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FOX Good Day

Time 6:12 – 6:26
Welcome to Tuesday! Traffic. News Update Philadelphia police lieutenant is under investigation after YouTube video shows him hitting a woman. The lieutenant thought the woman threw beer at the cops during the Puerto Rican Day Parade. Woman denies throwing any liquid on the cops, but she is being held for disorderly conduct. The lieutenant has other previous allegations of being violent on the job. Two Amtrak cars derailed after a tractor truck carrying cotton hit the train. Over 40 passengers suffered minor to moderate injuries. There is a wide recall of peanut butter in grocery stores across the country. The peanut butter could contain salmonella. IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME! Sports Although the Phillies beat the Nats 2-0, the Washington Nationals won their first NL East division title. Tony Romo threw 5 interceptions as the Bears beat the Cowboys last night, 34-18. Kevin James will be in studio! King of Prussia Beerfest will feed us and it's Tattoosday!

Time 6:38 – 7:09
Rush concert in a two weeks! Rush was featured in a car commercial. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Kelly Ripa, 42; Sting, 61; Lorraine Bracco, 58; Donna Karan, 64; Annie Lebovitz, 63. SA. Entertainment News Breckin Meyer has separated from his wife. Mena Suvari has divorced and is officially single. Drew Barrymore welcomed her first daughter with Will Kopelman, Olive. Seth MacFarlane chosen to host the 85th Academy Awards. TLC has increased the salary for the family from “Honey Boo Boo”; they now earn $15,000 and $20,000 per episode. The Mom has the most disgusting neck ever. Nick is hoping if he doesn't pay attention to it, “Honey Boo Boo” will go away. Christina Aguilera says she doesn't care what critics say about her curvy figure. Tyler Perry has inked a multimillion dollar deal with Oprah to write two original TV series for OWN. Robert Pattison voted the sexiest man in the world by Glamour UK for the fourth straight year. Loki is #2... AND THEN JOHNNY DEPP IS #3?! Bod Squad Girl Amanda loves Loki and “geeky sexy” guys. The time of Preston & Steve's good looks has passed! Nick can't do it, Loki can't be better than Thor. Let's start the LLL club: Ladies Love Loki. It's time for the Biscuit Triscuit Bicycle Chat Show! Casey loves Jon Hamm. Clips Winona Rider from Frankenweenie; Anna Kendrick from Pitch Perfect. We need to find theme music for Biscuit Triscuit Bicycle Chat Show. “Taken 2” screening!

Time 7:19 – 7:49
Weather. Traffic. It's time for Preston's World! He found these stories on the internet. Instagram More Popular Than Twitter In August, Instagram received more visitors than Twitter. Instagram is Twitter for people who can't read. Kathy didn't know Instagram pictures were public. All cooch shots are for everyone to see. Nick doesn't have Instagram. Steve took a break from social media. Visitors also spent more time on Instagram over Twitter. Social media can be useful for catching up with old friends. Eggs & Personalities New study shows that the type of egg that you prefer can determine your personality. Fried egg fans have high sex drive; poached egg eaters are more outgoing; omelet eaters are more self-disciplined; boiled egg eaters are disorganized and are most likely to divorce. Preston's Cooking Tips! Making scrambled eggs is the easiest. Wawa breakfast sandwiches are so huge! Caller Boston Tom loves putting eggs and saltine crackers in a cup. Preston loves french toast. Let's do breakfast for dinner! Can you drink raw eggs like Rocky? Caller Robert loves Eggs in a Basket. Does the FBI use this egg system? King of Prussia Beerfest is here!

Stupid Question:
What did Navin Johnson invent?

Stupid Answer:
The Opti-Grab (From “The Jerk”)

Time 8:01 – 8:13
Ruth's Chris has arrived in conjunction with the King of Prussia Beerfest! Traffic. The Harleysville Fire Company open house is this Sunday afternoon. “Taken 2” giveaway! Bizarre File Delaware man charged with a DUI after crashing his car and claiming that he was “trying to avoid an elephant.” Woman who bit off her husband's scrotum has reconciled with the man and they have rekindled their romance. Woman claims she doesn't remember the incident and ripping his testicles off was an accident. John Hopskins doctors have made Sherrie Walter to grow a new ear on her arm. Her mouth is now in her ass-cheeks as well. Happy New Ear! King of Prussia Beerfest giveaway!

Time 8:24 – 9:06
Weather. Traffic. Casey's wanted to mention that the Headstrong Foundation is featuring the largest collegiate lacrosse tournament. Philly's Hottest Wit' Your entry must have a woman in a bikini with a cheesesteak. First place gets $1000 plus jewelry from Steven Singer. Deadline is Oct. 12th! Preston's Camping Trip Preston took a lot of pictures on Twitter lately. Preston went camping over the weekend. Did a 4-mile nature walk and found Boulder Field for the kids to play on. Casey thinks Preston isn't far from the Appalachian trail. How far away are you from the Andes? Preston had to run his car for an hour to charge his phone because he tweeted too much. Caller Danielle thinks Preston was at “Ringing Rocks.” A lot of Mountain Laurel, PA's state flower, grows there. Did Mount Laurel, NJ secede from PA? Caller who was eating says it's a 3 mile drive to get to that field from the closest road. Kathy thinks she would be the one person to die camping, probably from spiders. Preston saw a different camp group of young guys who got kicked out but needed a tow truck because their car died. From charging their phones? Preston relaxed on the camping trip. Should there be a WMMR camping trip? Kathy would go if there was a hot jacuzzi. Ghost Towns Caller Ian went to explore ghost town Centralia, PA; he didn't have too much fun. Caller Greg says Centralia was cool, especially at night. Kathy did a nature hike, not a fan of too many bugs. No sleeping on the ground for Kathy. Caller Dave McGregor says his great-grandmother is buried and cremated at Centralia. PA coal mining towns are becoming ghost towns because all the coal has been mined. Steve went to an ice cream store in a ghost town and they didn't have chocolate. Caller Jess says there are things to do in ghost towns, like coal mine tours and bush parties. There's over 30 ghost towns in PA to explore. King of Prussia Beerfest giveaway!

Time 9:18 – 9:35
Weather. Meh... screw the weather! Traffic. Kevin James in Studio Preston and Kevin both have back problems. “Here Comes the Boom” is about a teacher who goes into MMA to raise money for a poor music program. Kevin was always interested in martial arts, but never became a fighter. Actual UFC fighters helped Kevin train and made his transition more realistic. Couldn't be Paul Blart in the Octagon. Had weight loss, but it was more of a body transition, his nipples are sculpted real well. Can't wash the middle of your back in the shower. Casey says Boom is Kevin's funniest movie yet. Henry Winkler is the funniest actor in the movie. Kevin had to spar with UFC fighters. Different levels of sparring. Some gray areas in comedy, no gray area in fighting – you're either good or not. Joe Rogan plays himself essentially in this movie. Henry Winkler is the sweetest guy, makes Ron Howard look like he kicks puppies. One of our P&S calendar girls was in “Now I Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.”

Time 9:42 – 9:53
Kevin James is a nice guy! Traffic. Philly's Hottest Wit' entries due one week from Friday! Bizarre File Swedish man was able to sneak his friend into jail to serve two-thirds of his jail time instead of him. 52-year-old Scottish man got his head stuck in a trash can. Shoe store manager reported than a man walked out of the store with unpaid pink heels on. Police say a man accidentally stabbed himself instead of his opponent during a fight in a hotel room. Another set of seats came loose on an American Airlines flight. If you're in the loose seats, you won the contest! King of Prussia Beerfest! 

Time 10:04 – 10:26
Weather. E-Mail Listener Jason says UPS, FedEx and all those shipping companies should be looking to hire in October for the upcoming holiday shipping work. LQ. Hollywood Trash Kat Deeley; Miley Cyrus; Arnold Schwarzenegger. LA. Music News Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl told his last concert's fans that it was their last performance for “a long time.” Muse has released their sixth studio album called “Second Law.” I AM THE SECOND LAW! Listening to Muse's new single, “Madness.” Three Days Grace's “Transit of Venus” and Papa Roach's “The Connection” will also be released today. Kings of Leon's Jared Followill and model Martha Patterson got married. Tonight I bang this, enough said. Everyone in the band has a hot model for a wife. Jack White abruptly stopped his Radio City show after 55 minutes and just left the stage. Nick and Marisa say that they've heard that Jack White will not play a gig in or around Philly. Axl Rose has agreed to do a taped interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live. Listening to Muse's “Panic Station.” Kind of sounds like disco. No Disco Beats? Stallone wants to sing Disco Radish! Stallone Sing-A-Long!

Time 10:36 – 10:45
Almost done with today. Tattoosday Listener Larry is here for Tattoosday! From North Philly, near the Puerto Rican Parade incident. He is an exterminator. Thanks to Kevin James! Pierre doesn't remember who Kevin James is. Thanks to King of Prussia Beerfest for the Meet and Eat and the giveaways! LotD. Pierre is doing well today and is loving the warm weather. Pierre has workforce blocks of The Hooters, Incubus, The Police, and “You Call It Double-shots.” Thanks to our sponsors! Tomorrow on the show, we'll have Erin Ohearn and “Brat Pack” member Andrew McCarthy! Rage on and have a great day!

Lesson Question:
Who is the most interesting guest on England's Chat Show?

Lesson Answer:
Biscuit Triscuit Bicycle

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