pages? Nah for Casey. There's a graphic novel that has Batman as a vampire. Caller takes Preston's book advice, finished “Ready, Player One.” Should Preston start his own book club? Women in book clubs talk about reading, wine, and vibrators? Casey's wife loves E-Books, Casey just likes Breaking Bad. All of Marisa's girlfriends read, Marisa is jealous ...and illiterate. Marisa needs pop culture references to read. Marisa finished half of “Playing For Pizza.” Preston read “The Hunger Games” while taking dumps. Nick doesn't like end of “The Hunger Games.” Do they just eat? Casey never liked how Lost ended, Steve feels betrayed by Lost finale. Casey enjoyed Prometheus. Casey says “I liked it that sound!” about Prometheus sound. Steve likes “Let The Right One In” for a good vampire movie. Bazinga Bash giveaway!


Time 9:07 – 9:28

Preston's leading the Grand Tour winners to Rush tonight! Traffic. That was a good 8-minute Rush song, Marisa had to poop.Famous Dave's BBQ Giveaway!Shaun White Preston wants to give him proper Led Zeppelin music! Since the hemispheres have different seasons, Shaun can train all year around. Because of a heart defect, Shaun was told he wouldn't be very athletic. Shaun can play sports except basketball. Was also told he's never allowed to scuba dive, it's ok, there's nothing exciting down there. A lot of products are made of him, but he never wanted to be a bobblehead, or a fleshlight. He's been with Target for 10 years and with Burton Stores since he was 7. Shaun's favorite Hollywood moment was his appearance in “Friends With Benefits.” Awkward to shoot when you're pantomiming in the background of a movie scene. Casey thinks women in full winter-wear are sexy. Shaun's dad always cheered for him on the sidelines, even when he wasn't playing soccer. Shaun will be at the KOP mall for the opening of the Burton Store tomorrow. John Bolaris is here! He was quiet during the Shaun White interview, doesn't matter John's microphone was off anyway.

Time 9:35 – 10:03

Coming right back at ya! Traffic. Casey will be at the Ridley Creek Cleanup tomorrow! Preston gives a shart-out to soldier being deployed today. John Bolaris is here. Matt Cord & John Bolaris in studio Matt Cord will be back as the Sixers' announcer for this season, was the announcer for the Sixers for 15 seasons. Outlasted 107 other announcers during auditions. Shawny Hill, the Dancing Flyers guy, tried out. He needs a job. Sixers versus Brooklyn Nets on Saturday is the first game Matt will call. Rasheed Wallace's mother wanted Matt to call his name better even though he was on the other team. Preston did PA work for the Phantoms for a little bit. A lot of syllables in names makes it fun to pronounce. Don't want Eric Snow to score. Matt Cord test announces with the P&S show names! Although he has not found a job, Bolaris will be moving to New Jersey. Bas Ruten Will be in “Here Comes The Boom.” Worked with Kevin James before this movie. Should have been in “The Expendables,” but producers wanted Stone Cold more than Ruten. Preston was exhausted after one of his training videos that was just a warm-up, not the actual work-out. Ruten wanted to do this movie before going into reality TV.

Time 10:13 – 10:38

Lit will do a free show with Buckcherry at Xfinity Live tomorrow... Jacky Bam Bam says “All the strippers are gonna be there!” John Bolaris Bolaris is on the chat show! Shart-out to Quinn Construction. The Metro newspaper wants Bolaris to do an advice column for them. “My son has a huge painting that we don't where it came from...” Bolaris will move into the Jersey suburbs. Preston heard a song called “Weatherman” by Dead Sara that reminds him of Bolaris. Rabbi saw Dead Sara at a show. Was that for Yom Kippurlooza? Rabbi has to miss Rush tonight because he is not allowed to do anything electric during the Sabbath. Bolaris wants the Dead Sara CD. You want your laundry done, too?Bizarre File PA man arrested for trying to rob a bank for one dollar. Should have contacted Mr. Lohan if you want “the feds!” Texas cheerleader performs 35 handsprings in a row, a new world record. 77-year-old Chicago man steals ambulance after stay in hospital because he “needed a ride home.” 425-pound gang member attacked a 10-year-old boy by grabbing him and smelling his arms. The famous “Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay” bit an elderly woman. LQ.Hollywood Trash Angelina Jolie, Miley Cryus, and Demi Moore. LA.Music News Mark Tremonti wants Wolfgang Van Halen to record with Alter Bridge. Conservative singer Kid Rock has teamed up with liberal actor Sean Penn to star in the short film “Americans.” The Black Keys have teamed up with RZA on new song, “The Baddest Man Alive,” for the movie “The Man With The Iron Fists.” RZA isn't Rizzo from Grease. Stone Sour has released new song “Gone Sovereign.” Famous Dave's BBQ giveaway!

Time 10:49 – 11:00

Going to have a lot of fun at the Rush concert tonight! Bolaris is still here. Bolaris has never written anything for publication before, just knows Twitter. Bolaris will have to keep his articles under 140 characters. Thanks to Shaun White, Matt Cord, and Bas Ruten. Thanks to Famous Dave's BBQ! LotD. Kathy thought “orange” was “O-Range” in Words With Friends. Get your pictures in for Philly's Hottest Chick Wit by this weekend!Word of the Week! John Bolaris' weather. Pierre is here! Pierre is logging on the chatroom to internet the google. Next week, we'll have Brea Bee and Aiden Quinn. Have a good weekend!


Lesson Question

Which energy drink is Lindsay Lohan endorsing?

Lesson Answer

SIX Hour Energy


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