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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Scott  Stapp - Phoner - 10AM
Comedian - Chelsea Perretti - IN STUDIO - 8:15
Zach Bonner w/ Director David Anspaugh - Little Red Wagon - IN STUDIO 9AM

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:12-6:24
Queens Of the Stone Age of WMMR. Good morning! Traffic. News. Two firefighters were injured in a fire in Philadelphia. Tanning Beds lead to more than 170,000 skin cancer cases, cases point to basil cell & squamo cancer as well as melanoma. Obama & Romney had a battle last night, for over an hour, Big bird was mentioned last night in the debate. Sports. NL east champion clinched home field advantage after beating Phillies. Oakland athletics won AL west. Miguel Cabrera won the triple crown, first time since 1967. Philly's Hottest-Preston lists all the prizes. 

Time 6:35-7:04
The Offspring on WMMR. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays.  Susan Surandon is 66, Ann Rice is 71, Rachel Leigh Cook is 33, Alicia Silverstone is 36, Armand Assante is 63, Liev Schreiber is 47, Russel Simmons is 55, Richard Simmons brother. Stupid answer. Entertainment News. Karina Smirnoff is in a relationship now. Star magazine apologizes to Nicholas Cage for falsely accusing him of stalking Jennifer Hudson.  Former Save by the bell star Lark Vorhees, appeared incoherent during an interview, & appears bi-polar, & was muttering to noone & long vacant stares, she hears voices in her head, kill her mommy kill her.  Jennifer Livingston brings exceptional work to her job & family as stated by her brother Ron Livingston. Tension on American Idol between Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj, a dispute over a contestants talent in Charlotte. Nicole Kidman has battled depression since her marriage with Tom Cruise. Richard Belzor rattled the airwaves this weekend when he made a Nazi salute & a sodomy joke. This summers cheating scandal is all water under the bridge with Robert Patterson & Kristen Stewart, Oh boy!. They don't act awkward anymore. Steve impersonates Robert. Situation has fallen off the wagon,  he is under stress about the Jersey Shore coming to an end. The 7th & final season of 30 Rock airs tonight. Clips. The Paperboy with Zac Effron, & 30 Rock with Tina Fey. Rush has been nominated to be in the hall of fame! 

Time 7:14-7:45
Soundgarden on WMMR. Philly's Hottest-Preston Lists all prizes. Traffic. PBR Nick will be on the date with a cowboy tonight. The Art of Debating. The Presidential Debate was last night, Obama vs. Romney. People knows people who send their kids to debate camp. Nick did a debate on Animal Dissection & he had to take the side of what he didn't believe in & he had to just go with it & his competition crushed him. In a very strict debate the tactics Steve employes is that you need to leave emotion out of it. There are proper & improper ways of arguing, it was a class called logicing, where people use bad approaches to their argument. The case from Animal House is an example of a slippery slope argument, it's completely illogical and a fallacy. Casey and Nick did a model U.N. Club. Casey had to do a segment on Djabudi. shake shake shake, shake Djabudi. In preparation, know your stuff because they don't know all the questions the moderator will ask and need to counteract what your opponent says. I am the law. Old school clip with James Carvell and Billy Madison debate clip. Caller Mike was on the debate team in high school, he commented on the “Straw man” debate last night on the tax cuts. Caller Randy comments on when Homer Simpson was on the debate team & his friend one time did a rebuttal by saying go F yourself. Caller Pablo is on the speech & debate team & comments on the slippery slope argument. There are drinking games for the debate. We will be back.  

Stupid Q.
What was the first wrapped penny candy in America?

Stupid A.
Tootsie Roll

Time 7:57-8:10 
Sublime on WMMR. Hottie cam, girls from PBR. Traffic. Bizarre Files. A Philadelphia woman is facing drug charges, found viles of coke in her vagina. A kitten went for the ride of it's life when it went through a 55 minute wash cycle. An extreme hoarding situation occurred, a woman got badly burned & her son died, after an intervention was happening & the house caught fire. Tourists are visiting a hermaphrodite chimpanzee in Shri Lanka. A woman wanted by police for riding a manatee finally turned herself in. A baby manatee thought Kathy's husband was Ba-Ba and started feeding on his pee pee, I'm good honey. He got hummer from a manatee. Contest after this, Stay tuned! 

Time 8:21-8:46 
Queen on WMMR. PBR event. Traffic. Shart outs to Zack, Jimmy, & Erica. Horror Movie Theme Song Contest. Tons of prizes, Tickets to creep show, PSB Speakers. head to head, guess the theme. Joe and Matt are first, Matt won. Matt and Marissa are next, Matt won tickets and registered on PSB speakers. Joe and Kim are next, Joe Won. Todd and Bonnie are next, Todd won tickets to creep show and PSB speakers, Frank and John are next, Frank won. Congratulations to all our winners. Sorry for all those who didn't win. Right now one of the PBR girls is going to draw a winner. Matt Cardone won the PSB speakers. PBR event. 

Time 8:58-9:29
Black Keys on WMMR. Traffic. Steven Tobolowsky on the phone. Known as Ned from Groundhog day. He met up with Harold Raymous & discussed on how he got the part, he is one of few who can upstage Bill Murray in a scene, the director called up Bill Murray & said they found there Ned because he is the most irritable person he met, people wanted more Ned in the movie so they wrote in last minute scenes, Steven started writing his own scenes when it was getting close to the end of the shoot. Casey is a huge fan of Murder in the first. He got a phone call that morning from the director saying he wanted him to do the part. Completely a dry read, he never saw the script before. Dangerous animals club isn't just about his acting but a book of stories about the beginning of things, first proposal, first love, etc. It's about all the mysteries of our life from the beginning. He was in a folk group in high school & college & was recorded on an album with a man named Stevie Vaughn. When they got to the studio they saw Stevie Ray & he did amazing on those tracks with them. He is acquaintances with Ken Jennings. Steven was almost murdered twice in the same week in Greenwich Connecticut. Luke Snyder In Studio. Luke will be at PBR tonight. This is not a rodeo tonight it's strictly bull riding. Casey rode a bull once & lasted about .2 seconds & the bull's hoof almost crushed his nuts. It's a game of seconds & inches. The first time Luke rode a bull was when he was 9 & it was a steer. A steer is a neutered bull. His parents knew this was something he wanted to do. The least amount of time you put into it the better you do. There was a bull named Bodacious who had a strategy to smash the faces of it's rider. There is a video of Casey riding the bull in a cow suit. Luke has been riding for 12 years now. One of his favorites is “Bushwhacker”, he has never made it to 8 seconds yet on that bull. Noone trains a bull to kick it's natural instinct. Clown bull riders is a whole different thing now. They take the bull away from the rider when they get knocked off. He has no long term injuries but you deffinatly will have your bumps & bruises. Tickets are $10 for the event. We will be back. 

Time 9:39-9:53
Weezer on WMMR. Traffic. A couple benefits coming up, FOP has one at paddywacks, and the limit this weekend. Phillies Balls Girls in studio. Michele and Gen are here and now resumes are being accepted for 2013 season. Gen has been a ball girl for 2 years and Michele is Den mother to the ball girls. You try out your first year then review for any time after that. Gen is a division one softball player. Luckily she has not messed up and grabbed a fair ball. With the resume you must send in a 2 minute video explaining why you should be a ball girl, must be 18+ and have a flexible schedule. We have a link on our website. Bizarre Files. The attorney for a women who stripped naked in a high school in Philadelphia, reason being loopis gave her the thoughts of the end of the world. Love Jewel, a bar in Tokyo, has electronic vibrators. The popularity of Marijuana in Colorado has a popular affect on dogs getting stoned. Where's the Iams burgers man, whoa my paws are cats. A crew from fritos set a record for a fritos pie in Texas. Animal control in Road island found the family whose dog was found in a grille. We will be back. 

Time 10:05-10:22
Red Hot Chili Peppers on WMMR. Philly's hottest- Preston lists prizes. Traffic. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Ava Longoria is pregnant with Mark Sanchez's baby. Ryan Seacrest is taking stem cell serum. Kristen Stewart is texting the affair man behind Roberts back. Lesson Answer. Music News. Rush, Deep Purple, Heart and Joan Jett are among the nominees for the Rock n Roll hall of fame & the public will vote amongst other artists from now until December. Billy Corrigan is being sued by his neighbor after a nasty 2011 storm crashed a tree into their house from his property. Kid Rock is voting for Romney, but he believes that he can still be friends with those who do not support Romney. Chris Cornell is being sued by his housekeeper for being under payed and over worked. Steve impersonates the lawyer for Chris Cornell. We will be right back!

Time 10:33-10:42.
Slash with Myles Kennedy on WMMR. Start saving up now for the Campout for Hunger we will try to get to everyone's donation but start saving your cans now! Thanks to our guests, Steven Tobolowsky, Luke Snyder, and the Phillies Balls Girls. Pierre is here. LOTD. Thanks to our sponsors. Pierre saw the debate last night. Resist we much! We have the clip from it. Pierre has some fun stuff planned for us today. Tomorrow on the show Scott Stapp, Chealsa Peretti, and Zach Bonner. Rage On! 

Lesson Q:
Are tootsie rolls an effective form of birth control?

Lesson A:


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