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Cage the Elephant on WMMR! Ladies night tonight. Traffic News NFL referees union reached a contract agreement. Announced midnight Thursday that a tentative eight-year agreement had been reached to end a lockout that began in June. Police arrested a 48 year old homeless man after people saw him having sex with a 28 yr old woman who was unconscious on the side of the Ben Franklin Pkwy. Lori Stilley, a Burlington, NJ woman, is accused of pretending to have cancer and accepting charitable donations. She is charged with Theft by Deception. The scam netted more then 10k in cash. Caller Sean's wife contributed to her fund. Sports Phillies lost to Nationals 8-4 final home game of the season is tonight. Paul Jones has left PSU's football team, he's the 14th player to leave Penn State after the Sandusky case. Loaded day today with Famke Janssen, Jon Lovitz Club Risque Ladies Night tonight.

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Grand Tour is taking place with $1000 to give away. Traffic Stupid QBirthdays Michael Jack Schmidt Gwyneth Paltrow 40, Stephen Jenkins of Third Eye Blind is 48, Casey and Preston's favorite part is “Goooooodbyyyyyyyeeeee” Avril Lavigne 28, Meatloaf 65, Lil Wayne 30, Wilfred Brimley 78, Stupid A Entertainment News Lindsay Lohan is not sleeping with artist Domingo Zappata I do not sleep with whores. Antonio Sabato Jr. married singer/songwriter, Cheryl Moana Marie. Honey Boo Boo isn't going anywhere. Additional episodes are in the works. Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart are moving forward with their reconciliation and moving back in together. JK Rowling told BBC that she's considering revisiting the Harry Potter world and has an adult themed book that's releasing this week. After 3 failed marriages Tom Cruise is desperate for a new life and has distances himself from the church of Scientology. Hasn't seen his daughter in almost 2 months. David Blaine says he'll risk electrocution for his latest stunt : one-million-volt charge surge through his body non-stop for 72 hours. This is going to be the most amazing thing you'll ever see. It'll be nail biting riveting you won't be able to tear yourself away. Here take a card, what card is it? Exactly. Clips Adam Sandler in Hotel Transylvania & Kaley Cuoco from Big Bang Theory. Club Risque Ladies Night Tonight.Time 7:18-7:45

Traffic. If you're going out to lunch or dinner this afternoon go to Conshohocken Franzone's will donate proceeds to the Officer Fox foundation. Philadelphia Mag came out with Top 100 ranked Public High Schools Number 1 on the list: Masterman with 413 students, 99% of them go to college. Kevin Bacon went there. Pennsbury is 72 on the list, Kathy's husbands district William Tennant is at 82, North Penn is like a college campus, Steve's school was a dump compared to the rest. Kathy's high school has the largest number of graduating students. Conestoga HS, 95% of them go to college. Nick remembers wearing a Duke U hat and a guidance counselor told him he'll never get in with the grades he had. Preston went to visit his mom and she said at 18 he came to her and said he didn't know what he wanted to do with his life. Casey's siblings chose their paths in HS. There's a separate list for private schools in the article. They offer things that public school doesn't and vice versa. Catholic schools are run by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Largest number of students is at Upper Darby with 3700 students.


 Stupid Q

On 9/27 1777 What PA town became the 3rd capital of our nation?


Stupid A:


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Grand Tour song coming up Traffic Famke Janssen on the Phoneit picks up right where the story left off. Her character is getting a divorce from the husband she was with in the film. She does come back after learning from her mistakes. She is the one that's taken, so there's not much of her kicking-ass in the film They shot in Istanbul, Paris, LA it was good to reunite with everyone. Bizarre File new tv series sheds light on a Japanese trend “bagel heads” by injecting saline into their foreheads and press their thumbs into the middle of it lasts about 24 hours. 22 year old TX soldier was shot in the face and died, Patrick Edward myers in jail for million dollars bond, shot the soldier in the face jokingly to scare his hiccups away. Human finger found in a fish, was that of a wake boarder who lost 4 fingers 2 months earlier. Called fish finger blasting. Man arrested after throwing soda in a managers face after an argument about onions on his 1/4 pounder. Teen dead after watching a Youtube video showing how to pass out. Passed out on a glass that broke and punctured his neck. S. Korean man upset by woman who wear footwear that makes them taller then him. Stole dozens of heels from schools, homes & stores threw them in a local park.

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A few showers possible today. Jon Lovitz will be here soon and Mary Jane is on the hottie cam for Club Risque's Cowgirl Night Traffic Ritz Crackers Are the Saltiest Snack in America it beats Lays potato chips, Doritos & Fritos Preston loves Club Crackers. Casey and Nick like Crackerfuls he does love Ritz crackers though Nick likes more plain crackers like saltines. Saltines go with soup, Ritz goes with cheese. Preston likes putting Ritz in tomato soup for extra flavor. Preston eats pretzel chips like crazy. Andy Capps hot fries. Casey likes Herr's spicy cheese curls. Nick gets Mangia's free saltines. Nick is like a hobo out of the 20's the way he eats. Steve likes the dutch pretzels with cheese whiz. Casey used to put butter on saltines and his dad would get mad. Is this what I fought in the war for?!! Caller says shame sticks are amazing, 1/2 stick of butter roll it in sugar and sit on the couch and cry. Casey made grilled cheese with an iron in college. Meltdown Nick and Casey's live Crackerful commercial. Panera Bread. Mary Jane from Club Risque is on the hottie cam.

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Just played Grand Tour Song Traffic Club Risque Ladies Night. Shart Outs Steve never spent a night overnight at a hospital but spent time in the beds because of food poisoning. Casey was in the ER for a few hours. Outside of his room was an old lady in a wheel chair. Why does she get all the fun? Why does she get a wheelchair? Kathy doesn't like going to the doctors office. Casey wonders how often people have sex in hospitals. Texts are coming in with people who have had sex in the hospital. Stephen Chbosky in the studio Director and writer of Perks of Being a Wallflower. Kid on soccer team had it in for him was mean to him approached him and was made fun of for the rest of the season. He written the screenplay for the adaptation of Rent. When he was filming in his hometown of Pittsburgh, everyone thought it was cool and all of their kids worshipped Emma Watson because of Harry Potter. His next book he wont reveal, but its a loving tribute to his favorite writer Stephen King.


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Traffic. Eric Bazilion will be here as well as Jon Lovitz Bizarre File Villager in North China resisting government relocation was crushed to death by a steam roller. Towering hairdos of two women who flew into NY each of them were wearing over 2lbs of cocaine in their hair wigs. Woman survives an internal decapitation after a car accident. Eric Bazilion in the Studio hes starring in a new reality web series show called “Bands of Brothers” with Todd Rundgren, take veterans from Iraq who have PTSD and those who are musical they put them together and form bands as a healing process. He plays mentor/fixer/coach. His episode premieres tonight. He has nothing local planned with the band, he just finished up a project out in Sweden.

Time 10:04-10:30

Jon Lovitz in Studio Kathy tweeted about Jon Lovitz he didn't tweet her back, thought he'd do it in person. He's realjonlovitz on Twitter because there are so many impersonators. All these news shows wanted him on to talk about taxes then he started getting quoted and realized they were getting it from Twitter. He doesn't hate Obama but people started sending him death threats, calling his comedy club etc. His small role in Little Nicky was hilarious as the guy with wine in a tree. Steve loves the show The Critic. He wondered if his first year was going to be his biggest, his toughest part was keeping his career going. When he was looking for work his manager suggested him selling his house. He doesn't like being around agents, they're just disgusting people. He has a new series called Mr. BoxOffice. He was a drama major at U of California Irvine. He went to NY did Renaissance Faire as the village prankster. He's well known for his liar role. From a League of their Own was he queued to say “Would You Shut Up?!!” he was on a farm, the cow kept mooing. He's dressed as his grandfather who used to make loans to Al Capone's gang in Chicago. He always wanted to be Willy Mays, whats cooler than being a black baseball player? He has athletic abilities skeptically, he plays tennis a lot. He'll be at Helium Comedy Club tonight and this weekend.

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We're running so late, we might as well do tomorrow's news.Over 17 Club Beef & Beer Charity Glenn Nobel is with us. The Over 17 Club creates activities for those who are over 17 and handicapped. There are about 20 members in the Over 17 Club. Friday night, $25 for a beef and beer. Get dressed up for it! Go to for more info! LQHollywood Trash Tom Cruise and Scientology; Kristen Stewart and Robert Patterson; Taylor Swift. LAMusic News Weezer will play a free concert at the new Microsoft store at the Christiana Mall. Marisa and the MMaRmy will be there! Tre Cool says Billie Joe Armstrong was drinking heavily the night of his infamous meltdown at the iHeartRadio festival. Slash has premiered a new music video, “Bad Rain.” Today is the 26th anniversary of the death of Metallica's bassist, Cliff Burton. PIERRE JUST MADE IT!Letter of the Day Pierre thought Preston was still going on with the show. Wrap Up Thanks to all of our guests. Thanks to Mary Jane from Club Risque, tonight is our Ladies' Night at Club Risque! Pierre feels amazing, he's one with the universe. Halestorm and Metallica workforce blocks coming up. Pierre will also chat with Soundgarden this afternoon! Thanks to our sponsors! Tomorrow, we will have Michael Starr of Steel Panther, and John Bolaris on the show! Rage on, see you at Club Risque!

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