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Posted 10/1/2012 12:05:00 AM
Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Kevin James - IN STUDIO - 9AM

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:14-6:28
Happy Monday. Traffic. News: fire officials: someone set 2 separate fires in Delco. 3 families displaced from homes. 10 yr old boy stole car & crashed into 5 parked cars. Cleaning crews sanitized Council Rock South HS after skin infection found on 6 athletes. Casey had same infection- wasn't cold sore. Sports. Eagles beat Giants 19-17 after Giants kicker missed two straight FGs. Hamels struck out 8 in 4-1 W vs Miami. Europe stuns US in wild Ryder Cup comeback. Marisa went to Eagles game, got home after 1am. American Express. Princess Bride 25th Anniversary. David Morse, Corey Monteith, & Josh Waller. It's October, Lauren Harris on Calendar. New Month truckers make some noise. Sam Adams.

Time 6:42-7:12
Dave Matthews, coming to Philly. Traffic. Stupid Q. Princess Bride 25th Anniversary. Birthdays. Christopher Titus. Kevin Griffin, Better Than Ezra, 44. Mark McGwire, 49. Nick has rookie card, worthless. Race between chemical companies. Randy Quaid, 62, hiding in Canada. Stephen Collins, 65. Rod Carew, 67. Julie Andrews, 77. Preston's kids aren't into Mary Poppins. Jimmy Carter, 88. Stupid Answer, Princess Bride 25th Anniversary. Box Office. Hotel Transylvania. Looper. End of Watch. Trouble with the Curve. Entertainment News. Stanley Tucci & Emily Blunt celebrated marriage. Malin Akerman pregnant w/ Robert Zincone's baby. Giuliana & Bill Rancic surrogate birthing footage to be broadcasted. Nicole Richie, New Normal. Danny Bonaduce bit for “1 minute” by fan. Man arrested in NYC, assaulted Lindsay Lohan. High Five! Lindsay confronted him for taking pics on camera phone at 4am. I thought it was John Sabella. Lindsay pulled fire alarm after being choked & tackled. Drunken whore in rm 111. Lindsay lashes out at Dr. Phil via twitter. Dr. Phil: swamp whore, gutter slut. Whore square dance. Replaced tweet, praised mother. Justin Bieber vomited twice on stage in AZ. Vomit on stage or off the edge? Steve likes Bieber. Arnold Schwarzenegger, had affair w/ Brigitte Nielsen. She married Sly Stallone. Tower of Power. Arnold on 60 Minutes, love child. Anne Hathaway married Adam Shulman. Less successful, handsome Ryan Gossling. Simpsons 25th season, Zoe Deschanel. How I Met Your Mother, Josh Radnor. McCanick guys coming in studio.

Time 7:22-7:46
Tom Petty. Weather. Traffic. Skin Infections; Impetigo. Casey's infection, thought it was cold sore. Can lead to MRSA. Kathy's cheer-leading days, feared ringworm. Yellowy, honeycomb scab. Discharge from my face. Shingles on Kathy's face. Pleasuring high-school athletes. Council Rock South HS FB game canceled, playing tonight. Casey's lunch lady had TB, whole school checked. Caller, had ringworm & impetigo from wrestling. Not a worm, it's a gerbil. Precautions: Shower, clean mats. Casey didn't greet guests b/c of lip scab. Nick has rash on torso from working out. I enjoy Kilimanjaro. Rashes form super-villain, attack Kathy. Caller: cut open ringworm, poured bleach. Spray q-tip w/ Lysol for cold sore. Steve had poison ivy, uncle played w/ ass. Caller, ringworm on face, fed on hair. Blame Erin for impetigo from ringworm. Caller, impetigo from advanced poison ivy, had scab & pus beard at age 8. Nettles plant causes rash, cure-plant always grows near. 7 minute itch. Caller, only PA sport that has rash protocol is wrestling. Big announcement coming up. 

Stupid Question.
In 1969, Seattle was home to what major league baseball team  for only one year?

Stupid Answer: Seattle Pilots.

Time 7:58-8:09
Alter Bridge, Isolation. Traffic. Philly's Hottest Announcement. Pat's King of Steaks, Philly's Hottest Chick Wit. $1,000 Cash prize. Only 2 weeks to enter. Bizarre File. A 50 ft tall wall of foam rushed along river in southern China. Mr. Bubble invaded entire town. More danger than 1-2 dead fish? Michigan woman who received food stamps after winning $1M was found dead. Possible OD. Only had $60,000 left. Customer fired shot at Jack-In-The-Box window after clerk couldn't hear order over loud music. Shot hit wall, driver left without food. Head coach of youth FB team suspended for Bounty scandal. $50 for hit of the game. Bring me a head, you get ice cream. A 51 year old man turned himself in after robbing bank, wanted to go back to rehab. Was he listening to Casey? Bazinga Bash. All things Big Bang Theory.

Time 8:21-8:48
Soundgarden. They're not touring w/ Pearl Jam. Traffic. David Morse, Corey Monteith, Josh Waller in Studio. Straight from shooting McCanick. Gritty-pop drama. Throwback to 70s films. Corey's character, extreme contrast to Glee character. McCanick takes place in 1 day. Nick: McCanick, not mechanic, not Jason Statham. Kathy played a prostitute in The Nail. Setting is important. Originally set for NY, smaller budget, Josh visited Philly, now wants all his films here. City was very helpful. Indie Guerrilla film-making. Can you get in trouble afterward for shooting without permission? David wanted to keep Hack in Philadelphia. Better tax incentives now. David what is your exact address? Corey is shooting around Glee, has to shoot today. Corey's acting is so strong, won't even recognize him. Steve saw Kracken: Tentacle of the Deep. David plays narc, had professional consultant & stunt devil. Josh directed shorts for 12 years. “No timetable on dreams my friend.” David on Glee soon? No. He's still a stage actor. An Almost Holy Picture, David starred in 1-man play. Don't feel good on stage? Corey: get it out before. Hurt Locker, David's strong presence in short appearance. World War Z, looks over-the-top & amazing. Biggest movie David's ever seen. David acted w/ Michael Clarke Duncan, grateful to have known him. McCanick, large cast. Release: 2013. Corey wants P&S calendar. 

Time 9:01-9:28
McCanick guys visited right after shooting final scenes. Traffic. Lindsay Lohan pulled fire alarm after being “attacked.” Nick pulled alarm in HS. Alarms spray ink. In college, guy pulled alarm, got ink all over Nick's jacket. Kathy's husband is principal, pulls alarm to test system. How do you know each lever works when you only pull one? Old-style alarm closed on your hand & held you. Everybody wants to pull the alarm. Older systems had midget watching through peep-hole. Not a felony. School suspensions, 3rd false alarm- you get fined. Casey cleaned pool as lifeguard, set off alarm in AM. Guy set off sprinklers to bail friend out of fight. Kathy has sprinklers & red fire-bell in house. All dogs must be dalmatians in her town. Caller: parents bid for child to pull alarm at school. Caller: 3 yr old pulled alarm in day care. Casey's friend goofed off during drill, disciplinarian grabbed throat. Caller, fire-inspector, sprinklers go off individually, unless high-risk building. Nick's frat buddy slammed face into sprinkler, sleeping on top bunk. Kathy: cork barely missed sprinkler. Caller, Philly wastes 911 calls, 50% are pointless. Caller, ripped pipe off sprinkler head, flooded entire lobby. Shart Outs. Farmer Chris, hairy knuckles shart out. Jackie, happy 22nd to Rich who is home from Afghanistan. To Mike for birthday from wife. 

Time 9:39- 9:53
Weather. Preston has a golf outing today. Traffic. Trash can explosion. College professor puts nitrogen, ping-pong balls, & water into a trash can for explosion. P&S did that years ago for Science Day. Casey has fancy feet. Re-tweet & make our video viral. HD, colorful balls, slow motion, supports gay marriage. A rainbow of gay love. Philly's Hottest Chick Wit. Firm deadline, even say hard & veiny. Bizarre File. Picture of child being held for keg-stand, child abuse? Babies in wigs & babies w/ bongs. 2 adult baby sitters charged after tying 2 yr old to coffee table. You don't do that w/ babies, you put wigs on them. Cardboard cutout of police officer in UK store to deter crime has been stolen.  Resident asks neighbor for assistance after break in. Neighbor fatally shoots the intruder, turns out to be shooter's son. Son was robbing woman to buy father's day gift. Woman says biscuits 16,000 times a day. Biscuits song. I want balls in my face, heavy metal.

Time 10:05-10:21
Xfinity Live free concerts. Eagles vs Giants. Marisa stayed 'til the end, got home after 1:00am. Dawkins half-time-laser show was amazing. She didn't get Weapon X poster. Dawkins is a huge Wolverine fan. He was Gary Papa's last interview. Got off stretcher to talk w/ Gary. Lesson Question. Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series. Hollywood Trash. Justin Bieber was finally able to beat audience in “who's going to puke first” contest. Rick Ross & Young Jeezy fight was over Shakespeare. Arnold, how did you bang ugly maid? He already banged everything else.  Lesson Answer. Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series. Sing along. Music News. Soundgarden will not tour w/ Pearl Jam. Drummer can't handle both shows. Muse turned down US Right-Wing political parties when asked for permission to use song. Al Gore, Smack My Bitch Up. Pete Townshend opens up about 2003 child-porn charges. Claims he's not a pedophile, but was trying to help. He's in town next week at Penn. Paul Stanely's mother died this weekend at 88 yrs old. Shots were fired at BET awards after fight broke out between Young Jeezy & Rick Ross. Free Music Monday. Papa Roach & Three Days Grace. 

Time 10:32-10:40
Weather. Philly's Hottest Chick Wit. Pat's offered show cheese-steaks. Now offering vegan cheese-steaks. Submission deadline for contest in 2 weeks. Pierre: Friday, Over 21 club for muscular dystrophy. Saturday, checked out the Minerva project. The Mud Man: Pierre has a Bondo Buggy. New Word of the Week prize. Thanks to McCanick guys for coming straight from wrap-up party. Pierre asked Ron Howard if he'd shoot a movie in Philly. He will when he finds the right script. Pierre's lineup for today. Kevin James is coming into our studio tomorrow. Rage on. 

Lesson Question: What sounds just like 7 minute itch?

Lesson Answer: Devin Blinit Ditch.

Letter of the Day: R
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