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Time 6:14-6:27

Welcome to the end of the week. Traffic. News Camden County Prosecutor's Office, 3 teachers allegedly engaged in sexual activity with 3 female students. the prosecutor is sleeping with the defense attorney and the judge is video taping. Man arrested for making threats of a shooting that resulted in lockdown of Bristol Borough schools. 50Yr old Daniel Gallagher arrested after sobering up from a drunken stupor. Sports Rams beat Cardinals. NHL canceled 82 games, no negotiations have been scheduled. Giroux & Briere joining team in Berlin. Red Sox fired manager Bobby Valentine. Chelsea Peretti will be here. Matt Cord will be in with his niece and nephew promoting the Buddy Walk. Scott

Time 6:39-7:09

New music from Green day, Preston refers to Green Day songs as “diddys” Traffic. Stupid QBirthdays Brian Johnson lead singer of AC/DC 65, Kate Winslet 37, her and Salma Hayek are Casey's favorite actresses. Clyde Barker 58, Guy Pierce 45, Daniel Baldwin 52 makes Steven look successful Neil DeGrasse 54 Stupid AEntertainment News Julianne Moore's NY city home robbed of 127k of jewelry. Eva Longoria NOT pregnant. Lifetime is producing the story of Anna Nicole Smith called “The Anna Nicole Story”. Rumor of a sex tape w/ Hulk Hogan, stills have been released. Hulk Hogan Sex Tape A woman who is rumored to be the ex-wife of his best friend. There's a guy off camera talking. Its Regis,Hulk I'm such a fan you're having sex w/ this lovely woman, Hulk way to bang her! Hulk why do you always wear that bandana? Let me get the camera set up, take off your bandana move over to the left this chick has such a rockin' body! I was a little upset about early retirement but now I can see my favorite sports players banging. Hey poop on her! Did I get a little too kinky there? I'm sorry! I ran into Kathy Lee's son Cody, he's in college Hulk, he's in college! Hulk checks his phone before they go into the act. Ya know what I hear is the most germ ridden thing in the hotel room is the remote control, everyone worries about the sheet on the bed but when you think about it everyone's touching the remote. ClipsButter Jennifer Garner Frankenweenie Martin Short.

Time 7:20-7:45

We have a nice sunrise this morning. Traffic Number of Twitter hash tags #OffCameraRegis people spitting coffee and sharting from it. Camden County Teacher/Student Sex Scandal A girl made a substitute teacher aware that this was all going on. Text from student from 1996 said that this has been going on when they were there. The three teachers are friends and the 3 girls involved are friends. Sub from the school on the phone says the teachers were always bragging that they were getting with the students. 2 girls names were always brought up and were willing participants in this. Woman on phone has a daughter that goes there. The girls are old enough to make the right decisions, the father's of the girls must be borderline psychopathic on the teachers involved as well as their daughters. Anonymous teacher calls in knows the principal and didn't want to break the “bro-code” with the other teachers. Anonymous caller alumni from Tritan '80 had a relationship with a “kick-butt” hot teacher he's sitting outside of the school. Was Regis Philbin there? Its like 50 shades of Grey except the Grey was your pubic hair. Preston wants to see what that guy looks like.


Stupid Q: Which is the only state in the union containing one syllable in its name?

Stupid A: Maine

 Time 7:58-8:10

Sunshine today. Daydreams Hottie cam right now. Traffic. Shart Out to dancing Shawn and he's out of work hanging out here. Bizarre File local story at penthouse club in Port Richmond lawsuit filed when dancer slid down the pole with such force that ruptured his bladder. Yea I'd like to dance at your club I'm about 260-270. Man refused to leave them alone after showing up in a batman outfit interfering with a police investigation. Man in Talahassee accused of sneaking into neighbors barn & having sexual relations with a horse its the 2nd time he's been arrested at the same place. The owner can hardly believe he would return. Walking Dead Spectator Tickets.

Time 8:21-8:44

Iron Abbey Day Dreams girls on the hottie cam Traffic Chelsea Peretti in Studio she walked in and took a deep breath, she's on 2 hrs of sleep seeing strippers. She just saw butthole. She wrote for Parks and Rec up to the 4th season, they have a different vibe then from here. She moved out to LA from NY to write for The Sarah Silverman show. She moved to Philly with her ex who was a break dancer/sold weed. She has a secret for how to deal with beautiful women she interrupts them and asks “have you been crying?” She dropped the f-bomb. Louie CK is great to work with. Steve asks her what its like to write for Parks and Recreation. She describes herself as not being a good friend, tunes out most details that people say to me. Yesterday she tweeted about being in Philly and wanting to be with her “broskys” someone responded with #StupidBitch She dropped another f-bomb. She pissed off the vegan community and tweeted something offensive. Casey used to be a vegetarian and broke it on a hot dog, Chelsea broke hers on KFC. She says it sounds like a chicken coop in the background from the Day Dreams girls. She hangs out Nick Kroll, Brendan Walsh, Louis CK. She worked on a website called BlackPeopleLoveUs in the early days of the internet with her brother. She wanted to hit up a few museums. She'll be at Helium Comedy Club this weekend.

Time 8:57-9:11

Casey's leaving early to go to Baaaston for a getaway. He's trying to get to a Patriots game on Sun not sure if he should wear his Eagles jersey. Traffic. Iron Abbey Pub. The food is that good. Zach Bonner in studio (Little Red Wagon). This kid is awesome. Zach collected 27 truck loads of supplies to give to the families. Public Reaction was amazing – very supportive. Preston admires this guy. Zach's mom and sister are very supportive. Zach remembers and will never forget the point of view of being a homeless child. Zach comes up with all of the ideas to make the charity successful. Steve is touched by Zach's leadership. Zach wants to continue this forever – he will never forget. Preston loves Zach's voice. Zach is now labeled the red wagon boy. Zach still has the original red wagon. We are very excited for this film. Working with Dave was a great experience since he made Hoosiers and Rudy. Zach plans to do a worldwide school tour – he wants to get kids and more involved. Its good to give back.


 Date: 10-05-2012

Time 9:23-9:50

Traffic.Matt Cord here with niece and nephew Nate and Lily here for the Buddy Walk this Sun It will be a little cooler this weekend, its good walking weather. Carolyn, Matt's sister says its Downs Syndrome Awareness Month Reagan introduced that back in '85. Villanova has a Buddy Walk starting at 10 its a 2 mile walk, moon bounce, DJ Call Me Maybe will definitely be playing. They're looking to raise 250k as their goal. Nate has 2 jobs, won't be walking the 2 miles. Matt says he's lazy. He has 2 jobs & just bought an ipad. “SongPop” is a new game he likes to play on his ipad. He's good in the Glee category. Nate is on twitter @14SeagravesN Nate just called him a “terdhead”. They're going to PSU this weekend, he has a girlfriend named Kelly she's 21. Nate doesn't want to accept Kathy's fb request. Kathy only likes black guys. They brought cookies for everyone and Nate says they're for him. People Leaving the Country if Their Candidate Doesn't Win Jet Blue airlines giving free flights after 11/6 to who's candidate didn't win. Dadchelor Parties/ Diaper Kegger parties given when one of the guys wives is expecting their first child. Casey went wild when his wife was pregnant. Pancake's gf is expecting a kid maybe he needs to have one of these parties. The guys only have to bring diapers. Bizarre File HS student in NY says her free speech rights were violated after she was wearing a shirt that said “I Enjoy Vagina” 60 yr old former TSA worker pleaded guilty to larceny after he took money out of a bin when doing a routine pat down. Iron Abbey Restaurant Gift Card

Time 10:00-10:16

Girls on the hottie cam from Day Dreams Casey is leaving for Boston. Lesson QHollywood Trash Chris Brown confirmed ended relationship with gf has new feelings for Rhianna said “God did give him 2 fists”. Liam Neeson on Bravo w/ Andy Cohen saying he's hung, he's sick of purchasing oversized socks. Private practice actress as Anna Nicole Smith in lifetime show had to go through a grueling audition had to show that she could run and poop at the same time. Lesson A Shart Out listener on his way to Boston listening to the show hoping to have baked beans with him. Last year Nick did that flight to Boston its a quick flight. Music News Muse says its future on stage performances says they'll have an upside down pyramid made of LED screens. Final film in Breaking Dawn part 2 will arrive Nov 16th have a star studded soundtrack lead by Green Day, Feist, Passion Pit and Christina Perry. No Doubt settled its law suit w/ Activision accusing them of fraud with Band Heroes using avatars of No Doubt. Eddie Veddar joined Kings of Leon on stage out in San Francisco last week. Iron Abbey Pub Gift Certificate

Time 10:27-10:35

Preston likes the song that's playing crunchy guitar and good bass beautiful Friday Wrap Up Thank you to Chelsea Peretti & Zach Bonner Matt Cord and his niece and nephew. Day Dreams. Pierre is here LOTD: Y Thank you to Iron Abbey Pub

Today is going to be the best day of the weekend, Pierre and Steve are both wearing shorts today. Kathy usually wears a blanket in the studio in the middle of the summer Word of the Week he wants to do a block of California themed songs.


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