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Thursdays Guests Include:

Steven Tobolowsky 

Douglas Duncan

Phillies Ball Girls

Date: 10-3-2012

Time 6:14-6:24

Good morning foggy today. Traffic. News The suspects in a beating of man was posted on you tube. The attack happened Saturday night. 3 young men and young men started a verbal confrontation and than turned into a brawl. One of the suspects posted the names of his friends on his facebook. The Philadelphia police commissioner issued an investigation on a police officer attacking a woman. He is troubled that Jonathan Josey was accused in the last month. A truck hit a bus in an intersection. SportsWashington Nationals beat Phillies. All 10 playoff teams are set in the MLB playoffs. In Detroit Miguel Cabrera is close to the triple crown. John McNesby will be on the show today for a fundraiser for the family of Officer Fox. Erin O'Hearn is stopping by promoting the “Fashion for a cause”. Will have Andrew McCarthy in studio today promoting his new memoir “The Longest Way Home”. Secret text.

Time 6:36-7:08

A lot of activity today. Traffic. Stupid Question: Birthdays Chubby Checker 71, He called Kathy Kathy with equipment. Tommy Lee 50. Maybe his penis is taking him out to dinner. Gwen Stafani 43, Ashley Simpson 28, Nev Cambell 39, Lena Heady main character in Game of Thrones 39, Reverend All Sharpton 58. he just got couhed in his verbal puke. Clive Owen 48, Roy Horn 68. Stupid Answer Entertainment News Lindsey Lohan tweeted stop bullying. She moved to home schooling in 11th grade. Micheal Douglas & Catherine Zeta Jones renewing their wedding vows in Bermuda. Oprah Winfrey number one highest paid woman. Making 165 mil per year Britney Spears number 2 on the list, making 58 mil. John Travolta and Olivia Newton John making Christmas album called “This Christmas”. Hes has jet black hair and jet back eyebrows. Its been 30 years since Grease. South Park is showing an episode having to do with the show Honey Boo Boo with picking out a pig. Guy Fieri performed at a state fair for an hour which costs 100k. Sophia Vergara is highest paid actress on TV. Sophia and fiance Nick Lowe like to do nothing. Clips Taken 2, Lehem Nelson, The Oranges Hugh Lorey. Secret Text. Philly's hottest chick wit is going on now. Philly's hottest

Time 7:20-7:47

Very soupy out today. Traffic. Just got a text saying got a lot of mileage from the bombastic meatbats. Some of our play out beds we don't know. Explaining our Music Beds The interns are learning on how to use the mixing equipment. Preston worked for several radio stations and thinks the new t-shirt is the coolest shirt he's ever seen. It looks like a university shirt. Andrew McCarthy will be on our show later this morning. He was in Pretty in Pink, Class. The 11 Oldest Actors to Play Teenagers. Taylor Kitch, Karisma Carpenter, Stacy Dash, Allan Ruck, Lane Kim, Micheal J Fox, Garry Bergoff, number one on the list was Stocker Channing from GreAse. 90210 has kids in college. Preston hated that show. I was running home for cookies and milk when I was 18. McAdems . Listener Harry wanted to add Ralph Mochio in My Cousin Vinny and the karate kid. Michael J Fox was 21 years old when he started the show Family Ties. Doesn't it crack you up that other people are talking about the news. The beginning of The Natural they have to film all the seens at night. We are going to go live on Fox and see whats going on with those guys. Secret text.

Stupid Q: What U.S. President made it to the office of VP and President without winning an election?

Stupid A: Gerald Ford

Time 7:52-8:22

Foggy today. Traffic. The Walking Dead experience is at the Wells Fargo Live on Fox Favorite commercial characters. John McNesby in Studiofundraiser for the Family of Officer Fox is this Saturday. They have a baby and one on the way. We want the community to come out and support. Bizarre FileChinese restaurant in Kentucky closed down after finding a dead deer in a trashcan. They planned to take it home and not to serve it to customers. Michigan State University teacher stripped naked and started yelling obscenities. He was screaming “there was no f-ing god”. Man trying to feed his hogs was eaten by the hogs. Gardner may have suffered a heart attack. The hogs have been aggressive towards him in the past. Erin O'Hearn in StudioFilling in for Tamala Edwards with Matt O'Donnell. Her and Kathy are involved with Fashion for a Cause in Ambler. Starts off with a cocktail party then turns into a fashion show. Kathy is one of the most fashionable person in Philly. Erin and Kathy are going to host the show. Steve judged in a fashion show. Its like Stevie Wonder judging an art show. Tickets are sold out. They can still support the show by going to Brain Taff and Erin O'hearn grew up together. You don't want too much information out there but you have to draw the line to maintain that privacy. I'm eating toast.

Time 8:34-8:59

New Black Keys album soon. Philly's Hottest Chick Wit Traffic. Coming up we will have Andrew McCarthy. News Anchor Reacts to Bullying E-Mail Man writes email to anchor who is overweight, saying she should know better and that shes setting a bad example for girls. Nick says his letter to her was not that mean, but it was unnecessary. We were the Caribbean. She is aware that obesity is a problem. Her brother is Ron Livingston. Oprah had that weight loss you can do it too. We have all gotten e-mails about someone pointing out something that they don't like about you. She was content with sort of dismissing the situation. We are very quick to be victims. It started in Wisconsin and just blew up nationally. Bullying is a serious problem in this country. This can drive people into the deepest of depression. We are all in agreement that this guys e-mail was unnecessary. This was posted yesterday already has 1million views.

Time 9:09-9:22

A screw up on air it was a test. If you noticed it was an anomaly you win. Andrew McCarthy in Studio Preston took a trip to Yellowstone alone helped him think about his life. Andrew says he's had this travel writing career parallel to his acting career. Emilio Estevez and father Martin Sheen wrote a movie called The walk Andrew did the same thing. Nick traveled to Mt. Kiliminjaro and has issues with his marriage and one of the first people he wanted to talk to at the summit was his wife. Andrew says that he found his father at the top waiting for him. He needs him and then he can have his marriage. His wife is the opposite. When he travels alone he carries nothing with him, no ID etc. He walked across Spain as his first time waking up that there's a world out there. Casey thinks he's lived a sheltered life says its tough to go and do anything now. Kathy travels a bit, but she gets nervous to leave . Because Kathy's a terrorist. The most life changing moment he's encountered was being in the Sahara with his son. On his next Story Casey wants to be his apprentice

Date: 10-3-2012

Time 9:33-9:54

Traffic. This weather has to do with winter storm. Winter storm names Weather channel to assign winter storm names. Only name them after characters from the Dukes of Hazard. Athena, Brutus, Caesar, Draco, Euclid, Freyr, Gandolf, Helen, Iago, Jove, Khan, Luna, Magnus, Nemo, Orko, Plato, Q, Rocky, Saturn, Triton, Ukko, Vergil, Walda, Xerxes, Yogi and Zeus are winter storm names. Will take a break and come back. Secret text.


Former Calender girl Candace is here. She has a charity for disabled children and adults. The Greenwich fire company battle of the bands. There is event up on facebook. If they cant come out the can mail donations to the school. Casey has an event at the Connecticut school of broadcasting. Traffic. Bizarre File 50 year old man assaulted his wife with a sandwich. Pushed her and rubbed a sandwich in her face. Man driving saw a dog on his grill. The dog suffered a concision. A teen in India had a 4 pound hairball in her stomach. The 19 year old had a habit of eating hair. Two men in England were called a couple of pigs. The restaurant put up with them for 2 years. Micheal Nash an army veteran for necessary surgery on his penis. Having ice on his penis caused gang green. Hollywood TrashKim Kardashian and Kayne West, John Travolta, Oprah Winfrey. Music News Dave Grohl cant give up on the Foo Fighters and never will. He said he was serious and does not know when they will play again. The project has been a year in the making. I could be the biggest one yet. The Black Keys plan to get started on making their new album and having it done by the spring and touring next fall. Slash revealed that he his going in the studio to start the video nothing to fear. The 1995 Smashing Pumpkins album sold 10 million copes. Dave Matthews released touring dates on December 22nd they will be playing the Wells Fargo Center. They sold 37 million Cd's and DVD's. Selling narcotics for a little bit. Secret text Random texter.


Secret Text word. Pierre is in the studio. Steve loves vacationing especially with his wife. Time and money. Preston went camping with his sons cub scouts troop. Pierre has gone to England are Germany without knowing people. Wrap Up He's the only on in his family that doesn't speak fluent French. Thanks to our guests Erin O'Hearn, John McNesby and Andrew McCarthy who will be at the free liberty tonight. He looks exactly like he did 20 years ago. It is a show that truly is everything that rocks. A shartout to Pierre just to remind him who we are. Thanks to our sponsors, tomorrow on the show we will have a professional bull rider. Rage on have a good day.











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