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Good morning! Word of the week prize today. Traffic. News Six teenage girls attacked a mentally disabled woman on a Chester street corner. One girl says “we out”. A parent called after seeing the video on Facebook. Police have identified the girls. They will be charged as adults for aggravated assault. Two robbers stole from a jewelery store, swiping watches and fleeing off. Passengers use belts to restrain a man asking a women to kiss him on a flight. When a flight attendant walked by, he said “Nona, Nona, kiss me, kiss me.” He will be charged with a federal offense. Sports The Washington Nationals beat the Phillies, 7-3. Oh, its almost over. The Phils travel to Miami. The Baltimore Ravens beat the Cleveland Browns. The NHL has canceled the rest of the Preseason. The regular season is supposed to start October 11th. We have the end of the week, that is a cool thing. We are going to do the Grand Tour one more time. Michael Starr of Steel Panther will call in today and they will be performing at the tower on Friday, November 23. We broke their east coast cherry.

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Preston can't control the sound! The sound board looks like a space shuttle. Traffic. The music is still playing, its really weird. It's a glitch. Eventually it will set on fire. SQ. BirthdaysGeorge Lance is 58, Hillary Duff is 25, Naomi Watts is 44, Dita von Teese is 40, Mira Sorvino is Jeffery Jones is 66, Janeane Garofalo is 48, Bam Margera is 33. SA.Entertainment News Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth had their first child. Jennifer Anistion refused to invite ex's to her wedding. Jason Davis, an alumni of Celebrity rehab, has relapsed. He has been shooting heroin into his foot. His foot is black and blue and disgusting. A rep for Jason does not have any comments at this time. Lifetime is promoting Lindsey's new movie, Liz and Dick. Actor Johnny Lewis of Sons of Anarchy was found dead. He is suspected of killing an older woman. The woman and her cat were found beaten to death. He was released from jail just six days before. Police say he was on PCP or Meth at the time of his death. Has anyone interview the cat? Lamar Odom opened up about Kim and Kayne West's relationship saying that they are both happy: “This shorty is going to make me come home and I'm going to come home.”It sound like someone just throw word magnets on the refrigerator. There is a movie coming out called “10 Years” staring Justin Long. Kelly Osborn has apologized for wearing 250,000 dollar nail polish. There's also babies in them.Amanda Bynes pleated not guilty to the hit and run and DUI charges. Amanda is retired from acting and wants to be a fashion designer. Dena Lohan offered advice to Amanda's parents. Amanda isn't speaking to them. Happy days star Erin Moran were evicted from their trailer park. ClipsJon Lovitz, Bruce Willis.

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Weather. Traffic. Tomorrow Weezer is going to play a free concert at the Christiana Mall.Meth Addiction Johnny Lewis incident. Police said he had super human strength. If this guy was on meth, did he think that the cat was a lion? Caller Dave did meth for 10 years. He imagined bugs crowing up his legs. When on meth you will stay up for four or five days straight. It's not always that simple Preston feels for the people who battle addiction. Kathy does butt chugging. Caller Shawn said the first time he did meth was out of boredom. He could not afford pot so he got meth handed to him. Caller Jessie says doing meth was one of his best time of his life. Caller Steve says he has been up for 30 days using meth. It was a contest. Meth-letes. He's been clean for 23 years.


Stupid Question: What animated duo made their TV debut in 1992 playing with a frog?

Stupid Answer: Beavis and Butthead


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Two ladies on the hottie cam. The Bayou is here. Traffic. Audio Clips First clip: worst movie death in history. Long drawn out gunshot scene with the guy screaming. He didn't die of the gunshot he just screamed himself to death. Second clip: Fan praising Obama giving people free cell phone service. Bizarre File 45 year old women in PA insisted to police that she needed to take a bath before she got arrested. She was charged with resisting arrest. Cab driver in Germany is getting drunk ladies to flash him. A man was arrested for being unhappy with his girlfriend using foul language and threatening her with washing her mouth out with soup. A man was convicted for boiling his wife for four days to get rid of the evidence. An alligator trainer named Bob Barret drops alligators in pools with children with the alligators mouth tapped shut. The cost to having a alligator at your party is 175 dollars. A woman slipped and fell off a 60 foot cliff while texting. Steel Panther giveaway.

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Foo Fighters. The Bayou is here feeding us. Traffic. Mitt Romney is doing an appearance. I think he needs to hand out free phones. Go buy Philly insurance. It is national coffee day. McDonald's is giving away a medium roast coffee. Hotel Transylvania. New League, The Lingerie basketball league No Philly team. The lingerie football league will be playing at PPL Park. Dental Hygiene If you have your toothbrush too close to your toilet, it's like brushing your teeth with what was in your toilet. If you don't rinse the bristles properly you are putting the bacteria back in your mouth. The average toothbrush hold 10 million microbes. There like little tiny doll brushes.Preston ate a full breakfast off of a toilet seat. Don t store toothbrush in a closed container. Get a new toothbrush after being sick. Kathy has the best teeth out of all of us. She lays on top of the car with her legs open and goes through a car wash. Get a new toothbrush every three to four months. The Nimbus has long bristles and and short bristles. This whole conversation Casey has been holding dental floss in his hand. Caller JD's friend did experiments on how to disinfect your toothbrush and the best way is to put it in the microwave. Ladies' Night at Club Risque Recap Preston's jeans still stink from last night. Lesbian couples attended our ladies' night at Club Risque. There was an amateur dance off for the record books. Preston was at the base of the action. There definitely was some “shrubbery.” There was a bizarre threesome going on. There were bills flying in the air. Thank you to Club Risque. Bayou gift card giveaway.

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Casey and Kathy are smiling. Traffic. Kathy ran into the office, Casey wanted to fart, once Kathy passed Casey let loose on his fart. Michael Starr from Steel PantherThey did a huge arena show in England. Continue to play non stop for their second record Balls Out. A seven year old was singing the song Asian hooker. He was getting hit on in Rite Aid and school teachers. Getting chicks. They have been in studio and at the camp-out for hunger. Steel Panther ticket giveaway. Preston's wife invited Steel Panther to thanksgiving dinner. John Bolaris in studio He is about to move from Philly, but nothing is set yet. The mob that committed these crimes against him will be in the courtroom. What you do is you call them up and tell them you are a weatherman and you have skills. The trial begins October 9th. They are providing key evidence. Never had sex with hookers. There is no government weather service. He is not going off twitter. There is a keep “John Bolaris in Philly” site. Taken 2 giveaway.

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Grand tour. Traffic. The Bayou is here. John Bolaris is here, too. Bizarre File The band Generation Esmeralda's drummer collapsed and died during his band's performance. A man came home to a 24 year old woman taking a shower and answering his door. She thought that the house was abandoned. The owner thinks this is not the first time. A 45 year old cocaine addict was hiding cocaine inside his car. His addiction was so bad that it ate away the cartilage in his nose. A dream wedding turned into a nightmare as a couple found that all of their wedding gifts were stolen. The gifts were under a tent. Why would someone take $10,000 from a tent?


Time 9:59-10:10

Weezer is playing a free show at the Christiana mall. Marisa and the MMaRmy will giveaway wristbands handed out at 11am. Weezer usually plays a pretty good set. LQHollywood Trash Sugar Bear Mike, Casper Smart, Dena Lohan. LA. I Will Be Right Here Waiting For You Sing-A-Long.Music News Three Days Grace streaming their new album, “Transit of Venus.” Velvet Revolver blasted Billie Joe Armstrong on twitter. Axel Rose issued a cease and desist notice on the photos of his former home. Billy Corrigan of the Smashing Pumpkins claimed that their stage clothing were stolen out of their cases in Mexico. Bolaris thinks any joke can be made funny if you add Mexico to it. Steel Panther ticket giveaway.


Time 10:21-10:34

It's Friday, you're almost free! Wrap Up Thanks to Michael Starr, Steel Panther tickets are on sale! Thanks to the Bayou in Manayunk for feeding us today. Special thanks to our hottie cam ladies. Weekend weather from John Bolaris. Pierre Robert is here! LotD. Pierre's Minerva is the big deal, we'll get an update on Monday! Everything except the left windshield wiper should be replaced. New engine will be completely installed, even air conditioning! If you want to follow Pierre's progress with the van, go to: for more information. Word of the Week. Thanks to our sponsors! Pierre will have workforce blocks of The Rolling Stones... this is news to Pierre, too. Dave Matthews, and The Offspring blocks too. Next week on the Preston and Steve Show: Kevin James, David Morse, Andrew McCarthy, and more! Shoutout to La Salle University's 150th Anniversary and their Day of Service to Philadelphia!


Lesson Question:

What does Steve use to brush his teeth?

Lesson Answer:

Used Hooker Tampons


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