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Shawn White 9a.m.

Bas Rutten 10a.m.

Time 6:15-6:28

Good Morning! The offspring on WMMR. Traffic. News. Police have been checking road sides this week looking for a body who was struck by a vehicle, they found human hair on the 81 year old drivers windshield. Man has been arrested being accused of buying the gun for the man who was involved in officer Fox's death. Kellogg's have issued a recall for frosted mini wheat's bite size originals. Sports. Reds and Giants are tied, Cardinal's beat Nationals, Raul Ibanez led the Yankees a victory against the Orioles, Oakland beat Tigers. WOW prize. Sebastian Maniscalco, Danika McKellar, & Molly Lewis & The Doubleclicks all on today.

Time 6:39-7:06

Soundgarden on WMMR. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Emily Deschanel is 36, Jane Krakowski is 44, Luke Perry is 46 Steve impersonates him, Joan Cusack is 50, Dave Morris is 59, Stupid Answer, Entertainment News. Marie Osmond considered to go under electric shock treatment after her son's suicide. Robert Pattenson did not get revenge on Kirsten Steward, he was spotted with a blonde girl but just friends. Steve impersonates him. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez still keep in touch through email time to time. The cops were called to Dina Lohans island after her and Lindsey got into a physical fight on the way home from a club at 4 a.m. Over a limo ride & how Dina asked Lindsey for money for her house. Lindsey called her father who called the cops about domestic abuse, Dina was wasted at the club, Michael Lohan gave TMZ a recording of the incident. Lindsey says she is being held against her will. Michael keeps on threatening to call the “Feds” on the limo driver. Steve impersonates Michael Lohan. The whole family is out of their minds. Football star & actor Alex Karras died this week. Tori Spelling almost died while pregnant with her child. Clips. Smashed with Aaron Paul, Sinister with Ethan Hawke. Bazinga bash giveaway. We will be back!

 Time 7:18-7:44

Red Hot Chili Peppers on WMMR. Traffic. Wedding Brawls. There was a video of a brawl during a wedding and the uncle of the bride died of a heart attack during the brawl, the bride got decked, the video was taken by a 15 year old boy there for his birthday,heshould of sold it to TMZ. The kid provides commentary. It was one wedding party versus the other because one party had open bar and the other was cash bar. Maybe if people got wristbands it would have been prevented. Steve saw at a wedding he was at where the groom socked the guy who caught the garter & was putting on the bride. Caller Ed was at a wedding where the bride threw another girl into the cake & he started the whole thing. Caller Jerry said his father and step father went round and round in the bathroom at his wedding, The father cold cocked the step dad while he was taking a leak. Caller Derek comments on one time he saw a ruckus in the parking lot of a lodge and he called the cops, the cops got lost in the car, and all he heard was “we need backup. Caller Nicole started a fight at a wedding after a guy made a comment at her. People get divided into teams at weddings even at the church you are on two sides the bride or groom. Caller Jesse said at her cousins wedding, she got into a fight with the DJ. Whats more annoying the guy who throws down or the one family member who plays peacemaker? Caller George was at his cousins wedding, some guy was screaming at his wife in front of him & he decked him and broke his hand in the photo booth. We will be back.


Stupid Q:

How many sides does a Heptagon have?



Stupid A:

7 sides.

Time 7:56- 8:11

Weezer on WMMR. Hottie Cam Mad River. Traffic. Steve has a charity event coming up called Bark in the Park. CW crew Everett and Kharisma in studio. They have 3 new premieres “Arrow” tonight, “Beauty & the Beast” tomorrow at 9 p.m. & “Emily Owens” on Wednesday at 9 p.m. Vampire diaries are coming back tonight. They brought some goodies for us to giveaway which we are going to do right now! CW giveaway. Bizarre Files. South Florida man collapsed & died after winning a snake and roach eating contest. A man accidentally showed his penis to a judicial court forgetting it was on his phone. A Chuck E Cheese employe stabbed a woman with a box cutter after her husband complained about the salad. A Texas mother of 5 is sentenced after gluing her daughter's hands to a wall & beating her over potty training. A Boston man was arrested after wearing body armor & carrying a ton of weapons. In his defense he had the 3 oz of shampoo. New Rolling Stones next!

 Time 8:26-8:49

New Rolling Stones! Mick sounds exactly the same! Hottie Cam Mad River. Traffic. Sebastian Maniscalco in studio.Missed us last time but just made it today. Looking for engagement rings wants to get married. Got to go to Steven Singer. Kathy had her band custom made, he's getting the stones mailed to him. Sebastian is really into fashion. His first cologne was “shoop!”. He would put cologne in his air vents in his car when he went out on dates. He just got back from Vegas with his buddies, The Frank Sinatra days are done there, the casino now a days looks like a slumber party, everyone rolls out of bed & and goes to the casino. His mom is on eHarmony now since the divorce & the dad has a girlfriend 15 years younger than him & is Russian. They have no cuisine that's why they all drink over there. He is allergic to asparagus, corn syrup & wheat, he misses the pizza he can't even get a Philly cheesesteak. He just got done a tour with Vince Vaughn after a movie release, his father was the only one in the theater. He did a commercial with Prince. Sebastian will be at Helium this weekend.

Time 9:00-9:31

Pearl Jam on WMMR. Traffic. Danika McKellar on the phone. She is in L.A. right now, has a son named Dracko, no relation to Harry Potter, or Men in Black, he's named after the constellation, she was in town filming Mancation it was her first project after giving birth. Joey Fatone from N'Sync is in the movie, he plays one of the leads. It's a raunchy fun hangover type movie. The movie was shot in Atlantic City, her scenes weren't shot in casino. She has her own company with the math books. New one just came out. She is very active on twitter. Mancation is not for kids, it's funny in a weird way though. Mancation is on DVD right now. Molly Lewis & The Doubleclicks In Studio. Preston has been a long time fan,he found them on youtube and even discovered he's a ukulele fan, They are near the Disneyland area, She has a few stink burgers but have a lot of hits. Did a cover of “only you” for uncle & aunt. Did a cover of Brittney Spears “Toxic”, This is a big surprise to her to be on the show. This tour is mostly house parties. They have a pretty sweet van with a PS2 in it. They are going to perform right now a song about beards! The band has been together for 3 years now. Molly was a newspaper reporter before the band. Another song it's called Fantasy World! It's the band's first big tour, they are playing Rock Comic-con on one of there stops. We will be back!


Time 9:41-9:56

The Black Keys on WMMR. Traffic. Shart out to Jodi and Darrell, Hottie Cam Mad River. Charity even coming up called pact. Pact for animals in studio. Buzz, Tori, Drew, & Kathleen, when people go away to Afghanistan, Pact for animals make sure you pets are being taken care of. Buzz has been saving animals for 30 years & pact for animals has been around for a year now. they need more foster homes in the Delaware Valley. Drew & Kathleen are really tight with the foster homes even though they are home now. Bizarre Files. A German liquor company assure people that the liquor has been poured over the breasts of very beautiful women. 2 pranksters stole a goat from a petting zoo then returned after getting it a pedicure. Deputies chased down a hammer swinging bath salts man after he interrupted a church service to say he was on bath salts. Police arrested a bank robber when they found him spending it in a strip club. An argument over how long she was in the shower led to a stabbing of a man. Bazinga Bash giveaway.

 Time 10:07-10:28

Coldplay on WMMR. 8th season of “Always Sunny In Philadelphia” starts tonight. They're all hard to get a hold of now. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Lady Gaga dropped 25 pounds in 2 weeks now is looking for a priest to baptize a turd. Lindsey Lohan called her dad saying the mom was on coke. Ben Affleck keeps in touch with Jennifer Lopez, & misses sending his donkey down Lopez canyon. Lesson Answer. Philly's Hottest. Preston got cut off for news and said nu's. The genocide episode. Steve impersonates Hitler. Music News. Chevele's singer got injured after falling off stage. Creed singer Scott Stapp shared his suicide story and how he got saved by T.I. Steve impersonates his conscious. Kiss is back with it's 20th album called “Monster” Paul Stanley helped produce this one & is not surprised they are not in hall of fame yet. Rock of Ages giveaway.

Time 10:37- 10:47

Third Eye Blind on WMMR. It's nice to be back. Hottie Cam Mad River. Thanks to Danika McKellar, Sebastian Maniscalco, & Molly & the Doubleclicks. Pierre is here! He missed us. He met Pete Townsend last night at his book signing. LOTD. Preston is excited for his glasses to be done. Pierre has a lot of fun stuff planned today on his show. Thanks to our sponsors! Tomorrow on the show will be Shawn White, & Jon Bolaris & much more. Rage On!


Lesson Q:

Who replaced Mick Jagger in the Rolling Stones?



Lesson A:

David Coulier






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